Northwest reduces Silver and Platinum bonus miles

I can’t say I’m really surprised, but it’s still sad to see when the “merged” Delta/Northwest program only makes changes for the worse. Via RealDLInsider on FlyerTalk:

There are some changes coming this year that we intend to announce as part of the consolidated loyalty program, the significant majority of which will be positive for customers. We have committed that during this consolidation we will retain many positive attributes of our two programs and we are not shying away from this. With this said, there will be a couple of items that we need to align or change to the negative for WorldPerks and SkyMiles customers. We’ve already announced some increases to the WorldPerks fee structure and an adjustment to the bonus miles awarded to WorldPerks Platinum and Silver Elites to align with Delta Platinum and Silver Medallions.

I don’t believe they’ve announced this yet in any other form (contrary to what the email says), so it’s sad that they’re deceptive about it as well. Considering how much Delta has devalued the SkyMiles program, keeping the bonuses (and raising them for Delta Platinums and Silvers) seems like a nice gesture they could have made which wouldn’t have cost them much.

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