Racist American Flight Attendant? Maybe…

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It goes without saying that we have a race issue in the US, and some of the stuff we’ve seen on some high levels in the past week disgusts me. Period.

However, there’s a story that several readers have sent me, and I’m not quite ready to jump to conclusions just yet. I’m not trying to defend the flight attendant at all, but am just saying that the way the passenger shares this story rubs me the wrong way, and I think at a minimum we need more context, and ideally we need a full investigation and both sides of the story (though I doubt that will ever be made public).

The incident that allegedly happened

A Twitter user shares what happened on a recent international American Airlines flight. Here’s her version::

We exited the plane upon arrival and many in my family asked what happened. Shocked by Carol’s lack of understanding and kindness, one of my family members approached her saying that what she did was rude. We tried to explain that my mother felt ill from the flight and tried to properly dispose of her throw up and Carol’s response was “oh please I’ve been dealing with you people for 30 years.”

My family did not expect that response, as we had nothing to do with her career choice and her hate for her job for that matter.

As soon as she said that out of line comment I pulled my phone out to record. My family said we didn’t want to argue we just wanted to understand the interaction and how she was incredibly rude. She proceeded to insult and threaten us, which is captured on film.

After we got into the customs area she ran up to an employee asking them to please stop my family (party ranging from 3 to 75) and genuinely tried to follow up on her threat.

It doesn’t matter how angry one becomes, because this was not a matter of being right or wrong, she was just being mean and spiteful. This behavior is unacceptable and definitely made it obvious that she was unhinged. This individual is clearly unhappy with herself and proceeded to unfairly project that onto paying customers. She has no place in service.

Then below is the video she shares of the flight attendant, saying “I can make it difficult for you in customs.”


My take

I wasn’t going to write about this at all, because I don’t like sharing videos of specific people without hearing their side of the story. In this particular instance I’m writing about it because I’d like to encourage people not to jump to conclusions just yet, because I think it’s not out of the question that at least part of this may have been a misunderstanding.

Let me start by saying that:

  • Racism is alive and well in the US
  • If the flight attendant did in fact use the term “you people” (presumably referring to race) then that’s really screwed up
  • The flight attendant should have maintained her calm better than what’s shown in the video

All that being said, when I saw the video of her suggesting that she’d report them to customs, I had a completely different take, because I’ve been in that exact situation before.

Use of cell phones, and taking pictures and videos in immigration facilities, is strictly prohibited. That starts the second you get off the plane on an international flight. I’ve had both flight attendants and ground handlers make exactly the same threat to me when they saw me taking pictures.

Sometimes when I get off a plane I’ll try to take a picture of the outside of the plane, and I’ve had people threaten to report me to immigration.

Now, of course it’s possible that the flight attendant did in fact mean that in a racist way. I’d hope that’s not the case, but I don’t think we can know for sure one way or another.

Let me once again emphasize that I’m not suggesting this flight attendant was in the right. I don’t think that’s the case at all, and at a minimum she’s not acting professionally.


  • It’s clear the person posting the video intentionally shared just part of it, since the video doesn’t show everything that was supposedly filmed
  • There’s something that rubs me the wrong way about going up to someone and filming them all while telling them you don’t want to argue but rather want to understand them (tip: rarely does pulling out a cell phone deescalate a situation)
  • The passengers were violating American Airlines policy by filming an employee, and were violating immigration policies by taking video in the immigration hall
  • The passenger is now making threats of sorts, Tweeting about how the flight attendant should have a chat with a lawyer

Like I said, the flight attendant was almost definitely in the wrong for her lack of professionalism. At a minimum it sounds like she should have provided better service.

But without a proper investigation and hearing both sides of the story, I’m not comfortable with that video being plastered over the internet with everyone definitively accusing her of racism based on that clip alone.

It’s possible the “reporting to immigration” comment referred to what my initial instinct was…

So yeah, at a minimum this flight attendant was a grouch, and at most she was a racist grouch. She was also almost certainly on a power trip. But was it a racist, grouchy, power trip?

What do you guys think — is it too early to accuse this flight attendant of anything, or are the passengers definitely spot on?

  1. When a white person says things “let’s not jump to conclusions”, “I would like to hear all sides, etc…they are staying on code with their white brethren…

  2. For some, a camera is the only line of defense. Do you have anyone on your team that is from a historically underrepresented or systemically oppressed group to discuss these stories with before writing your posts? Or to review pieces before posting? Your posts on reports of bigotry, discrimination, and racism are generally problematic…

  3. As an Asian growing up in LA, I’ve been on the receiving end of racism from Mexicans, Blacks and Whites. I don’t know the race of the FA or the passenger but there are plenty of self righteous people who tend to quickly throw around the “race” card and take to social media when they don’t get their way so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the FA.

  4. Not trying to judge who’s right or who’s wrong here but in light of this and the previous incident with the Houston doctor flying Jamaica to Miami, a serious question about professionalism with the AA cabin crew must be asked. It seems like they are NOT happy these days and that is a bad reflection of AA’s management. On a wider note, when will FAs (especially on US and European airlines) ever learned that power tripping in these days and age of cellphone camera and social media NEVER put them in good light?? I mean, by now they should expect that ANY “event” onboard will be captured on camera and shared all over the internet and that – I imagine – is never good for their career. Or is their union so powerful that they think they can get away with it? A stark contrast to FAs with the ME3 and Asian airlines which usually are the ones being abused by passengers (see EVA Air, Air India incidents)

  5. Racism is alive and well in the U.S. 90 percent of violent crime between blacks and whites is black on white. We are constantly held down and forced from our communities by black on white violence and people should stop pretending that it doesn’t exist.

  6. I am a retired Delta Air lines “Stewardess”,that was our title in 1969 when I was hired.That lasted for 36 yrs! Needless to say,I loved it. Times change and I understand that,but anFA is supposed to be a professional always. You represent your airline and yourself. So much is written about the bad and the negative….Why? I enjoy reading your blogs …They bring a ring of truth to crazy airline antics. Keep on doing your thing and most of all enjoy and have fun….we sure used to!!! Cheers!

  7. “It goes without saying that we have a race issue in the US, and some of the stuff we’ve seen on some high levels in the past week disgusts me.”……are you kidding me….just lost a reader to your site….,by the way….I’m a minority

  8. there are now so many that cry racism all the time at the drop of a hat that it’s lost any meaning. people are tired of it and don’t care anymore which hurts in the relatively few instances where it’s true.

    here’s a few of the many i’ve seen firsthand.

    i work with an asian dude who’s an a§§hole. he says it himself, multiple times a week. it’s almost like he’s proud of it. yet despite his admission of it, any time anyone disagrees with him about anything, behind their back he’ll say they’re racist because of that disagreement.

    this one’s absurd. i was reading a facebook post and some moron posted an entire paragraph with 0 punctuation. 8 or 9 sentences all combined into one run-on sentence. some chick replies to him, giving him shì† about it. he immediately becomes defensive, and rambles on about his multiple advanced degrees etc., etc., etc. he also makes it a point to correctly punctuate this reply. she then replies “there ya go”, apparently meaning his sudden use of punctuation. his next reply is that she is racist. somehow, now it is only ok to criticize someones grammar if they are the same race as you or you are racist.

    i work at a major department store. all employees must enter and exit through the employee entrance. company policy. some fool got busted stealing 1000 dollar handbags. they caught him ’cause he kept leaving through public exits, checked his bag and found the stuff he stole that day. he’s suing them, claiming racism, saying he was profiled.

  9. The race card is being used too casually these days. Even constructive criticism of a “person of color” or a “minority” is taken to be racist. Kinda reminds me of the boy who cried Wolf.

  10. Enough of the racism BS. Sure, there are instances with racism all over the world, but stop with playing the racism card and “seeing” what you want to see because you don’t like a person.

    Turn off CNN Ben

  11. It sounds like both parties overreacted and neither tried to calm down thinking the other party should back down first. Basically, elementary school kids.

    Both probably were tired, one being with their family and tired from travel handling different ages in a group. Then the other person tired from the amount of flight hours.

    Either way, it’s sad neither person tried to stop and calm down instead of trying to irritate someone else.

  12. Let’s just get to base of all this.


    If someone pukes in my house or place of work I sure won’t be happy. If I puke at some else’s place of work do I demand they be happy ? I’d be more apologetic and offer to help clean up and dispose of the puke myself and not further trouble others. It’s your mess you clean up after yourself.

  13. Either way you slice it, no flight attendant should behave in this manner. Again, I steer way clear of AA and it shows in their workforce. You are an extension of the brand and if someone says something negative or inappropriate you take the customer service high ground and you internally feel sorry for that person who has those thoughts. At no time is best to sink to anyones level. Again, I do not fly AA at all.

  14. Maybe I missed it but where exactly has anyone mentioned racism? You’re speaking about it, but the text you quote makes zero references or allegations of racism… Yet you’ve used that word probably over a dozen time in this post… So who’s propagating these issues and making it about race?

  15. Its interesting how white people are always given the benefit of the doubt that is why people of color often document these incidents as they are not believed unless there is evidence of the encounter. The sad part is even with documentation and a lot of times outright proof they are still not afforded the benefit of the doubt, as they quote-unquote are always doing something they should not. We have a fundemental race issues in this country and I beg you many of the commenters to reflect on this article and as you unknowingly perpetuate the actual problem itself. Do not tarnish, judge or question people for vocalizing what they perceive racism as it is not yours to judge especially from a privileged eye. With the upmost respect take this in and don’t get defensive as that leads to me obscured vision, division and lack of empathy.

  16. Dude your obsessed with trying to make AA look bad. Like it’s actually getting annoying. Please write another Air Peace article.

  17. Ben,

    Give the race-baiting a rest – “It goes without saying that we have a race issue in the US”?. The United States has never been less racist( less than 3 years ago, less than 10 years, less than 20 years ago, and less than 50 years ago) and will be even less in a year. There is no country on earth that is as successful, as competitive, and where anyone from anywhere can be anything they want to be ).

    FAs have a hard job, and many of them have been at it too long and don’t want to be doing it anymore. That does not make them racist. The term is so over-used it is almost meaningless.

    You are truly great at what you do. Stick to it – Tell me a story about the prince who’s upgrades all clear and gets to drink both Krug and Dom and Grand Siecle for breakfast before spending three days in the la premier lounge.

    Off my soap-box.

  18. Agree with Michael.
    ZERO racism.
    „You people“ in that context = passengers in general, at least that is the obvious conclusion.
    And that IS an unfriendly remark, but not a racist one.

  19. How would the white attendant have felt if a black person said that to her. Do and speak to others as you want them to do to you. From my black point of view it was a racist remark. I bet in her whole career she has never said that to a white person. People like her do not realise someone could also speak disrepectfully to her. Karma is not nice and comes unexpectedly and we hope quickly —she will not always have the upper hand. I will make sure not to fly american airlines.

  20. As a black person “you people” is often meant in a racist way, but in this instance it sounds like the flight attendant likely referred to passengers no matter what the race. I’ve never heard of anyone accusing black people of vommiting too much.

    I think the flight attendant should be fired if that was indeed what she said, but not for being a racist. Just for providing beyond terrible service. Although if AA fired people for that they’d lose at least 85% of their workforce.

  21. I was thinking “you people” was referring to passengers with air sickness when I started reading!! Bless my innocent heart, hahaha!! Could very well be what she meant though, no?

  22. Enough with the race-baiting. Just because a white person yells at a black person, or a black person yells at a white person, or any other “multi-racial” (so to speak) argument doesn’t mean there’s racism at the middle.

  23. You made an entire blog post to stick up for an extremely unprofessional flight attendant, why exactly? Her attitude is not appropriate for her position and regardless of racism being a factor she is in the clear wrong. Again I ask, what was the need to stand up for her?

  24. But if “you people” refers to passengers, which I believe it does, then this whole story falls apart.

  25. “You people” is a different than “your people” would be. Of course, the flight attendant could have handled this situation more calmly but I am sure the consequences will follow to this story, from both sides. Generally: When 13% makes 90% of total crimes including 54% of murders, then at first they should fix that inside their own community without demanding something for all others. Off the topic: Greetings to ICE! Please do not forget doing raids in all Chinatowns!

  26. The problem here was how ro deal with the sick bag.
    Should the bag be taken off the flight and deposited…where?
    It is a situation that is most embarrasing to the sickee and giving it to the flight attendant
    to deal with was degrading to both.
    I would like to know what your advice would be.
    In this instance l feel both sides were in a
    tricky situation.
    I would certainly not take a bag of vomit from any body.
    Where does race come into any of this?

  27. She was probably just referring to people who vomit on flights

  28. No, “ you people “ does not refer to passengers broadly but rather a sub-group that’s somehow identifiable . If it somehow related to the vomit, it would have been : “ I’ve been dealing with IT for 30 years” not “you people”
    If the facts are as described, then it’s blatantly racist. But in Trump’s ‘brave new world’, it’s very much at the low end of the scale of offending; nasty nonetheless.

  29. It’s always easy to pull the race card because; how do you defend yourself against that? Especially with the racist president that you’re currently putting in the white house.

  30. The white privelege is showing in the comments. White people are generally clueless about racism and are quick to say it’s not racism even they they have no clue since they are not on the receiving end.

  31. After seeing the video I knew the flight attendant was racist. After reading this post I knew you were too.

  32. If you are a minority, “You people” is never used in a positive way. How ever broad you make the use of the phrase it just sounds like the FA hates their job. Time to retire. Find something that makes you happy.

  33. I want going to comment until Sam Stone inserted the racist comment above and put this white person on “the receiving end”.

  34. @sam stone it’s truly unbelieve how oblivious people are on race-related issues. The comments and the post-show how far we are from actually understanding and true change, it’s sad how most white people will claim something is not racist but have no idea what it’s like to be on the receiving end then have the audacity to question or disparage the victim.

    @joe Chivas I appreciate your comment I hope Ben can reflect on this post and grow as he appears to be wise enough to understand why his post is at the very least prejudice.

    @max Anderson why so much hatred there is no place for such abusive language and hostility.

  35. Lucky I’m really disappointed. Your post screams of white privilege and confirms you are a racist. Should have known when you used words like oriental to describe people.

  36. @ Jack Mehoff — Quite to the contrary, in this case I’m encouraging people not to jump to immediate conclusions… I’d say that’s the opposite of trying to make American look bad.

  37. @ Michael — Her Twitter is now protected, but several other Tweets mentioned racism.

  38. White people will NEVER understand what it’s like to not be white. Period!.

    Something is on it’s way, and it will be shocking to most of the asleep masses.

  39. This post is probably the kick in the pants I needed to unsubscribe.

    Support of racist behavior couched in euphemisms like “let’s not jump to conclusions” and “we need to hear both sides” belies a worldview of “if it isn’t happening to me personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.” Bye.

  40. According to the most recent DNA testing citations I have seen, the average African American is about one-fifth “white” (i.e. has over 19% European DNA). Makes for some interesting questions about who should receive Kamala Harris-type subsidies or reparations and who is on what side of the racial divide. Given that race, like gender, is fluid,the average African American could self-identify as black or white. And that is exactly what various Jefferson-Hemings descendants did.

    Take a look at Exactly How ‘Black’ Is Black America? by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

  41. Wow Lucky – you’ve “lost readers” due to this post by simultaneously being too racist and not racist enough! Haha

  42. Did you ever stop to think that when she referred to “you people” she meant crappy passengers. I know that I have flown with plenty of “those people”.

  43. Please go back to posting pictures of business class seats and high-end resorts. OMAAT will not have any impact on either real or perceived racism/bigotry over the next 100 years. You are losing your follower base….fast.

  44. This comment has nothing to do with this article. But the Dr on-board the AA flight from Jamaica to Miami was not wearing the clothes in the picture when she was boarding.

  45. I see a lot of victims on this feed quick to make a race issue out of a non issue. And look me always the whole video was not shown. Only snippets of what the person recording wants you to see so it fits the victim narrative. Being offended and crying racist is becoming a favorite pastime now. So much in fact that noone cares .When someone cries racism because their feelings get hurt like the video poster,it becomes as common place as the word and or like. Stop enabling this victim mentality.

  46. @NWE – Generally: When people rely on “statistics” to make an argument, they should check their sources before posting. Yours are utter BS.

  47. May I just say that the “race card” is maxed out by now? “Racism” has become a code word for “I don’t like you” or “I don’t agree with you”. If someone is not nice to you, if someone is rude to you, you throw a word “racist”.
    People are so tired of hearing about it and becoming immune to the word “racism” by now. Crying wolf way too often, I guess. It’s sad because when there is a real instance of racism, most would just shrug “here we go again”. Such accusation should not be thrown around lightly. But they are, and so by now most would just roll their eyes – “whatever”.
    Being an Asian, I surely encountered what might be interpreted as “racism”. But I always give people some benefit of doubt “it might be about me as a person, not about me as an Asian”. Grow thicker skin, people and yes, the advice of turning off CNN is a good one.

  48. The quality of this blog has REALLY declined in the past year, with more and more clickbait socio-political commentary (with a few airplanes thrown in for good measure) and comparatively less in terms of travel reviews/product-related inside information about the airline or hotel industries. I realize Lucky has been busy with a sick mother, but I personally would rather have fewer, better quality posts than this race-baiting garbage. It seems any demonym is now deemed racist if uttered by someone to the right of Karl Marx. This is how low we have sunk.

  49. @joe willy Namath to claim the US is not as racist as years ago when the president is spouting hatred and almost using “ get out of my country “ as his 2020 slogan & Kelly Anne Conway( die hyane von weisses huis)
    insists a reporter provide his ethnicity is risible.

  50. Ps I add that the US is still a wonderful country with many great people and a multicultural society. There are parts that should be avoided if you are not from those parts ( if you’ve seen the film deliverance )

  51. It appears the video is now “private”, but it does sound like it was incomplete and possibly heavily edited.

    I generally tend to take single videos with a grain of salt, however, as I personally observed a pax unhappy about a flight delay do their best to provoke a gate agent (while filming) and then, when the GA didn’t rise to the bait… they edited the video to make AA and the GA look racist and posted it. Oh and then, at the end of the flight, they were yelling up and down the aisle how if you were also pissed about the delay, to like and retweet the video. Strangely, that video has since been deleted…

    Too many people these days use the camera to amplify a personal grievance rather than highlight n actual problem and/or use editing software to make people seem to say something they don’t. In general, I need video from at least 2 different people/angles to be outraged. Too many deep fakes and malicious edits to trust a single source.

  52. Ugh, the comments are so disappointing. Come on people. You’re all getting upset about other people’s BS. Treat people with respect, period. Deal with your own lives and make change through your own actions. No one cares about your opinion.

  53. There is real racism in the US. Issues like racism get diluted and watered down when people and groups of people are blanked baselessly as “racist” merely for not supporting certain social and economic programs. Want to control the border like most other countries and have control over who is let in? Hey, you’re a racist and xenophobe and told you don’t like “brown” people. Never mind that you only want to do what Canada, New Zealand, most of Europe and other countries in the world do including Mexico. I can go on and on, but hopefully there are other things regarding race that disgust you because there are a lot of other things to point to.

  54. The world is full of racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes. And by extension so are the airlines and every other business and profession. There was a time when the haters could get away with just about any indiscretion but today with video surveillance and smart phones it’s fast becoming “game over” for these losers and it’s about time.

  55. Just a curious it’s, Lucky, if you has been on the flight with Ford, and had shown affection toward him sufficiently for the flight attendant to know you were gay, and the flight attendant had referred to you as having dealt with “you people”, would you have perceived it as referring to passengers in general or to gay people?

  56. @Jack Logan your statistics contradict the stats that most crimes are committed by someone you know or that is the same race as the victim. So considering that most ppl live in highly segregated communities and workplaces, it’s highly unlikely that blk ppl commit more crimes against white ppl. The delusion in these posts boggle my mind. White folks love to say you ppl and it’s never in an endearing way.

  57. Please don’t say that it’s clear that you have an issue with racial discrimination in the US without supporting stats as I don’t believe the stats show that. It might be your belief but your beliefs are not facts and there will no doubt be people who read this site that believe god created the world a few thousand years ago

    I don’t deny that the US is perfect when it comes to race and discrimination, however don’t claim that there is s major issue without supporting statistics as it’s not a throw away sort of comment

  58. I am in a mixed race marriage. I have seen it all. My take on this racist incident is that you have people making demands and using no politeness to someone who is tired from a flight. Then they take out the phones to record the incident.
    Two types of people think racism is getting worse, those with the victim mentality and white liberals who live in the burbs

  59. It sounds like they tried to hand the FA a bag of puke and she wasn’t having it? I can’t imagine doing that to someone; an entire family should be able to handle that without involving the FA. Do we know the race of the family?

    That said, even if you mean absolutely nothing by it, anyone working with the public should know you cannot use the term “you people” with any minority as it will automatically be taken as an insult. However it is also true you can’t record people I; immigration and if they’re following the FA off the plane and not just recording the incident I’m not sure what they expected.

    Also, while I definitely believe racism is alive and well, if anyone is guilty of treating everyone equally poorly, it’s American FAs.

  60. “It goes without saying that we have a race issue in the US, and some of the stuff we’ve seen on some high levels in the past week disgusts me. Period.”

    I have to agree with Lucky here. Absolutely disgraceful how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Nancy Pelosi of racism for her criticism of certain Representatives of color. If Nancy Pelosi can be labeled a racist for legitimate criticism then the average white person might well find themselves in reeducation camps if the likes of Cortez get real power.

  61. Really? All this racially motivated commentary. Not giving up my race here, just to say this doesn’t deserve the race card. “You people” could simply mean, ” You lazy condescending people who can’t throw away your own puke bag and think I’m your personal servant instead of the safety professional than I am as a flight attendant.”. Yes, the FA was a B**ch. But this is not worthy of a racial debate. Get over yourselves already. The big comment here that makes me question the passenger’s credibility? “She ran up to an employee asking to stop my family (party ranging 3-75)”. Really??? That’s a pretty big range. I know when I travel I know how many I’m traveling with. Never traveled with 75 people, but if I did I bet I could estimate the number I’m traveling with a lot closer than within 72 people.

  62. Unless criminal behavior like being attacked physically, FAs need to be professional and calm at all times….some US FAs just dont understand that

  63. I love the comments on posting “click bait” blogs. If this is making you so upset, why do you click, read, and comment? Says something about you and not the author.

    As far as the comment that the US is less racist now, we will never know since prior to the Grand Wizard sitting in the White House the racists were at least quiet with their views. It is only now they feel empowered to express them publicly since they have heard the dog whistles authorizing their actions.

  64. @Rick – and you believe your comment is not racist – hypocrite

    To all the “You people” always equals racism myopic thinkers – seriously, learn to decipher racism and bigotry from a phrase. Do you think no one has ever told a group of white people “you people are a bunch of fill in the blank.

    When every comment in response to something a white heterosexual male make to a non-heterosexual white male is a for of racism or hate we minimize the real issues of discrimination and hate.

  65. I don’t know the situation behind the video so I won’t comment on that. And I’m neither Hispanic nor Black.

    But too many commenters on this post use the term “race card”. Using that very term identifies you as a racist, or at least ignorant to the institutional racism that is still prevalent in this country.

    My career is working with state governments on civil rights and DBE compliance issues. Unless you are a minority or a woman, you fundamentally do not understand how prevalent bias is even today. This institutional bias affects many persons every day. There was recently a study published by the NY Times where two people with identical resumes but one with a white sounding name and one with an African American sounding name, had vastly different outcomes. (And if you post a complaint about me citing the NY Times, then likely you’re an ignorant Fox News watcher, and none of this will matter anyway). So if minorities become over sensitized to racism (or misogyny) it’s pretty freakin’ understandable.

    Just as whites claim minorities use the term “racism” too often, it can be argued that the very same white people use the term “race card” way too often without understanding the factors behind it or whether the accusation is justified.

  66. There is no doubt that flight attendants are racist. This is deeply embedded in the culture. Just take a look at the union that represents those flight attendants. Zero diversity in its leadership and representatives and the racism is encouraged from the very top. Their National President Lori L. Bassani and their National Vice President Liz Geiss call themselves unionist however are the exact opposite. They believe in a conservative hierarchy that does not foster growth, change, or collaboration of those of various race, culture, age groups, seniority classes, and sexual orientations. The union leaders are so against diversity that they filed a grievance against American for providing its employees training on diversity and implicit biases. Take a look: https://www.apfa.org/event/qsb-arbitrations-fmla-caregiver-vc-pay-diversity-training-more/

  67. bohooooo I don’t like what you say, hence you’re a racist. the world 2019 in a nutshell

  68. And in response to Dave at 6:21pm, stop watching right wing media!!! AOC said she thought Pelosi singling out the four freshman congresswoman often was “disrespectful”. While I don’t agree with AOC on that point, it’s get right to feel that.

    Specifically, when asked a question by CNN, AOC responded – “Asked if she thinks Pelosi has racial animus or is racist, Ocasio-Cortez said unequivocally, “No, no, absolutely not, absolutely not.””

  69. OMG!
    I have said it before and I will repeat! Ben’s blog, Ben’s choices! You don’t like the sound of the title, do not open the article! If you are going to get your shorts in a bundle, just go away! Bye!

  70. If filming aa employee is wrong, then how can the passenger, in the case of true been bad treating prove their story? Just by word of mouth? And good luck with that…i expect AA will no do a single things if they havnt get a valid prove throw in their face.

    I once check in at one of the Hilton hotel in Berlin. I was not being friendly – meaning smile to reception when asking for late check out, but i can assure you I did not speak one impolite word, always end up with ‘please’.The receptionist keep shaking their head and that got me fire up even more, though at that point i still keep quiet about her rude gesture. Then she consult manager and tell me the lastest she can give, i shrug my shoulder and say what I can do. Then she keep asking more question in which at that point I dont want to speak anymore with her. So i ask her for my room key – in polite word- with my palm face upward. That when she throw the key cards on the counter next to me. Ofcourse, my patient run out and i throw it back. Then her colleague saw it and ask me to leave the hotel, say they are not welcome me. I try to argue that she did that first and ask to open the camera on the ceiling above me. They said they have none and ask me to leave.

    There, tell me, without a prove, how can you get this employee to accept her fault?

    Any other suggestion of what should do in this situation then?

  71. Ben: enough with the cheap political shots, please. It’s a really good way to piss off half of your readers, who come here for airline/miles news and commentary. (And, by the way, you are wrong. In my opinion.)

  72. A simple look at the twitter feed of the family member that posted this shows a long history of them posting videos about racial incidents, anti-trump articles, articles specifically about racism at AA (yes before they even took the flight) and tweets/articles in full support of extreme left members of congress. Seems like the media should maybe wait for the investigation before just assuming this person is telling the truth. The pulling out the phone and filming staff while they are walking down the hall and confronting them really seems like a deliberately provocative move. It seems messed up that people can just video tape someone and post it for the world to see and label them as a racist without any proof. This FA has coworkers, friends, family, maybe children and a spouse etc many of whom may see this and assume that she made racist comments. Kinda sad the media reposts the video when the facts are in dispute.

  73. Bye Bob don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Personally I wouldn’t want to live in a society where people can just make claims and people are automatically condemned before all the facts are known. I understand that is what you want for society, but don’t expect the rest of us to agree with you.

  74. @DMK – I could be wrong but I took the “3-75” to be the age range of the party, not the number of people.

  75. Judging from the comments on this travel blog by people who (it would be safe to assume) love to travel…it’s all too clear that the idea that traveling the world makes you more open-minded and culturally aware is a complete and utter fallacy.

  76. @merry-I think they pack their racism in the carryon bag just to be sure a luggage handler doesn’t steal it.

  77. When everything is racist, nothing is racist. Another provocative idiot to film hars working airline crews and flash that racist card.

  78. I just watched the video and the comments on Twitter… NOBODY is accusing the Flight Attendant of being racist, not even the person who took the video. So why is the author of the trash click bait piece making it seem like it’s about race?

    This article is sensationalist trash.

  79. @Ben – this is still a sensationalist click bait article. I’ve also checked your other articles and as other commenters have pointed out, you clearly have something against AA.

  80. Rick,”When a white person says things “let’s not jump to conclusions”, “I would like to hear all sides, etc…they are staying on code with their white brethren…”

    No it’s not giving it the hysteria to the people who see racism everywhere want to push.

  81. “Peter G. says:
    July 17, 2019 at 9:56 pm
    For some, a camera is the only line of defense. Do you have anyone on your team that is from a historically underrepresented or systemically oppressed group to discuss these stories with before writing your posts? Or to review pieces before posting? Your posts on reports of bigotry, discrimination, and racism are generally problematic…”

    Sorry but facts matter and we should t take the word of black people who constantly cry racism where there is none. If last few of this woke culture has taught us anything it’s those who cry racism never tell the whole story.

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