Pilot Caught On Hot Mic, Goes On Shocking Rant

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Well I think we’d all hope that pilots act a bit more professionally than this…

Pilot caught ranting on San Jose ATC frequency

Twitter user @lostpckt flags some interesting ATC audio (thanks to @olouie for bringing this to my attention). Specifically, this audio is from March 13, 2021, and is from the air traffic control (ATC) tower frequency at San Jose Airport (SJC) in California:

In this audio clip you can hear a pilot ranting about San Jose, as he seemingly has a stuck mic that everyone on the frequency can hear. It’s hard to make sense of what exactly the pilot’s point is (especially since we only hear one side of the conversation, given the hot mic), but here’s what I’m understanding:

  • “F*ck this place, g*ddamn liberal f*cks”
  • “Eight guns out here somewhere as it is”
  • “F*cking weirdos, probably driving around in f*cking Hyundais, f*cking roads and sh*t that go slow as f*ck
  • “You don’t have balls unless you’re f*cking rolling coal man, g*ddamnit”

Who says stuff like this?! And what exactly is his point? He has a problem with… Hyundais?

Do we know which pilot this is?

The person who flagged this audio suggests that this was a Southwest Airlines pilot, though I’m not positive that’s accurate.

Southwest Airlines flight 531 is on the frequency around the same time, which was a flight from San Jose to Seattle. The flight was awaiting takeoff at the time that this happened.

So while it’s entirely possible that it’s a Southwest Airlines pilot behind it, I can’t be sure. It seems to me that the rant starts with something like “1043 is ready to go.” However:

  • It’s possible I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing any flight numbers of 1043 out of San Jose
  • Then again, I’m not convinced that’s what he was actually saying, because once the hot mic is off, we hear no more talk of a flight 1043
  • In that sense if this pilot was indeed caught on a hot mic, it wouldn’t be surprising if the other pilot picks up communicating from there, in hopes of not being caught

So yeah, I can’t be positive which airline this pilot worked for, but he sure could use a talking to…

Bottom line

A pilot was caught on a hot mic at San Jose Airport a bit over a week ago, going on a bizarre rant. While a vast majority of airline pilots are professionals, there will of course be some bad apples.

Are there any clues I’m missing that could tell us with certainty what pilot is behind this? Did I misunderstand the “1043” number, or?

  1. Unfortunately, when it comes to pilots, this guy is not a one off and is in the majority. It makes for VERY long flights / trips when paired with them. The culture is shifting quickly though.

  2. It wasn’t a bizarre rant. It was just Tuesday on Fox and Friends. Its what the Fox crowd thinks of California. And his manhood is tied up into the type of fuel he uses in his vehicle. Lots of insecurities there.

  3. Joel McHale has a very funny bit about San Jose that is much more lighthearted and fun than this pilot’s unoriginal rant. The gist of McHale’s bit is that San Jose is boring, which is… well… true. Look it up and enjoy!

  4. While I do not agree with what he said, it’s rather human to have a rant. There is absolutely no indication his rant affected his ability to pilot the aircraft in a professional manner.

    I think it’s healthy to rant every once in a while. Blow off some steam.

  5. @Andreas – by making his rant Captain Happy violated FAA sterile cockpit rules. He’s free to talk about non-flight related issues only when above 10,000 feet. Below 10k and while on the ground during taxi, take-off, and landing all conversations and activities in the cockpit need to be kept to those related to operating the aircraft.

  6. @Andreas, sure but not in a workplace. This isn’t the pilots home or a bar. It’s his place of work. How would you feel if grocery store clerks flipped out on their customers like this? Or an FA over the PA system. Shows complete lack of professionalism and judgement. Scary the man is a pilot.

  7. America is the angriest country in the world. Will you people ever get along with one another? Tourism to foreigners is going to be a tough sell moving forward. I’m done for good and if you have white male Canadians spooked, imagine hundreds of other countries looking at you.

  8. I’ve never understood why it seems pilots on average are more right-wing than most of society. Maybe a lot are former military? (Though i know some very progressive military folks)

  9. Mark F, two wrongs don’t make a right. You’re doing the same thing as the pilot. It’s this kind of attitude from so many people on both sides of the political and social spectrum that has led to the mess we are in today. Don’t lump in an entire group of people and bash them based off the words of one man. It was wrong on the pilots part, it’s also wrong on your part.

    What the pilot said is stupid, and comes across as very childish. Maybe he’s an immature person with a mouth problem, maybe he was just having a bad day. Everyone can and does say stupid or childish things from time to time for many different reasons. He should have been more careful about the time and place he chose to have a rant.

  10. Sound like the Southwest crew. When they called ready I think the pilot was aware they had been broadcasting. This would not be the first time southwest has committed this type of gaff on the radio.

  11. “Steve” is spot on I would submit that this anger is equally shared across the “western world”. Disclaimer I am not some right wing radical conservative center non party affiliated. Back to point there is a growing frustration with our world around us equally shared across political lines to where this goes or ends is no ones guess. There many theories about the origination of the current Covid virus but like most virus it has origin in animals and human consumption. Having spent a number of years in the AF flying to many countries my arms look like Swiss Cheese from all the vaccinations, but I am alive and healthy.

    Let’s hope we all come out the other end of this mess with our sanity.

  12. I’ve spent enough time in cockpits to know that when the doors close, pilots lose their filters. Granted, many of us (all?) say questionable things when we think we are amongst friends, but the personality shift with pilots often is shocking.

  13. @steve so you’re not coming to the USA anymore because we don’t get along with each other? out of curiosity, can you give a list of countries where there aren’t divisions that you’re willing to travel to? Obviously America is incredibly divided at the moment but boycotting America because there is political polarization seems like an odd decision.

    And no, American tourism is not going to be a tough sell going forward once COVID is over with.

    All in all, a bad, grossly unnuanced take

  14. Imagine his rant when descending into Seattle, lol. He might want to bid for flights to Birmingham and Lubbock in the future so he doesn’t get triggered.

  15. I can think of a lot of reasons to hate on South Bay, but Hyundais? That’s just… odd. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is LUV or HOU based.

  16. @Ben L. How am I playing right into steve’s hand. Also don’t really know why you’re telling me to calm down. I guess it’s convenient for your sake to paint me as an angry America so you can ignore the rest of my argument?

  17. I’d pay real money to subscribe to an OMAAT divided into categories: “Card Pitches”, “Reviews”, “Closer Look at…(program/brand/place etc)” and “Politics/Culture/Current Events”. Plus an effective, customer-approved filter, so one can remain unaware of all content in a chosen category.

    One person’s clickbait is another’s…

  18. I second DenB’s suggestion…. can we have a category for politically inflammatory topics please so the vast majority of us can just skip?!

  19. This is most definitely aviation related. Hello it’s a pilot. I enjoy these fiery and spicy stories until travel reopens further.
    Regarding the story these are the kind of thoughts I just keep to myself. If my Toyota Prius ever dies my next car will be nothing but a Ford , GMC , or Chevy. Merica !

  20. The last transmission is the handoff from departure and the the ranting guy comes on to acknowledge. Pretty sure it’s the same person.

  21. @Al Saying virtually “I’m right, you’re wrong” is not an argument, Al. And doesn’t make you seem more appealing.

    You can add me to steve’s camp. The U.S. is angry, and it’s armed. I haven’t felt a need to visit for years pre-Trump, and I used to visit frequently. The danger is vanishingly small, but don’t pretend you don’t think twice when there’s an incident in other countries. And there are many incidents in the U.S.A.

    Maybe it would be better to figure out how to be more appealing to foreigners? No one is owed a tourist industry.

  22. Unfortunately, a diet of right wing propaganda creates brain worms like this. Presumably, whatever AM talk show he was listening to on the way to the airport had some segment about Hyundais. We know for a fact this perception of SJ is something he heard, and didnt see, because everyone knows Silicon Valley is mostly Teslas and Priuses.

    I have a family member, who is also a pilot at a major US airline, who also went off the deep end like this. They used to be normal, now everything is raging politics. Sadly, they dont seem to understand that the “liberal fucks” are the ones ensuring they have a job. Theres not much air traffic between Wyoming and Alabama.

  23. @steve – “Will you people ever get along with one another?”


    “Tourism to foreigners is going to be a tough sell moving forward.”

    Probably not. There will be some people who won’t come to America because of politics (just like there are for any country), but there are plenty who will come (again, just like there are for any country). And while the US tourist industry will prefer to have foreign tourism, they’ll be able to survive on the domestic market.

    “I’m done for good”

    We won’t miss you.

    “imagine hundreds of other countries looking at you.”

    We don’t care.

  24. Its amazing that most people don’t realize that social strife is often intentionally manufactured by the rich, elite and powerful. Who just happen to own the media, including those right-wing and left-wing wacko sites. Why? Because as long as the peasants are fighting themselves over things like race, abortion, religion, then they aren’t fighting the elites. Tale as old as time.

    Once in a while they will throw us a bone by allowing us to redeem our hard earned miles and points for a fancy seat, but then ensure that legally the airlines and hotels can do whatever they want and contracts and fairness have no meaning unless it helps the corporations.

  25. @Janice steve said ” Tourism to foreigners is going to be a tough sell moving forward.” He didn’t say “In my opinion….” he said it as fact so I am not sure why you only took issue with my statement. Regardless, I obviously can’t tell the future so what I said was my opinion. Ultimately the future will tell us who is right.

    If you want to have a real conversation then lets do it:

    1) What is that assertion based off of that tourism will drop off? It’s virtually impossible to gauge right now with hard numbers because of covid so that’s his opinion. America has been through other turbulent times and over time tourism came back. Remember, 9/11 was only 20 years ago and I would that would have had much more of an effect on people’s willingness to travel to the USA than anything that happened in the last 12 months. Yet tourism came back.

    2) Saying “America is angry” is a gross over simplification. I am only one person but in my daily life in America, when I go out I don’t see people screaming at each other in the streets about politics . Instead, I see people of all walks of life going about their daily life. Yes we have disagreements in this country, and yes those disagreements are real and serious but no, we aren’t a nation of people going out and shouting at each other on a daily basis.

    3) Yes I do think twice about incidents that happen abroad when considering travel. Everyone does. That said, most other countries are much smaller and avoiding the violence would therefore be much harder. The USA is a far bigger country and avoiding “violent” areas is much easier. That said, its a reasonable point to an extent though I’d be curious to know if foreigners really won’t come to the USA because they don’t think its safe.

    4) I never said we are owed tourists. Painting me as an entitled angry American, without knowing me, as you and @Ben L. have tried to do, is nothing more than a poorly worded ad hominem attack. I think I am allowed to disagree with you without being labelled. If you disagree with me on the merits that’s fine (and I’d love discuss it) but don’t lecture me on saying things in an “unappealing” way and then proceed to attack me.

    5) You said America needs to learn how to appeal to foreigners. what does that even mean?

    My personal view is that I think America is an incredibly resilient country and somehow we will get through all of this (COVID, the political divisions, racial tensions etc.). It won’t happen overnight but I think it will happen over time. And yes, I fully understand why people would view America poorly at the moment. This might come as a surprise to you given how you tried to paint me, but I actually voted for Biden because I thought America had become a laughing stock in the rest of the world.

  26. @Ben L. @Janice Since I’m sure I’ll be grouped with @Brian L. I personally do care what the rest of the world thinks about America. That said, any country that is looking right now sees a fully functioning democracy, however divided it might be, with free and fair elections that no amount of violence can overturn.

  27. Tesla is okay, but Prius drivers are endangering general public since most of them can barely remain in their lane and can’t speed up entering highway!!

    Hyundai started with copying Honda, even their logo, remember Pony? That’s typical Hyundai crap!!

    This pilot is correct, you should be ashamed if you drive Prius or Hyundai!!
    Get a Honda!!

  28. “rolling coal” does not just mean using an internal combustion engine. It usually refers to modifying the engine control unit and bypassing emission control systems to generate thick black smoke with lots of soot. Most of the time installed on trucks, with a bypass valve so they can still get an inspection sticker, and activated on demand to annoy Prius drivers. Used to be popular when Prius was the only hybrid around. These days, a Ford Fusion can be a plug-in hybrid, or it can be an unmarked police cruiser.

  29. It’s definitely SWA 531. The first officer makes the next two radio calls, but you can hear the captain again when he gets the handoff to NorCal TRACON and then when he attempts to check in with NorCal having not actually switched frequencies. (Yeah, I’m making an assumption about who is the CA and who is the FO, but most FOs know they can’t get away with insane cockpit rants.)

  30. I grew up in San Jose… I agree, somewhat boring like most “suburban” cities. It is above all else, a working town being in the heart of Silicon Valley. Fun is to be had, but you have to know where it is. San Jose is most definitely not set up for tourists. Regarding the pilot’s rant…. very, very weird. Something bad must have happened to him in San Jose at some point. And it probably involved a Hyundai.

  31. Despite non-stop negative media about how angry US white males are, the crime rates for that subgroup in the US are down over 50% from 30 years ago and basically at record lows. The issue is largely one driven by a media focused agenda and any time there is any violence it has non-stop news coverage for days, if not weeks.

    That said, the polite rant was kind of funny to me as it is obviously deluded, and yes its obviously he watches a LOT of fox news. I don’t know what Hyundais have to do with anything, though. Plenty of those all over red states in the US.

  32. Working in a BIG Texas Hub, I saw a pilot with a trump 2020 mask. And I’ve heard worse living here.

  33. It’s revealing, the Trumpers whining about Lucky somehow being the one bringing politics into the blog by posting about the super-unprofessional behavior of a commercial pilot who has the lives of hundreds of people in his hands. They’re obviously embarrassed by one of their own being outed, and immediately try to deflect the issue by projecting their rubbish in the comments section. Yeah, they know how bad a look it is for them, and that they’re in the wrong. Bigotted bullies always try to lie, run and hide when they get caught. It never changes.

  34. I have a friend who lives in San Jose and tells me that many refer to it as Man Jose given the large number of males, predominantly Indian, who work in the Silicon Valley. He happens to be Indian as well. For many young men, that could make it a very boring place to live, especially if you are looking to get married.

  35. @truthy

    Nope, voted D here….. but I still stand by my statement. Stop assuming things about people with points of view you don’t agree because that’s a big part of what is wrong with the world these days. In short what the pilot did was unprofessional and he will no doubt be pursued by the FAA and his company as he should. Many viewers on here get turned off by politically charged articles on this website because frankly politics the past few years has been exhausting and people come here for a diversion, and it’s feedback Lucky should appreciate regardless of if he decides to continue posting articles like this! In simple terms… be nice and decent to each other on here!

  36. The comment on Hyundais is because Hyundai, as we all known, is a Korean car brand. Korean = Asian = China = CHiNa VIruS!!!

    The point was anti-asian sentiment.

  37. Standard airline pilot talk. It’s hardly possible to mention California at work without a comment or at least a chuckle. Middle-aged men of a certain ilk have been totally propagandized by the MSM.

  38. I think it’s “hate guns,” as in, people in the Bay Area hate guns.

    Also, what is “rolling coal”?

  39. Even though they may be isolated in the cockpit of an aircraft, pilots are working in the service sector where *all* paying customers matter. IMO, someone with such extreme distain for anyone who doesn’t share their political beliefs (left or right) should not be working in a position where they’re responsible for other people’s lives. Airlines should screen for this, and people with such beliefs should be self aware enough to limit themselves to transporting either freight (UPS/FedEx) or working as a private pilot for someone who shares their ideology.

    Put yourself in the position of an executive of a leading passenger airline. Would you want someone like this in your employ? Not on your life.

  40. I don’t drive a hyundai and I don’t care what another person drives. This guy has some serious inadequacies so he need to make black coal smoke to overcompensate his lack of manhood.
    My guess is that the man had an uncle who drove hyundais or something to him to be lashing out.

  41. @Stuart LOL, as a lifelong Seattleite, I couldn’t agree more that this snowflake seems very sensitive, easily-triggered, and far too interested in the transportation choices of others…. He should pay more attention to exercising his own freedoms and less to denigrating the exercise of such freedoms by others.

  42. Alan: “I have a friend who lives in San Jose and tells me that many refer to it as Man Jose given the large number of males, predominantly Indian, who work in the Silicon Valley. He happens to be Indian as well. For many young men, that could make it a very boring place to live, especially if you are looking to get married.”

    San Jose itself is actually quite diverse. Census estimates are 49.5% women. The largest ethnic group is actual Hispanics and only about 40% of the population have college degrees, although that’s going up as people are price out of housing and leave. And most people don’t work in the tech sector although that’s a source of some of the higher income earners. And it can get really weird with some older neighborhoods with a lot of teardowns. You’ll see neighborhoods with mostly small ranch homes, then with a few large two-story homes. As for Indians, that’s about 5% of the population. But having worked in the tech industry, it’s probably around a 3:1 ratio of Indian males to females. One coworker told me that most likely he would have his parents arrange a marriage for him. However, for Indian males I think part of it would the difficulty in finding someone who might also appeal to the family. India is a large place and there are still concerns about the region someone comes from and to some degree caste (inter-caste marriage is still rare).

    There’s a different dynamic there with the largest Asian group – of Vietnamese-Americans. Entire families have been there since the 70s, so it’s different than Indian mostly single men who came to the United States for work.

  43. WN1043 is a domestic flight operated by Southwest Airlines. WN1043 is departing from San Jose (SJC), United States and arriving at Santa Ana (SNA), United States. The flight distance is about 550.60 km or 342.13 miles and flight time is 4 hours 5 minutes. Get the latest status of WN1043 / SWA1043 here.

  44. Oh come on. It didn’t sound like he was serious. Sounded more like he was making fun of someone. I fly out of sjc. The frequent can get pretty busy hope their stuck mic didn’t affect too many.

  45. Apparently nobody cares if it’s racism towards Asians, which is exactly what’s happening here. What a trash human being.

  46. A couple corrections to the translated audio from the article:

    The first words are the (presumably) captain of southwest flight 531 incorrectly reading back the departure frequency as 124.3, later prompting the tower to correct him to 124.0.

    He says “there’s probly like eight guns out here, that’s it” implying that there should be more guns out here for some reason.

    He also says they’re “probly driving around in f-ing Hyundai’s, f-ing L-L-L-L-L-Lowered sh*t that goes slow af.” As others have pointed out, this is straight up anti-Asian rhetoric.

    Yes, rolling coal makes him a real man.

    As someone else pointed out, the (presumably) first officer takes the next two radio calls, but captain coal-roller takes the last sign-off. It is absolutely southwest 531.

  47. This is presuming it’s a pilot. Considering all the comments are being made around road vehicles it’s more probable a troll with a handle held VHF radio.

  48. I feel like may be some jerk with a hand held radio screwing around with the controllers. The callsign at the beginning almost sounds intentionally unintelligible.

  49. Elf,

    He also says they’re “probly driving around in f-ing Hyundai’s, f-ing L-L-L-L-L-Lowered sh*t that goes slow af.” As others have pointed out, this is straight up anti-Asian rhetoric.

    Although the above is quite an unintelligent statement he said, calling someone racist because they dont prefer vehicles described as such (and neither do I) is an extremely incorrect generalization. We both know the type of car he is talking about and they are, in my opinion, far from my preference. You can have pride and preference in whatever you enjoy driving. Just stop the name calling if ones opinion differs. I dont like Hyundais and I am far from racist…..

  50. The first part of the audio isn’t “1043”. He said “21.3 is ready to go” which is what the Norcal departure frequency is (121.3). SOP is to enter the next frequency you need into the standby part of the radio to easily switch over after departure. I believe the pilots usually enter in the freq’s into the box before pushback at the gate, and I think doing it while line’d up and waiting would be a little late to do it which leans me away from the hot mic being WN531 and perhaps someone who hasn’t pushed back yet – although if they hadn’t pushed they wouldn’t be on the Tower Freq. Will be interesting to see what the FAA finds if they make anything public.

  51. I can’t say this surprises me. I was once waiting in DTW for my flight to PVG. I sat in the McDonalds just opposite the gate. At the next table were two Delta pilots (Captain and FO by their stripes). The McDs had CNN playing on the overhead screen, there was some report about a Gay Pride march somewhere. The rants from these two pilots were atrocious. The vulgar slang, the wishing they could “shoot every one of them f*****s”. I was hoping they were not the pilots for my flight (they weren’t). But, it really made me fearful. Because of the way the seats were arranged with barriers, I don’t think they realized anyone was nearby to hear them. When I stood up to leave, they both looked really sheepish and they shut up quickly. I commented about it to some of my Delta friends (other pilots and FAs) and they weren’t too surprised by it, either.

  52. Ed,

    But did you make a comment to them to tell them that was unacceptable? Or did you just discuss it amongst your Delta friends?

  53. I never seen a car being powered by coal. Does he mean electric cars? Since that is the only way you can figuratively power a car by coal, since there is a possibility that the electricity used in the car was from coal power plants. And electric cars are what “g*ddamn liberal f*cks” drive.

  54. I’m not 100% sure this was a pilot. The “smoking gun” parts of the transmission are scratchy, while the “Southwest 531” transmissions are clearer. Could just have been a troll with a handheld aircraft transceiver — these kinds of events are increasingly common.

  55. It’s not so much the rant, everyone has the right to rant, but the bothersome part is the CONTENT of the rant. “Rolling coal”?!? … didn’t know hillbillies flew planes.

  56. This sounds like a SWA pilot that I know who is a right wing racist nut bag. I am asking his former father in law what he thinks of the recording.

  57. @steve Right on the money. How can a tourist choose to holiday in Houston (If this is considered by Americans to be the best city in America, I would hate to visit the rest. Nothing but disgusting experiences there.) instead of places like Zurich or Hong Kong? Seriously.

    Also, that not-so-great nation holds figures like Donald Trump, Dolly Parton, and Billy Graham as untouchable national treasures, so it’s probably never worth it to visit the USA anyway.

    Beautiful coast? Try Cape Town. Desert landscapes? Dubai awaits. Skiing? Switzerland is a paradise for that. Bustling city life? London, Paris, etc. are stellar choices. An urban beach? Rio de Janeiro, although many like to frequent Benidorm and Ibiza. Right-wing paradise? Poland and Hungary. See, there’s always a choice!

  58. Interesting hive mind analysis. Thanks. Because several people above have asked…

    From a Wikipedia article: “Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes into the air. Rolling coal is sometimes used as a form of anti-environmentalism.”

    Coal Rollers generally have some mechanism to switch smoke generation on and off, and often like to harass more fuel efficient vehicles (including bicycles) by cutting in front of them and generating enough smoke to obscure the drivers vision and pollute their air.

  59. Millor- Dolly Parton? She’s an incredible person. You also are a bad person for painting 330,000,000 people with the same broad brush.

  60. @Hooby Dolly Parton sure is an incredible person alright. Having a Confederate-themed dinner theatre and using Native Americans as props. (It was named Dixie Stampede until 2018. Way to be timely.) Dolly’s workplace (Dollywood) is rife with slave wages, poor working conditions, and anti-union clauses, it makes Jeff Bezos’s Amazon look ethical and saintly. Dolly Parton being BFF’s with an anti-Asian insurrectionist senator (Marsha Blackburn), and supporting Miley Cyrus after Miley mocked Asians.

    If people in the US consider this person to be a “saint” and a “national treasure”, then I don’t blame Millor, Steve, or most non-Americans for having antipathy towards the US.

  61. Tower got a good laugh. Pilot sat there and insulted everybody with a hot mic, then screwed up and forgot to switch frequency. Not a serious mistake, but funny after a rant.

  62. Unbelievable that Southwest Airlines hires so many mentally incapacitated pilots. This pilot doesn’t realize liberals in Silicon Valley have the disposable income to own dozens of FN SCAR and purchase 556 or 762 NATO by the barrels, what ammo shortage? Southwest Airlines tell your pilots to stop insulting members of military who chose to live in the bay area of San Jose. The enemy are the communists: Bernie, the squad, China, Russia. Get it ?

  63. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the FO actually had the mike deliberately keyed so that the world could hear what moronic crap s/he had to deal with with that bozo. Must be a real fun ride at cruising altitude.
    Also have to wonder about cappy’s EtOH content.
    And other capt, seriously?? Bern & the squad communists?? Still on the corporate funding teat?

  64. The unhinged rant is one issue. Calls into question their mental fitness and cognitive abilities.
    Is this the Captain or FO? At what part of the flight were they?
    This may be a Sterile Flight Deck violation. I take this very seriously, on account of personal connection to Flight 3407. If so, then clip their wings and make sure they don’t even get to drive the baggage cart.

  65. @Dan777 LMAO I didn’t know disliking and critiquing a problematic, washed up celebrity is more hateful than promoting slavery and bigotry.

  66. @Erik

    I didn’t say it was MORE hateful…. but in that you just admitted that you are displaying hate (just less so apparently and towards the correct things so it’s ok) and from your previous post as easily triggered as this deplorable captain. It’s time for you to stop feeding into the hate and blaming your hate on the other side, because your type of hate is “just a critique”.

    Being triggered by Dolly Parton and Marsha Blackburn is just as mentally unhealthy as those triggered by Pelosi and Cardi B.

    Bottom line I respect your point of view, but the more emotion you put into it the more you loose normal middle of the road people.

  67. Pilot should have his license pulled. Does not sound like a stable individual and I wouldn’t want to be on a plane being flown by a pilot like this.

  68. Dan777- I would not have said anything to any pilots while waiting to depart. They can get you booted off of your flight. If Captain Grand Wizard and his sidekick are talking about “shooting” human beings are they not above then saying Ed threatened the flight??? Any flight? Committed a potential felony? It’s a dangerous situation. No I would have gotten out of there. Tried to find a way to report the incident to FAA or someone without reprisals.

  69. Pilot says “1243 ready ta go”, not “1043”. There’s an Alaska flight 1243 SFO-SEA. Believe that’s our Hundai hatin’, Big Truck lovin’ boy. His accent is definitely Texan (shock!), and I’m guessing he’s the captain, unless both Cap. and FO are on exactly the same political/vehicle/gun wavelength and have flown together a lot.

  70. @Lisa,

    Obviously you didn’t read my comments without a confirmation bias…. I in no way defended the Captain.

  71. I hear a lot of sarcasm in the tone of the person speaking. And the comments being made seem to be taking this audio at face value. To me, this sounds like someone mocking rednecks who don’t like the Bay Area; it could even be self deprecating humor. I wouldn’t be shocked if it is revealed that the SWA pilot was from the Bay Area and drove a Hyundai. Think about it.

  72. The funny thing is that these right wing extremists hate all the places that are producing ALL of the technology, all of the scientific and medical breakthroughs and who make the biggest contributions to GDP. Red states are net receivers of government aid, blue states are net payers. So you tell me, who’s carrying the load for this country? We have to clean up mess after mess for these people (anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, science and democracy haters, racists). All of it costs those of us who are well informed and hard working. We have to pay more for everything and defend society against problems made up by these people. Fairy tales. Hallucinations. We now have a country of totally unhinged whack jobs on one side and people who want a functioning society and government on the other. And the unhinged whack jobs contribute nothing while the rest of us make society and the economy run. Completely worthless. All we do is change their diapers and wipe their asses.

  73. Who’s full of hate now Andre? Without red states you would have empty dinner plates and no natural resources (I am sorry your ilk is fine with making things with your tech in China which pollutes and abuses human rights.). Also most of the US military is from red states and politically more conservative.

    You keep “whipping the butts of red states” and the red states will provide food, protection, and resources to your blue state utopias.

    ALL tech is blue state? Untrue. Man sounds like you need to be an airline pilot so you can get a stuck mike yourself. Hahah

  74. This is clearly Southwest Flight 531 no doubt at all, why is that? It is the same voice responding to tower’s radio calls. In fact this is indeed a safety of flight issue. For one, the pilot starts babbling not realizing he’s broadcasting his rant. Then the tower announces somebody is broadcasting on tower frequency but the raging Southwest pilot doesn’t hear it precisely because he is babbling. Most importantly, he is blocking and disrupting other important communication as he transmits on TOWER’s frequency. Finally, most people don’t listen to the entire recording, if you did you would realize that this same dolt, was having problems because when he is told to contact departure frequency—an act that should take seconds he instead takes 30 seconds but goofs up the radio panel because he broadcasts again on TOWER thinking he’s changed the channel to departure. LOL! What a completely unprofessional and distracted pilot, he deserves to be grounded to learn his radios and communication rules.

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