Do Airline Lounge Breakfasts Get Better Than This?

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Usually I tend to think that breakfast is the most underwhelming meal of the day, especially on planes and in airline lounges.

Well, today is different. I’m at the Qantas First Class Lounge Los Angeles, which is one of the best airline lounges in the US. It’s modeled after the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney, which is one of the best airline lounges in the world.



The lounge opened a couple of years ago, and has a fantastic Neil Perry inspired menu. I’ve had lunch and dinner there a couple of times, which has been fantastic. I especially recommend the salt & pepper squid.

This morning I’m having breakfast at the lounge, which is every bit as enjoyable as their lunch and dinner menu. It’s possibly the best airline lounge breakfast I’ve had anywhere (though that may largely be a function of not having had many lounge breakfasts, since I’m usually more of a coffee person in the morning).

Here’s the breakfast menu in the Qantas First Class Lounge:


The yogurt with honey, berries, and hazelnuts was fantastic.


The pancakes were sinfully delicious…


For those looking for something healthier, the egg white omelet was eggscellent as well.


And the flat white was better than any coffee beverage I recall having at an airport in a really long time.


The other benefit of being in this lounge in the morning is that it’s empty, while it tends to get really crowded in the evenings, when the Qantas flights depart to Australia.

All not half bad when you’re on a cheap American fare to Shanghai with an upgrade to business class confirmed. 😉

As a follow up to my post yesterday about traveling while sick, I’m feeling significantly better today. My worst day was two days ago, then yesterday I was starting to feel a bit better but still crappy, while today I’m just feeling a bit weak, but no longer have a sore throat or runny nose. I suspect I may have ditched the second half of my cold by taking a countless number of wellness shots, vitamin supplements, etc., from the onset of my cold.

  1. Great to hear you’re feeling better! That yogurt and fruit thing should help too. Looking forward to hearing about your flight experience. Hope it’s not “shake rattle and roll” like your other recent experience on American.

  2. How much of this did you actually eat vs just ordering so you can take pictures?

    It saddens me when so many in the world are starving and we have people ordering food with no intention of eating it only to throw a picture on a blog.

  3. I don’t get the excitement over this lounge (and probably lounges in general). I was there about 2 months ago; and of course the food is fine, but honestly, if this was a restaurant it would get 3.5 stars on Yelp at most. It is a nice perk since its free (if you have an F ticket), but nothing a foodie would write home about.

  4. @lopere food will be wasted regardless so i’m not sure what youre trying to accomplish by making that comment…

    if youre so saddened by people who are starving, i certainly hope youre very active in making donations and/or helping out at soup kitchens or homeless shelters, etc.

  5. @ lopere – Lucky finishes his food. No need to force feed us all with facts that (are sadly true yet) don’t apply to the situation.

  6. “The yogurt with honey, berries, and hazelnuts was fantastic.”

    I’m sure it was, what with approx. 1500 calories worth of honey floating there.

  7. So did you eat all of this by yourself or are Ford and his Mommie there with you?

    I do get Lopere’s concerns. Don’t order food just to take pictures

  8. Hi!

    What are the entrance rules? Does One World emerald get access for two if both flying AA LAX to LHR in business class?

  9. Lucky, Never been to the Qantas First Lounge LAX, but your coverage makes it look really good. The “Baked Eggs” at the Pier Lounge in HKG is my favorite breakfast; maybe ever. The stuffed French toast at the Centurion Club in LGA is not half bad either. Cheers.

  10. Ben, glad you’re feeling a lot better. I’m sure it’s a relief to both you (and your fellow passengers to be, unbeknownst to them).

    The breakfast looks absolutely delish. This Fall I’m scheduled on mileage award flights from SYD-LAX on Qantas First (arriving early morning), and then LAX-IAD in AA First later in the day. I believe you ran an article on this some months ago, but just to confirm, I could still enter this Qantas lounge after my arrival in LAX, correct? Thanks.

  11. I agree with the above comment. This is one of the most overrated lounges right after BA’s CCR.

    Food is good but service usually leaves a lot to be desired if it ain’t outright bad.

    No self serve drinks in the lounge which is quite a problem if no one takes care of you.

  12. I almost feel bad about rescheduling my AS connection to my CX flight in such a way that I’d miss this (since I won’t be on the ground until 11 am, figure a half hour minimum to schlep to the lounge).

    ALMOST. Because hmm, being at an airport around 5 am and a four hour connection at LAX? Or 7 am and a two hour connection? I think that’s worth missing that breakfast.

    Let me think about that. Oh, and I can get some pretty delicious brunches for $20-30.

  13. I’m looking forward to trying out the Qantas lounge this fall when I fly to Australia. I’m planning to get there early, so that I won’t be fighting the crowds for the evening flights on both Qantas and American.

    Did the yogurt taste like Australian yogurt? (the only American brand that I like is Noosa Yoghurt, because it tastes like the stuff I get in Australia) there’s something completely different about Australian yoghurt versus the American kind.

    I’m glad that you are feeling better!

  14. I agree the service there was not up to par (Sofitel trained staff, really ?)

    But they have Badoit sparking water, my favorite.

  15. My favorite lounge breakfast: ful medames (Cairene slow cooked beans) in the Qatar lounge in Doha, with various self-serve toppings (parsley etc). Champagne is not a traditional accompaniment but works very well.

  16. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, have a great trip!

    QF breakfast is excellent, remember having it in MEL.

    Doubt the ‘wellness shots’ (which sound very expensive) had much to do with it, more likely the wonders of the human immune system that did the trick!

  17. Seriously lucky your getting excited over yogurt and pancakes.
    Its laughable really.
    But simple things to amuse simple minds.

  18. Feel better now? Great you took the time out of your busy day to insult someone you have never met.

  19. How did you get access to the F lounge on a J ticket? Status? But in any case this lounge is amazing.

  20. Hey Lucky, keep up the great work. I am flying LAX-MAD biz class this August. Wil I have access to this lounge?

  21. @Ken
    If you read his blog with any degree of frequency you should know that he has EXP status; entitling him to OW first class lounges on international itineraries.

  22. It’s a First lounge, so just have a Business ticket will not grant you entry. You’d need status somewhere. The One World Biz lounge is still very nice in TBIT.

  23. tutti fruits, speaking of simple minds, it would help if you knew the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

  24. @ tutti fruits — And what does it say about you that you’re not only reading, but commenting, on a blog written by someone you consider to be simple-minded?

  25. @tutti fruits, on the subject of simple minds, it might help if you know the difference between “its” and “it’s.” Slightly contradictory that your comment contains numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. Anyway, I can share the excitement @ lucky has, what’s not to love about yogurt, or as us Brits call it “yoghurt.” ??….

  26. I am not a physician.
    What are wellness shots?
    Do vitamins really help?

    I always understood that the ability of vitamins to cure colds was not proven, with little or no benefit proven. Maybe, just maybe, this bug rans its course unrelated to anything you did.
    I do believe that vitamins, especially in someone deficient in particular vitamins, might help overall health and resistance. Then again, you either have to be malnourished or have a problem digesting food in order to be vitamin deficient..

  27. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. However, there’s nothing amazing about the breakfast shown in this article – it’s just normal breakfast food that most of us have each morning at home… Not sure it’s really worthy of an entire article…

  28. I think the QF F lounge breakfast is pretty good, but the breakfast I had at LH FCT and CX The Pier were better.
    So to answer your question…yes it does get better. 🙂

  29. Yes, I agree the Frankfurt FCL and FCT breakfast experience is better. And the SQ F SIN breakfast is also superb, with a wide variety of dishes rivaling a Singapore hotel breakfast. Way better than the apparent selection at QF LAX F, but I do not claim any direct experience with the quality of the QF LAX food and beverage offering.

  30. @Charles:

    physician here. for what its worth, my opinion:

    vitamins don’t help much if you’ve been eating a “normal” meal -fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins.

    Wellness shots from what I’ve heard is pretty much a ginger honey tea – I think? Wouldn’t necessarily cure the disease (i.e. flu virus or bacterial infection) but could help treat the symptoms (i.e. help your sore throat feel better)

  31. QF First in Sydney and Melbourne are very good: )haven’t been to the LAX one yet), pretty much on a par with SQ and CX.
    Not a great fan of restaurant style generally though, preferring the EK buffet which offers good plain food instantly. Hard to fault it for what it seeks to do.
    Yoghurt is one thing airlines get miserably wrong, onboard and in lounges. Invariably full of sugar , “natural” or artificial, and consequently a poor choice. Hotel lounges/estaurants are almost as poor, with a few notable exceptions ( usually in the ME).

  32. Do they use the fat-and-taste-free thing people in the U.S. call yoghurt? Or is that “real” yoghurt with should contain at least 3.5 pct fat (or even greek-style with up to 10 pct fat)?

  33. I dont buy that is a fantastic lounge at all. Have you used the showers? They have the old tiles from the 70’s and bright white fluorescent lights. Hair on the floor and the hairdryer and toiletries are awful. The towels are threadbare and the restaurant service is terrible. 2 weeks back I witnessed 2 servers nearly yelling at each other as they did not want to attend to the customers – and argued over break time in front of the guests. The cheese omelette is perhaps the most vile thing on the menu. The best part of the lounge are the designer chairs – and that is not saying much. Nope – not the best lounge even at LAX – heck the business lounge is far “warmer” and the showers are cleaner. Another blogger-hyped lounge (free access, I guess!)

  34. @Deepak must be having a bad day, or life!
    The lounge is quite new, so I don’t understand his reference to 70’s tiles. The shower room I had was scrupulously clean, with excellent toiletries, towels, and cheery room attendant.
    The leisurely meal I had was top-notch, with a good vino selection, although one white wine was not to my liking and was quickly replaced with an alternative when I mentioned it. The service was very friendly and eager to please I felt. My only criticism of the dining area near the long bar was the lighting. At some tables you sat directly under a downlight, which was quite jarring when you wanted to unwind with a pleasant meal. Some of the food comments here bring to mind the saying of ‘pearls before swine’ regrettably. The hamburgers and Coke is somewhere outside, dudes.

  35. @Susan
    No, that is Chobani yoghurt, an American brand, made by a traditional method but most of what is sold is fat free….meaning the sugar level is high. This brand is also becoming quite popular in Australia but it is nowhere near as good as the natural, pot set brands with the traditional fat content, IMHO. Those non-fat free brands seem to be losing market share in the US and Australia, unfortunately.

  36. Thanks, @Paolo – I saw in a review of American Airlines business class that they were serving Noosa Yoghurt on a flight, so was hoping they had it in the lounge, too. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I land to get some good old fashioned Australian yoghurt (with passionfruit)

  37. @Paolo
    I just checked – in lemon yoghurt, Noosa (Australian-style, but American) has 35g of sugar in 8oz (225g) with 13g fat, while Chobani has 22.6g in 8oz with no fat. Neither brand uses artificial sweeteners, but Noosa uses cane sugar and honey, while Chobani uses evaporated cane juice. Less fat does not automatically mean more sugar!

    I have never seen Chobani (or Noosa) on a plane, alas — glad to see American is serving it.

  38. Fage Greek Plain Fat free for me. Add some berries ,and I’m quite happy.

    Adding sugar to yogurt makes it unhealthy for many people. The fat is just more of a total calorie issue.

  39. @ChrisNYC
    That’s true . The brand I like, and buy in 2kg tubs, has 4.8g sugar/100g and 10g fat. It tastes closest to yoghurt found in ME, Turkey, Greece. Natural pot set.

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