15 Perfectly Reasonable Requests I Plan To Make For My Etihad Residence Flight

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A couple of days ago I booked a ticket in the Etihad Residence from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, which I’m really excited about. Yesterday I wrote a post sharing the initial communication Etihad had with me after the booking was confirmed. I’ve heard of people making special requests when flying in The Residence, so I asked you guys for ideas about what to request.


A vast majority of readers don’t read the comments section, though the comments on the post are gold — I laughed out loud at many of them. So in this post I wanted to share a selection 15 requests I plan on making for my flight in The Residence, based on the comments from you guys. In no particular order, it seem perfectly reasonable to request:

  • This butler and ask him to bring his art supplies, so he can sketch me
  • Hello Kitty bedding
  • Real Fanta and German pretzels
  • A framed and autographed photo of Donald Trump hanging in the bedroom (not taking sides here, but someone recommended it)
  • An onboard massage, rather than just one in the lounge
  • Hermes toiletries
  • A specific type of toilet paper
  • Embroidered bedding, and china and cutlery engraved with my initials
  • A pink loofah for the shower
  • A Delta A350 model, and a copy of Delta’s quarterly financial results showing the profit they made, signed by the CEO of Etihad
  • A full afternoon tea catered by the Burj Al Arab
  • Boxed Franzia wine, a Big Mac, and Dove toiletries
  • Being driven to the airport in a Ferrari rather than an Audi A8
  • A pre-flight aircraft walkaround with the first officer
  • Boarding music changed from the usual Etihad tune to Shawn Mendes’ greatest hits (I figured asking for a private Shawn Mendes concert might be pushing my luck)

All reasonable requests, right? 😉

(Yes, I’m kidding, but just had to share some of the comments. They’ve at least given me some great inspiration for what I do plan on trying to request.)

  1. You should definitely request that butler. He’s one handsome fella’ for sure.

    I can’t wait for your trip!

  2. I actually think that you should make a request to ask if you can board early and grab pictures of business and economy class. They’re not any harder to deal with on the airline front, and you get SO much value from those pictures, as you get to “test out” the business class and economy seats without actually flying them on a route.

    For a $7000 ticket, I think it’s at least attemptable.

  3. “A pre-flight aircraft walkaround with the first officer” –> That would be the coolest one, give it a try 😉

  4. Just ask them to serve a proper pizza. It is a challenge but not totally unreasonable. Tried to order it in Garuda First and they couldn’t serve it…

  5. I’m glad you requested the Hermès toiletries.

    If they provide them, it will likely be Eau d’Orange Verte, which is what some of the better hotels use around the world (Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong used to supply them, not sure if they still do now).


    I use the bar soap. I hope that’s not an overshare.

    I’m guessing the embroidered bedding and engraved china and cutlery are going to be no-gos, but my fingers are still crossed!

  6. Ask the CEO of Etihad to ask the CEO of Delta to lower the new mileage devaluation, it’s cheaper to fly Etihad apartments then it is to fly Virgin upper class from Lhr to India!!!

  7. I would seriously consider @Ben Holz’s suggestion. A walkaround would be memorably awesome!

  8. It would be hilarious (and an epic publicity stunt) for a marketing exec at EY to read this post and grant all 15 requests in this post.

  9. why are you kidding about this? You should totally request them for real and see which ones they can and cannot accommodate.

  10. The pink loofa, Delta’s quarterly financials, and the big mac and box wine may genuinely be the funniest things I’ve ever read. It’s taken me 5-7 minutes to recover from laughing so hard.

  11. A baby tiger is needed, you can feed the Big Mac to it.

    And it seems like some awesome meal is needed, like a live lobster.

  12. “A Delta A350 model, and a copy of Delta’s quarterly financial results showing the profit they made, signed by the CEO of Etihad” LMAOOOO PETTY

  13. On a more serious note, consider asking them to film a video of you. Free publicity op for OMAAT?

  14. I would have asked them to have Nicole Kidman and Dannii Minogue show up on the flight with kinky outfils and do an Arabian Belly Dance but you are gay so yeah get the Butler

  15. Ben, could you please just have a great flight/experience and provide us with a comprehensive report?

    Anybody who has ever experienced true concierge service first hand would simply accept that this airline is trying to provide a service – albeit a somewhat lacking service based on their two emails to you – and not belittle the opportunity afforded.

    Enjoy a great trip!

  16. Karaoke sessions mid-flight with the crew. 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. would be tasteful and appropriate

  17. @LMcK – this is the whole point of his review (which he said) is to see about the requests as well. That is part of it.

    Lucky – I was sad to read the end when you said kidding – these are wild, though certainly possible for them. I say yes (but make it sweet 16 for good measure.)

  18. surprised you mentioned that a vast majority of readers dont read the comments…its my favorite thing to do!

    Also happy you took my suggestion of a tour with the First Officer-dont forget to request a cap and wear it the whole flight! 😉

  19. Milk instead of the champagne for me. I bought a whatchamacalit today too. So, I’ll add that. Nothing too hard.

  20. Wishing you a happy ending to this incredible experience (though that will hopefully has as much to do with the butler as it does with the pilot’s flying skills).

  21. Not totally off topic…which FF program will you be crediting your miles?

    On topic, request a rimowa amenity kit with the Hermes stuff in it, your fave LH rubber ducky and definitely that butler!!!. These three requests should be very doable.

    Can’t wait for the review. Wonder if this experience will come close or exceed your Garuda experience.

  22. Please request the Delta A350 Model and the Financial Results (although they dont have to be signed). The Reaction of the Crew would be interesting.

  23. I’d ask for a crew uniform to be provided for you and fitted in the pre-board lounge. All staff instructed to address you as “Cap’n”.

  24. “Not taking sides.”

    Yeah, right. It’s quite obvious that you are a Trump supporter, based on the tone of your posts the past several months. Voting Democratic would result in taxes that would completely consume your trust fund and Ford’s.

  25. @Tim: I’m kind of shocked that Guarda couldn’t deliver a pizza. In the pre-9/11 days, Virgin Atlantic managed to get me a real Cuban sandwich with black beans & rice for my meal on a MIA-LGW run. And it wasn’t some slop thrown together by SkyChefs either — both were very authentic.

  26. No, seriously, request the Butler. Pretty please. Even if they can’t accommodate it I think we’ll all get a kick out of reading their e-mail to you explaining why they can’t book that specific butler. (totally agree with an above commenter that them granting all these requests would be an epic publicity stunt).

    Have fun! I can’t wait to live vicariously through you.

  27. Being a native Floridian, you will understand this request suggestion: Tervis Tumblers with the Etihad logo! You need that!

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