Qatar Airways A380 Schedule Solidified

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Now that Qatar Airways has taken delivery of their first A380, it seems like they’re finally starting to solidify their schedule and route plans for the aircraft. This has been a long time coming, given how often they’ve changed their A380 delivery schedule.


As it stands, their first A380 service will be daily between Doha and London Heathrow as of October 10, 2014, with the following schedule:

QR03 Doha to London departing 7:45AM arriving 12:25PM
QR04 London to Doha departing 2:15PM arriving 11:55PM

Next they’ll be flying the A380 daily between Doha and Paris Charles de Gaulle as of November 1, 2014, with the following schedule:

QR39 Doha to Paris departing 7:55AM arriving 1:10PM
QR40 Paris to Doha departing 3:00PM arriving 11:25PM

Finally, Qatar Airways has just announced their next A380 flight. They’ll be launching a second daily A380 flight between Doha and London Heathrow as of December 1, 2014, with the following schedule:

QR01 Doha to London departing 12:50PM arriving 5:30PM
QR02 London to Doha departing 8:30PM arriving 6:15AM (+1 day)

This schedule actually seems to be reliable, as they’re not doing any of the weird inventory blocking they were previously doing. For example, they were originally going to start A380 service to Paris earlier, though weren’t selling any first class seats, clearly because they weren’t sure the service was going to happen (the alternative was a 777-300ER without a first class cabin, hence the blocking).

The above is pretty interesting because it suggests that Qatar Airways will have three A380s in service by December. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started A380 service to New York in the first half of next year, given that they should have a couple more A380s within that timeframe.

Unlike Emirates and Etihad, I don’t think Qatar Airways has aspirations of offering all A380 service to London Heathrow, given their A319 Business One flight and the fact that they have a really good business class product on their 787s.

Lastly, check out these two cool videos that Qatar Airways has uploaded to their YouTube channel the past few days.

The first is a “concept to reality” video:

And then the second is of the A380 delivery event in Doha (which includes a great line from His Excellency: “I’m hugely proud that I’m serving my country to the best of my capability.” Be sure to thank him for his “service” the next time you see him!):


  1. This is really awesome! I recall you telling us you’ll be flying the Qatar A380 so I look forward on your trip report. I’m just waiting for the DOH-JFK flight to come to service so I can fly on this baby!

  2. This is great news, have a booking for QR3 on Oct 10th and had serious concerns after HE mentioned QR1 would be the inaugural flight. Can’t wait to board, two weeks to go!

  3. Lucky. Usually each company before flying A380on long haul they fly it on short haul so the crew get to train on it do you have an idea if Qatar will be doing the same.

  4. Ben,
    Love it, great report. I just booked QR003 DOH-LHR for May 2015. It has slightly different departure time. 07:55AM instead of 07:45.
    Do they give PJ’s away, knowing this is morning/daytime flight?

  5. Great news! However…perhaps it is just me but where has all the wonderful award availability gone? doesn’t show any A380 into/out of London in premium classes anymore šŸ™

  6. Unfortunately, as Gerald T points out above, looks like they’ve largely cut back on F space. In fact, with a quick glance, I don’t see even one seat on the A380 LHRDOH.

  7. @ Mohamed — Agree it usually happens, though Qatar hasn’t announced one way or another whether they’ll do it. Would be interesting if the inaugural to LHR was truly the inaugural flight. Guess we’ll find out soon!

  8. The award space on business and first QR 3/4 was WIDE open. I was going to try out the new product and was just deciding on days to go to/from DOH and then one morning logged in to BA and it was all gone. Think it was Tuesday last week it went from 2 F seats most days in Nov to nothing overnight.

    I would have acted faster but just assumed it was wide open cos nobody wants to go to Qatar lol.

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