First Look At Qatar Airways’ “Revolutionary” New Business Class Suite!!!

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Well, the time has come. Over two years ago, Qatar Airways’ CEO revealed that the airline was working on a “super business class,” which would make first class obsolete. The wait is finally over, as Qatar Airways has finally revealed their new product just now at ITB Berlin, one of the world’s biggest travel trade shows.

Qatar Airways is calling their new business class product the “Qsuite,” with the slogan “First in Business” (well played, Qatar Airways!). During the big reveal, Al Baker said that they patented the product, and that it’s “way way above what anyone else will every attempt.”

Here are some pictures of the new product:





And here’s a video of the new product:

Here’s a video with a 360 degree view of the new product:

I’ll have another post sharing my thoughts shortly!

What’s your first impression of Qatar Airways’ new business class product?

  1. It does look pretty great. I like the double bed in the middle seats. How do you think it compares to Singapore?

  2. Lucky, my source at Qatar tells me that there will be another unexpected surprise later. NEW F!!

  3. Looks great. However from the limited photos so far I don’t see any armrests on one side…..

  4. @ Lenny — Hmmm, really? I’d be very surprised, given that they just have first on the A380. Would be awesome if so!

  5. Now, that is pretty awesome. Definitely goes beyond anything we’ve seen in J products so far.

  6. I get the feeling that Al Baker looked at Etihad’s First Apartments and said: “ok we’ll shrink it and call it ‘super business.'”

  7. I think it is disappointing. It just looks like a wider Polaris.
    I would definitely prefer Superdiamond or Cirrus than this if I am travelling alone.

  8. Looks great. I have concerns about privacy for solo travellers who end up in the
    middle seats though (esp surrounded by a party of 3 haha).

  9. This just reinforces my belief that Qatar has the best business class out there today by a mile. The pace of their innovation is just outstanding, and while it helps to have deep pockets, the Qsuite is once again a slap in the face for airlines like British Airways, which rest on their tired, below-par aviation products. I’m impressed.

  10. Can’t say I’m that impressed. Door is only going to make it feel tighter, only Etihad apartment is big enough for a door in my opinion.
    The group of four seats isn’t a bad idea but might make for noiser cabins, with “talkative” groups.
    Screen looks great but that doesn’t make a revolutionary product.
    It looks good but I’m not impressed.

  11. I prefer to have a wide seat (Singapore Airlines) instead of a narrow and walled off seat (Qatar/Delta)… especially on a long flight…

  12. Even though I’ll probably never have a family of four, let alone be able to afford to fly them all J-class, I gotta say that is an awesome concept. To borrow one of everyone’s favorite Luck-isms, KUDOS to Qatar for this one.

  13. This versus that god-awful product that Emirates is rolling out. Hope they come out with something soon enough.

  14. Whilst it looks great, I think the ME3 really miss the primary point of business class in having a bigger seat. This looks like a continuation of this trend. They are very good at throwing in the lovely extras, the privacy and the design, but it doesn’t change the fact their seats are narrower than some Economy Class seats. I would say this doesn’t compare to SQ’s business class.

  15. Wow! I’m impressed by how different this is to the current J products and how much this actually exceeds the image I had in my head of what Qatar would come out with.

    That said, there are definitely better and worse seats throughout the cabin depending on what kind of traveler you are (solo etc)

  16. Very similar to Etihad 787&A380 Business Suite but with the addition of a door as Marty has pointed out.

  17. Qatar has once again revealed an underwhelming product. Rear facing seats in business and the staggered layout cannot beat the wide and spacious feel that Singapore Airlines offers. Let’s see what SQ has to reveal later this year.

  18. Invitation to Lucky, Matthew (Live and Let Fly) and Richard Quest to join me in the 4-person section on the inaugural ✈️

  19. We thought it was going to be Delta, but it’s actually Polaris.

    Finishes are superb and I like innovations in possible remodelling of suites. However I’m crying looking at how small those legs cubbies are.

  20. I think the only drawback here could be seat selection .. it doesn’t look like there is a lot of optional dividing between the rear-facing twins. So you could be stuck very close to someone you don’t know if you’re booked late onto a flight.. Unless I’m missing something from what we’ve seen so far. Generally though, having flown Qatar’s most up to date business product, I’m super excited given this looks even better, and with the added privacy. Especially when it’s my own money, this is the type of product I dream to be flying. (I’m less fussy when it’s work paying, I just want a bed, and even BA is ok to get the job done)

  21. Very nice. Layout very similar to Etihad Business Studios just with higher walls for privacy

  22. I have mixed feelings about the new Qsuites. I think, the Qsuites in the middle are great if you are travelling with your family (it some kind reminds me of United’s Business Polaris on the 767-300ER though ;-)). But on the other hand, giving up reverse herringbone seats facing forward you’d probably end up flying rear facing (which might not be great for everyone). Nevertheless, I’d love to try the new Qsuites in the future, hoping to catch a face forward Qsuite on the window side 🙂

  23. Nothing revolutionary about it. Looks like Polaris with doors. Finishes look very nice, but I would be concerned about groups of four in that center section (noise). Meh…

  24. Looks great. As someone who flies Qatar business class a couple of times a year, I just hope I don’t end up in one of those 4 middle seats.

  25. I’m very concerned about seat width though, I’m pretty wide when it comes to shoulder-to-shoulder width. I have been looking at some of the photo’s and the seat does seem to be a bit narrow. Can’t know for sure of course before actually testing it.

  26. Is it just me or does the pitch / seat width look terrible?

    From the videos and pictures there doesn’t seem to be that much space.

  27. Smaller seat than the reverse herringbone….seriously..who cares bout the door. I want seat width . Width ans space is MORE important than a door that will make me feel cramped.

    Here is what I dont get…. what are you planning on doing in your “suite” that makes you need a door. The door will not filter out light and noise. The added privacy is not worth the smaller seat. Its a nice design but its all about luring you in… not sure it will make you more comfortable .

  28. Looks pretty neat… But “I’ll have another post sharing my thoughts shortly!” Really??? Why not just write one good post with your thoughts in it. You are not CNN, you don’t have to regurgitate the same thing over and over again…

  29. The finishes are amazing and it looks very high end in the pictures. However, as many has mentioned above, I find the ME3’s business class seats to be very narrow, just slightly wider than Y. I fly long haul probably 25% Y, 65% J and 10% F a year and I can say that business class seats are all about the comfort and this does NOT look that comfortable and that “super”. Sure, it looks fancy but I prefer SQ’s J all the way. Seat comfort and service is just unbeatable. I like the idea of double bed in J though. Have to give this one a whirl!

  30. Looks very nice. Not exactly revolutionary, but I suppose there’s only so much you can do. The set of 4 seats is interesting but in practice it doesn’t look very practical for sharing a meal or whatever since the table is all on the one side. (And why isn’t anyone wearing a seatbelt? 🙂

    Are they going to put this on all of the outdated 777s?

  31. Can’t wait to try it out in 2018. Hopefully they don’t take any of the amenity kits away or PJs.

  32. I’m not impressed as Akbar Al Baker drummed up the hype that it would be revolutionary seats, blah blah blah and yet they come up with smaller width seats with some backward facing seats which just looks like an enhanced BA Club World concept with sliding doors.

    This is a big let down. I’m not impressed with the seats and the hype is over the TOP!

  33. @raksiam

    Considering that outside peak season and barring major hubs (e.g. LHR, JFK, LAX, SFO, CDG, FRA, DXB, DOH, BOM, SIN, HKG, NRT etc etc..) most flights don’t fly full, I’d say a much bigger seat is possible, and if they really wanted to be revolutionary it wouldn’t be such a stretch to make less seats and much bigger.
    Yes, the current designs, including this one are designed to maximise space but how many flights are flying at 50% occupancy in J from LGW, STN, BHX, DUB, MXP, FCO, BCN, YUL, CGK, TXL, ORL, KIX, IAH, EWR, etc…

  34. Flying backwards seats, Qatar? Have you learned nothing from AA and UA?

    Sometimes a US3 airline’s sole purpose is to serve as an example to others. And you didn’t learn from the example.

  35. Seems alright, as another commenter pointed out it appears as if one side of the seat, depending on which side of the plane you’re on, does not have any kind of armrest. Seems like minor gripe but it’s a big turn off for me as I’m a “leaner” and tend to lean on the arm rest of whatever I’m sitting on when I’m relaxing. If I get stuck on the wrong side of the plane it’s going to drive me nuts.

  36. I actually really hate this design concept.

    As others have pointed out, the additional privacy features seem to come at the expense of seat size. If that’s actually the case, that’s a major strike.

    But the worst part? Cross expanse conversations with those sitting on the other side of the 4 person set-up. 777s aren’t the quietest planes… so just how loud are people going to need to be in order to hear each other? Based on the intro video alone, all I can envision are families of 4 with little munchkins screaming across for mommy or daddy to pay attention to X (Note: no offence meant to business class travelling families… but most biz passengers do in fact cringe at the sight of little ones, never knowing how well-behaved they’ll be). And let’s not forget to mention the awkwardness as a single in you get stuck in the midst of a 3 person group.

    Alas, there’s nothing “business” about this.

  37. Not impressed. The seats look smallish, without arm rests. As a solo traveler, I’d hate to get stuck with a chatty family of three in one of those four packs. And I agree with @JRH, there’s nothing “Business” about this design.

  38. @raksiam I think that in the set of 4 seats the pair that have seats closer to the isle can use the 2nd mini seat in their space to shift a little more toward the center (maybe?)

  39. I love it!
    More than the individual elements, it’s the way everything comes together that makes this cabin look like a uniquely comfortable place to be. So many soft (and no doubt sound absorbing) surfaces that make it welcoming. There are also a variety of seating options that would be suited to individuals (e.g. the aisle adjacent window seats really don’t look that much worse than the true window seats) to couples to families. You always have to do your homework to find the right seat. This cabin has something for everyone if you find the seat that is right for you.
    I applaud that the promotional video also expresses that this is a cabin for different types of travelers and they want to be a family-friendly airline. I love traveling with my wife and our daughter and it makes a difference when you know you are welcome.

  40. I think it’s an enhancement on the Etihad Business Studio cabin – at least very similar.

  41. Yeah…no.

    I, too, am alarmed at those four party seats; I can easily imagine the noise that will be emanating from that cluster.

  42. I agree with other responders, the seat is extremely narrow and the spacing very tight. Guess that’s how they are keeping the same number of seats with the retrofits. Will have to try it to make a definitive conclusion. SQ business is still the best out there!

  43. would be great when traveling as a couple. Otherwise, I’d avoid this at all costs. A door on business class seat? That would feel claustrophobic. I didn’t even close the door in SQ first class!

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