Qatar Airways Offering Free Wifi On Certain Routes

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Qatar Airways unveiled their revolutionary QSuites business class product on their newly delivered Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and is slowly adding this product to other long haul aircraft in their fleet, though I have questioned just how long this process will take.

Ben noted previously that the new 777s had Wi-Fi capabilities installed, but the Wi-Fi was not turned on. Then earlier this year, not only was the Wi-Fi finally switched on, but it was also complimentary.

Qatar Airways has now launched a promotion where passengers in any class on certain flights, booked through, will receive complimentary Wi-Fi for a limited time.

The flight routes (and flight numbers) included in the promotion are to Doha from the following destinations:

  • Bangkok QR831
  • Chicago QR726
  • London Heathrow QR6, QR8
  • New York QR702
  • Sydney (continuing on to Canberra) QR907
  • Washington Dulles QR708

Note the return flights (i.e. those from Doha) are not included in the promotion. Award tickets on these routes are also excluded.

Now while there are QSuites (and presumably Wi-Fi capability) on other flights and routes, I suspect the above routes are those which Qatar can guarantee they will operate Wi-Fi enabled planes on, without the risk of aircraft substitution.

The promotion is for flights from now until November 14, 2018. Eligible passengers will receive a Wi-Fi access code on the confirmation page at during the booking process.

Note that if you book a trip featuring multiple eligible flights, then you can only select one flight within the itinerary to receive the free Wi-Fi on.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that the more passengers using an inflight Wi-Fi service, the slower the speeds will be. So if every passenger on the flight takes advantage of this offer the speeds will likely be so slow they will be unusable.

However this is a very limited promotion (both in terms of dates and eligible flights), so if you are able to take advantage of this then I would expect Wi-Fi speeds to be decent, assuming that Qatar is no longer allowing all passengers to connect to the Wi-Fi for free, regardless of how they booked their flights.

Do you value Wi-Fi on long haul flights?

  1. Okay, what about those who book their ticket through 3rd party OTA? Will the access code be accessible through manage my booking menu?

  2. ‘The flight routes (and flight numbers) included in the promotion are from Doha to the following destinations:’

    You mean the flights to DOH, not from DOH.

  3. Is it just me who is now confused? You wrote:

    “The flight routes (and flight numbers) included in the promotion are from Doha to …

    “Note the return flights (i.e. those from Doha) are not included”

    Was it an early lunch today, before writing this…?! 🙂

  4. Not interested.
    The only significant action from Qatar Airways in 2018 was to devaluate the Qmiles by about 50% (meaning about doubling the number of miles required for a redemption).
    And to make it worse they did it overnight on may 27th without warning, and added insult to injury by calling it an enhancement.

  5. I can report they also offer it on CPH-DOH-JNB. WiFi speed was so good that I can use Nord VPN under their WiFi. 10USD for the full flight is a fantastic deal.

    Not much lag on YouTube and well… you can now watch porn smoothly as well lol

  6. Wifi enabled 777s offer a complimentary 1 hour to passengers, and as mentioned, wifi for the full flight duration is offered for 10USD. At least this was the case on DOH-AMS last week.

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