7 Reasons To Get The IHG Premier Card

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The IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card (review) is really is a phenomenal card — it’s worth getting for the benefits, and keeping long-term for the great perks it offers.

While a lot of people may not be planning travel right now, there are a couple of reasons to consider getting this card now:

  • It has a reasonable minimum spending requirement, so even with people spending less right now, it should be possible for many to complete the spending needed
  • One of the primary benefits of this card is a free night certificate that you get every account anniversary, so you get your first one in about a year; hopefully, we’ll be traveling again by then

In this post I wanted to look at seven reasons to apply for this card. In no particular order:

125K Point Sign-Up Bonus

At the moment the IHG Premier Card is offering a sign-up bonus of 125,000 IHG Rewards Club points after spending $3,000 within three months.

Those are the most points I ever recall them offering as part of the sign-up bonus, and the spending requirement is even reasonable, which is great.

125K IHG points can potentially get you lots of hotel stays

Anniversary Free Night Certificate

Arguably the single best benefit of the IHG Premier Card, which more than justifies the $89 annual fee, is the anniversary free night certificate. This certificate can be redeemed at an IHG property retailing for up to 40,000 points per night, which covers over 95% of IHG properties around the world.

While this won’t get you a stay at one of IHG’s top InterContinental properties, I still find this to be extremely worthwhile, given that a vast majority of hotels retail for over $89 per night.

For example, I’ve stayed at the InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut and InterContinental Johannesburg Airport using free night certificates, and in each case a night would have otherwise cost $250+.

Redeem your anniversary free night certificate at the InterContinental Beirut

Fourth Night Free On Award Redemptions

The other best perk of the IHG Premier Card is that it offers a fourth night free on award redemptions. If you stay for four consecutive nights on an award redemption then you only have to redeem points for the first three nights.

This is an awesome perk, since it can be used an unlimited number of times (you can even use it to book multiple rooms at the same hotel). If you usually redeem points for stays in increments of four nights, this is like getting 25% off all your redemptions. This is a fantastic perk.

Get a fourth night free at the InterContinental Willard Washington DC

IHG Rewards Club Platinum Status

Just for having the IHG Premier Card you get IHG Rewards Club Platinum status, which is valid for as long as you have the card. IHG Rewards Club Platinum status includes the following perks:

  • Room upgrades, subject to availability
  • A 50% bonus on base points
  • Early check-in and late check-out, subject to availability
  • A welcome amenity

Receive room upgrades as an IHG Platinum member

Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check Credit

For some this will be valuable, and for others it won’t offer much value, but the card also offers a statement credit of up to $100 when you use your card for a Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check enrollment fee, up to once every four years.

This is a nice perk that could easily get you more value than the annual fee.

TSA PreCheckThe card offers a TSA Pre-Check credit every four years

Stack Benefits With IHG’s Old Credit Card

Some of you may be thinking “I have IHG’s old credit card, so the new card doesn’t seem worth it.” I agree that it might not be worth product changing from IHG’s old credit card to the new one.

The beauty is that if you get the IHG Premier Card, you can stack some of the benefits of the two cards:

  • Both cards offer an anniversary free night certificate, so you could earn two of those each year, and use them for back-to-back stays
  • The old card offers a 10% refund on redeemed points (up to 100,000 refunded points per year), while the new card offers a fourth night free on award redemptions, and you could stack those benefits; in other words, if you make a four night stay at a hotel costing 70,000 points per night you’d end up paying 210,000 points, and then would get 21,000 points back, for a total cost of 189,000 points, which is over 30% off

You are eligible for the bonus on the IHG Premier Card even if you have the old version of the IHG Card.

Anecdotally Easy Approval

Historically Chase is one of the tougher issuers with which to get a card approved. The IHG Premier Card has all the standard Chase approval restrictions, and this card is subjected to the 5/24 rule.

However, anecdotally many report that the IHG Premier Card is easier to get approved for, and that also matches my experience, as I got instantly approved when I applied several months ago (and I don’t otherwise remember the last time I was instantly approved for a Chase card).

It’s my understanding that Chase has different approval requirements for some of their co-brand cards, depending on the customer base they’re going after, and it sure seems like the IHG Card is the easiest of the travel rewards cards to get approved for.

Assuming you’ve otherwise struggled to be approved for Chase cards (while still being under 5/24, etc.), then this could be a good card to consider.

IHG Premier Card Summary

The IHG Premier Card has a solid 125k bonus right now, and on top of that the card is well rounded and worth holding onto long term.

Personally I’d get the card for the anniversary free night certificate alone, though there are potentially valuable benefits beyond that, including the fourth night free on award redemptions, IHG Platinum status, etc.

The best-case scenario is having the IHG Premier Card and old IHG Select Card, since you can stack the fourth night free and 10% award rebates towards a single stay.

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  1. On the application it specifically states that you are not eligible for this card if you currently have an IHG Rewards Club credit card from Chase. I have the old one with the $49 renewal fee and this appears to me that I would not qualify for the new one.

  2. @ Stever — If you click on the “offer details” this is clarified:
    “This product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months”

    As you can see, this is specific to this credit card, and not other IHG credit cards (hence the “this credit card” language). What it says on the main application page does make it a bit confusing, though.

  3. Regarding the “Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check Credit”. Does it also apply to the renewal fee or only new application?
    Also, do you know how long this offer is going to last? Thank you

  4. You forgot to mention that the IHG card is one of the few cards that also still offers cell phone protection/ replacement if the bill is paid with the card. Definitely one of my favorite brands, especially the Klimpton properties, and one of my favorite cards for sure.

  5. @Lucky — 140K points is a high-water mark signup bonus for this card. Marriott now offers 100K points on the Bonvoy Boundless card. For someone who has neither card and could only apply for one (due to 5/24), which would you recommend?

    IHG card has a $3K spending requirement vs. Bonvoy Boundless’ $5K requirement.
    IHG gives 4th night free on award redemptions vs. Marriott’s 5th night free.
    IHG gives Platinum status vs. Marriott’s (almost worthless) Silver status.
    Marriott has a much broader footprint of properties plus more aspirational hotels.

  6. I’m sorry but IHG redemptions from Ultimate rewards are just ridiculously bad value. When Hyatt is a much better chain to be loyal to and redeem points, it’s hard to justify this in your 5/24.

  7. I don’t see in card agreement terms about phone protection if bill is payed using the card. Can you please refer me to this section in the agreement terms?

  8. Applied and was instantly approved. One note from when I called to ask for the card to be overnighted the agent told me the IHG card requires an extra step to setup the account with IHG. This delays the shipping of the physical card by a day or two. Good news is they will overnight to your location if your not at home. I’m hopping to get the physical card by the weekend to put $6.5k of rooms at an IHG property for a work event. Over 300k points from one spend thats reimbursed!

  9. Lucky where are the trip reviews?
    So much credit card marketing going on. Would you consider flying to see what load factors are like ?

  10. Applied for this card using your link yesterday. Chase needs more time to decide though. Did this card appear in your Chase online account automatically after you got approved?

  11. @Faye: I had the same experience. A day after the message, a credit inquiry was made. Then 13 (!) days later the card appeared on my account, that’s how I knew that I had been approved.

  12. @Lucky can you explain how to add this card to your IHG account if you already have the old one in there? I tried to but looks like I have to remove it in order to associate the new one. I don’t want to do that and cause any issues though. Also not sure how to get both free night certs if only one is registered in there.

  13. @Craig jnr.

    I guess you haven’t followed the news. Otherwise you are those who advocate for community spread.

    He shouldn’t be traveling any time soon. Nothing significantly different in domestic flights from his recent reviews to even make it worthwhile for another review.

    Unfortunately there are cases in FL now. Otherwise I would have suggested a low-cost showdown from FL in the absence of international premium cabin. @Lucky maybe in the near future do a US showdown with back to back Spirit Allegiant Sun Country Frontier. Another Mexican showdown with InterJet Volaris Viva.
    Oh and for the sake of the haters, review LCC credit cards too.

    That sounds painfully fun.

  14. @Daniel B. Thanks for your response. I got an e-mail from Chase stating “Please call us to discuss your credit application”, so I called and after a few verification questions — approved!

  15. Not to be picky, but the rebate is actually higher 10% of 210,000 then 10% of 21,000 and then 10% of 2100, well you get the idea. If you are Ambassador and choose the 10% rebate and stack that as well giving almost a 50% rebate

  16. For those interested, the hotel on the picture is the Kimpton West Hollywood. I had a fantastic stay there last November for my birthday. The staff was great, and the location makes it easy to walk to the nearby sites and the design district.

  17. Ref: required $3K spent w/I 3 mons – would paying taxes with something like Plastiq or Pay1040 work? Thnx.

  18. @Daniel – this card doesn’t earn Ultimate Rewards. And the point isn’t about putting spend on it, it’s about signing up for it and then putting it in your drawer after spending 3K

  19. Lucky,IHG points have become more valuable with the new dynamic pricing.For my trip to Japan next year I am getting around 1.2 cents of value based on cash rates.With the 4th night free included with the card, when I price out the ANA Intercontinental in March I get 1.2 cents of value per point.It used to be only around .5 cents. Dynamic pricing seems to be a good deal as of now

  20. @Ang Guo: Non US Citizens are able to apply for and be approved for Chase products. My wife is a US permanent resident, has a SSN, works in the USA, and has the Chase Hyatt card after establishing a credit score. Establishing a higher score (750+) did take 1+ years, but it is possible. Recommend viewing ways to build credit score if this applies to you.

  21. Just got approved with this being my 6th Chase card and at 3/24 rule, looking ahead for next September 2021 overnights in Europe, both husband and I will keep the regular IHG card also for the free annual night. We can use 6 hotel nights on points in the UK for basically $200 in annual fees.

  22. @MICHAEL W — Not that there is anything wrong with a redemption value of 0.5cent/IHG point, but the value of 1.2cents/IHG point that you got is *outsized* because of the confluence of factors that you described, but especially of the cash rate (relatively high I would guess) and the 4th night free. Dynamic pricing probably has little to do with it, and the average value remains around 0.5 cent/IHG point, which is not to be sneezed at because it is as good as one would do *on average* in any other program.

  23. I took advantage of the promo earlier in the year. And in between the spend bonus and some additional spending, had enough points to book the Kimpton Seafire Resort for next March (with the 4th night free benefit), since they *finally* released award space. Cash Rate for the stay is around $900/night, so this is one of my better hotel redemption in awhile.

  24. Unfortunately, IHG rewards program is just not that appealing, even though Intercontinental has some amazing properties. You don’t get any perks when using reward redemption, also no breakfast. Heck, they even have a separate paid membership for Intercontinental. I’ll keep rocking that $49 annual fee card for anniversary cert, to be used in conjunction with a paid stay.

  25. Agree with the other comments. I would rather keep my $49 card because I can easily stay in a hotel worth more than the $49 annual fee once a year. I don’t find IHG useful at all anymore. Their locations are not as convenient as Marriott brands and the IHG Platinum status is like Gold with Marriott. It does not include lounge access or most of the other perks. I have also used points with IHG and have had to pay tax and the service fee. Marriott, points are points. If you redeem with points you don’t have to pay anything except for incidentals AND depending on the brand they will include breakfast for you. You can even use points and pay for lounge access depending on the brand. This is clearly not written based on advice but rather on advertisement.

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