Book Norwegian’s Flat Bed A380 “Premium Economy” For Cheap!

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A couple of days ago I wrote about how Norwegian will be leasing a Hi Fly A380 for their flight between New York JFK and London Gatwick. Hi Fly is the first charter airline in the world to have an A380, as they acquired the plane from Singapore Airlines, and maintained the same interiors.

While the airline also operated flights on behalf of Thomas Cook Scandinavia and will operate flights on behalf of Air Austral at the end of the month, their current customer is Norwegian. Specifically, they’ll be operating one of Norwegian’s two daily flight between New York and London through at least August 11 (originally it was through August 13, but now the aircraft type only shows scheduled through August 11).

When I wrote about this a couple of days ago, the flights operated by the A380 showed as completely sold out, which I found to be odd, since the A380 represents a significant capacity increase over Norwegian’s 787, so you’d think they’d have more seats to sell.

It looks like Norwegian has finally updated their inventory, and now there are plenty of seats for sale on the Hi Fly A380, if you do want to cross the Atlantic in an adventurous way in the coming days.

The lowest one-way premium economy fare from New York to London is $614 on August 6, while most other dates only have space at the “PremiumFlex” level, where the fare is $844+.

In the other direction the lowest premium economy fare is $720 on August 8, while other dates are $930+.

If you are eying a date that only has “PremiumFlex” available I might hold off, because I wouldn’t be surprised to see lower fares still become available.

What’s of course so cool about this is that premium economy passengers will be seated in business and first class. The catch is that when you go through the process of booking, you can’t actually select a seat, as there’s a message saying “seat reservation is not possible for the select flight.”

So while premium economy passengers are guaranteed a flat bed, the question is just what kind of a flat bed you’ll get, and whether it’s Singapore’s A380 business class…

Hi Fly A380 business class

Or Singapore’s A380 Suites…

Hi Fly A380 first class

If someone is crossing the Atlantic in the next week and wants an adventure, I can’t recommend getting on one of these flights enough!

  1. For the record the A380 replaces another wet leased aircraft (a tired 747 operated by Wamos) on one of the LGW-JFK services. Passenger reaction to the plane has been abysmal and probably explains why Norwegian wet leased the A380

  2. But don’t HiFly turn off the IFE and since it’s not Norwegian flight crew it could be an odd experience for frequent Norwegian pax.

    Would be fun to fly the a380 with a low cost airline though 🙂

  3. Hi, I just tried making a trial booking through Norwegian. For the flight in question, it doesn’t list the aircraft as an A380, nor, as pointed out above, is there the option to reserve a seat. In fact it doesn’t even say anywhere that the route will be operated by a leased non-Norwegian aircraft.

    Thus how sure can we be that the aircraft will in fact be an SQ A380?
    Also someone raised a good point above– does the A380 have a premium economy cabin? And if so, what’s to say that premium passengers wouldn’t be sat there rather than in J or F?

  4. SQ’s very first A380 doesn’t have a Premium Economy cabin as it was introduced at a much later date.

  5. Just flew FCO-EWR a couple of days ago on the old Singapore 777 (privilege style).

    Was a huge upgrade seat wise over Norwegian PE. Wish I needed to fly to London as this would be great!

  6. It’s worth noting that all these Norwegian A380 flights are being delayed 3-4 hours in both directions due to A380 gate availability at JFK T1. With the EU comp you might almost get a free flight!

  7. Hello – it’s worth noting that while you are unable to pre-reserve a seat via the Norwegian website, travel agents have the ability to see and reserve the entire Suites/Business Class cabins. I just tested this through my access to SABRE.

  8. @Michael White – are there first class seats available on August 14th/15th LGW-JFK?

    Anybody know if Chase will be able to see and confirm seats when booking through UR?

  9. Norwegian is the worst company ever. I was flying six months ago from Seattle to London. They don’t serve any food or water and charge 5 euros for the blanket. No pillow provided. If you want to suffer for 9 hour flight over the Ocean this is the right company for you.

  10. @Suzana
    This is hardly news for anyone.
    Norwegian is a Low cost carrier and if you if you select the Low Fare option when you book ( and you did ) you dont get any food or drinks for free.
    But in Premium Class you will, and you will also have pillow and blanket for free.

  11. Has anyone seen actual reports from these flights on A380 and being in business/first? It’s tempting.

  12. @ Richmond_Surrey – wondering the same thing! Tempted to book but curious about the experience.

  13. I’m a Travel Agent, I just booked it and news able to sleect 4F, very much looking forward, hope no delays.

  14. I was able to book through Chase UR for next week, seat assignment shows 1D which doesn’t look like it exists on any of SQ’s A380s? I was hoping for Suites but TPG seems to imply that Suites aren’t being utilized. FlightRadar24 shows a few of the flights operating as 787s this week and next, anyone know why that would be?

  15. Bobby – I’m a travel agent so checking in the GDS here – 1 flight per day is A380 operated, DI 7015/7016 – suites are bookable if available

  16. @Katy – Yep I know DI7015 is supposed to be on A380 but looking on FlightRadar24 shows 07AUG, 08AUG, 13AUG, 14AUG as 787-9s as opposed to A380. Can you confirm those dates are indeed showing as A380 on the GDS? If so is it possible for you to assign a suite to an existing booking?

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