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While airlines aren’t spending a whole lot of money on advertising at the moment, American Airlines has just released an uplifting new brand message video.

As American Airlines describes the video:

The intent of this video is to create a timely, uplifting, reassuring message that recognizes the current state of the world and American’s role in serving essential travelers during this difficult time. We wanted to recognize the important work our teams are doing to serve these travelers today and give future travelers confidence in American being there for them in the future.

The video will be featured on American’s social media channels,, and airport video screens.

For what it’s worth, American Airlines emphasized that “You Are Why We Fly” isn’t a new brand slogan. There has been talk for quite a while about American introducing a new brand slogan, and it looks like the frontrunner for that is “We Fly So You Can Soar” (that’s based on the new leaked American Airlines safety video).

Ironically, I actually prefer “You Are Why We Fly” to any of the other slogans they were considering. I think it’s a solid slogan not just during pandemic times, but in general.

I think the video American released is really well done. I might have my issues with the airline during good times, but this is a really beautiful message from the airline — the imagery is a good reminder of the current state of things, and somehow the video still manages to be uplifting.

American isn’t the first airline to release a video like this, though — Emirates released an ad a couple of weeks back that sums up how we all feel:

What do you make of American’s new brand video?

  1. “You are why we reduced seat pitch”
    “You are why we devaluated miles redemption”
    “You are why we slowly turn into a LCC”
    “You are why we are disgruntled”
    — American Airlines

  2. Well executed …but I prefer the Emirates ” do you remember ” advert. I genuinely feel sorry for the airline industry and the impact this pandemic has on them.

  3. I’d like to echo the well said words of Endre and add
    you are the reason Mr Parker I won’t be returning
    Incessant greed ,rudeness ,a broken down employee morale ,with unempowered agents to help customers when American fails and the inability to speak with consumer relations by phone after 20 plus years of loyalty
    Yes I have great sympathy and empathy for many of the outstanding folks that work at American
    O respect for Mr Parker’s horrific leadership and greeting card sentiment video that shows no reality of a typical day at a American and the misery he has inflicted on frontlines and its customers that deserve better
    Hate to kick them to the curb while their down but I don’t feel that way about Alaska Southwest and some others
    Hopefully they will come out of this a kinder customer centric more friendly compassionate airline but sadly I doubt it until Mr Parker is replaced
    I won’t support American till he goes with my measly 50 k a year in ticket purchases

  4. Somewhat poignant but nothing like the post 911 brand ads… those were truly powerful stating “We are an airline. But we realize we are something more. We are an engine that powers the free flow of people and ideas and products and joy. We are an airline that is proud to bear the name American.”

  5. This is fantastic. Personally it touched me since I am dealing with having to fly between PHX and PHL to be with my Mom who is in hospice care and for a period of time was alone and scared because her Senior Living Community was locked down. Once they were able to isolate hospice patients and control visits we were able to be with her. My Dad and Mom and now able to spend time together every day and we continue to visit.
    I have worked in travel related and now corporate marketing for an essential service. Saying what’s right and now sounding like everyone else is hard and AA hit it out of the park.

    Personally, AA thank you for letting me spend time with my Mom. It’s funny that my first flight at 9 months old was with my Mom taking me to NYC on AA. Not that I remember but they have been there and got me home many time in my life and more importantly, at this time during an end of a life. God bless us all during this time. Well said AA.

  6. Yeah – as already mentioned, finding it hard to get the “warm and fuzzies” from anything coming from AA.

  7. good video, touching. Shows AA does care about its people. I hope united goes out of biz they are so terrible.

  8. @ sunviking82

    Sorry to hear about your mum, and very glad you and you dad are able to spend time with her.

  9. @sunviking82 so sorry you’re going through what you are, and grateful that AA is able to make it so you can be with her.

    And yet, even with that example, the cynicism of this ad is shocking to me. Nothing in what Doug Parker and AA have done in the past several years has suggested to me that they value either their passengers or their employees. Their stockholders, yes; their paychecks and bonuses, yes; but anyone else? Not even a little.

  10. @Proudly Ed Bastian

    Technically, it’s from Parker not AA not DL but US.

    When Parker+US acquired AA, that is when legacy AA suffered. So @ Endre and @Dwondermeant are actually correct. It was pioneered and successfully implemented by Doug Parker. Most of us just hope Scott Kirby doesn’t do the same to United.

  11. Meanwhile.. still selling $30 tickets to cross the US ,filling flights, with no social distancing available, offering little in the way of PPE to the crew,( in spite of CDC requirements) and risking the health of everyone on board… Parkers income thanks you…

  12. As an employee, I do not agree with everything about my airline, and I may have better suggestions but I love his video. This video shows me the dedication of the flight and ground crews and how absolutely amazing they are in their essential roles of transporting people and interstate commerce. Well Done! Thank you to my fellow AA employees.

  13. PT says:
    April 21, 2020 at 10:34 am
    Interesting. They showed a shot of LAX T7, United’s terminal, at 00:08.

    No, that’s not UA’s T8 at LAX, its Gates 7 and 8 at Orange County (SNA) with are used by AA. I used to work there.

  14. Nice video. I was just wondering did you really provide your employees with some PPE or is that just for the video because as of a few days ago your employees were wearing homemade masks to protect themselves I was certainly offended by that you should’ve been providing PPE for your employees from day one don’t you think? After all COVID-19 was brought to our country from China from the airlines hello

  15. Now if only they can get the flight attendants to think like that, thats the biggest crisis now.

  16. anything AA does just makes me hate them more. United is lucky AA wants to take the spotlight from them

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