How To Redeem Miles On Royal Air Maroc

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A couple of days ago I wrote about rumors that Royal Air Maroc will soon be joining the Star Alliance.


I can’t say they’re an airline I’m dying to fly, though I really do want to visit Morocco.

I had kind of assumed that Royal Air Maroc didn’t have any useful airline partners, though after some further digging I was surprised to find two semi-useful airline partners they have — Etihad Guest and Iberia Plus. So while it will no doubt be easier to redeem miles for travel on Royal Air Maroc if/when they join the Star Alliance, in the meantime there are two useful airlines through which you can book Royal Air Maroc:

Redeem Etihad Guest miles on Royal Air Maroc

Etihad Guest has a distance based award chart for travel on Royal Air Maroc, which looks as follows:


So a one way business class ticket spanning a distance of 2,001+ miles will set you back 44,000 miles (this includes flights like New York to Casablanca).


There are a few important terms to note:

  • Royal Air Maroc awards must be booked at least 14 days in advance
  • The distance shown above is per one way journey, so you can include multiple segments on one award
  • Date changes can be made for free

The more I look at Etihad Guest, the more I find their program to actually be quite useful for some “unique” redemptions.

Redeem Iberia Plus Avios on Royal Air Maroc

This one is quite interesting. While Iberia has merged with British Airways, they still maintain two distinct frequent flyer programs. For the most part they’re similar in terms of redemption rates, though both programs have some unique features.

In general it’s easier to book partner award tickets through British Airways. But Iberia has some unique selling features as well. For example, if you redeem Iberia Avios for travel on Iberia you don’t pay fuel surcharges, while you would pay fuel surcharges if booking the same award through British Airways.

But it goes beyond that. Apparently Iberia’s Avios program partners with Royal Air Maroc, while British Airways’ doesn’t.

Here’s the Iberia award chart for travel on Royal Air Maroc:


This particular Avios award chart is based on the overall roundtrip distance flown. In other words, if you fly roundtrip between New York and Casablanca you’d pay 94,500 Avios, since the distance is just under 8,000 miles.

Royal Air Maroc fuel surcharges

Royal Air Maroc does impose mild fuel surcharges on tickets, which would be passed on if booking through Etihad or Iberia. For example, a roundtrip business class ticket between New York and Casablanca comes with a total of ~$287 in fuel surcharges:


Bottom line on Royal Air Maroc award redemptions

Is this a great use of miles? Not really. But these are two odd partnerships I wasn’t previously aware of, so if you are specifically looking to fly Royal Air Maroc, they are worth keeping in mind.

I would note that there’s no easy way to search Royal Air Maroc award availability online, even through their own frequent flyer program. So booking an award on Royal Air Maroc would require calling Etihad or Iberia (the latter isn’t a pleasant experience). It took five calls to Iberia yesterday before I found an agent that knew what Royal Air Maroc was (the first claimed you could only redeem Avios for travel on Iberia, and not for travel on any other airline… and he worked in the Iberia Plus department!).

Hopefully redeeming miles on Royal Air Maroc becomes easier if/when they join the Star Alliance.

  1. I really want to visit Morrocco also, but after doing some research on Royal Air Maroc, I decided I would prefer to go to Madrid and fly another airline from there to Morrcco.

  2. @kate whats wrong with Royal Air Maroc ?

    Great safety record, good fleet.
    I’ve flown them many times and have never had a problem.

  3. I swear Lucky, all your posts lately have seemed like they are personally written for me 🙂 I needed to get from CMN to RAK and was going to do the train but after seeing your post today I called Iberia to book a J class ticket but the Iberia rep said that it wasn’t allowed since they are not in Oneworld. I explained that they are a partner airline and he tried but the system restricted the booking.

  4. Any thoughts on earning mileage credit for flights on royal air maroc. I also noticed iberia is a partner, but when my dad checked in for his royal air maroc flight they check in agent told him “they have no partners”

  5. @ turgutbey — Sounds like a bad agent. They definitely do partner and he could have earned Iberia Avios.

  6. Did you call to book? Last time I called I tried 10 different routes and a couple of dates and the Etihad agents search BY MONTH and could not find a single seat in J or Y on Royal Air Maroc. I gave up eventually.

  7. I have tried calling Iberia several times to inquire if an award booking can be made via Avios on Air Maroc for their non-stop CMN to JFK. The first agent gave me the miles required and taxes, but I was not ready to book. Every subsequent call has led to this award cannot be booked because the flight is not in conjunction with Iberia, or it’s not allowing them to book. So confused. Not sure how the first agent was able to see availability.

  8. I do not know where you heard that Royal Air Maroc is no good. I hope it’s not an assumption!

    I’ve flown with the twice: Great dreamliner, Great service, good food!

  9. I just transferred AMEX MR to Etihad to book a Royal Air Maroc flight. I called the Etihad UK office, as many suggest, but was told there was no availability by the first agent. I was annoyed but after a few minutes I remembered that people say that if you don’t succeed, hang up and try again. I got another agent – she was helpful, professional, and helped me get the booking done. It took about 25 minutes, but the roundtrip ticket was only 44,000 MR and $68.

    Thanks for this post.

  10. I read somewhere that in order to use Iberia Avios with Royal Air Maroc that you returned had to originate or terminate in Spain. I would like to fly roundtrip from JFK to CMN non-stop with RAM using Avios to avoid Spain. Anyone have experience with this? Please help.

  11. No need to touch Spain when booking Royal Air Maroc with IB Avios. I just booked a pair of business seats from JKF-CMN-LIS with miles from the IB 9k (90k) promo. Had to top off points to 100k. I used Chase UR since the transfer is instant. AMEX takes longer (a day or two). And since one of the accounts was less than 90 days old, could not transfer from BA.

    Stopovers are not allowed, but if booked right you can get a 20+hr layover in Casablanca.

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