Notorious Delta Flight Attendant “Leaves” Company

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There has been a lot of chatter at Delta Air Lines the past few days about one particular flight attendant, who is now no longer with the company.

Delta’s award-winning, anti-union flight attendant

Kevin Jennings was a senior Delta Air Lines flight attendant who on the surface you’d think the airline would really like.

In 2019 she was one of the winners of Delta’s “Chairman’s Club Award,” which is Delta’s most prestigious peer-to-peer employee recognition program. As it’s described, this is intended to:

“Honor women and men across the company’s worldwide operation who embody reliability, innovation, thoughtfulness and servant leadership and who demonstrate the highest standards of service to customers, coworkers and the communities Delta serves.”

Jennings has also been vehemently anti-union. Delta is the only major US airline where flight attendants aren’t unionized, and Delta management has done everything to keep it that way. There are once again new efforts to unionize Delta flight attendants. Jennings has supported management’s position throughout all of this, and has been extremely vocal.

As you might expect, this has divided Delta employees, with some agreeing with her stance, and others strongly disagreeing.

Some controversial social media posts…

Union efforts at Delta aside, Jennings has received increased scrutiny for her social media posts, especially in recent weeks. AJC notes some of the recent social media posts she has made.

Jennings used the Twitter handle @kevintheflygirl, and has made quite some controversial comments.

For example, in response to a Tweet about ANTIFA, she said:

“I see plenty of scrawny black anarchists out there too. And none of them are social distancing or really wearing masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. I have numerous white friends who live on Lake Street in MSP, BTW, it’s their neighborhood too.”

In response to a Tweet about Trump’s Tweet about Baltimore, she said:

“I’m not black, I’m white, and I saw a rat running along my back fence…I’m just saying :)”

In response to a Tweet claiming that black lives only matter to black people when a white person kills one of them, she responded:

“This is the part I agree with and don’t understand.”

Her controversial Tweets are nothing new. In 2017 she was Tweeting about NFL players “taking a knee.”

This flight attendant has now “left” Delta

Jennings is no longer at Delta, as of this week. In a statement, a Delta Spokesperson said the following:

“We have zero tolerance for racism, bigotry and hateful acts. The employee no longer works at Delta.”

However, the company has refused to confirm whether Jennings quit, was fired, or took an early retirement package, which the company had been offering. Jennings herself also refused to provide a comment.

Bottom line

Jennings has been a well known Delta flight attendant, both for her anti-union efforts, and for her social media posts. On the one hand, I’m sure management loved her advocating for them when it came to unionizing, since this is something the company has put a lot of effort into. She has even won awards for being an employee who “embodies Delta values.”

It would appear that in light of the current environment her social media posts received more scrutiny. She’s no longer a Delta flight attendant, though we don’t know if she was fired, quit, or just took an early-out package.

Many airlines have warned employees regarding social media use, and to exercise good judgment and avoid controversy, even in private online settings. I think it’s fair to say that she wasn’t doing that…

  1. So much for freedom of speech.

    In 2020, 1st amendment gets you fired. 2nd amendment gets you shot. No amendment gives you protection from these amendments.

    So much freedom, we are so free, we can’t regulate and defend our nation from tiny microbes called COVID-19.

    The cost of freedom is starting to too expensive.

  2. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the government can regulate private businesses. It just means you cannot face civil or criminal penalties on account of your speech. Other citizens and businesses can still choose not to associate with you.

  3. Holy cow! Some of these very first comments are really hateful. Are you all hearing the message?

    Too many people misunderstand freedom of speech. It means the government can’t throw you in jail for what you say. There has never been any rule of law that says you can’t be fired for saying hateful things. In fact, the law is clear that when you are an employee out front, you represent the employer in everything you do.

  4. @Randall & @Ray I need you to be a little more woke here, this systemic name shaming is indicative of the problems in this Country… ; )

  5. I love all these right-wing types who brandish their well worn pocket constitutions while bleating about their free speech rights.

    If you actually read that thing, sweetie, you’d know what has been mentioned above. Free speech doesn’t apply to private organizations. They have every right, especially if there isn’t a union contract, to protect their reputation from folks like Kevin.

  6. Back in the day a disgruntled FA would curse everyone out on the PA , grab a liquor mini, and shoot down the raft slide. Nowadays it’s a girl named Kevin posting online.

    People are losing their jobs across America for disagreeing with BLM or being openly Republican. This is the age we live in. Agree with me or you’re racist. Agree with me or you’re fired. Agree with me or I will become violent.

    I am going to down a nice bottle of champagne when President Trump is re elected in November. This behavior will not be rewarded.

  7. @D3Kingg:

    Funny is that it’s usually Republicans that will trot out the good ol’ “If you don’t like it, work somewhere else” line when it’s some bigoted, pro-Conservative agenda being pushed and someone more liberal takes a stand. Yet you and your uninformed ilk expect something completely different when a private enterprise (remember how you’re all about small government and laissez fairs…?) decides that they have non-bigoted morals and dismisses some racist who’s values don’t align. Where’s your “work somewhere else” chant now? Should “big government” get involved? Can’t have it both ways, Bubba.

    Or, maybe you and some friends can pick up your Confederate flags and tiki torches and hold some sort of rally in protest. Don’t forget your hoods, though!

  8. Folks free speech protects you from the govt, not others being offended by your speech and taking action.

    In most european countries, insults and name calling are illegal and you can go to jail. Saw a vid of a man in germany call a cop a name and get arrested in his own home.

    This FA is disgusting and the fact that she wins peer awards is troubling imo. I remember reading an article the first black FA at delta wrote, and she talked about how white FAs based in the south would look down on her, get incensed when they brushed hands. Delta has a serious race problem and ed basterd needs to do something more!

  9. I don’t understand the need to jab at her name.
    Yes, it’s Kevin.
    I don’t believe she picked it herself.
    Surely you men have other points with her messages to address.
    Or maybe not.
    I understand travel is not where it once was but this site is really having difficult keeping up with the change.

  10. @Eskimo: Freedom of speech is a protection from the *government* censoring you. This says nothing about *your employer* censoring you. As usual, the private sector is well ahead of the public sector when it comes to this sort of thing. {cough}

    @Jan: Twitter is fantastic for news junkies. The ability to aggregate newspapers from around the world is unparalleled, as is the ability to follow people, as Doc Searls puts it, “formerly known as sources.” That is, experts in all kinds of fields who journalists quote, you can usually find on Twitter and read them unmediated. Some find this valuable. If not, then not. {shrug}

  11. Ben and others on this blog:
    You would think by now that most people would understand that the first amendment applies in part to suppression of speech by the government. It does not apply to private companies especially those companies that employ people who job it is to interact with the public. A company can be concerned about an employee that takes very controversial stands and how that impacts the interaction between the employee and the public.

  12. @Neil, I feel this has been pointed out numerous times to the author but he keeps making the statement because it feeds his base. Also clicks!

  13. She didn’t post anything that was particularly offensive. Still, social media is dangerous. And yes, this conservative does concur that your first amendment rights end when you go to work. Which is why the Kapernick thing has drawn ire from our side; because we know if we took a conservative stance at our workplaces we would be fired.

    That said, was she at work when she posted this stuff? Is Delta listed as her employer in her profile? The line between what’s at the workplace and what isn’t seems to be getting awfully blurry. And being fired over an 11 year old tweet when you’ve only worked for your employer for 2 years is utter BS. Yet that’s happening too. The guillotines are out folks. Be careful.

  14. Emily states:
    @Neil, I feel this has been pointed out numerous times to the author but he keeps making the statement because it feeds his base. Also clicks!

    @Emily: If by author you mean Ben, the guy that wrote the post, please note that Ben did not mention freedom of speech at all. It was brought up by the second commenter. You owe Ben an apology for misrepresenting his intentions.

  15. Delta paid her to stop saying anything, that’s why she refused to comment.
    She didn’t make those comments onboard or in the airport, and that’s part of her personal life.
    Lucky should stop name calling. It only shows your extremely left leaning.

  16. “Other citizens and businesses can still choose not to associate with you.”

    Exactly. Setting aside employment law, the two leading cases establishing a First Amendment right of “expressive association,” i.e., the right of a private group to define its members, were brought by conservatives: a St Patrick’s Day march association that wanted to exclude a gay entry, and the Boy Scouts who at the time still wanted to exclude gay Scouts and leaders.

    Oh, also, odds are decent that a union contract would have protected the speech of this F/A from being a firing offense.

    So, things come around.

  17. I think this is worth repeating because the MAGA tribe just don’t get it:

    Freedom of speech does *NOT* mean freedom of consequence!

  18. The one woman who needs a union to help get her job back isn’t there because she fought it. Delta FAs are going to unionize after the COVID fiasco. They saw they had zero protection and only benefited from CARES because unions fought for it. If Delta was union, she would’ve got her job back but Delta can fire anyone, any time, for anything. Obviously she was the perfect anti-union employee but without the union, Delta stabbed her in the back and threw her under the bus if she was indeed fired. I personally find her tweets ugly and I’m sure there are more not to mention her comments at work. But freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have freedom from consequences and with no union you have no recourse.

  19. The kind of post and the resulting comments are a good case study as to why American civilization is on the decline.

  20. Democrats (The so-called “Party of Diversity”) used to be for free speech. Those days are gone. Those of you cheering on and tolerating this modern day McCarthyism will someday become one of its victims. Expect zero sympathy.

  21. I hate to see an anti union voice go. If the union gets their way delta will end up with a bunch of worthless cranky lazies like AA. Unions equal the end of people caring about doing a good job.

  22. People like D3Kingg know they’re destined for the relevancy trash heap. It’s only fitting they chose somebody like Trump as their last great savior.

    You guys worship free enterprise until it suddenly means you can’t be an obnoxious racist twit in public. Then suddenly you can’t ask for enough government intervention. Pick a damn lane.

  23. Who’s disconnected from reality? Three years into his administration and we’re at somewhere between 16-20% unemployment. Protests and riots from Boston to Boise. The rest of the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic while we’re seeing a second spike.

    BS culture wars aren’t going to save your bacon this time around.

  24. In the US people assume freedom of speech is the right to speak hatred And Cahoime or Keeva is the feminine of Kevin

  25. @Emily
    No I do not represent him and WhoTF are you to tell me to “please stand down”.

    BTW that is a rhetorical question, if you know what that means

  26. Re Creditian: This Lucky’s Blog and he has the right, indeed responsibility, to post as he sees fit. To paraphrase your tribe: if you don’t like, go somewhere else. Happy now?

  27. These comments are a good indicator of the downward spiral America is on. Thank goodness for dual citizenship.

  28. So much irony (and so much ignorance) on display above. As I’ve said before, Lucky, your blog has become a magnet for the Trumpists and Putin’s other minions, and it sure seems likely you have been designated as a target for them. That’s only going to escalate, and you should not ignore it.

    An awkward and inconvenient point:

    “Many airlines have warned employees regarding social media use, and to exercise good judgment and avoid controversy, even in private online settings.”

    Indeed, airlines like Cathay Pacific. Which many of us have groused about. Yes, CX has (perhaps reluctantly) fired employees and even senior management because the government censors in Beijing told them they had to. In this case, it’s a private company acting as the Stalinists. That certainly means it’s not a First Amendment issue (as pointed out above). But I’m not sure it’s a laudable thing to gag current or fired employees, even if their social media rantings are hate-filled.

    No doubt “Kevin” was shut-up with a large wad of cash (severance payout contingent on sticking to an NDA). As we’ve seen with Trump’s countless sexual assault victims, NDAs are routinely used to cover up all sorts of sins. Not a good look for Delta or any corporation (but they all do that) so I would argue they’re not exactly occupying all the moral high ground for sending Kevin packing.

  29. It’s pointless to argue with Trump supporters as all their posturing is done in bad faith. Any evidence that doesn’t re-enforce their world view is automatically biased or fake. Free speech only applies to them, but not anyone else. If the government shoots tear gas in the face of a peaceful protester, that’s somehow not an attack on free speech, but if a private corporation fires someone for being a vile racist, all of a sudden the constitution is the most important document in the world. By engaging in any type of argument with them you are just wasting your time. To them, the arguing is the point. The cruelty is the point. Hurting people, taking away their rights is the point, as long as they aren’t white or they’re liberals. The world is evolving beyond their narrow views and it scares them. They can yell all they want on any comment section that won’t moderate them, but in the end, they will lose, because there are more good people in the world.

  30. As we get further into Prez Biden’s term Jan onward, we will look back at 2016-2020 as a true low period in US history. He can be a true healer and uniter.

    Thankfully the racists and xenophobia and grifters, even if they will still be carnival barkers, will no longer have the power.

  31. @Jordan – +1. I’ve really gotta find a seconds passport somehow before the tanks roll in January.

    Hmmm, a little bit of quick Googling and I see they’re offering a COVID special on Saint Kitts and Nevis passports for just 150K through the end of October. Very tempting.

    I wonder if I could pay with Chase Ultimate Rewards points…

  32. To the people that say she didn’t post anything particularly offensive.

    I’m sorry that you’re cowardly pieces of garbage. Hope you’re able to get better.

  33. Here we go with the freedom of speech crap. As others have pointed out, it’s not okay to make remarks like she did during this sensitive time. If you haven’t noticed, many have lost their jobs because of it.

    What is not mentioned in this article, is that Ed Bastian was asking Delta employees to let him know if they have any issues with racism or discrimination. From what I saw online, this Flight attendant was offending many at Delta
    and they worked together by calling and sending letters in to get her fired.

    In another forum, it’s mentioned her name is not in the directory and her workplace has been deactivated so it appears she has been fired. It’s not uncommon for many senior flights attendants to be kind in front of passengers, but absolutely nasty to crew. Moments like this need to keep happening in my opinion so they can get rid of the offensive people who are asking to be terminated.

  34. Good Riddance to this so called Inflight Super Star. Delta did the Right Thing by showing Her The Door….She was Toxic and bound to spiel Her Inbred Garbage and Hate across the Network. And If She had a Track Record for previous behaviors, the Managers that Nominated Her for the Award need to Called Out as well. This Nonsense needs to End EVERYWHERE.

  35. Freedom of speech = freedom from prosecution for saying things that make people realize you’re an asshat and get you fired. The first amendment lets people show their true colors.

    What’s the over under for number of weeks until United or American hire Kevin and make a big show of it?

  36. 1. Lots of people don’t understand that the 1st Amendment protects your speech from the government, and not the consequences of your speech from your employer.

    2. Sounds like this FA could have benefited from some kind of protection, like, maybe collectively? Where your peers have your back with some kind of universal agreement that protects your job.

  37. @UA-NYC

    The intellectually superior will always prevail. This may not necessarily be the groups for which you advocate.

  38. Hey… I would guess that Delta and Kevin decided to part ways for this;
    “I see plenty of scrawny black anarchists out there…”
    If you wish to be unemployed, seems like a good way to go. For minimum, this would ensure a trip to HR…. ANYWHERE.
    Now, given the tone of this former customer service (public facing employee) social media posts, I am pretty sure that I would, at first conversation, suggest that social media posts with that tone were going to lead to a career change. The handedness of it (Right, Left) is irrelevant. It sounds bad, and will FFS offend someone who is a customer, or likely to be, a customer of my airline. Since I own Delta stock (a bargain), I think this was a good decision to part ways. Did they given Kevin a good severance deal, yeah probably.

    With respect to “Freedom” issues, and “politics” – R U kidding? This is a customer service business. If you offend customers – buh bye. Pretty simple. The border between Cutsey and cutting your own throat can escape some peoples grasps, especially when they get all inflated in their thoughts about how important they are (number of likes or re-tweets).

    Also, a little clarity here – of COURSE Delta would encourage an employee who is anti-union. Duh. When that same employee drags in divisive personal politics on BML or racial issues, do you really expect that ANY company wants that liability and PR disaster??? This was not a FOX news talk show/reality show/opinion show host, this was a customer service rep. Apparently one that could not keep straight where the boundary conditions lie. You have to be completely unsmart to miss what the (correct) inevitable outcome was.

  39. I am a 50 year Delta flight attendant and I must admit – the first time I heard the ‘Notorious Delta Flight Attendant’s name’ was when I read this article. I am not based in MSP but with such a reputation you would think she would be a bit more ‘Notorious’. I have always been grateful Delta flight attendants were not unionized. That was actually one of the reasons I opted to join Delta. I have always been and remain proud I work for Delta.

    I do not see the point of posting my life on social media. I view selfies are a way to prove something I say but for those that do not believe me – to me they do not matter so why bother – so I do not bother. And I certainly do not take photos of food. Food is a necessity for survival. Food can be pleasant to create and enjoyable to consume. (Nor do I take pix of my feet or teeth or jewelry, etc. The fact that I know I have something is enough for me.) But for some that seems to be their focus. So be it. To each their own.

    My goal here is not to ‘stir the muck’. I am simply emphasizing the diversity among humans. The world would be boring if everyone was exactly the same. Be kind or just be ……

  40. @Wade – funny how your posts keep slipping through even though I’m pretty sure you have been banned multiple times from OMAAT. Take it to 4Chan.

  41. It’s quite interesting where being a racist will take you. All around the world, apparently, and then fired. No sympathy whatsoever for a union-bashing hateful girl like her.

  42. We’ll never solve this problem. The reality is that private businesses can fire you for whatever reason they want, and with at-will employment, they don’t even have to state the reason. You’re fired because we say so, and we don’t have to have a reason. This means that they can even fire you for an unconstitutional reason, like because of your race. As long as the company doesn’t say anything, they can get away with it. Same with speech, even if it were protected speech, they can fire you, as long as they do not connect the two, and you have no way of proving it. Same with if your boss sees you protesting on TV. They can fire you tomorrow. As long as they don’t say that it’s because they saw you on TV protesting, they can simply say, “you’re fired”. If you ask why, they can say, “cuz.” And they can easily get away with it.

    There’s no way to protect people from being fired for what they say in social media. Everyone uses social media at their own risk. Lesson: If you don’t want your employer to judge you for what you post in social media, just don’t use it. Unless we got rid of at-will employment, there’s no solution to this, and even then, it’s questionable.

  43. I’m sure Delta is ok with employees publicly saying they want to discriminate in favor of blacks in hiring, in academic admissions and in buying from black owned businesses. I’m also sure that Delta would have a problem if an employee said he or she wants to discriminate in favor of whites in hiring, in academic admissions and in buying from white owned businesses. When companies say they are against racism they really mean they are against anyone who criticizes blacks, gays or some other minority (even if the criticism is factual and truthful). But they are perfectly fine with people criticizing whites. Wake up America.

  44. Didn’t your mom teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say stay the hell of social media

  45. @Sherry Wallace

    It depends on the “beliefs.” What beliefs specifically are you referring to that you believe are not being tolerated? If one of your beliefs is, say, cannibalism, then you’re going to find it difficult to get along in this society.

  46. She was useful to Delta until she was not. I think that says it all about Delta’s management.

  47. what @Sherry Wallace said…100x over…

    And the defensive borderline threatening tone of the few responses coming for her are a prime example…

  48. I think it’s hilarious that some conservatives believe in “at will employment” but whine that any employer would take exception to whatever they don’t find acceptable.

    And I think it is incredibly ironic that some conservatives complain about someone being fired for saying something unacceptable, but never talk about how you can still be fired in 14 states for being gay or lesbian, regardless of job performance or anything else.

    That isn’t even some position you hold, that is who you ARE. It is an orientation, not a “lifestyle,” opinion, or belief. But the irony of “free speech” vs. equal rights is completely lost on some conservatives. Next time you are baffled about why progressives aren’t sympathetic to your divergent opinion, consider that many people have regularly encountered others who think they don’t even have a right to exist.

    And before you have a melt down, please note that I said “some” conservatives all three times.

  49. Delta is the biggest offender in this matter
    Management cut her a deal by offering her an early retirement package with benefits with the clause she must be keep quiet

    Therefore boycott Delta

  50. The reason she was let go or forced retired is because she posted these comments while posting pictures of herself in uniform. If she would have been more private and not linked herself with the company she could have expressed her controversial views.

  51. Maybe being given a non-ambiguously male first name set her on the path to becoming a bitter & twisted person?

  52. D3Kingg says” People are losing their jobs across America for disagreeing with BLM or being openly Republican. This is the age we live in. Agree with me or you’re racist. Agree with me or you’re fired. Agree with me or I will become violent.”. Excellent analysis! The left which used to pride themselves on tolerance is now acting in the exact opposite manner. Very sad indeed.

  53. When a conservative hears something he finds offensive, they ignore it or argue back. When a “progressive” hears something it (it doesn’t allow gender pronouns anymore) disagrees with, it “demands” that you shut up or be fired.

    Now it is taking this to the next level — it will “demand” you shut up or be fired for simply telling the truth like the FA is doing. Now telling the truth—there are plenty of black anarchists when the majority of looters and rioters are black—is racist. It will “demand” that you shut up or be fired.

    The future that it is trying to build is one where it controls your thoughts. You will be fired and arrested for merely thinking about “racist” thoughts. You are committing thoughtcrime and an army of pronoun-confused trans thought police will be on your way. Some of “its” are already on this site.

    The woke “progressive” is rapidly growing from an annoying gnat to a cancer of the society.

  54. This entire debacle is a conspiracy to undermine our government and to takeover our country and our freedom and the Democrats have fallen into the trap and are leading us down the WRONG path. They are evil and trying to take America down. and laughingly trying to blame it on President Trump who is trying to bring our people together and keep us safe. I could go on for hours but will stop to pray for our country and the President to keep us safe. Gloria

  55. @Jade:

    “It is a felony to violate a federally established executive order. Probably a bad move for your career to have such a blatantly provable transgression on your permanent record.”

    Delusional nonsense.

  56. @Amos is in urgent need of his chakras being realigned !
    Has he been in a car crash recently?

  57. @bobo, dude you need a course in employment law. Employers cannot regulate your private life. In at will states, they can fire without cause but that has its own risks. Please, get educated before you post such ignorance again.

  58. How do you go from trashing Kap on twitter and attacking coworkers on Facebook, out in the open, to winning chairmans club two years later? Seems some “sympathetic” managers need to go down with her. The hell management didn’t know about her racism.

  59. Let’s clear up some things here. There is no private party protection for limiting free speech outside of the workplace. It flat does not exist. An employer can not tell you what you can say or who you can associate with in your free time outside of work hours. Period. Everyone who is claiming otherwise is flat wrong.

  60. It’s absolutely hilarious how the same people who applaud a company’s ability to fire someone for the views they express OFF THE JOB in a non-company forum are the same ones who claimed Colin Kaepernick had a “right” to political expression when he was ON THE JOB, IN UNIFORM, FACING THE PUBLIC.
    Where are the ACLU types defending this flight attendant’s right not to be punished? They’re right there with all the other hypocrites who think free speech concepts only apply if you’re a politically correct liberal.

  61. Hey, Chris Meyers, glad you cleared that up. Now will someone please communicate that concept to COLIN KAEPERNICK?

  62. Anti-hypocrisy: Give me a break. This false equivalency is what is hilarious. If Kaepernick’s employer chose not to take action against him, but Delta did choose to take action against this FA, then that is evidence of corporate “right to free expression” itself. And Kaepernick hasn’t worked in the NFL in years. He knows his personal actions cost him millions of dollars, but some things are more valuable than a job.

    Gloria: Calling half the country (Democrats) “evil” speaks volumes on you, not them.

  63. Apparently anti-hypocrisy doesn’t know the difference between peaceful protest and spewing racist garbage on twitter. Political expression and racism are two entirely different things.

    But if you want to play tit for tat, Kap was let go pretty quickly, little Ms. White Nationalist Kevin was allowed to keep spewing her racism on a twitter page where she was very clear who her employer was.

    So you’re anti-hypocrisy, or not?

  64. @Chris, yes, you’re right, an employer cannot tell you anything or say anything. They can just think it, not say anything out loud, and simply fire you “for no reason.” In that sense, they’re protected and can limit free speech outside the workplace, all covertly, and you’ll never find out.

  65. I’m a Qantas FA born and raised in NYC and have worked for two airlines in the US prior to joining QF 23years ago before moving to Sydney..Hawaiian and UAL respectively and I remember clearly way back in those years hearing of the heinous stories in the aircraft galleys I worked in of the awful behaviours of endemic racism amongst a lot of delta white crew and their company management who tolerated that sort of culture for years..
    I use to think ‘how awful‘ for them and how lucky I was not to fly for delta when I saw with my own eyes some of those Atlanta based crew, the majority white and unlike the airlines I worked for..
    I grew up proudly in NYC in an Italian-American household and feel so blessed to have been instilled in my upbringing with ‘inclusiveness’ of all beings as an equal to myself, period!! Some of you so called ‘crew’ need to look closely in your galley mirrors now that some of you will be eventually returning to domestic flying.. this mindset is your undoing now so give it up!
    So glad to read that your toxic ex-crewmember “Kevin Jennings” is now to be in Delta’s dark history.

  66. I agree One hundred Percent for the “BOYCOTTING OF DELTA AIRLINES” for their history of abhorrent tolerance of cultural racism!

  67. Wade, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I need you to understand something that no one had ever explained to you before! Just because you felt compelled to tell the world that you are Black! We would not have known nor would we have cared! Get over it!
    If Tiffany decided that she found something you said was not appropriate, she could delete it! Your attitude is not only offensive it is obnoxious! It would not be because of the color of your skin! All lives matter Wade, even blacks.
    Do I now need to explain what you can do with your threat?
    Have a great day!

  68. Disagree with Critical Social Justice ideology = racism and bigotry?

    Of course, Delta can insist that it’s employees adhere to its social media policy, just like I can freely state that Delta’s pathetically gutless and cowardly capitulation to the Stalinist authoritarianism of the SJWs is a putrid disgrace.

  69. Why is everyone getting political. This is how I view any speech. I may not agree with what you say but I respect your right to say it. My stance on taking a knee It doesn’t matter how I feel as long as its not prohibited by your contract I support your decision to take a knee. It doesn’t mean that you are free from consequences.

  70. @ Wade — Stop. I’m all for constructive feedback, and am happy to host reasonable debate here, but you’ve been repeatedly out of line. And threatening my team for doing their jobs? C’mon.

  71. Having worked with her for years….and had many run-ins with her on social media over her racist, bigoted, homophobic posts and opinions …it’s something that should have happened years ago….She chose to identify herself as a Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant on her personal Twitter page, in uniform….Freedom of speech or not….it comes with consequences. See Exhibit 1, Kevin Lee Jennings. (Btw…she was based in SAN, not MSP)

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