Celebrating 10 Years Of Blogging — THANK YOU!!!

I’m not big into birthdays, or holidays, or anything. My favorite part of my birthday is when it’s over. My favorite place to be on New Year’s Eve is in bed sleeping. I know, I sound like a real joy.

The truth is that this is simply because I’d rather try to live every day to the fullest, which is why I don’t like arbitrary milestones. Well, Tiffany emailed me this morning to remind me that OMAAT is turning 10 years old today, which is the only way I would have known.

Holy cow.

I started writing this blog in my college dorm room when I was 17. Now I’m 27 and writing this post from a China Eastern flight, so I’m not actually sure I’ve come that far. 😉

In all honesty, I can’t thank all of you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (that’s one for each year, though clearly I owe you guys a lot more than this).

Last May I shared a full account of how I became a blogger. I won’t rehash it all here, though I’ll say that it started as a hobby, and really only accidentally did it become a career. I was a weird kid (I’m still weird, just not a kid). I wasn’t academic (I’m still not academic). I knew I loved miles, points, and travel (I still love miles, points, and travel).

To be able to get up every day and do what I truly love, day after day, is possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I pinch myself every day for being able to make a living doing this, and that will never change. The fact that this small corner of the interwebz has been clicked on (literally) hundreds of millions of times in the past decade is incredibly humbling.

While I think anniversaries as such are sorta stupid, doing anything for 10 years is pretty significant, and especially doing anything on the internet for 10 years. YouTube started in 2005, so to think the blog is just three years younger than that is crazy.

Seriously, thank you for guys for all the support, whether you’ve been reading from the beginning, or just started reading yesterday. Thanks to Tiffany for being amazing and putting up with me for I-don’t-know-how-many-years at this point. Not only is she a great friend, but she has helped manage so many things so that I can focus on doing what I love most, which is blogging. Thanks to Randy Petersen, who not only is a huge role model to me personally, but who had the faith in me and invited me to blog on BoardingArea. I have no clue where I’d be in life if it weren’t for him. And thanks to the countless other people who have helped with getting OMAAT to this point.

I want to do something special to celebrate this, and I’m still trying to decide what exactly that is. Tiffany and I have come up with a few ideas that we’re working on finalizing, so I’ll just leave it at that for now. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for everything, guys!

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  1. And where would you be without our insightful commentary? Just kidding, congrats, Ben. You’ve taught me a good portion of what I know, and in the time you’ve been blogging I’ve gone from 18 countries visited to (by the end of this year) 78. And in such lovely cabins! Many thanks, good sir

  2. This is a great blog because of your empathy, tact, and sense of humor that comes through in every post.

  3. Congrats! Thanks so much for all of the valuable information, motivation, and confidence you have given me to start exploring the points/miles arena to help me see the world!

  4. Congrats Ben! Congrats Tiffany! You are the only blog I must read on a daily basis. Keep it up!

    To celebrate, may be you and Tiffany can do a big trip together & of course blog it.

  5. I’m only “liked” recently. I fly business class very (VERY!) infrequently but still love your articles. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  6. Congrats! Thanks for an excellent blog and source of information.

    Safe and happy travels on the next 10!

  7. Hi Ben. Greetings from London! I don’t normally leave replies because I’m such an infrequent flyer so never have anything insightful to add, but as it’s your special occasion I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts with the blog. Like Michelle said before, it’s the only blog I check every day (indeed numerous times each day!) and enables me to live the high life vicariously through you, in between the reality of being a high school teacher. Having grown up totally fascinated by planes and always wondered what life was like in front of the curtain to business class, your blog opened up a whole world to me. And if nothing else, having spent so many hours reading every single trip report you ever wrote on OMAAT, it served me well the one and only time I was upgraded to business class on Qatar – if I hadn’t read your reviews, I never would have known I could ask for champagne! Cheers!

  8. Happy anniversary Ben. I always enjoy your perspectives. May you and the blog live long and prosper. Hope to see you you at a Centurion, PP Lounge or business class flight one day. ❤️

  9. Congrats Lucky, I found out about your blog about 5 years ago and I visit it almost every day.
    I learned a lot from your blog and your blog had a big impact on my life.
    I love your enthusiasm for aviation and look forward to the next 10 years.

  10. Best blog ever. Thank you for making our journeys way easier. Feliz Aniversário, Happy Birthday

  11. Organize a writing competition, let the winner join you on a trip and later let him publish his review here! 😉

  12. Congratulations and happy 10th birthday. You write a great blog and I hope you keep doing it. Because of you, many friendships flourished thanks to this blog.

  13. Been reading your blog since the very early days and wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated OMAAT. My love of miles, points, and all things aviation was certainly encouraged/fostered by this blog. So much so that I ended up quitting my job at a consulting firm to work for an airline in RM. For the past 8 years, OMAAT has been the first site I check in the morning. Keep doing what you’re doing Ben!

  14. This post reminds me why your blog is special and stands out … you are grateful, sincere, articulate, intelligent, witty, and although I don’t know you personally, your likability and your good, kind persona shines through. I enjoy your passion and admire your mature restraint when the comments may occasionally dip into troll territory. It’s a wonderful thing to turn a fulfilling hobby into a fulfilling career – wishing you many more years of happiness and success!

  15. I never imagined that premium cabins could ever be within reach of a college student like me until I started reading this blog. But I ended up being able to strategize and fly First Class as a graduation gift to myself, with a couple more trips already planned!

    I look forward to checking this blog every morning, and I find it all fascinating from the aviation news to the trip reports. Happy 10th, and I’m glad to see so many others share this sentiment!

  16. Congratulations!

    And… very important: THANK YOU.

    As infrequent traveler, solely due to your blog, I have taken my husband to the trip around the world for his “round” birthday, for less than 1000 dollars total cost, visiting 5 countries, traveling in comfort, enjoying private villas. And I have another around-Pacific coming up, similarly “funded” and entirely inspired by your blog (Fiji on Alaska miles!).

    As non-US based, I can’t even return the favour by using your sign up links… so, profound thank you, and all the best in future. Let your flights be turbulence free, your hotel stays relaxing, lounge visits serene and blog comments vitriol-free. Here is for another 10 years!

  17. Congratulations Lucky and many thanks to you.

    I started here 2 years ago and have since signed up for 24 credit cards and have over 2 million miles/points on hand as well as using 2 business ticket DFW to Hong Kong and going first class next month IAH to Shanghai.

    I was also able to grab a paid First class YYZ to Johannesburg on Emirates as a result of your post a month ago.

    My big mistake was not understanding Chase 5/24 as I have to wait to get their great cards.

    Best wishes for another 10 years. I read the blog daily.

  18. I’ve been reading for 6 or 7 years and I’ve enjoyed every moment. We’re the same age and I feel like I’ve grown up along side you. You’ve shown me how to travel the world and unlike a lot of the newer readers I’ve always loved your personal off topic posts and memes that shed insight into your personality. Your a great guy and I’m inspired to see that you’ve made a career doing what you love and using only a computer and WiFi connection no less. Congrats on the milestone, I look forward to another 10!

  19. Congratulations, Lucky! (and having read your very first blog post..wow. May I say how far you’ve come? I don’t think you’d get on a United flight these days if someone paid you). This is my favorite miles and points blog – for the quality of the writing, the thoroughness of the reviews, your insight and knowledge, your passion, and of course for all the adventures I get to live vicariously through you! Thank you, thank you, thank you – and here’s to another ten years (and more!) – and thanks for being an inspiration to travelers and bloggers alike!

  20. Congratulations! Same as others here, not a very frequent flyer, but enjoying your daily posts (and that of the other bloggers here), and living the high life through them.
    Cheers, to the next 10!
    (And if you’re planning an event in London it would be fun to meet the whole team 🙂 )

  21. Long time reader, first time poster, thank you so much for your blog! I learn so much from you – new airline routes, airline aircraft purchases, travel updates (ie Brazil and Turkey visa updates for US passport holders) that are immensely helpful! Not to mention, your trip reviews are so fun to read as an airline geek. Thank YOU!

  22. Congratulations! I don’t like my birthday either, but this 10 years is indeed a milestone we should recognize. When I read any travel blog, it is of course yours, and I appreciate it and you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.

  23. Congratulations on 10 years! That’s amazing. I have been reading your blog since late 2012 and have gone on so many amazing adventures thanks to your blog. I have also enjoyed reading your trip reports, they are my favorite trip reports to read. It has been amazing to see how much your blog has grown since I first started reading. I wish you all the best for another 10 amazing years!

  24. Congrats, Ben! It’s unbelievable how quickly time flies. Coincidentally, I was also in my college dorm room when I discovered your blog (almost a decade ago)—and it’s been a great journey since then. Thanks for everything.

  25. Nope Thank You !! Mr. Lucky how many Carpenters (I’m just that) do u know have been to France 15x (16th in May) and London 4x and Hawaii 5x (3 years) Sir since 2011 ?? U and the others blogs help the regular person Go Every Where Thanks to ur knowledge.. I have given Away like 8 united lounge passes and like $300 in SW Gift cards and 2 Rt. Flts too Thanks to You ..
    The Gift of Travel when ur Old is a Great Gift Sir !!

    Thank You


  26. Thank you for all you do Ben and Tea… reading your blog over the years has really helped me step up my travel game tremendously!

  27. Lieber Ben,

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen vielen Dank für die vielen super tollen First Class Trips die ich dank Deinen tollen Tipps machen konnte.
    That is German and I said thanks to Ben for all the wonderful First Class Trips he made possible for me and my spouse.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best for the next 10 years


  28. As you might have noticed, you are a hero to us. No kidding. I probably am older than your parents, and in turn also grew up with the parents with the heavy German accent that kind of shook their heads and let us fly and travel all over the world. You brought me back to that, dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. You assembled an amazing team, you give credit where credit is due. You endure the uncalled for nastiness that is so unfortunately prevalent in these blogs and continue to generously share.
    No, Ben, thank you. Vielen danke.

  29. Congrats and THANKS, Ben. Mostly thanks to you, my family has enjoyed ten trips to Sydney in the last eight years, mostly first class. Can’t believe how fortunate I was to stumble upon your blog years ago. I started out with several subscriptions to travel bloggers. Yours is the only one I still read every day.
    Best wishes for many more years in the sky!

  30. you are a genius! i’ve learned a ton and appreciate all your shared wisdom. i feel like you’re my 5th kid as i’ve been along for the ride since you were a young/younger lad. thank you ben. looking forward to the next 10…

  31. Little Ben is now Big Ben 🙂
    I still remember fondly of the “coke with lime” as PDB. 🙂
    You are all grown up now (at least when Shawn Mendes is not around, I suppose lol)

  32. Congratulations! My favorite blog site. Looking forward to 10+ more entertaining / informative years.

  33. Thank YOU! You are my favorite blogger and have helped me learn the ins and outs of aspirational travel. Keep up the great work! Congratulations!

  34. Congratulations and thank you too for all the articles. Thanks to this blog that I learned tricks to fly first class of major airlines at good deals that otherwise would not have had chance to. Please keep your work up!

  35. Congratulations, Ben! As mentioned above by many other people, I too read your blog daily. Here’s to another 10!!

  36. Congrats! I most sincerely hope that you have inspired many kids to follow their dreams and to do what they love.

    Hopefully, we will all still be around to read your review of Virgin Galactic.

  37. Don’t know that I can add to anything that has been said here, but I feel similarly to what others have said here. I only wish I had found your blog earlier (I think I first read your blog in late Fall 2016 after the Chase Sapphire Reserve was introduced). I only get to travel by plane 6-10x per year but the rest of the time, I travel vicariously through you. Thank you, Ben.

  38. Your work here is very valuable to me, and obviously to many others. That’s what it is all about – create something of value and you will always have support of your “customers” (ie I always use your links to apply for my cards)
    Anyway, congrats and thank you. You’re a talented young guy!

  39. Congrats Ben! I’ve followed you for a very long time and appreciate all the tips. Thank you and best wishes to you!!

  40. Congrats Ben and the OMAAT team! I’ve been a regular reader of this blog for over 3 years and it is one of my favorite blogs. Here’s to the next 10 years. Who knows…maybe Baltia will take to skies in that time and you’ll even get to review them.

  41. I remember finding your blog when you were in college and you were trying to decide what to do with your life and questioning whether you could travel and blog full-time.

    So, how’d that work out for you? 😉

    Congratulations, Ben. Well done.

  42. Followed you from the Lucky Coins days years back on FT, so bravo for turning this into a business ;).
    Well done Ben and to all the others at OMAAT.

  43. From Ben’s first troll, Rich back in 2008:

    Don’t students have better things to do than sit on planes criss-crossing the country and the planet on trips to nowhere?

    I wonder how well Rich’s life has turned out?

    Keep up the good work Ben!

  44. Congratulations to Ben and the rest of the team especially Tiffany, Ford, and Travis. Thank you all for wonderful reports. Make it at least another ten years for us to have something worthwhile reading.

  45. Congrats!! I so totally love your tips and reviews, but especially love your enthusiasm!

    And thank you to Tiffany for reminding you of your blogaversary!

  46. @Lucky

    Congratulations! I am new to OMAAT but have loved it for the last month. I looked back and read about SQ’s Janesis. Is she still around? Or has moved on to bigger things?

  47. Congrats lucky! I read this blog religiously everyday and it’s the only constant in my life that keeps me going everyday, good or bad all these years. I really enjoy your honest posts, and really appreciate how you never are nasty or act like some things aren’t good enough for you like some other bloggers. I hope you know how much your Blog has helped give people a fun recreation even if they cant partake in the deals. Thank you so much and here’s to your success!

  48. Amazing and well done. I discovered this blog around 5 years ago when I was searching for Emirates First Class reviews. It has since become the only site I visit daily and it helped me in many ways with points (although I don’t live in the States, i’m from Dubai). Thank you and Congratulations Ben.

  49. Lucky, I rarely post but wanted to say that I love OMAAT and have been reading it for many years. I’ve learned so much from you and your team and my husband and I have taken many business class flights because of you. Yours is the only blog I read every day because you have remained genuine, enthusiastic and fresh, as opposed to others that I won’t mention. I love the photo of the cake, champagne and duck – lovely. Thank you Tiffany for reminding Ben of the anniversary.

  50. Your blog has become a fixture in our family life. I often start a conversation with my husband with ‘Did you read what Ben had to say with regard to …..’ and as creepy as that may sound, please accept it as a huge compliment! As stressed professionals, travel is our one release and your blog reminds us each day the joy of planning and anticipating air travel to far flung destinations. Thank you for your humour and dedication to the travel cause.

  51. Thanks to your blog i can enjoy flying in luxury at a reasonable cost. I really enjoy reading your reports almost daily sooo.. Thank to you!!

  52. What year was the first Chicago Seminar? Weren’t you still at UF? I remember when….. It was amazing that you were so accomplished as a college kid. Speaking to a crowd seemed very natural for you. You talked alot about making money and geting miles out of IRROPS – lots of $ and miles! You have come a long way. Many Congrats!

  53. Congratulations! Thanks to you and BoardingArea for helping me learn so much. Back in the day when they introduced the A380s I just wanted to fly EK First Class once in my life; but from reading your blog, I’m able to fly F in almost all the A380s — flying AF later this year to complete it!) Overall though, what impressed me the most is the consistency of the quality of your writing. In addition, you write so many posts daily it’s amazing! Kudos and enjoy! Congratulations!

  54. Ben- been an (almost) daily reader for about 6 years now, I was only 13 at the time and I can say that this blog was a big start to my interest to aviation/ airlines. Now I am 18 and studying at University here in the US to become a professional pilot. Thank you for something intriguing that I can read daily. Heres to the next 10! Cheers- Ben

  55. Congrats Lucky !

    Reading this blog is now a daily routine, and I live your experiences through your voracious writing..

    Hope the coming 10 years are filled with even more miles, luxury cabins and Krug!

  56. Nice work – Just think, Northwest Airlines had not yet merged, President Bush was still in office, so was Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Damascus was an interesting city to visit.

    As the frog said… Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies.

  57. No, thank you Ben! Your reviews are wonderful; I love the attention to detail. Your trips and tips have been so incredibly helpful. 😀 Here’s to another 10 years!

  58. Congratulations Ben! When you can get up each day and enjoy what you do then you are lucky. When you help others change their lives then that is special. Thanks for taking us with you on your travels and helping us with our own!

  59. Thanks for not censoring your comments. I usually only read the comments section (one day I may read an article) for entertainment and it never disappoints 🙂

  60. Love your blog for new credit card news and Jared K for luxury travel (he is actually a reader of your blog!!! and a celebrated writer for NatGeo when not blogging about private luxury travel)

  61. Thanks for providing such great insights all these great 10 years! I am proud to be part of this amazing journey. Surely kept many avgeeks dreams alive!

  62. Congratulations. May this be the first 10 years of many more decades.

    Your blog has replaced my daily newspaper.

  63. Congratulations, Ben! It’s been a pleasure following your journey over the years. Your obvious passion for what you do comes through every day, and I’m in awe of the sheer volume of output. You’ve definitely helped me see more of the world in luxury than I could have imagined. Here’s to the next 10 years!

  64. Whilst I am often critical – your photos are always, always the best, and you are highly consistent. Having Tiffany on board is the icing on the cake. I do take my hat off to you for making such a success of it all at 27.

  65. Not to be a Debbie downer but this blog has gotten me through a dark time in my life so the ramifications of your work are a lot more tremendous than you’ll ever know. You have achieved true greatness.

  66. Huge respect for the sheer number of quality posts you manage to churn out on a daily basis. Congratulations on an amazing milestone!

  67. Congrats and a big thank you. Commenting while I’m on vacation right now and the flights and hotels were only made possible through the posts at OMAAT. Keep up the good work!

  68. Congratulations Lucky! You’re one of the few websites i visit every day, and you’re by far my favourite!

  69. RE:
    I’m not big into birthdays, or holidays, or anything. My favorite part of my birthday is when it’s over. My favorite place to be on New Year’s Eve is in bed sleeping. I know, I sound like a real joy.

    Me too

  70. Congrats, Ben! Yours is the first site I go to each morning to read while enjoying a cup of coffee. Thanks for taking us all with you on your journeys through well-photographed and well-illustrated trip reports!

  71. Many congratulations! There are few bloggers out there who can wear so many hats at once: a crusader against the baseless, argumentless U.S. (specifically Delta) view of the Open Skies debate; a globe-hopper in the truest sense who has independently reviewed almost all first-class products; a miles-and-points news source, always ready to catch the next great deal or mistake fare; and, above all, a genuinely honest and frank person, unafraid of disclosing even the most mundane habits (like television preferences!) if that means speaking one’s mind.

    Once again, many congratulations! After all, it’s not just miles, points and travel, but the circumstances we live with and the lives we lead that truly matter.

  72. Hey Ben, since you mentioned “my favorite place to be on New Year’s Eve is in bed sleeping”, I was wondering if you have ever been in an airplane on New Year’s eve (and I mean like actually flying when the clock turns to midnight).

  73. Congrats Ben! thanks for all the reviews of the airlines and products. Been reading your blog daily and searching for specific articles when I’m planning a trip.

  74. Congrats Ben (and Team)! Since discovering this blog in 2012, and nearly staying up all night to read all the trip reports the first night, I still turn to this blog almost every day for sound and entertaining advice. Keep up the great work!

  75. Congrats Ben! I’ve been reading you for many many years and I still enjoy your blog as much as before! I definitely visit every day!

  76. Congrats – As a longtime reader for over 7 years I appreciate your insight and commentary but most of all I feel that you’ve stayed both consistent and true to your “mission” (as if I know exactly what you’re thinking and trying to do). Basically what I’m trying to say is I don’t think you’ve “sold” out like many of the other bloggers that are out there. Sure you make $ from links and the like but you haven’t changed the theme and tenor of your blog and I appreciate that. Many thanks and hope you keep doing what you’re doing!

  77. Congrats. Happens to coincide with my birthday (and that of Facebook, the 747SP first flight and Bacardi opening their distillery IIRC).

  78. Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work – OMAAT is by far the best travel blog, and over the years Inhave gained so much good advice and valuable insights from your articles.

    Here‘s to (at least) another 10 years!

  79. For many people, myself included, travel is an escape not just from home but from life. And points allow us to do it more often and more comfortably than we otherwise could. And most of this is thanks to you.

    Just look at this outpouring of support. Amazing. This isn’t a normal blog. It’s addicting and it allows us to do something we love, even if just from our desks for a few minutes every day.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    As for your query, you should do some kind of competition and then do a RTW redemption for yourself and the winner.

  80. Thank you Lucky. Your posts helped us numerous times on our trips to Germany and getting started using points. Which reminds me…some of the Germany reviews are started to get a little dated. No pressure.

    Peace out.


    To celebrate, I think you should fly out two readers for dinner and drinks with you and Tiffany.

  82. Congratulations Ben! Always a pleasure to read your posts. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

  83. CONGRATS Ben ! Wonderful blog
    Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Thank you for you sense of humor and precious hints (I visited Shangri-La in Van after reading your review)… greetings from Silesia.
    P.s. this blue LH duck is sweet 😉

  84. Unlike a lot of people who read this blog, I can’t afford to travel much. Instead I live vicariously through you, Lucky, and hope that one day I can take a few of the trips you write about. I’ve picked up some tips that have helped me to buy/use points enabling me to travel first class 3 times now (4th coming up in May). AUS is a long way from anywhere and travel don’t come cheap, so thanks heaps for making it a little more accessible. Thanks even more for giving me many hours of day dreaming!!

  85. Congrats! To echo the others I absolutely love this blog and it is the only thing that I read everyday without fail. A week ago I felt like a crazy person when after noticing multiple planes doing a go-around at my local airport I found the air traffic control station online because I had to know what was going on. I blame you! 🙂

  86. Love from Condenast and NatGeo. 189 countries visited and still going strong. Your blog is a nice diversion on flights. Keep it up.

  87. Love from Condenast and NatGeo. 189 countries visited and still going strong. Your blog is a nice diversion on flights. Keep it up.

  88. Hi Lucky,

    I just want to thank you for not only helping me travel more often and for less, but also for inspiring me with my own blogging. Keep up the great work!

  89. Ben, I love your blog, brilliant, insightful, and – rare for these things – very concise, well-written and fun. It is entertaining, but also amazingly educational. I can’t tell you how much I have learnt, and how it has saved me time, cash and provided lots of useful tips. I also don’t know how you produce so much material, amazing. I have to say it is about the brightest thing in my inbox, and I hope we can look forward to at least another ten years! thanks. Chris

  90. You’re the best Lucky. This blog and the associated community have changed me and my partner’s lives over the last 6 years. We’ve traveled more frequently and to more places than we could ever have imagined. I try to pay it back by using your links for card signups. Keep it coming!

  91. Congratulations Ben!

    I’m a British person living in Germany, and I happened to fall upon your blog one day. Probably about 4 years ago now. I’m not even a Miles Collector. Well, not really! But I like your style precisely because you’re a young chap, writing about the thing that you love!

    Here’s to more of the same.


  92. CONGRATS BEN! Fantastic 10 years. Thank you for all the insights, tips, tools, recommendations, reviews, and so much more. All the best in the next 10 years!

  93. Congratulations Ben and team!

    I’m just so glad to have found this blog the odd 3 years ago. You guys helped me more with your articles than you probably can imagine.

    Here is to another 10 years!!!

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