Aeroplan Once Again Has Access To Swiss Award Seats

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Aeroplan is Air Canada’s spun off frequent flyer program (well, at least until 2020), and is transfer partners with Amex Membership Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. They’re generally a good program for redeeming miles on Star Alliance airlines, though not for travel on all airlines to all regions.

However, for a while Aeroplan has been having issues with accessing award availability on several airlines. Specifically, Aeroplan members haven’t had access to award seats on Air China, Avianca, Copa, and Swiss. Aeroplan described these as “technical difficulties.”

At the time Aeroplan issued the following statement regarding these difficulties:

We’re aware that technical difficulties are are making it difficult to book flight rewards with four carriers – Air China, Avianca, Copa, and SWISS.

There are separate issues related to the different inventory systems of the concerned airlines. We appreciate the inconvenience that these disruptions may be causing you.

We are working closely with all stakeholders from the affected airlines to ensure that the situation is resolved as soon as possible.

Now, I have reason to believe that there were actual technical difficulties here, though what I’m not as convinced about is that they’ve been working as quickly as they possibly could to get them resolved. It’s very convenient to not be able to book award tickets on partner airlines, given the cost savings involved.

Well, when it comes to this situation there’s at least some good news — Aeroplan once again has access to all Swiss award seats. Aeroplan should have access to the same availability as other Star Alliance frequent flyer programs.

While Aeroplan imposes fuel surcharges on many award redemptions, Swiss is one of the airlines on which they don’t impose surcharges, making them a great airline for redeeming Aeroplan miles.

A one-way ticket between North America and most of Europe will cost you just 55,000 miles, which is a solid deal. Swiss isn’t amazing about making business class award seats available to partner airlines, though sometimes there’s space, especially close to departure. I’ve actually found that they’ve gotten a bit better lately.

For example, below you’ll see a couple of award seats from Montreal and Los Angeles to Zurich.

However, do note that some Swiss award availability seems to be phantom, so you’ll want to go through to the booking page to verify that the seats are actually available.

Swiss’ North American gateways include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Newark, and San Francisco.

Swiss has a solid business class product, with their longhaul fleet featuring direct aisle access from most business class seats.

Unfortunately partner airline miles can’t be redeemed for Swiss’ excellent first class product. That can only be redeemed for by Miles & More Senator members.

So it’s nice to see Aeroplan fix this issue, though here’s to hoping they also fix the issues they have with Air China, Avianca, and Copa.

(Tip of the hat to Milesopedia)

  1. Thank you for the H/T 😉

    Just a correction: there is no direct aisle access from every business class seat (even on their brand new 777). Still some window seats. But it’s good for someone like me travelling with an active 2 year old girl ! 🙂 It’s our “taxi” from YUL to Europe.

  2. Yeah you’d think Aeroplan would stop actively trying to shiv its customers before they try to strike out on their own without Air Canada while retaining some form of value proposition.

  3. “We appreciate the inconvenience that these disruptions may be causing you.”

    What an odd turn of phrase…

  4. “Swiss has a solid business class product, with their longhaul fleet featuring direct aisle access from every business class seat.”

    IIRC, they have the “regular” Vantage seats, which are 5-across in 2-2-1 or 1-2-2… While a good product, not all seats have aisle access.

  5. Also, beware on Swiss that the throne seats cost money to reserve, and the best paired seats (the ones with a big console on one side) are blocked for elites. It’s made better by the fact that there are no fuel surcharges, but still good to know about in advance.

  6. Just booked LX First in December (more than 14 days out!!) with aeroplan miles.
    Even 2 pax would have been possible. tax was CAD 7.20
    LX F is (currently only?) bookable with M&M ONLINE as well, so not only available to SEN/HON via hotline. tax there is US$ 501.60. Hugh difference here and you’ll need 85’000 oneway instead of 70’000 only when booking with aeroplan.

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