Norwegian Now Charging Extra For A380 First Class Suites

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Hi Fly is the first charter airline to have an A380, and it’s something many of us are quite excited about. The plane has Singapore Airlines interiors, so flying this plane on another airline sure is a treat.

As I wrote about a few days ago, Hi Fly’s current A380 customer is Norwegian. Hi Fly is operating A380s between New York and London Gatwick on behalf of Norwegian, and as of now the plane is scheduled to fly the route through August 22, 2018. The route was supposed to be operated by the 787-9, but there are some issues with the Rolls Royce engines on some 787s.

The airline has been having huge issues due to terminal constraints at JFK Terminal 1, so the flight has regularly been delayed.

Other than that, you’d think that this flight would be a huge upgrade for Norwegian passengers, especially those who were booked in premium economy.

Premium economy is Norwegian’s top cabin, and it consists of recliner seats with a decent amount of legroom. Those passengers are now getting fully flat beds, as the plane has Singapore Airlines’ old A380 business class seats.

Hi Fly A380 business class

Singapore Business Class A380
Hi Fly A380 business class

Even cooler is that premium economy passengers have been able to assign first class suites, including Singapore Airlines’ famous “double bed.” When you consider that a premium economy ticket goes for just $600 or so, that’s a phenomenal deal.

Hi Fly A380 first class

While Norwegian is only temporarily leasing this plane, it looks like they’re now trying to better monetize this product. As reported by The Points Guy, Norwegian has started charging for assigning first class suites on the A380.

You can pay to upgrade to these seats at check-in at the cost of 400USD for flights originating in New York, and at the cost of 250GBP (~320USD) for flights originating in London.

To be honest, that’s really steep, when you consider that:

  • Most people flying Norwegian are looking for a deal, so the willingness to pay to upgrade will be much lower on Norwegian than other airlines
  • Premium economy passengers are already getting a fully flat bed with direct aisle access
  • Hi Fly doesn’t have proper bedding, so it’s not like the experience will be that amazing

I’m very curious to see how many people buy-up to this option. As someone who usually values stuff like this, I think that’s on the very steep side.

Would you pay $400 to upgrade from a business class seat to a first class suite on Hi Fly?

  1. I think the business seat is great for the same price, considering there will be no real service, not much point paying the extra.

  2. Singapore’s old A380 business class is amazing. The seat is much wider than any other business class or even first class seats I’ve had.

  3. But…privacy! Think of all the random eye-contact with strangers you would avoid if you were in one of the suites…

  4. No way…without any soft product, it’s not worth it for just the seat. Like others said, the business class seat is already a huge upgrade over premium economy.

  5. That is frankly obscene – I am with James, thought maybe a small supplement but £250 is way too much, especially as it is a substitution and isn’t really costing them anything to provide this!

  6. I think this’ll work out great. $400 for the suite, and remember add $5 for a bottle of water, $9 for the plastic wrapped sandwich, and mandatory suite door open for the credit card offers being hawked during the flight.

  7. Oh the privacy. I would value that very highly. Not having to see other people or other people see me. And of course the food cubby. It is wider. Which US CC can be used to transfer miles from?

  8. They saw massive interest and decided to capitalize on it. I know a few rich people who are FRUGAL but fly DY’s PE…this would appeal to them and the new era of show off Instagram fame hoes. People might pay it for the experience.

  9. It’s not really first class, just bigger seat. First class experience is a whole product.

  10. Absolutely worth it to people who will never be able to either fly on Singapore Airlines or experience these seats in Business or First.

  11. Gosh, how patronising, “Most people flying Norwegian are looking for a deal, so the willingness to pay to upgrade will be much lower on Norwegian than other airlines” If that were really true, then Norwegian wouldn’t have a premium product at all, it would all be standard economy.

    Plus your question “Would you pay $400 to upgrade from a business class seat to a first class suite on Hi Fly?” is wrong, for the Norwegian passengers are being offered to upgrade from an economy seat to a first class suite.

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