Priority Club bonus points for partner activity

Through October 31, Priority Club is offering 1,000 bonus points (up to 10,000 points) per unique partner transaction. Registration is required. This FlyerTalk thread discusses some of the partner transactions that are possible. While Gary and Ric are fans of these types of promotions, I can’t say I am unless you’d have some partner activity anyway.

To me, Priority Club points are worth about half a cent each. Given that you get 1,000 bonus points per transaction, it’s basically like getting $5. Buying points is an option, but buying 1,000 points costs $13.50, which means you’d get 2,000 points for that amount. That’s still above what I value them. Priority Club is an e-rewards partner, but their redemption rates aren’t nearly as lucrative as Hilton’s, so you still come out behind.

I’ll take a pass on this one, unless someone can show me ways I can have partner activity for substantially less than $5 without taking up much of my time. I’m sure others will find this useful, though.

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  1. I was about to say… 3 AS miles is worth 1001 PC points 🙂 If something comes up that I need, I will get a few points more, if not, well, no loss.

  2. Only the first partner activity earns 1,000 points.
    Second earns 2,000 points = 3,000
    Third 3,000 points = 6,000
    Fourth 4,000 points = 10,000 total points.

    10,000 points is about a $50 value by your point valuation.
    Fairly easy for many people to do 4 partner activities for this promotion for less than $20 in less than an hour.

  3. 10K Priority club points = 2 Pointsbreak nights. In Europe that can be worth $500 to $600. It took me 20 minutes and about $20. I’ll do that deal all day long.

  4. @ Rick — True, but you can also buy 5,000 points for $60, so I think that’s a more realistic value.

  5. One of the PC shopping partners I used was, I brought a $10 gift cert for 80 cents. Use code TASTE for 80% off good until 8/31.

  6. If you sign up for an Alaska Airlines account with a Canadian address, you automatically receive 3,000 AS miles. With, that transfers to 1,000 PC points. Even if this is the only partner activity you do, you’ll receive 2,000 PC points (1,000 from transfer and 1,000 bonus). Although, I suppose this is more worthwhile for those who have no use for AS miles anyway.

    Throw in an $0.80 certificate, and you’re already at 4,000 PC points for very minimal time and $$$.

  7. Priority Club points purchase is done by; so I wonder whether points purchase and a transfer from will count as two transactions or only as one?

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