My Experience Flying Oman Air’s Brand New 787-9 First Class

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After enjoying Oman Air’s excellent new first class lounge in Muscat, it was time to make the seven hour flight to London in Oman Air’s brand new first class. This was the plane’s first ever commercial flight, as the plane had been flown over from the Boeing factory just a couple of days prior.

While Oman Air already has 787-9s, this is the first one with first class – the only other plane they have with first class are select A330-300s, and those planes will all eventually be reconfigured without first class. So this is the future of Oman Air first class, as they’ll have two 787-9s with this configuration that will fly exclusively to London.

Oman Air’s 787-9 first class cabin has eight seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The cabin is super sleek. The suites aren’t as spacious as some of the other cutting edge ones out there, but the 787 is a smaller plane, so that’s to be expected. I do think this is the nicest first class offered on any 787.

In particular, I loved the attention to detail with the design finishes. The design was unique, and all the finishes felt high end and thoughtful to me.

Even though this was a daytime flight, I was offered an amenity kit and pajamas, both of which I thought were quite nice.

The soft product on Oman Air was excellent as well. There was an extensive dine on demand menu, and a great drink selection as well. For example, Oman Air serves both Cristal and Grand Siecle champagne in first class – damn! I’d say after Singapore Airlines (which serves Dom and Krug), that’s the next best champagne selection of any airline

For the main meal I selected caviar to start, which was one of the nicest caviar presentations I’ve seen on any airline.

For my next course I selected soup – specifically, a traditional lentil soup with pita bread croutons.

For my main course I had the baked kingfish with lobster jus.

Lastly, for dessert I had a sampler.

The meal was excellent, and I was impressed by the presentation and quality of all the food.

However, I have to note that while the service was extremely well intentioned, they clearly still have some kinks to work out. The first class cabin was full (including the CEO being seated across from me), so I get that they were busy. However, service was really, really slow, and a bit disorganized.

The crew was apologetic about it and I can’t fault them since clearly this was a new setup for them. When I walked to the galley towards the end of the flight I noticed it looked like a war zone based on the number of dishes everywhere.

The meal service ended up taking over three hours, and then afterwards I decided to take a nap. Oman Air’s new first class features suites with doors, and the bed was very comfortable. I think they still had the bedding from the old seat, though, since it didn’t cover the entire seat.

Shortly before landing I had some afternoon tea, and we were in London far too soon. The flight was too quick to enjoy this great product.

Bottom line

It was so cool to be on the inaugural Oman Air flight with the new first class. Overall the product impressed me. The first class suites are not only comfortable, but also wonderfully appointed.

The service was well intentioned and friendly, though clearly there are still some things they need to work out with the new product. I imagine this will solve itself pretty soon, and I also suspect that in reality the cabin will rarely be completely full, so I would have probably had a different experience if there were only a couple of passengers.

I’m also excited because Oman Air was the second to last airline I hadn’t flown in first class – now I just have to still fly Kuwait Airways first class.

How does this compare to what you were expecting from Oman Air’s new first class?

  1. Lucky: how did you book Oman Air? Was it a cheap F ticket or did you use miles (somehow)?

  2. How would you compare this to EY F in the 787? I understand you think this is the best first class on any 787, but does Oman’s hard and soft products far surpass Etihad’s on the same plane?

  3. @ Elgin H. — It seemed to me like Oman Air’s first class seats on the 787 were more spacious than Etihad’s. However, I’ve only walked past Etihad’s 787 seats, and haven’t actually flown in them.

  4. “The design was unique, and all the finishes felt high and thoughtful end to me.”

    High and thoughtful end? Thoughtful and high-end maybe?

  5. Lucky, would you try the F Class on the A330-300? You might do with a comparison like the one you did with TAAG Angola.

  6. “I do think this is the nicest first class”
    “that’s the next best champagne selection”
    “one of the nicest caviar presentations”

    Why is everything always the nicest/best in your reviews? For me as a reader, it’s a bit of weird to read the same words in every review.

  7. Was this the 10 picture mini view labeled a different way or the full and final review? Disappointed not to see menus, lavs, etc if it’s the full review.

  8. @Quinten

    Lucky uses a pre-written template when writing his reviews. He will change the flight details and change a thing here and there to make it more specific for his journey…but yes a lot of copy and paste.

    I await the mandatory bitchy follow up post from Lucky complaining about Heathrow or London or UK….

  9. Lucky –
    Why do you fly airlines that represent countries who hate/will jail anyone who is homosexual?
    Are you hoping to change their attitude?

  10. @Lucky – thanks for the link.
    I accept/understand your approach.

    I’m a person who will not tolerate inequality in any way…so travel destinations/airlines/hotel chains etc. become incredibly limited.

    My belief is that if we/people don’t share the same core/fundamental values, morals, ethics, decency & care as humans then we’re pretty much “f&@ked”.

    Thanks and happy, safe travels 🙂

  11. @ LMcK — I respect your approach, but I’m curious, how many places does that leave you with? I’m scratching my head trying to think of places that don’t “tolerate inequality in any way.”

  12. @ Lucky – exactly!
    As a well-seasoned traveller you can count the locations very quickly!

    It’s hard to have this approach and as a Kiwi, and someone who grew up in western Europe, it’s often limiting…sadly.
    So many wonderful locations to discover, experiences to be had, people to learn from….and, yet, I have this approach…

    Keep on enjoying!

  13. @ Lucky re: “I’m scratching my head…”
    Here’s the thing: you can visit all corners of the Earth if you want to (and you should!), but if you are spending your money on airlines that are run, owned, or bankrolled by governments that are hostile and dangerous to the LGBTQ Community, you are complicit in their subjugation of the LGBTQ Community. As a Western white man who at times claims to care about equity and inclusion, your continued patronage and celebration of airlines like Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, and others is hypocritical – you can claim all you want that you do it for your audience, but you have to be completely delusional not to know that while you’re up there at 40,000 feet, sipping your Krug, eating your caviar, and getting ready for your 5 minute shower in the sky, gay, lesbian, and trans folks in the UAE, Qatar, and other countries are being executed because they don’t have the same freedoms you do.
    But, like LMcK said, keeping on enjoying!

  14. Recently I read a post in another blog where the lady stated she won’t go to a concert if they don’t share the same political beliefs. My reply was I am a libertarian so if I followed that logic, I would only see Kurt Russell movies. If we only go to places where our kind is welcome with open arms, we would be limiting ourselves. My wife and I aren’t the same race and we have had our share of looks. (especially in first class) In all our travels, we only walked out of a place once because we got the vibe we aren’t welcome. Only by interacting with others especially those that disagree with our lifestyles/decisions will this planet become a better place. Respect others and most people will respect you.

  15. Would it be possible to fly the reverse itinerary, that is LHR-MCT-CAI for the same, or similar, cash price? And would it be too naughty to not fly the last sector? Any opinions on that?

  16. @Montgomery Curruthers – don’t be a douche..
    @N – please leave.
    @Ralph4878 – you must vote Trump… Been to Slovenia? Because you sound like it. And it’s not a good thing.

  17. @dan – Race and sexual orientation aren’t the same thing and as a white man, I would never equate the two. Walking through the world in white skin, I am aware of the privilege I have and the safety it affords me all over the world. I’d thus respectfully ask that you think about the privilege you have as straight man, and I’d encourage you to think about how it might feel to visit a country where straight people were executed for being straight…how might that feel? Would you feel safe? Would you feel secure? Would you feel respected?

    There are many, many, many other places on the Earth for folks to visit that respect and embrace the humanity in all of us. And there are many, many, many other airlines that are not run by governments that execute LGBTQ individuals. This isn’t about “respect” – it’s about making a statement that one will not support subjugation and discrimination of other human beings.

  18. Great review, Ben. I think that Cristal and Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle is actually just as good a champagne selection as SQ’s (admittedly impressive) Krug/Dom combo. The thing is, Dom is too subtle to be great on a plane, so SQ might as well just serve only Krug.

    How was the rest of Oman Air’s wine list? Or is that coming in a full writeup? I’m excited to try them for the first time (in business, KUL-MCT-ZRH) in a month’s time. First Apex Suite experience too…

  19. Dan, why should we respect governments and countries, in particular, muslim ones, that execute people? You do realise that women are executed for being raped? If you say anything against the government, you are executed. If you demand equal rights as others, you are executed. Ben is funding this by flying these airlines.

    Niklas, you have absolutely no idea how lucky you are to live outside the middle east.

  20. @LMcK and @Ralph4878

    Millions more unborn children are executed with the full approval of the state in the liberal West than are homosexual criminals under Shariah. What about the children? Or the billions of animals cultivated, tortured and killed to satisfy your gluttonous appetites?

    Enough with the virtue signalling. Of course you fail to see the arrogance in stating that you are privileged to be a white male. You also fail to see how complicit you are in all the things you claim you will not tolerate.

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