Qatar Airways’ Awesome Earth Day Ad

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Yesterday was Earth Day, and what an unusual Earth Day it was:

  • On the plus side, I imagine yesterday had the lowest emissions from travel of any Earth Day in a very long time
  • Unfortunately for most of us the earth is currently limited to our homes

Yesterday Qatar Airways published an awesome ~52 second ad. It’s a stunning ad that both showcases how beautiful the earth it, and how we’re not able to appreciate much of that right now.

In addition to pictures of mother nature, cities, and airplanes, the ad has the following text:

“We’ve taken it for granted, as it would always be there. We realize just how much we miss it. How much we need it. When this is over, we need to appreciate it.”

Here’s the ad:

Qatar Airways isn’t the first airline to publish an ad along these lines, though the Earth Day angle is new. A couple of weeks ago Emirates published an ad that summed up how many of us feel right now:

Then just a couple of days ago American Airlines published an ad as well, with a similar message and a reminder of why they continue to fly:

What do you make of Qatar Airways’ ad? Which of the three above is your favorite?

  1. Am amused by the fact that airlines pollute the earth quite a lot and saying we need to appreciate the earth when we can travel again? I just don’t understand the message here by qr. What is it trying to say by this ad? But the video is really cool. I just don’t feel like it is the right ad for Earth day from the right company

  2. Awesome?!? Just a bunch of generic stock video of nature and ‘iconic’ global locations, interspersed with someone of obvious Arabic origin. I don’t find it creative at all.

  3. LOL. This is so funny.

    What do you think they imply, earth day or oil prices?

    The peak oil prices fit perfectly in this video, even better than earth day.
    Yep they sure need to appreciate when oil was almost $150 per barrel compare to $-37 few days ago.
    Can’t take those extra $$$$ for granted anymore.

  4. @Eskimo
    You know Qatar’s wealth is primarily based on natural gas, not oil, right…?

    Er… I thought he was rather handsome.

  5. @The nice Paul

    True but natural gas never went negative or even have a huge gap and Qatar does produce a fair share of oil.

    A $150 to $-37 looks much worse (in plain sight) than from $20 to $2, enough to make it look like this Qatari person is thinking of jumping from his bedroom window.

  6. Nice one, JFB. Really sums up those previous thoughts.

    I agree with her conclusion: “I think the best thing a brand can do is focus on solving a concrete problem, even if it’s small,” she says. “If you’re working in this industry, it’s your job to solve problems creatively—like those Miami ad school kids who are posting billboards with the spoilers to TV shows so people stay inside. Creatives need to be brave and provide alternate solutions to the ‘how to deal with a crisis’ template because a ‘how to deal with a crisis’ template shouldn’t exist.”

    That would actually show more thought put into it than simplistic statements and stock images.

  7. How about a review of all the doomsday predictions made by environmentalists on earth day? Have any of them ever even been accurate? Why do you have any credibility?

  8. How about a review of failed predictions made by environmentalists on Earth Day? It’s a massive fraud. Why do they still have credibility?

  9. Perhaps airlines, even those heavily subsidized by governments, should be saving costs instead of making useless ads.

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