Oman Air Schedules New First Class Launch For July 1, 2018

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This summer Oman Air plans to take delivery of two Boeing 787-9 aircraft featuring a first class cabin. Up until now the airline doesn’t have first class on any of their 787s, but rather only select A330s have first class (on the plus side, their 787s have an excellent business class). The most exciting thing is that Oman Air is expected to introduce an all new cabin, which should be a significant improvement over their current first class.

Oman Air’s old first class, per a guest report from John

So far the only thing we know about Oman Air’s new first class is that they’ll have suites with doors, and that they’ll have eight seats in the cabin (and 24 seats in business class, rather than the 30 seats they have on their other 787-9s). While we still don’t know what the new first class will look like, Oman Air has now scheduled their first route with a 787-9 featuring first class. Specifically, per a schedule change noted by @airlinerouteOman Air plans to offer their new first class between Muscat and London as of July 1, 2018. The following frequency will feature the 787-9 with first class (Oman Air flies between the airports twice daily):

WY101 Muscat to London departing 2:25PM arriving 7:10PM
WY102 London to Muscat departing 8:50PM arriving 7:20AM (+1 day)

Prior to this date the airline is using an A330 on the route, featuring six first class seats:

On subsequent dates the seatmap shows the new 787-9 cabin:

I definitely want to try Oman Air’s new first class, given that they’re one of only two airlines that I haven’t yet flown (or am scheduled to fly) in first class.

Oman Air primarily offers first class to London and Kuala Lumpur, and my original plan to try Oman Air first class was to book a ticket from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur, as a one-way first class ticket retails for ~$1,560.

I’m not surprised to see Oman Air first offer their new first class to London, and my guess is that they’ll end up flying both of the 787-9s with first class between Muscat and London. Unfortunately I can’t find any good Oman Air first class fares to London (if anyone knows of any, please let me know), and there’s not a good way to redeem miles for Oman Air first class, so figuring this out will be an adventure.

Regardless, if you’re also interested in Oman Air first class and money is no object, then book your ticket for the route after July 1. However, personally I wouldn’t necessarily count on this schedule sticking — this remains highly subject to change, given that we’re talking about a newly delivered aircraft with a seat that presumably hasn’t yet been certified.

  1. Lucky, this is perfect. I’ve been looking at doing a points flight to London. Then on to Muscat and Zanzibar in Paid F or J. I’m taking the Mrs. on this flight, but sounds like a good getaway opportunity for you and Ford this summer too.

  2. First Class on the 787-9 from CMB to LHR on Oman Air are going for around 3400 USD one way, BKK to LHR for 3200 USD one way, and GOI to LHR goes for around 2800 USD one way. I don’t think those are fantastic fares but is as good as it gets on Oman Air

  3. @Lucky I found some relatively good deals for Oman air first

    My favorite that I saw was Kuwait-London $2,800 one way(my personal choice as it would allow you to knock off the last two airlines you need to book) its not insanely cheap but cheaper than anything else I’ve seen

    I’m seeing Bangkok-Kuwait from $2,000 on Kuwait airlines in new 777-300 ER suite.

    So both combined would be about $4,800 not your cheapest trip ever but I don’t see either dropping in price much below those prices.

    I hopes this helps and also will give you the ability to book the two into one trip to finish up your first class products and also gives you a great way to do a head to head comparison. If you do end up booking this congratulations on finally booking all first class products.

  4. Hey Lucky, what tool do you use to generate these itineraries and cost estimates? Is there a specific tool you use to find these fares?

  5. @lucky – here’s an option for you for $1843:

    1 WY 324J 16JUL KHIMCT SS1 1205P 100P * MO – Business
    2 WY 101F 16JUL MCTLHR SS1 225P 710P * MO – First
    3 WY 104N 23JUL LHRMCT SS1 825A 700P * MO – Economy
    4 WY 325N 23JUL MCTKHI SS1 800P 1045P * MO – Economy

    LONKHI84.83Q LONKHI5.00 124.71NVERTPK NUC1290.72END
    FARE PKR 136940 EQU USD 1241.00 TAX 108.80PB TAX 90.70RG TAX
    27.20SP TAX 10.10XZ TAX 10.10YD TAX 5.20I2 TAX 5.20OM TAX
    108.60GB TAX 62.50UB TAX 174.10YQ TOT USD 1843.50

    and it’s up to you whether you use the return in Economy 🙂

  6. @Janis, that’s a great fare! I’ve done something similar from KTM – more realistic place to be based in, and the fare is more or less the same as ex-KHI.

    1 WY 332 J 06JUL 5*KTMMCT DK1 0930 1205 06JUL E 0 738 M
    2 WY 101 F 06JUL 5*MCTLHR DK1 1425 1910 06JUL E 0 789 LD
    3 WY 104 N 16JUL 1*LHRMCT DK1 0825 1900 16JUL E 0 789 BL
    4 WY 331 N 17JUL 2*MCTKTM DK1 0220 0800 17JUL E 0 738 M

    The fare comes to NPR 195,000 or roughly USD 1,900.

  7. Hi Lucky – I’ve cross-posted on the Oman Air first class review by John also, but I’m very curious about how the airline responded to the complaints. It’ll be great if he could share us the details!

  8. @Mike S. – I’m a travel agent so I get access to GDS. Since it’s difficult to mix first and economy using online tools you can ask a travel agent or airline office to do it manually.

  9. Lucky, great deal for Oman Air first class. Until April 10 they are offering 2 for 1 price for to/from Europe and could work out pretty decent if you’re travelling with a companion. After July 1, apart from 789s offered for LHR route, old 333s with F will fly FRA&MUC. You can do an open-jaw to try out both. Ex-KTM seems to work out the best i.e. KTM-XMCT-LHR/FRA-XMCT-KTM costs NPR 327,698 or roughly USD 3,150 for 2 on WY website, so that’s USD 1,575 each in return F (C for KTM-MCT-KTM).

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