Accessing Priority Pass Lounges Just Got Easier

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Priority Pass is the largest independent airport lounge network in the world, with roughly 700 affiliate lounges. Rather than purchasing lounge access with an airline directly, this is a way to have quite a few options globally without restricting yourself to one airline. The catch is that the major US lounge networks — American Admirals Clubs, Delta SkyClubs, and United Clubs — don’t participate in Priority Pass.


Several credit cards offer Priority Pass memberships just for being a cardmember, including the following:

I have both The Citi Prestige® Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express, though as a default I have the Priority Pass Card from my Citi Prestige Card in my wallet. That’s because it offers free guesting privileges, so I can take up to two guests into Priority Pass lounges with me at no cost.

One thing that’s slightly annoying (though insignificant in the grand scheme of things) is that you need to physically have the Priority Pass card in order to access an affiliate lounge. Citi sends you this card automatically when you’re approved for the Prestige Card, while American Express makes you specifically request it.

Of course taking the card around isn’t a big deal, though fortunately it seems like there’s now another way to access Priority Pass lounges. The Priority Pass app will let you download your Priority Pass card to Passbook, meaning you don’t need your physical card anymore.

You’ll find the Priority Pass app in the App Store.


Once you fire up the app, you’ll see the option to “Log In.”


If you have an existing username and password, you can log in with it. If you don’t, you’ll need your Priority Pass card number, as well as the website PIN you received with your welcome letter.


The PIN is located at the bottom of the letter.


From there you just have to enter some basic details, like your name, as well as your desired online username and password.


And then you’ll be presented with your Priority Pass digital membership card.


You can even add that card to Passbook.


You’ll also receive an email confirming that your online account is active.


Bottom line

Ultimately this isn’t a huge deal, though it’s something I’m excited about. I usually carry all my credit cards and elite cards with me, so digging through 50+ cards to find my Priority Pass membership card every time I want to access a lounge is a bit of a pain. Now I can just pull up my card through my phone.

Furthermore, since I have two Priority Pass membership cards (one through The Citi Prestige® Card and one through The Platinum Card® from American Express), I always had a hard time keeping straight which was which.

Now I can at least take both of my Priority Pass cards out of my travel wallet.

Anyone else excited about the ability to access Priority Pass lounges using your phone?

(Tip of the hat to Travel Codex)

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  1. I got the Priority Pass (paid for it) earlier this year. First time I went to use it, at the Orlando airport, before a late departure, found out that the only lounge they have, The Royal Palm Lounge closes before 10:00 PM (not at 11, as stated in their website). Second time I went to use it, at The Club at DFW in Dallas, I was turned away. They said that they have reached their maximum of Priority Pass clients and that I had to sign into a waiting list to get in. To me this Priority Pass membership was just a big waste of money and I don’t recommend it to anyone. If you get it as an extra perk from your credit card, great. But don’t buy it!!!

  2. You might want to re-think using the digital card – many lounges don’t accept the digital card, such as the Orly Icare lounge. The lounge page on the priority pass website will list whether or not the digital card is accepted.

  3. Just used mine today at The Clubs at DFW. I brought my physical card with me just incase something goes wrong. The process was extremely easy. Turn on the app and access your DMC (Digital Membership Card) once you log in the app or if you have an Apple devices, you can save it to your passbook for an easier and faster access. They will scan it along with your boarding pass and you are good to go.

    P.s: I had problem signing into the app for the first time due to some registration errors. Gave them a call and it took less then 5 minutes for me to access it after verifying my account information. Also, if you access to the specific lounge on the app, they should state whether they accept the DMC or app version of the ememvbership or not.

  4. Curious why you left your membership number visible on the letter pic while blocking it out on your digital membership card pic…

  5. I saw this on my Platinum account and signed up as it’s free. I noticed you said it could be added to Passbook. I’ve checked that app out, it doesn’t have many positive reviews. Is this something you use? or have another app like it that you recommend?

  6. this is one card i would keep in the wallet. in addition to what Ben says above, some lounges might be skeptical of accepting the passbook version. i remember the avianca lounge at BOG was adamant about swiping each of my party’s PPS cards.

  7. Their new App is a joke. Over half of the lounges don’t accept the digital version and if you don’t have your physical card, you’re SOL. I could never get it to add to PassBook either, btw. Even with this “cardless” method, they still print a receipt that you have to sign at most lounges. And be careful…if it says more than one guest on your receipt and you don’t have unlimited free guests, they’ll bill your CC on file. 😮

  8. Biggest annoyance for me in the sign in process. Takes too long. Requires staff to do something manually and me to sign something. It should be like a boarding pass: barcode > yes/no entry.

  9. according to Priority Pass if you received your card through a US financial institution you may not have the option of adding your card to the Apple Wallet (depending on the financial institution),.
    I always carry my card – used it at IAD with no issue. Restrictions are clearly set out.

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