American Airlines Staff Can Now Wear Black Lives Matter Pins

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I feel like this might be the latest source of controversy on planes, for all the wrong reasons.

American Airlines now allowing BLM uniform pins

American Airlines has announced internally that employees can wear Black Lives Matter (BLM) pins on their uniforms while on duty. Typically airlines have strict uniform standards, and pins can only be worn if explicitly approved by the company.

It’s worth noting that American isn’t the first airline to authorize these kinds of pins to be worn, as Delta Air Lines not only allows employees to wear BLM pins, but there are actually custom Delta BLM pins.

As Jill Surdek, American Airlines’ SVP of Flight Services, said regarding this change:

“American is truly committed to having an inclusive culture that is welcoming to all and a reflection of our country and world. One symbolic way to show our support is through a uniform pin. We are working with our Black Professional Network on designing a specific pin that may be worn with the uniform. In the interim until this pin is produced, to recognize the significance of this moment in history, we are allowing people to wear a Black Lives Matter Pin.”

It’s worth noting that American Airlines also has approved pins for Christians, veterans, and LGBTQ groups.

The company clarifies that this isn’t intended as a political cause, but rather as a universal cause about humanity and equality:

“Fundamentally, Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality. It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, rather that in our society black lives should matter and be valued the same as others. That’s not political.”

Some American Airlines staff are offended by this

The New York Post is reporting that this move has “irked” some of American’s employees in New York, including those who have relatives who are cops. As one flight attendant said in an email to airline management:

“I take offense to this. Serious offense. My husband is a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), as was my deceased father and as far as I’m concerned ALL LIVES MATTER. I am completely disgusted at the fact that we can’t show support for our GOD, our COUNTRY, our LEOs but when it comes to BLM organization (which is controversial in itself), American Airlines says that’s obviously different. And we can. How is that right? Well, I don’t feel included.”

Okay, so:

  • American Airlines has approved pins for Christian groups that employees can wear on their uniforms (so you can “show support for God”), and your airline is named after a country, so you’re showing quite a bit of patriotism there, no?
  • This person doesn’t seem to understand how “inclusion” works; it’s not about making everyone feel catered to with every decision, but rather it’s “the act or practice of including and accommodating people who have historically been excluded” (of course this person doesn’t understand the concept, which is why they also don’t understand BLM)
  • Nobody has ever questioned whether “all lives matter” (see the below)

Another flight attendant claimed that those who refuse to wear this pin will “be ostracized and labeled as racist.” He also described BLM as “a terrorist organization that promotes violence to further their agenda.”

Based on what this guy is saying, I’m guessing that it won’t be his lack of wearing a pin that gets him labeled as a racist…

If you’re ready to boycott American Airlines…

I’m seeing people all over Twitter threaten to boycott American Airlines. Let’s ignore the merits of the Black Lives Matter movement for a moment…

If you’re triggered by the phrase BLM and are going to boycott airlines over this, then you’re going to have to significantly rethink your transportation strategy:

  • With the exception of Allegiant, every single major US airline has put out a statement showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement; I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Allegiant was also the last major US airline to make masks mandatory
  • Amtrak has put out statements in support of Black Lives Matter
  • Most car rental companies, car manufacturers, and ridesharing services, have put out statements in support of Black Lives Matter

So, um, I think your transportation options going forward are probably quite limited. You’ll have to walk, and even be careful which shoes you choose to wear.

To those who are suddenly boycotting American Airlines over allowing employees to wear pins, why is this the final straw, and not all of the previous things the airline has done to show support for the organization?

Bottom line

American Airlines is now allowing employees to wear Black Lives Matter pins. A vast majority of airlines have shown support for BLM, so this is a logical extension of that. American Airlines allows employees to wear pins for several groups that have historically been considered controversial, including the LGBTQ community.

If this is specifically what causes you to boycott American Airlines, then, well, I’m confused… on the plus side, if people follow through with their boycott, maybe we’ll see fewer mask incidents on planes?

  1. Companies are not showing support for BLM because they genuinely care. It’s just good business at this point.

  2. @ Mike — No, of course I don’t support violence (and to the BLM demonstrations I’ve been to, I haven’t seen any violence whatsoever). People opposed to BLM love to share examples of some violent acts, and somehow pin that on BLM, as if that’s endorsed by the group, or a major part of what’s going on. But it’s not.

    As far as your second question goes, I’m not even sure what you’re trying to get at. Without even addressing whether that’s true or not, I don’t actually care? Believe it or not, I don’t form my beliefs based on how others feel about me. I form my beliefs based on what I believe is right as a human. If someone were to believe I don’t deserve certain rights, that wouldn’t make me think they’re any less worthy of rights and respect.

  3. I think corporations are backing themselves into a corner on this issue. Letting employees express political or religious viewpoints at work is just bad business, regardless of the issue. The task of deciding what issues are and are not acceptable is a losing game because different things are important to different people, and regardless of where the line is drawn both employees and customers are bound to be upset. “Black lives matter” means different things to different people, and regardless of what one is trying to support by wearing a pin, there is no question that the organization by that name is highly political. Should employees be able to wear a MAGA pin? Airlines should follow the lead of most historical companies in leaving religious, political or other potentially sensitive speech out of the workplace.

  4. @ Doug — “Airlines should follow the lead of most historical companies in leaving religious, political or other potentially sensitive speech out of the workplace.”

    I might be missing something, but how far are we going back where companies have left potentially sensitive speech out of the workplace? For how many years have companies been showing support for Pride Month, which many people counter with “when is straight pride month?” and “when is the straight pride parade?”

    As Jill Surdek said, this isn’t about politics, it’s about equality. BLM isn’t the first topic on which companies are arguing in favor of equality, and it won’t be the last.

  5. Parker (CEO) not a good idea! Some passengers will start wearing “All lives matter or Back the blue pins. A few cocktails and American Airlines will have more delays and deviations.

  6. This might be different if BLM was about civil rights instead of politics but then again I assume GOP or DNC pins are ok as well.

  7. “Fundamentally, Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality”


    BLM DC’s web page calls for the abolition of capitalism. And there are many, many, other examples of how they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  8. @Ben – I get where you are coming from, but I still disagree. I think companies made a mistake by wading into LGBTQ+ issues, and I think they are making a mistake here as well. When corporations enter the advocacy game, it is simply a business calculation for them. “Will more customers/employees be happy that we supported X then upset that we supported X?” There is little to no moral judgment being made. Very few if any companies will speak in a way that they believe will hurt them financially. In the past few months most companies have decided it is more expensive NOT to support BLM than to do so. Bringing companies into this sphere both deepens divisions and turns issues into a game of who can put the most pressure on companies so that they will give your cause money. In your mind supporting BLM might be about equality, but at the organizational level it is 100% politics. BLM is a left-wing political organization, with it’s fundraising run through ActBlue, which is the fundraising arm of the Democrat party. BLM advocates on a laundry list of political issues unrelated to racial injustice. That is all well and good, and if someone wants to support them they should, but for a company to advocate support for BLM and not allow other political speech isn’t equality. I find it particularly ironic that the political left has screamed for years about how awful it is that corporations participate in politics (remember Citizens United?) but now that most support left-wing causes it is suddenly wonderful. Corporations should do what they do and leave politics and religion at home.

  9. So does this mean employees can wear “All Lives Matter” pins, etc. as well? Because if it doesn’t, it means that AA is taking sides in what has become a partisan political debate.

  10. This is a terrible idea. No employee should express support for any cause while working. Any cause will offend and irritate some customers. It is just a bad idea. If AA employees want to support BLM, MAGA, climate change, coal industry, etc, etc, they should do that on their own time and especially not in a place where people with different viewpoints can’t escape, like an airplane.

  11. @ Brian L. — “Because if it doesn’t, it means that AA is taking sides…”

    Yes, American is taking sides… obviously. As are most major companies. That’s why I say that if you’re going to start boycotting any company that shows support for Black Lives Matter, you have a lot of boycotting to do.

  12. Non-sequiturs galore here.
    1. Citizens United has everything to do with corporate money funding elections, little to do with supporting causes.
    2. The common “All/Blue Lives Matter” refrain ignores the fact that black people have been uniquely dehumanized and discriminated against since the slave trade.
    3. So, what should be a non-partisan issue of equality turns into a bitter partisan divide because many non-blacks can afford to not “see” color, when in fact color affects almost every aspect of American life.

  13. @ Doug — Of course on some level showing support for controversial things is a business decision, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they’re sending the right message. Sentiment among people starts to change once beliefs become mainstream. Just look at how public sentiment has shifted with gay rights in the past decade.

    Many things contributed to that, but I think companies showing widespread support for gay rights is part of normalizing what was previously controversial. I would hope something similar will happen here. You might not support it, but personally I’m grateful for it.

    As far as your point that it’s “ironic” that the political left has screamed for years about how awful it is that corporations participate in politics.” Isn’t this true on both sides? Hasn’t the right spent years outraged over “liberal cancel culture,” while we constantly see the right threaten to boycott? Including the president calling on the boycott of an American tire company?

    There’s a double standard when it comes to cancel culture, free speech, and boycotts, on both sides, in my opinion.

  14. Seeing the comments here is enough reason for the movement to exist. Drawing attention to historic inequalities extending into present-day is truly needed. Thanks for sharing this information.

  15. “Black lives matter” is a moral statement and uncontroversial. But “Black Lives Matter” is a political movement with a Progressive political agenda. It’s sad that nothing these days is untouched by politics, and polarization is only getting worse. PS is there a list somewhere of all the approved AA pins? I’d be curious to look at such a list.

  16. I am against airline employees and others showing up with social or political issues on their uniforms, it is unprofessional and puts the airline in a position of which political messages are “mainstream “ enough to be allowed and goes against free speech. Either you allow everything or nothing and I have a feeling you’d be against them wearing Trump pins for example which doesn’t mean I support trump simply showing you how this is a downhill spiral in free speech that is one of the strongest foundations of our country. So no BLM air Christian pins for AA employees or Starbucks or the NBA for that matter

  17. I think American should adopt the new slogan (a take on the Delta’s “elite” quote; “If everyone is equal, no one is…” /s

    As a few have already stated, companies need to stay out of supporting (or not) religious and political causes.

    Like it or not, BLM is a political movement. If American isn’t going to let their employees wear BLUE lives matter pins, MAGA2020 pins or Biden/Harris pins, or whatever they need to stop.

    Companies should simply take my money and deliver the product I paid for – a simple exchange that apparently they are no longer capable of.

  18. How about pro choice or pro life pins? They’re just fanning the flames here and are ratcheting up the odds on more onboard confrontations.

  19. Man, I came to this article just to read the comments and as a Black man, the comments written here are just so very sad. It’s so sad everyone wants to spin something that really matters in this country and try to make it into something else, like a political or “smart business” message. White people will never understand until they are directly effected. This isn’t about BLM or some organization, this is about equality for Black people. Period. I would say I can’t believe people can’t understand the simplicity of that, but I’d be lying. After 2020, nothing surprises me anymore. When y’all wonder why some violence is happening near your home or people are destroying cities, it’s because people are tired of ignorance and being ignored. And it’s not going to stop until people wake up and understand that just because of my skin color, I’m not different than anyone else on this planet. Y’all disgust me.

  20. @Alex – BLM turns the moral statement “black lives matter” into actionable change, which by definition is politics. The moral statement sounds “uncontroversial” precisely because it doesn’t suggest any changes to the existing systems that create racial divides in the first place. Ironically, disavowing politics is a political stance itself, one that supports the status quo.

    Obviously, people would prefer to not bother protesting and wish a more equal society smoothly evolves without controversy, but when clear problems with social discrimination and policing continue unabated, grassroots movements like BLM inevitably arise.

  21. Alonzo – If you think destroying cities is going to garner attention… you’re absolutely right. It’s gaining the attention of the silent majority who are going to turn out in record numbers and re-elect Donny.

    Both candidates suck IMO, but I see what is happening very clearly. Keep promoting the destruction of cities as a tactic to gain attention, but you better buckle up for 4 more years of MAGA as the trade-off.

  22. I believe the Christian pin should be banned. Christians through their evangelicalism have murdered millions of people throughout history and continue to do so with their racism. They are the original terrorists. All other religious groups learned terrorism from them. I don’t need a flight attendant shoving their non-existent God on my face when serving a drink. That is just absurd.

  23. I hope one day we’ll look back on this special place in time when people and companies were bullied into supporting a radical political organization. It’s crazy to think about. The narrative has become religion and facts, statistics, and logic no longer matter. It’s too bad we are not able to as a society, have meaningful conversations about this which could lead to a more measured response to the problems black people face in our society. To all the people currently scared they’re going to be killed by the police, including Lebron James: if you don’t commit crimes and resist arrest, you’ll be just fine I promise.

  24. @Alonzo I hear you man. But these old white people will be gone soon – I don’t think younger generations think like this, at least not in these numbers. Just a waiting game. Trump is their last gasp of air before their nasty, hateful attitudes disappear forever.

  25. Please read from BLM’s official website to determine for yourself if this is an organization that is worthy of individual or corporate support. It is a lengthy statement which includes many concepts that are not related to affirming and valuing Black lives.

  26. @Desperado – Unfortunately, there’ll always be rogue elements “on both sides,” as Trump puts it, but imperfections with movements don’t invalidate causes, especially when a cause has “uncontroversial” moral standing. Whether BLM can influence its rogue actors to fall in line like Hong Kong protestors have done remains an open question, however. Obviously, most protestors find peaceful protests in their community’s interest.

  27. @Sel, D. – Have you actually suggested your last sentence to any black person, in person? I think you’ll get an interesting reply.

  28. If you are happy to endorse wearing BLM pins, please show support for wearing pins displaying the American flag, Confederate flags, Blue Lives Matter, MAGA pins, and any other politically oriented display of opinion. Are some of these divisive? Sure and apparently so is BLM which we have seen displayed on tee shirts at riots in Portland and Seattle.

    One would think that at a time when airlines are struggling to survive, they would try to avoid political controversy.

  29. Airlines shouldn’t allow any political pins like this, when about half the country doesn’t support the politics of BLM. The support for BLM peaked after Floyd, but has dramatically fallen back to pre-Floyd levels after weeks of violence. A gay pride pin is probably not going to offend most people at this point, so I’d say it’s a lot safer. It just seems dumb for airlines to allow this, which will lead to confrontations on flights, cause delays, etc. People are already stressed enough flying these days and don’t need politics forced on them. I also don’t understand why the airlines are getting even more political when they’re asking for billions more in government support to stay alive.

  30. Regardless of Believe: Any pins selected by AA should not use the Logo of the Incorporated 501c organization, but be generic. Otherwise it is advertisement.

    ie LBGTQ pins should not use HRC Equal sign (which is a 501c organization), but a generic pin of the rainbow colors. Otherwise advertisement for donations.

    Veterans should not use a VFW ping – but a more generic symbol like stars or hearts.

    Likewise BLM pin should not use the standard BLM logo sign on their pin, again advertisement for a Incorporated organization, which is part of the ActBlue Charities. Some more generic slogan should be used instead.

  31. I don’t understand how they can allow BLM pins but not other terrorist groups. What about Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda? This seems like discrimination against Islamic terrorist groups – dare I say even racism. It’s ironic that AA has unveiled such a racist discriminatory policy with the intent for showing support for anti-racism.

  32. I think we will all come to regret this move to incorporate politics into all aspects of our lives.

    The proper approach for American is to simply state “we don’t do politics, we do air transport. “

  33. I am a strong believer in Black Lives Matter (the issue, not the organization), as expressed by Coach K

    I am a solid supporter of Law Enforcement Officers.

    They are not different sides of a position. It’s unfortunate that BLM, the organization, seemingly prevents folks from appreciating the issue.

  34. When we see equality for people of color as a human rights issue and not one of a political nature, we will have taken a collective step forward as a nation. Until then we will continue to have these ridiculous debates in comment sections. Onward American Airlines.

  35. @ Beachfan…Big thumb up!

    Although BLM the organization AND the issue are both absent everywhere else. There is never a protest when a black cop kills a black person or black on black killings across the country. If they showed up as well to these it would give alot of validation to their movement that everyone could embrace.

  36. Black Lives Matter is a political organisation and grouping and wearing pins that demonstrate political support for any candidate or movement shouldn’t be something that any employee of any company does whilst on company time.

    As for this article not only was it an incredibly condescending and patronising article but it just adds further fuel to an already divisive and emotive issue. Not good Ben.

  37. Perhaps, when BLM was first started it was about equality. But it has morphed into a political, anti capitalist movement which has likely been more detrimental to black Americans than helpful.

  38. “People opposed to BLM love to share examples of some violent acts, and somehow pin that on BLM, as if that’s endorsed by the group, or a major part of what’s going on.”

    SOME violent acts? You can’t be serious. Some of these towns and cities are being ruined and to think the BLM organization has nothing to do with that…That’s just naive.

    Hey Ben, I’ve got an idea for a trip report. Why don’t you spend a weekend in your old hometown of Seattle, stay in a nice downtown hotel, eat at a restaurant with a sidewalk table and report back on all the “peaceful protesting” going on.
    Good luck

  39. AA, DL, UA and the rest of the major US Airlines are private companies not a government entity and can do what they want in this matter. I buy products and services every day from companies that contribute, legally, to political causes and candidates that I do not support and I have a choice not to buy. If a BLM pin offends you, then find another form of transportation. No one is forcing you to fly AA or any airline that supports BLM.

    @Roman – “There is never a protest when a black cop kills a black person”… Incorrect. One of the officers arrested in the George Floyd killing was African American as were three of six of those arrested in the Baltimore killing of Freddie Gray, back in 2015 in both cases setting off riots.

  40. I have changed my position on this! I have been an activist most of my life, and I have strong convictions on this.

    For the last 70+ years the Civil Rights Movement, lead by fine people like Martin Luther King and Harvey Milk have lead us to where we are today. Near universal anti-discrimination laws. Sadly the BLM movement has not advanced this but has come to destroy it. In CA, the 1996 State Constitutional Amendment protecting Anti-Discrimination for all sorts of minority classes is at risk, as BLM and some universities are wanting to reinstitute Affirmative Action so that less qualified African Americans can be hired over other more qualified races. While this may support some level of diversity, such does not require deconstruction of 70 years of progress. There is a CA State Question on the November ballot, allowing the citizens to repeal this critical piece of legal protection…all under the guide that it is going to allow Affirmative Action to come back as a superior means of “equality.” This is a huge step backward. The diversity and equality that is before us has allowed minorities of all types to flourish. To now say this colorblindness is not “good enough” is absurd. Even if (emphasis added) you wanted Affirmative Action to be reinstated at state universities, you need not forgo all anti-discrimination protections…which will lead to a loss of anti-discrimination statewide and to all municipalities, including employment, students, and vendor contracts.

    I could share other examples of misguided directions. BLM is a sadly missed opportunity at something great. I realize countless people see BLM as “their own intent,” but while your intent and use of BLM may be innocent, that is not what is being produced. The BLM organization sees black equality as a pre-requisite to all others (one of the issues I have with their mission).

    I have spent the last 20 or so years of my life involved in promoting attention to low socioeconomic areas – where lives are lost, where opportunity is suppressed, and where lives of drugs, abuse, murder abound. If you care about lives, that is where work is needed. To promote BLM is promoting a segmentation or prejudice in and of itself. It imputes inequality and solutions that do not promote real opportunities for better lives.

    While I do not support Police going outside their legal bounds, I am offended that we have glamorized several career criminals, all avoiding arrest, all in the process of committing a felony….while disregarding the real innocent loss of life and needs of our communities. The focus is simply wrong. And some good intentions don’t change that.

    This is not merely another letter in the gay alphabet of LGBTTQQIAAP… nor is it another color to place on a gay flag. It does not stand for the equality and anti-discrimination of these other groups. I am tired of this movement pandering to my black friends…that is what is really offensive.


    I wanted to address this separately. I do not ever support a boycott. I buy products and services for their inherent value to me. What a CEO or company or other employees do with their money is their business and their freedom.

    Voting with your dollars is merely an attempt to make someone adhere to YOUR values. I personally support values like Freedom and Diversity. To boycott one business because I do not like what they do or how they spend their money raises other questions.

    Do I investigate every company on how they spend their money before I buy their products or services? Do I only withhold money for those I learn of?

    Are my values so damn correct I need to impute it onto the world? Is American about our Freedom, or just mine?

  42. Thanks for the post Lucky. It’s telling how few options those who oppose BLM have for getting around these days without inadvertently supporting BLM with their dollars. It’s really very funny actually.

  43. BLM are a violent terrorist, racist organization.

    Scum openly supporting that will be treated accordingly and deserve what they get.

  44. AA f*cked up again and it is not surprising to many people. Bottom line is this, if you want to avoid controversy and be fair to everybody, then you must not allow anyone to wear any kind of pins or whatever!!! Finally, has anyone of you ever read the BLM manifesto? huh? huh? huh? Do your research people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AA sucks to high heavens. And Lucky, this is one of your worst commentary ever!

  45. @Jeff Shilling – BULLSEYE! well said bro! I SUPPORT ALL LIVES MATTER and not just black lives. Enough of this SHIT! So freakin’ tired of it.

  46. I personally thank AA for raising enough fuss about this and give Trump another 100,000 votes. The more people read the “blm” website and its “manifesto” the more they will vote for Trump and GOP. Keep it up!

  47. Totally silly idea. As a foreigner following the situation in the USA I can see and many other people around the world can see that the USA is heading down a slippery slope. BLM is an organisation that just breeds hate and division. It’s ridiculous that American Airlines is jumping on the bandwagon and allowing people to wear pins. They shouldn’t be allowing pins for any other organisation either. People need to learn to leave there personal problems at the door when they show up for work.

  48. Now, our moron-in-chief will punish AA and exclude it from the next taxpayers-paid bailout!

    Protests are part and parcel of the American experience – from the rebellion against the British rule, to the anti-slavery movement, suffragettes movement, anti-segregation movement, etc. All started as peaceful protest and evolved into direct action and at times violence as the American Revolution and the Civil War. But violence always was started by the reactionary forces, the Oligarchs, and the people who had no interest in changing an oppressive system.

    Nowadays, even though 87% of the protests are nonviolent, far-right fanatics exercising their perverse 2nd right amendment to strip others from exercising their first right amendment in Portland and elsewhere – let that sink in for a while!!!

  49. TRy wearing a MAGA cap on a flight originating in the northeast or northwest. If things don’t come to blows, you’ll probably asked to deplane regardless.

  50. Yea, I mean only a “mask denier” is capable of opening twitter every night and watching mobs of people chanting BLM slogans while rioting, destroying property, and attacking police. Literally, every night.

  51. Since this has already gotten way past the original point might as well continue…
    This whole issue started with police use of force against minorities. Simmering below the surface obviously are economic issues that have been around for close to 100 years but the flashpoint point was George Floyd..(as anyone with half a brain would tell you was slaughtered and murdered in cold blood). But Kenosha is much more controversial (and I predict not only will the officers not be charged they’ll face no disciplinary action either).
    Until the Supreme Court or federal law insists that we hold ALL life in the United States so precious that deadly force is only to be used when all other force options have failed or are not reasonable …than this is going to continue. Police currently have to show that there was a reasonable fear for their life which is subject to interpretation. However realize that’s such a strong language as above is going to result in a whole lot more dead cops. Which in itself is an outrage. So ask your self which is more outrageous ( I submit the latter. By far). But absent some sort of stronger language about the use of deadly force….this will continue. So change the law or accept that cops many times have to make split second decisions. And they’re not always going to be right. Or wrong

  52. Bloody nonsense. When I get on a plane, I do not want to see union pins, political pins, religious pins and what not. Yet another example of “only in America”. It is not part of the uniform. Flight attendants in the USA look shabby enough too often anyway. And what @greg said is right.

  53. Can an employee a pin that says “Unborn lives matter”?

    Half the country believes that’s a human rights issue too.

    Where does it stop, and how do we determine which human rights issue an employee gets to fight while in a public job?

  54. American Airlines is getting @ed in BLM riot videos responses now on Twitter by BLM Peaceful Protest Deniers.

  55. @ Sel, D. – I suggest talking to more black people about your suggestion. No doubt, it’s well-intended, but I can tell you it will come off as naive for many law-abiding blacks.

    In general, I suggest talking to more black people for everybody here. Compared to online forums, in-person dialogue is a much more productive way of figuring out why so many people of color feel strongly about the BLM movement, however imperfect it may be.

    I assure folks most protestors want peaceful protests. It’s unfortunate some conflate visible, violent rogue elements with the less visible, peaceful “silent” majority of protestors. Protestors know the government can crack down hard on a whim, e.g., COINTELPRO, so everybody knows violence is not in the movement’s interest.

    The movement only focuses on the black narrative to the extent that black issues have historically been invisible in America. The straw men and non-sequiturs here are misguided, unfortunately.

  56. @Ben

    “Many things contributed to that, but I think companies showing widespread support for gay rights is part of normalizing what was previously controversial.”

    Unlike gay rights the issue of police brutality is not even controversial. Everyone would agree that it is wrong. BLM is off on tangents while an increasing number of blacks are calling out their hypocrisy – just listen to Candace Owens, Officer Tatum, Larry Elder, etc. If the real issue is police brutality then address it through better training and quit hiring veterans who often suffer from PTSD. Furthermore educate children as to how to act when confronted by the police. I may be white but when I obtained a driver’s license I was taught to not argue much less fight with the police.

  57. BLM is a terrorist organization that only cares about one thing, the destruction of America, capitalism, and any existing power structures. Their only goal is Marxism, anarchy, and chaos. Shame on American.

  58. Honestly I don’t think you are really paying attention to what goes on nightly with these BLM protests and the sheer amount of violence that some of us see. How they directly target police officers. While many are peaceful during the day there is a sizable number that engage in outright violence and intimidation. Do not equate having an issue with the BLM protesters with being against racial equality. To do so only highlights your own ignorance of what is actually going on during these protests. For the life of me I can’t understand why companies would align themselves with the BLM group vs developing a neutral platform and stance for racial equality and civil rights. I understand AA is claiming that they are not supporting the group but only supporting the theme of equality but unfortunately the violence by some in the group has tied the slogan to the group and some of their extreme views. Seriously try watching live streams from Portland any night of the week and see how they target cops and how moltov cocktails get thrown etc. Or a few days ago how BLM protesers went through lower manhattan and smashed windows causing over $100k worth of damage, or how they seized a portion of the city of Seattle, or how several cities have experienced large amounts of arson. I don’t see the BLM crowd cooperating with law enforcement to stop this violence. In fact I have repeatedly seen its members turn on law enforcement when they try to respond to shootings and injured people. Its a group that has a lot of extreme people showing up and its time for a peaceful group that does not tolerate this nonsense emerge, because watching the looting happen on my block once was enough for me. I guess maybe some people live in places where these groups don’t threaten their neighborhood, so maybe that is why they take a holier than thou approach. I totally support racial equality and police reforms, but I don’t support protesters who think its a form of protest to confront and intimidate people when they are trying to have a frickin meal at an outdoor restaurant.

  59. Hello, Ben. I get that you support BLM. Good for you. But could you be any more condescending than what you just wrote? I mean, really. You’re a grown ass man, I presume and not a teenager? Say what you want, but remember to extend a modicum of adult courtesy to your readers.

  60. I fully agree with the powerful burning house analogy and the rationale for supporting equality in a non-political manner as quoted in this post.

    Consequently, my heart is well and truly warmed by the inescapable conclusion that AA [and other airlines who have shown support for BLM] will be happy for flight crews on their flights, particularly ones to/from Shanghai, HKG etc, to sport pins showing support for the Uyghur Human Rights Project and/or other initiatives opposing the state-organised concentration camps and associated racially-centred campaigns (some call them ‘genocide’) in Xinjiang. I am also convinced that their trade unions will encourage their members to raise awareness of the issue and demonstrate their support for equality and solidarity to the Uyghur people who are going through an extremely difficult time.

    Even though such actions would be certain to result in large numbers of Chinese passengers actually boycotting, and not merely threatening to boycott, the airlines who support them, the cause undoubtedly is noble and the price more than worth paying.

  61. 1. AA should have stayed neutral
    2. Please read BLM mission statement
    3. I don’t see BLM in Chicago with how many murders?
    4. I have asked at least 50 of my African American friends. Do you support BLM 40/50 said NO!
    5. Why did they say NO? They all said life isn’t fair. Don’t do drugs! (Fentanyl) Don’t go to jail, Stay out of trouble. Don’t join a gang and countless other reasons.
    6. The other 10 support BLM BUT they see the movement going in the wrong direction.

  62. Love seeing all the MAGA mouth breathers so triggered by a pin! Enjoy your final 58 days in power, try not to F up America any more than you already have.

  63. And of course UA-NYC the Democrat party mouth piece has to put his two cents in. In 58 days it might not matter the way the left is destroying this company backed by the media. As others have said I pity the future of America if Biden wins. Thank God I have a place to live overseas that these left wing idiots can’t burn to the ground! And Ben shame on you for not doing research on BLM. You said you have not seen any violence? Go to my sons neighborhood in Seattle and you will see plenty!

  64. @Cmorgan – amusing that it’s the “left” destroying the “company”, since, you know, your guy the Liar In Chief has been in charge for almost 4 years now (and isn’t it quite ironic he wants to “make America great again”…since he is the guy who has f’d it up with a quickness in the last 4 years).

    Funny that all the Trump Sycophants are never able to articulate why he should be re-hired by the American people. News flash – it’s not 2016 anymore.

  65. @UA-NYC – Their new slogan is, “Make America Great Again…Again,” apparently. Doesn’t have the same ring, I think.

  66. Ben, when will you ever learn that you are a travel blogger and not a “think tank”. Enough with all the touchy-feely political crap. Stay out of the sewer; and if you must venture, take a shower first before you create your daily email. Act as if you are bigger than all of this. Even if it hurts.

  67. I’m very disappointed by American Airlines decision and yes, I will look for alternative travel when possible. I have postponed booking a trip on AA to Columbia, SC and instead thinking about flying Delta. After reading your article, I know realize Delta is up to the same activism. The bottom line is I don’t want your politics, or personal agenda in my face while you are working as a professional flight crew. Is it too much to say “do it on your own time and with your own money”.

    I’ll be upfront and honest, I don’t support BLMs movement (although I deplore all violence against anyone) and believe their violence has really hurt their case. I also don’t think it is appropriate for all the other “pins” that people wear, and yes that includes if you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, etc. I respect your sincere religious beliefs but not in my face, please.

    Can we just act professional and do the job you were hired to do? I work with people of all different religions, politics, and opinions. I do my best never to discriminate and I believe as a professional if they hire me to do a job for them I treat everyone with respect. Can they just respect me and give me a professional flight experience without promoting their personal agenda? We all disagree with something that another peoples in, so how about on your own time and dime.

    This type activism really turns me off, especially when I see violence. John Lennon (The Beatles) in his hit son, Revolution, said “when you talk about destruction, you can count me out”.

  68. BLM is not merely trying to bring attention to racism. Its goal is to destroy America and traditional society as we know it. Wearing a BLM pin is akin to wearing a USSR, PRC or Nazi flag pin. BLM is an explicitly racist, anti-rational organization whose founders admire people like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Are airline employees allowed to wear MAGA paraphernalia on company time? Corporate support for BLM is nothing but craven kowtowing to public sentiment. I never cared for Delta, but that they have custom-made BLM pins makes me dislike them even more.


    Should I assume you would be fine with 87% of your flights landing safely? Best wishes for a mostly peaceful life.


    One can easily find Trump repugnant on a personal level, but he is the first President in four decades who didn’t start a war. That alone might be enough to warrant reelection. The War on Terror and the disasters in Syria and Libya are orders of magnitude worse than anything Trump has been accused of doing. Neocon Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol would have been happy with Clinton winning in 2016 because she is an incompetent warmonger. Biden is just incompetent.

  69. All the closet racists coming out of the woodwork.

    No issues with “In God we Trust” on paper currency, no issues with Christian pins, but BLM pin and all hell breaks loose.

  70. @cargocult

    You know, slavery was a feature of American “traditional society”, so I’m not sure why you appeal to “traditional society” as if it’s some paragon of virtue.

  71. Forget the pins. Just please serve me my coke and peanuts and get me there safely. Leave political opinions out of the workplace. The more workplaces allow this to happen, the more groups can “blackmail” corporations to accept their ideologies or else be branded ……..

    Kinda like the video on youtube wherel BLM supporters harrassed a diner outdoors until she raised her hand as well. This the same as AA (and others) jumping on board.

  72. This is a slippery slope. How do you separate the political from the universal? What is the point that a personal belief becomes objectionable? Should we allow corporate workers to also wear pins for planned parenthood or pro life groups. Why not go further and allow MAGA pins and pins supporting Biden. Any signifier of political belief should be banned in the corporate world. There should be a clear separation between the personal and the professional.

  73. If only Martin Luther King Jr was still alive. His message of hope and non-violent protest would be much more persuasive, and effective, than the endless looting, vandalism, and disregard for law and order that has taken over the BLM movement.

    And I dare say we’d all be better off.

  74. People like Alonzo and Jack are the reason all their political agendas will ultimately fail: they fight h8 with h8, displaying outright their political and social divisiveness, and yet wonder why the vast majority is tired of them?

  75. @David

    I take it you oppose nuclear families, respect for hard work, rationality and responsibility. These “white” traditions BLM disavows are not inherent to any race; plenty of other cultures who follow them have achieved prosperity as well. Maybe you prefer the Cultural Revolution or the Cambodian genocide as their explicit goals were to abolish traditions and serve the great socialist utopia. Slavery is a human “tradition” that predates the United States by millennia. It was abolished by the US long ago, and while racism certainly still exists there in some forms, contemporary slavery is endemic in Africa, not America. For all the flaws of America, it has done more than any other country to contribute to the positive state of the world. Despite the doom and gloom the left will try to convince people of, never before has the world been so wealthy and peaceful, and this is thanks to capitalism.

  76. Wear a BLM pin? Let’s see….

    Thousands marching around downtown areas chanting repeatedly, while harassing and terrorizing innocent people. Setting bus stops on fire. Smashing windows and vandalizing property. Throwing chairs and other objects across outdoor dining areas.

    Sounds like a riot scene from a crazy Hollywood movie. Oh wait, no, this is just another BLM movement that took place in Rochester, NY this past weekend.

    All the gentle joy and harmless bliss surrounding the BLM vision doesn’t seem to carryover to reality.

  77. @Endre

    Ben, while your readers always knew where you stand politically, this is the first time I remember that you sound like a political activist.
    It’s your blog, obviously, but I never came here for your politics, frankly.

  78. Lucky, you used to take a fairly measured approach to contentious issues but sadly you have jettisoned that. Maybe going a little stir crazy after all the quarantine? Several problems here:

    1. You seem to support capitalism. You sure avail yourself of many capitalist enterprises, e.g. airlines, banks, even competing in the blogosphere. So do you understand that BLM, the organization, is Marxist and, by definition, opposes those things you support? Don’t take my word for it: just search for the interview with BLM founder Patrice Cullors who clearly says the activists behind this are Marxist agitators.

    2. Per point 1, BLM, the organization is not apolitical As AA claims. It’s highly partisan. If AA’s goal is to support the black lives matter concept – lower case abs not the organization, which all reasonable people agree with – why use a term that has been corrupted by a Marxist activist – her words – that also supports – see their own website – destroying the nuclear family, something that would undermine the stability of this and any nation and the rich heritage of the black family. Why not do as Formula 1 racing has done and use a truly apolitical phrase such as “End Racism?” Perhaps you truly don’t understand the nature of BLM the organization and you do mean well.

    3. Sadly, you proved the commenter’s point about anyone who doesn’t back the BLM pins being deemed racist. He made a few claims about BLM which many would consider defensible based on the above documentation. Your response? A snarky “That’s not why you’ll be identified as racist” (or WTTE). He said nothing that fits the definition of racist. But you demonstrated what happens when one doesn’t bow to BLM the organization. Precisely why I say you have abandoned your former stance of reason and moderation. It’s sad to see because someone who obviously leans left but being reasoned was a breath of fresh air that I am sure many respected.

  79. Its a public company and can do how they please. However I do see the peer pressure and negativity to those that choose not to wear the pin. IMHO (and the one that counts) to put one race over another is racism per the liberal definition or it could just be a person’s inherent bias. Something we all have.

  80. AA is to be commended in taking a position on BLM. I have no problem with that.
    So you foam and froth at the mouth at L’Toya wearing a discrete BLM pin, but smile benevolently at Sally-Ann wearing her Christian pin?

  81. I think I am more depressed reading the comment section. There is clearly a portion of the country who are racist. If you can’t see the difference on how a police treats a white person and a black person after what the country has experienced in the past six months (and I will argue since slavery), you are just going to be willing to open your eyes to the truth about the continued racism occured in this country. All lives are not equal and we are not even close. Just look at trend of inequality in this country! A white man and white woman does not earn the same amount of money on the same job, and now add your skin color to the formula. However, this blog is not designed for an intelligent conversation on systematic racism that is still affecting every single American today, but the comment section explains the division that we are facing.

    Back to the topic here, I don’t see most airlines companies, including American or Delta being particularly liberal or progressive but they just realize that who their future customers are and who will work for them. American Airlines and many airlines understand something that some folks here don’t want to admit… the country is getting more diverse and soon most of their employees and passengers will be a person of color. I don’t think AA is being heroic here but just embrace a more diverse workplace that they are moving towards. Ultimately it is just a pin. I bet 99.99% of passenger won’t even notice it. Also as we all know here, boycotting airlines is just BS. Once people see the low prices, they will forget about whatsoever.

    PS. Social media is not real news. Images and videos are meaningless without context! Go read some local newspapers or even go attend a BLM protest to find out what is real and what is not real.

  82. @Adrian – I think it is the way white people treat the cops vs how black people treat the cops. White people who resist and wrestle the police get shot up too. Easily researched…lots on YouTube.

  83. As a German I am disgusted by this coment section. And clearly, a lot of you guys here are a part of the problems you have in your country. Instead of supporting equality and making sure that everyone has the same rights you care more about an organization. An Organization that named itself after the movement. The movement was there first.

    No one said you need to support the (maybe political) organization. Its all about the movement of equality. AA did the same. Care about the movement and not the organization that named itself after it! This comment section clearly just shows how intolerant all of you are. The support for equality is never a political statement. You literally take the organization as an excuse for not following the movement. Which is ridiculous since no one, not even AA stated any support for the organization. They clearly said they don’t care about politics behind it, they only care about the movement of equality!

    Oh and btw, remeber the protests 2017 in Charlottesville? Didn’t a lot of you guys (including your president) said that just a small number if protesters were violent? Why not say the same now? Its only a small fraction which protests for blm and is violently. In case, its a lot less than 2017 😉

  84. @Adrian

    People have had biases forever. Racial biases are just one type among many. Racism and its aftereffects are definitely real, but claiming that systemic racism is the reason for inequality of outcomes is fallacious. Also, you mention the importance of context, but so many incendiary videos have been spread as alleged examples of racism that turn out to not to be so. The media has a vested interest in stoking racial strife as rage drives viewership and clicks.


    Trump explicitly condemned the violent and radical elements of the Charlottesville protests. The media, of course, took his statement out of context to paint him as a racist, and did not publicize his many condemnations of white supremacy. Democrats are loathe to even acknowledge that there is violence and destruction associated with the BLM protests at all. Jerry Nadler calls the Antifa violence in Portland a myth. Mostly peaceful protests? Would you like a mostly safe flight?

  85. @cargocult Please back up your claims. Picking one representative out of hundreds isn’t context.

    On the contrary, it’s well-documented systemic racism is a major disadvantage blacks and other people of color face in society. Regardless, BLM began as protests against unjust policing, which is overwhelmingly well-documented.

    Trump “condemned” the Charlottesville protests by blaming “both sides,” which many reasonably interpreted as deflecting emphatic blame on the agitating white supremacists. Again, on the contrary, even democratic governors and mayors have appealed for protestors to remain peaceful, acknowledging the riots. Mostly peaceful protests? I’m sure you’d take a mostly peaceful flight, regardless of some turbulence.

  86. Stephan,a German is disgusted by the BLM controversy,I’m still disgusted by what his country did over 75 years ago,to them no lives mattered but fuhrer e1b and his Nazi kooks.BLM is devisive and marginalizing.Black Americans are doing exceptionally well everywhere I look.There are different educational and socioeconomic levels in all groups,but Some people thrive on victimization.A white Australian woman visiting Minneapolis called police when she heard a scuffle outside.She approached police when they arrived and was shot dead by a black officer.A white nurse,mother to a young girl, came across a BLM group recently in Indianapolis,expressed her view that ALL lives matter,a nurse remember,and they shot her dead…..Just saying…

  87. @Joe: Why am I not surprised by your Nazi comparison? Believe me, Im disgusted by what happened back then too, even though I was far from being alive at that time.

    This comparison is nonsense though, we no longer have this ideology in our politics and in the minds of 99% of the population here. And we still work on making it better.

    On the other side the US has a problem with racism since you had slaves and killed the indians. And Im sorry to say, but all the current ongoing stuff does not look like a lot of you guys try to work on solving this problem. Even though you have this issue for such a long time.

    So just tell me, why am I not allowed to be disgusted by whats going on in your country if you are also disgusted by what was going on here? I couldn’t make a difference back then since I wasnt alive. I’m still trying today to make a difference when it gets to racism here and wherever in the world. Apparently you focus more on pointing out what other wrong stuff happened instead of acknowledging what is wrong right now and try to make a difference when you can!

  88. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation….

    Cullors, 36, was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview…..

    “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” she said, referring to BLM co-founder Alicia Garza.

    “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” Cullors added in the interview with Jared Ball of The Real News Network.

    While promoting her book “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” in 2018, Cullors described her introduction to and support for Marxist ideology.

    She described to Democracy Now! how she became a trained organizer with the Labor/Community Strategy Center, which she called her “first political home” under the mentorship of Mann, its director……

    The center, which describes its philosophy as “an urban experiment,” uses grassroots organization to “focus on Black and Latino communities with deep historical ties to the long history of anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, pro-communist resistance to the US empire”…..

    So yeah, anyone who wants to see the US “transformed” into Cuba should definitely support BLM !

    Article from the NY Post, google: “Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist”

  89. @Robert Hanson – “Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a *decentralized* political and social movement advocating for *non-violent* civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.” Courtesy of Wikipedia, emphasis on “decentralized” and “non-violent.”

    In other words, the “founders” and “leaders” cited in the media are self-stylized protestors, nothing more. It’s too easy to cherry pick a handful of ideologists and claim they represent most protestors, who, in a nutshell, basically just want fewer police killings.

  90. @Joe Star

    “Black Americans are doing exceptionally well everywhere I look.”

    Well, I guess that seals it then. Joe has seen Black Americans in the places he chooses to look, therefore he has decided that there is no systemic racial inequality in the US and all is good.

    If you’re going to make an argument, at least do it sincerely. The average white family’s net worth is 10 times that of a Black family. I guess you didn’t look there. Or is 10% good enough for them?

  91. Can crew wear pins that say “All Lives Matter.” This is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I don’t want to get political but what’s on the BLM website is as “anti African American” as you can get and would ensure the cycle of poverty never stops. It looks like most of this stuff could have been written by the KKK.

  92. If I pay them for their service and they show it to my face BLM , I feel offended because I am not black, so my life does not matter? I respect people by their manner,not their color.

  93. It is sad that the lives of Black people have been politicized. It is disturbing that the very act of Black people living, thriving and fighting for equity is viewed as terroristic, when it is Black people who have been terrorized in this country since 1619. It is sad that the lives of the very people who built this country are not valued. It is sad and clear from these comments that Black people in America will never been seen as equal or as human beings worthy of equity. My life is not a political statement. My life should not offend you. My life and skin are not a crime. My life is not a debate. My life is worthy. My Life like All Black Lives Matter.

  94. @cargocult

    If you carefully read my entry, you will find that, “violence always was started by the reactionary forces, the Oligarchs, and the people who had no interest in changing an oppressive system.” meaning 100% are nonviolent and we ended up with 87% because 13% of the times the peaceful protesters were attacked by police or (I’ll be nice & call them) counter-protesters!

    For whatever it’s worth, I agree with you about unconstitutional wars and interventions by various US Presidents. But I bet you anything, Trump would wage a war if he knows it will serve his goals – ie, his reflection. We still have an October to go through & October surprise (a war, an action by Bill Barr, etc.) might not be that far-fetched.

  95. Video of the BLM peaceful protest against racism (sic), as they invade a restaurant, terrorize the people dining there, causing them to flee for their lives, as the “peaceful protestors” chase them out and then overturn tables and chairs. Search You tube: “BLM Rioters Invade Restaurant in Rochester, NY”.

    Not only did the restaurant not get paid for the meals they had served, but none of those customers are coming back, lest they get their dinner invaded a second time. Of course, putting this restaurant out of business is this is the most efficient way to root out “systemic racism” (sic).

    No country in Europe has ever elected a minority President or Prime Minister, even once, ever !

    I’ll believe that the US has ended “systemic racism”, when a Black man gets elected as President, not just once, but twice. Oh, wait…. !

    And just to make heads explode, in the 2016 Election, 30% of the “racist” Trump voters had voted for Obama once, and 20% had voted for Obama twice. How’s that for “systemic racism”?

  96. Well this conversation has gone completely off the rails but. I’m 61 and I remember what this country used to be like for not only African Americans but gays as well. We’ve come a very long way. Moreover, this Utopian idea that by government fiat we are going to eliminate all bigotry and hate is laughable. These feelings are part of the human DNA-as well as love, compassion, etc.

    What BLM claims to be their “values” are nothing short of destruction to the African American community, particularly poor inner cities. Their beliefs call for more fatherless homes. Young women having children in which they do not have the financial, emotional or mental resources to properly care for. Or this de-valuating education, particularly STEM because somehow it’s “racist.” What does this do? It ensures that the generational bonds of poverty will never be broken.

    I’ve got news for the BLM leaders the reliance upon technology, and the science and math that goes with it are not going to be stopped. The same BLM you see filming selfies.

    Luckily there’s no shortage of African American leaders now calling this crap out for what it is. It’s nothing more than ongoing enslavement.

    BTW unlike others on this site I’ve been poor. Being reliant upon the state for one’s survival despite the fantasy the right wingers like to attach to it is a horrible, total lack of dignity way to live. The stress from worrying about having enough to eat, pay the rent, pay other bills, getting sick, etc. is nearly intolerable.

  97. Wearing a BLM pin is a profoundly political statement and American is crazy to let their employees make political statements. What’s next, FAs in MAGA caps? And yes, it’s the same thing. It’s exactly the same thing.

  98. @ Sel. D: “if you don’t commit crimes and resist arrest, you’ll be just fine I promise.”

    Maybe call the family of Breonna Taylor and see how that goes over.

  99. @Ray take a seat it’s school time!

    Breonna Taylor’s death was not racially motivated. Officers were met with incoming bullets when executing a no-knock warrant and returned fire, while she was in bed. Do you actually think the officers, when met with gunfire, were racially motivated to return fire? Do you think they could even see her skin color?

    Second off, read the news. It’s a bit hard to find because it doesn’t fit “the narrative” but Breonna was allegedly handling the illicit finances of her drug-dealing ex, and the evidence includes recorded phone calls. If she wasn’t shot to death, she’d likely be going to prison for a long time or at least copping to a plea deal for sinking her ex.

    Going back to my original point, she would have never been in the situation if she wasn’t committing felonies and associating with other criminals. I agree it’s sad she was never able to face a jury of her peers, and the no-knock warrants have since been outlawed where she lives. Hopefully in the future, criminals like her will be behind bars where they belong instead of six feet under.

    Class dismissed.

  100. @sal, D:

    I love your racist perspective that death to blacks alleged in crimes is appropriate. Your white cone is showing. Maybe you have a cross to burn tonight.

  101. @Ray resorting to ad hominem attacks when your argument falls apart – tisk tisk. I never said death was appropriate. Perhaps you should read my comment again. I explained that the shooting wasn’t racially motivated, and that if she was a law-abiding citizen she’d also be a breathing living citizen.

    Like many in our country, perhaps the narrative has become religion to you, and facts and logic no longer matter. Step back from CNN and Fox News, gather the facts, and make reasonable conclusions for yourself.

  102. Oh -now I know why I only fly Allegiant . HOW can you say a BLM pin is ok -but a Blue Lives Matter isn’t ?? You’re literally saying one cause has more validity than another -and a COMPANY has NO right to tell it’s employees what issues should matter to them as individuals . This is ALL corporate posturing -“look how socially conscious we are”. Give us ALL a break – truly .

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