The Three Requests I’m Making For My Flight In The Etihad Residence

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My flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney in the Etihad Residence is coming up fairly soon, and I’m stoked.

The Etihad A380 Residence

One of the cool things about flying in Etihad’s Residence is that you can make special requests. After all, it’s supposedly the most luxurious product in commercial aviation, given that you have a private three room suite with butler service. I asked you guys for ideas about what I should request, and some of your answers made me laugh out loud (i.e., a copy of Delta’s quarterly financials, signed by Etihad’s CEO).

I wrote a follow-up post with some of the funniest things you guys recommended. On one hand I thought it could have been hilarious to request a bunch of things, though ultimately I’ve decided against that. Why? Because I’m making special requests in order to see how well they execute them, and that can easily be determined with just a few things. Otherwise I’d like the experience to be as close to normal as possible (and that really wouldn’t be the case if I get Hello Kitty bedding, and the walls are littered with Shawn Mendes posters).

With that in mind, I’ve decided to make three requests. I plan on submitting these tomorrow, so that they still have time to make them happen. But before I make these requests, I want to run them by you guys, just to see if anyone has any improvements on them.

I figured I’d make my first request having some sort of lobster dish. I’ll leave it completely open-ended. I shared the details of the menu for my flight a couple of days ago, and it looked remarkably similar to first class, so this is one way to try and differentiate it a bit. This is something that shouldn’t be too tough to execute, and at the same time gives them room to be creative. It’s also easier than my backup dining request, which would be a hibachi style dining experience. 😉

Singapore Airlines does a good lobster thermidor

For the second request I’m thinking of asking for a specific champagne. Etihad had said that there may be charges for some requests, so I’m curious to see where they draw the line. Is a bottle of Krug or Dom Perignon 2006 a reasonable request to make, given that other airlines serve that in first class? Etihad seems to serve Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 2004 in the Residence, so I’m actually sort of tempted not to order something different, since I’ve never had it before.

Singapore-First-Class-777 - 50
Singapore Airlines serves both Dom and Krug in first class

For the third request I was thinking of something simple but random, like a loofah for the shower. This is just to see if they execute it properly, really. Or maybe I should ask for a monogrammed bathrobe? 😉

The Etihad A380 shower

As a bonus, some people had suggested possibly asking about doing the pre-flight walkaround with the first officer. Obviously this would be amazing, but I also don’t know if that’s pushing my luck.

So I’ll be submitting my requests tomorrow, and would love to hear what you guys think. The last round of suggestions were hilarious, but given the direction I’m taking here, what should I request? I’m definitely asking for lobster, but am flexible on the champagne and loofah idea. Is there some other cool food item or dessert or something that would be cool to request?

I appreciate how interactive you guys have been with this, as I’ve really been enjoying the process. Now I’ll just have to figure out how to make the flight itself as interactive as it has been up until now!

  1. I still think you should ask to get on the plane early for good photos of business and economy class.

  2. Maybe for the 3rd thing ask for something that’s harder to get than a loofah. Like maybe a particular brand of shampoo and conditioner for the shower that is only sold in certain countries and not the UAE.

  3. Something like “fresh baked” cookies on board could be interesting? If AA can do it, they could too, and it absolutely shouldn’t cost you.

    I think a walk through with a pilot is very reasonable. Don’t see why you can’t request that. Loofa/specific toiletries are good ones.

  4. Question is tho….because you are an influential blogger, (and highly likely Etihad’s marketing team is keeping up to date with your posts) do you think they might bend the rules a bit more for you vs a regular passenger in the residence?

  5. So Krug sounds good but how about making it a little more complex!

    Krug to start and then Chapel Down Sparkling wine, “kits coty coeur de cuvee 2013” honestly it’s really quite nice and would really throw down the challenge.

    Much more interesting than simply asking for Krug or Dom!

  6. If you are happy to try that particular champagne, why don’t you request a specific cocktail? Manhattan, martini, negroni, whatever your taste. Would be interesting to see if they serve the correct glassware, shaken or stirred, etc etc.

  7. You could also throw in a request for a bottle of Chateau Musar Red (Lebanon) from the year of your birth, so you have 3 different bottles to drink!

  8. Ben
    I would still push for the pre-flight walk around. Escorted access to the ramp should not be too difficult to arrange. It’s really no different than driving a passenger to the plane in a BMW.

  9. Ask for your favorite music to be played during boarding. Not a cost, just a test

  10. I recommend that you test Andrew’s theory. I’d ask for a stripper. The specifics are up to you.

  11. Lucky,

    I would still ask for something last minute, like the venting before your fight.

    I’d doesn’t have to be particularly special, something like a particular brand of sparkling water, but it would be very interesting to see if they are able to do it/ what they do if they can’t accommodate the request and how they execute it. If I were you, the day/evening before I would ask for a special brand of water e.g. Fiji and see what they do.

  12. Maybe a waterproof bluetooth speaker for the shower so you can listen to your favorite music while showering at 35,000 ft. Maybe a tempurpedic pillow for your optional comfort?

  13. If you request a robe, maybe not monogrammed, but a very specific color and material. Not just “red”, but “scarlet” or “wine” red. See if they can match the color you ask for

  14. @Cristoffer’s idea is quite brilliant! Ask for your favourite song!

    I say this is a pretty sensible list and push for the pre-flight walk around with the first officer, that’s not a hard ask.

    So looking forward to the review!

  15. Hi,
    I love Billecart’s non vintage blanc de blanc and haven’t had the vintage ones but Billecart are terrific and I loved it when I did a tour of their Champagne House in France.

    Having said that if you love blanc de blanc champagnes there is simply none better than Salon. It is expensive, depending on the precise vintage and I have only had it once, but I dream of having it again!


  16. I think you should ask for your favorite type of cologne to freshen up before landing and maybe your favorite shower toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.).

  17. You should ask for chicken McNuggets as an appetizer and a McFlurry for dessert xD, it would be interesting to see if they would serve McDonalds in the air.

  18. I would suspect they wouldn’t allow the walk around due to the potential for distraction to the FO during that critical task

  19. Definitely ask about the pre-flight walk around! Shouldn’t be impossible for them to organise. Just make sure you get to the lounge early enough to still experience it if you are walking around

  20. Yep, I’d also say to push for a pre-fligh walk around with the first officer.

    For the champagne, you could request Billecart’s Clos St. Hillaire since they already have a relationship with Billecart.

  21. As much as I realise you are trying to get as much blog content as you possibly can out of this flight I wish you’d waited until after you’d taken the flight to publish all this stuff. I don’t feel you will be receiving the standard Residence treatment because I think EY would already be reading these posts so know who you are, what you are testing them on, and why. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if their head of marketing/social media has been purposely tasked with ensuring they go above and beyond to get the best review out of you for what will surely be your most read, shared and publicised trip report ever.

  22. @Lucky – if memory serves me correctly, The Points Guy had a specific bottle of vodka for his Residence flight and his name was engraved on the bottle.

    Maybe try a similar request?

  23. Nice list, but I would add the preflight walk around. Flying The Residence is a very unique opportunity and I think, barring security reasons, they can have show you a part that none of us have ever seen before!

  24. The Hibachi request seems dumb, a grill on a plane, really? I think your requests should be things that are actually possible and plausible, otherwise ask one of the areas to be converted to a sauna with any icy plunge pool for your flight.

  25. Something scent related. Pick your favorite scent and ask that your Residence smell like that (I’m a sucker for the fragrance they use in the Amex lounges).

  26. @Ben, When you request the ‘lobster’ make sure to be specific. Ask for East Coast North American lobster (with the claws). Why? simply, cold water lobster is a much tastier meat than Arabian Gulf ‘lobster’ (really, it is just a crayfish and because it is a warm water creature, the meat is not as sweet, plus they do not have the claws like Atlantic lobster). You could also ask for a nice steak to go with it that is no better cooked than rare/medium rare tops!

  27. Request for Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. It’ll be the best dish you’d ever have.

  28. You should definitely ask for the walkaround, if they can’t accommodate your request, see what they substitute it with.

  29. For the walk around:
    Most companies alternate who is doing the walk around. But it varies, im my company, I, the capt, do the walk around.
    Also, im not sure if you will be allowed. Most airports will not permit a passenger on the tarmac. Then it will not be up to the company to decide, and if they could, they still need to get permission from that specific capt.

  30. A branded / personalized set of champagne flutes (to memorialize the trip). Have the Butler saber the champagne on board! 😛 Or, ask for delivery of Miso Black Cod from nearby Zuma Abu Dhabi.

  31. If you drink coffee, do ask for some Jamaican Blue Mountain. Really worth it!

  32. Put in whatever requests you might want – three, four or five of them. Then change your flight as late as possible – say, the day before? See if they carry out your original requests on your new flight.

  33. How would it be to ask for additional 5 minutes to shower? So that you can shower 10 instead of 5 minutes. And another idea would be to ask for a specific type of Mineral water, that they don’t get in the UAE. For example Valser (from Switzerland)

  34. Citing The Simpsons – how about asking for their finest food stuffed with their second finest (lobster stuffed with tacos)?

    Perhaps ask for towels that have been dried using a particular scent of dryer sheet?

    And finally, request the Hampster Dance be played as the boarding music (for the whole plane)

  35. I absolutely think that the walk-around with the F/O is one of the coolest request, cost them zero $ and takes little to no effort on their part…

    Also, I. liked the specialty cocktail idea that one of the commenters posted above…Like a Moscow Mule with real Copper mugs [ monogrammed ] if you feel the need…Or just something different, the negroni that they mentioned, something [anything] with St Germain in it…You get the idea…

    I was wondering, are any of your team or friends flying along in the F-Class Apartments…???

  36. I’ve always dreamed of eating macarons while sipping on champagne in AF La Premiere.
    I saw that both Laduree and Pierre Herme have locations in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Perhaps request for a small box of assorted macarons from either (or both) macaron shops?
    I’m still a postcard type of guy and I wonder if they have an Etihad A380 postcard that they’ll let you write during your flight and have them mail it for you upon arrival. Another blogger (I think it was the gate) recently wrote about his experience with postcards and 5-star hotels mailing them complimentary (since technically it’s also free advertising.)
    Enjoy the Residence!

  37. Maybe a walk around might be much but asking to board first and ask to bust the cockpit should not be unreasonable

  38. Best way to keep it interactive is to actively use Instagram stories and Instagram live . This seems like the perfect opportunity for you to start using these features!!

  39. Request the toiletries in your private bathroom be from Avani. Its a pretty famous brand but its an Israeli brand so may or may not be available in Dubai.

  40. Lucky I think it would be really cool if you asked for your pajamas to have the words “Etihad A380 The Residence flown by Ben Schlappig on the (whatever date you are flying on) from Abu Dhabi to Sydney” also you should ask for Etihad to put that on a bathrobe for you as well.

  41. For the Champagne, I think you should make it a notch above Krug Grande Cuvee. Maybe Dom Perignon Rose if you enjoy that, or Cristal Rose? Or Krug 2002? They might try to charge you but it would be interesting to know how they would handle it. I also like the idea of a specialty cocktail. To this day the best cocktail I’ve had was the vanilla margarita at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai (with actual vanilla beans in it!). Wow! You could see if they could recreate that.

    For lobster, I echo what an earlier commenter said — ask for Maine lobster.

    I like the loofah request — I’d also ask for a Tempur-Pedic pillow.

  42. Being from New Zealand, I would ask for a true pavlova for dessert.

    A great concierge service could definitely pull this off – including the freshly whipped cream and kiwi fruit from NZ!

    (Alternatively, I think a hard copy book by a favourite author in the language of your choice)

    Happy flying!

  43. I agree with Morgan, ask for something personal, a souvenir you can keep. Maybe a monogramed bath robe that says “Lucky” in Arabic. or pjs with said lettering.

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the walk around. Worst case scenario, they say no.

    I don’t think the champagne matters much. If they fulfill your request, meh. If they don’t, no big deal.

    Not to get too political, but I think it’d be fun to get them to put up a rainbow flag or a Pride banner.

    And I think the Sanrio bedding idea should still be on. First of all, it’s totally you. Second, it tests their ability to perform a unique request that’s very doable. And third, think of the great blog pic. Again, why not ask? It’s not like you’re being a jerk and asking them something elaborate just for making them work. It’ll be meaningful and fun for you and easy enough for them to accomplish.

  44. Come on, Lucky. Give them something challenging, not just food, drink, and a bath accessory. You need to have at least one request they have to work for, at least a little bit.

  45. I think you have the right idea but haven’t quite thought it through to really test it out. You should ask for Hello Kitty champagne, Shawn Mendes’ sheets, and a lobster in the shower.

  46. if u REALLY wanna be pushing the limits, ask a middle eastern airline if you and Ford can shower together

  47. Good evening, Ben (and Tiffany, if you’re lurking about)

    I still hope that you ask about the possibility of a preflight walkabout. Security and safety concerns may prevent Etihad from granting such a request; in which case, it would be very interesting to see if EY suggests a similar alternative.

  48. Lucky, you may never fly the residence again. I never will in my life. Make it memorable

    1) Lobster dish, good idea
    2) Screw Krug. Ask for monogrammed champagne flutes. Set of 2
    3) Monogrammed Bath robe.
    4) Ethiad residence model signed for you.

  49. maybe u can ask for a flying experience in the cockpit with the pilot during the flight for a little while ? or a membership card with your picture printed on it?

  50. While all these first world pleasures are great requests, especially for the experience you are paying for with this flight, why not actually tie the requests to the country itself and give the airline a chance to show off its Emirati pride (although I have no idea the nationality of the people that would actually be tasked with fulfilling your request). Why not ask for very traditional gifts such as a well tailored (by size measurements provided in advance) kandura with the ghutra and bisht, maybe a specially engraved Khanjar (they might need to present this to you after landing for security), plenty of camel’s milk chocolate to enjoy during and post flight as well as camel’s milk soap for the shower and take home and lastly a design of your choice of arabian rug that will be placed in the residence for your flight, but then rolled up for you to take with you? Champagne and lobster is great, but those rarely are lasting memories, and I feel like a flight like this should come with some keepsakes you can enjoy for a long time to come.

  51. Although a small contribution, I am excited my loofah idea has been floated as one of the three request options! I do feel it should be a specific colour, just to see if they are prepared to go that little extra.

    Regarding the champagne, why not ask for a champagne tasting to go with a degustation of sweet treats? In addition to the one they serve, you could ask for a bottle of Dom and a bottle of Krug and see how they might pair each one with something to eat. I think that would be a test of refinement.

    Lucky, I am hoping that you ultimately do test out Virgin’s new ‘The Business’ on the way back to the US. I am looking to fly it later this year and would really value the detail you provide in trip reports.

  52. Forget the champagne and try a new one. Better use the request for something memorable for yourself. Enjoy the trip.

  53. I wouldn’t touch the Champage – what they are serving sounds great…

    Instead, perhaps make a wine request that isn’t normally found on their menus… something like a bottle of Canadian ice wine, or even a specific brand and see how well they do (something like Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, or a Chilean Malbec or anything really, more to test).

  54. I’ve had quite a few private tours in planes when I was the only one in F. And that was also during times when the C,Y cabins were catered. So that shouldn’t be a Problem pre-flight (apart from the crew rest area ).

    BTW..the idea with the boarding music is great. Of Course Not all the time, but just once your favourite Song for example

  55. For Champagne ask for Billecart’s Clos Saint Hillaire. It is very rare and a special champagne. There isn’t very much produced (especially compared to mass-produced DP and Krug), but they should be able to execute given their apparent relationship to Billecart.

  56. Maybe consider asking for a specific lobster dish, or give them some options (lobster thermidor, steamed lobster, etc.). Would be pretty disappointing to end up with lobster ravioli, although that would answer your research question about the level of service! 🙂

    Sounds like a fun trip, can’t wait for more.

  57. You ABSOLUTELY should ask to do the preflight walkaround.
    Thats amazing and I’ve seen European airlines having unaccompanied kids taken around the plane by their caretakers.

  58. This post exemplifies aspects of what is wrong with professional reviewers, including now professional bloggers, and their relevance to the actual market for the products and services they review.

  59. When I flew in The Apartments, the first officer gave me a walkaround, as he saw I was interested in the plane. Nothing special about the request. He was eager to do it.

  60. @Lucky

    You should request something nice from one of the Etihad’s destinations (so that they can still realistically get it for you and in fresh condition – i.e. Kobe Beef from Japan for your meal in the sky, Hong Kong egg tarts (from one of the really famous HK shops – you can google and pick your favorite one), etc.)

    As for Champagne – Try to get them to serve among the best we have seen in the skies, i.e. Krug Rose (Eva – Business Class) or Laurent-Perrier ‘Alexandra’ Grande Cuvee Rose (Korean Air previously). Match them if not beat them. I have yet to see anyone serve Armand de Brignac Champagne (the “Ace of Spades” Champagne), and if you can get them to serve the Rose version, it will be even better.

  61. Ask for a 1:200 or 1:400 ratio die-cast model of the A380. I get one for every first class fight I take. So far 2. For what your are paying, they shouldn’t have a big problem with that. They probably keep them at the airport, since alot of airlines sell models of their planes. If not, some type of plaque. As a momento for your first Residence flight and hopefully not last. Enjoy.

  62. Ask for an Aesop fragrance- the Marrakech Intense roll on one in particular. It’s amazing and you could give it to ford, who knows Aesop products well 🙂

  63. I have to echo some of the best idea’s in this thread – I love the specific cocktail idea, to see if it comes in the correct glassware, with the correct preparation/ice, etc. A nice Plymouth gin martini, up, dry, shaken hard for extra ice chips, and 3 almond stuffed olives OR a lavender gin fizz that requires using egg whites.

    The personalized champagne flutes etched with your name and flight info would be a great keepsake since you love champagne.

    Boarding early to take pics of business and economy would be nice for your readers.

    Asking for extra time in the shower is a great idea. Or you could ask for two showers, one at the beginning of the flight and one before landing.

    Also, as stated above, please document using Instagram! I suggest just recording regular videos so they can live on your Instagram going forward and not disappear. Looking forward to your review!

  64. How about a soft cuddly Teddy Bear for the bed ….. And a bright yellow duck for the shower ……

  65. How about a caviar comparison? The farmed product out of the UAE vs wild product from Iran / Russia?

  66. I would be very specific and exact about your drinks from boarding to dinner …. like starting with your favorite cocktail, then the champagne you want, a great white wine, a great red, and the dessert wine. For me …..

    Cocktail – Old Fashioned made with Old Overholt Straight Rye
    Champagne – Billecart Salmon Brut Rose NV
    White – 2014 Peay Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
    Red – Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Les Champeaux 2003 – Domaine Denis Mortet
    Dessert – 2001 Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes


  67. I think you’d enjoy a Champagne tasting menu, with includes Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 2004, Krug, and Dom Perignon 2006; Tom Ford Oud Wood Shower Gel (because a rose by the same name might smell as sweet); and perhaps Bonnat chocolate.

  68. So there’s definitely a consensus forming.

    1. ask for either a specific varietal or region of lobster if you really do want lobster. Maine sounds good.

    2. Trust their champagne choices but ask for a monogrammed souvenir glass with the flight number and date and your name. that’s a cool one and is easy but also tricky. it’s also a nice keepsake. I personally would ask for an authentic emirati mint tea experience as well. let them show off their best of what THEY could do best if they tried rather than JUST the far flung stuff.

    3. loofah good but personally i would MUCH rather natural sea sponge. is there maybe a clay mask made from emirati clay?! I strongly think you should request specific toiletries in the shower and some of the suggestions are great but dont make this one hard. maybe have one test for oddness one test for excellence and one test for getting the basics right. aveda is a widely available affordable brand that you could probably pick up in any airport. the shower amenities are so relaxing.

    ps I love the idea of the Bluetooth shower radio. fantastic.

    pps. changing the boarding music and flashing the system to do that would cost them at least a few hundred lol.

    ppppppps. could you request your cabin be scented with either a diffuser or room spray. you could ask for a candle but you might get a ‘”computer says no” response rather than something helpful.

  69. LOOFAH? Really? hahahhhaa….BEN!
    1) Do the pre-flight walk tour with the captain
    2) Ask for an engraved bathrobe in a specific color for your shower
    3) Ask for them to play Shawn Mendes music while you board/walk through.

  70. i liked the idea you mentioned of requesting a walk around with the First Officer … they are going to be doing it anyway – so why not ask to join them !

  71. You’re flying to Australia – ask for lamingtons (cake coated with chocolate icing and coconut sprinked on top). Hadn’t realised how awful they sound when describing them – they are truly yummy!!

  72. I think the champagne DOM/KRUG is fine – and the lobster is great.

    However – check out Singapore and see where their lobster comes from. Omani Lobster is not anywhere near as good as Bar Harbor or Nova Scotia Lobster – it has to be cold water to be really tasty.

    If that doesn’t appeal – Omani Shrimp on the other hand are the best in the world. So maybe ask for Bar Harbor Lobster with Omani Shrimp Provencale.

  73. I like the walk around idea. That shouldn’t be tough, especially after the first meal service. I have gotten them several times when in first.

  74. If you ask for anything too exotic I would say you will be out of luck. Small things, that don’t cost too much, you will have success with.

    I just got off an Etihad First Class flight, and having travelled Etihad extensively in the past, noted that cut-backs are evident (particularly in the lounges, and modestly so onboard). Things Etihad always use to carry onboard, are not now, and even standards have slipped a little.

    Given you got this fare on the cheap (well, cheap for The Residence), customisation of your experience will not be huge – I think you can count on that – and that’s taking into account that the Etihad PR department is aware of who you are.

    Loofah shouldn’t be a problem, Krug and Lobster request may be a bit harder (and as for monogrammed robe, in a special colour, etc well good luck with those ideas).

    You can always ask, just don’t think the moon is but for your asking, as I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  75. Access to plain early to take good photos of the other three cabins, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and a 30 minute inflight arabic lesson

  76. Ask them for a variety of vegetarian options. I always wonder how these airlines will stack up if they had to give vegetarian options. Do they take efforts or will they just feed you salad , Indian or pasta?

  77. Screw lobster, ask for some authentic Kobe beef…Cristal since I haven’t seen it on a plane and throw in some Louis XIIV. Russian caviar, Pappy Van Winkle…the list is endless.

  78. Why don’t you ask for some kind of secure livestream connection to film a video live in the air? Seems they could figure out the bandwidth. While you’re at it, ask for the iPad too.

  79. Note from a foodie: Lobster, if that is what you are hankering for, is not that hard to over cook and cover in too much rich creamy sauce like Singapore Airlines does with their Thermidor. If you want to present a challenge I’d ask for a lobster roll on a toasted brioche. Specifically you’d like the lobster to be tender, without mayonnaise, just drawn butter, lemon juice and Bay seasoning, served with a side of crispy hot, salty, shoestring fries. Even on the ground this is a challenge to get just right. And it’s the perfect food to wash down with some fancy bubbles of your choosing. And sure get some really good cole slaw on the side. It’s always the “easy” things that are so hard to get right, especially at 30,000 feet. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear what you choose and what they say!

  80. I say forget the Champagne! Champs is basic 🙂 How about some Kopi Luwak coffee?
    (Or, if that’s too much, just some really high quality beans.) Excellent coffee is a true challenge

  81. Good evening Ben,

    So many advices and crazy but hilarious ideas.

    I agree with many followers.
    This is a unique opportunity to put Etihad for a serious test.
    You mentioned the bathrobe and it might push your luck… Worst case is that they say no to a few things but yes to others.
    This is not the time nor the option to minimize…
    Yes, they might have made some downgrades as one reader mentioned so…
    My suggestion is that you make it two lists, or perhaps options for five categories with two options that are similar to each other.
    The reason why..? Here is an example so sorry for the Off Topic. 🙂

    Green Day, (for the ones of you that does not know who they are, they’re a famous American modern punk-rock band) has just like all bands a rider which is a list of what they demand in the dressing room.
    One of these things Green Day demand is a big bowl of M&M’s that shall not be any brown ones in the bowl.
    The reason for this is not to be funny or a prick but to test the promoter and the staff how they work, run the show and the venue.
    If they lack of taking out the brown M&M’s then probably much more serious things such as security might also fail.

    So… For your trip of a lifetime, make it 5 categories.
    If Etihad can arrange both in each category, JACKPOT!
    If they are available to arrange one… Great job Etihad. Well done!
    If they fail one or two categories… Then many other things inside the airline might have to be checked up…

    Here goes!

    A: FUN
    1; The pre-flight check walk around around the aircraft on the tarmac with the Captain or First Officer.
    – Easy to arrange including one or two security if they are å bit hairy regarding safety at AUH.

    2; Visit the cockpit during flight.
    – This one is more tricky depending on Who had and international safety and security for commercial flights, but who knows.

    1; Someone mentioned a special champagne so give Etihad two options, one that they might be able to get and one of the above mentioned that is tricky to get and unique.
    Many options to choose from above…
    Should it cost a fortune they will probably mention it before they serve and not send you the bill after the flight.

    2; Here I would think hard of which unique cocktail that is tricky to create and that you like and/or would like to taste. A few above sounds tricky and really tasty.
    This would be a challenge for your butler and my guess is that he took his job just because it is a challenge and might think it would be fun for a change.

    C: FOOD
    1: Seafood pre-main course!
    – As mentioned above… Choose your lobster (this is what you want to have so go for it) wisely and pick one from the finest areas that might be tricky to get. You already have some options. 🙂
    And with lobster there has to be caviar so ask for a tasting from the UAE/ME, Iran, Russia and last but not least, the famous Swedish Löjrom/whitefish roe.

    2; Meat main course!
    a – Someone mentioned an exclusive dish from the UAE (can’t find it now) that also shows that you want to try something from their own turf, lamb might be a nice part of this dish.
    Include the local tea and other things that has been up on the list.

    b – Or you can go with the Kobe beef from a local shop in Japan of your own pick, maybe from Osaka or somewhere, just to see if they can manage to get it.

    So here you have two options for #2.

    1; The A380 1:200 scale model where the pilots, crew and CEO has signed the stand and also printed your name, flight number and date.
    – Should be a walk in the park and does not cost a fortune but still a challenge.

    2; Here I would raise the bar to see if they might be able to step it up a notch.
    I like the idea of having your name engraved on a bath robe, the pajamas and some other things that would be nice.
    – Either they can fix it all or maybe only one thing.
    Include your flight number and date.
    Pick the fabrics and colors of your own choosing and taste as well if it should be written in English or Arabic.

    1; Water proof Bluetooth speaker when taking a shower. (Hilarious!!!)
    – JBL is to recommend and has a great sound.

    2; As mentioned above, toiletries of your favorite exclusive brand, a favotite scent in your apartment and shower, and a little list of the small things you might want when having your 10 minute shower.
    – This one is not expensive nor difficult to fix, just a little tricky for the test.
    Either they manage it all or just one or a few things…

    So here you have it Ben, my list of the not so difficult nor expensive and extreme and also the second option, either they go for both of one of them.
    Should they miss out on both in one category, that’s not a big deal but if the miss out on more than one and don’t have any options to recommend you, then there are a few other things that we don’t see that might have issues.
    You already mentioned the miss of the hotel booking with no reply after 6 days and when they did they tried to put you in another hotel that does not play in the same league.

    Good luck and enjoy it all whatever you choose!
    I am looking forward to read it!

    Ps. I forgot… Add the loofah just for fun. 😀

  82. Hello Kitty bedding plus Shawn Mendes poster, Mr. Schleppig you really have a very distinct tastes. Quite interesting, Sir!

  83. Freaking PUSH YOUR LUCK… worst case you won’t get it. But what if you get it? I don’t see a downside

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