Guaranteed Way To Make Sure Your Luggage Never Gets Stolen

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My hats off to this guy… what a brilliant way to make sure your bag never gets stolen!

Via BBC Three’s Facebook page:

Well, that's one way to never lose your luggage…

Posted by BBC Three on Monday, December 14, 2015

(Tip of the hat to Jeff)

  1. LOL, I’m flashing back to 5th grade and loving the Oct/Nov editions of the newspaper with all the politicians’ mugshots šŸ™‚

    Gotta hand it to that guy though!

  2. Seriously? Socks with sandals? wtf. kids with socks and sandals used to get beaten up on the street in my neighborhood.

  3. He’s actually developmentally disabled and I think this was intended to keep him from losing his luggage. I happened to be on his flight out of Chicago Sunday morning.

  4. Thank you Thumper for your information :). What a wonderful idea to help folk with different abilities have less stress on their travel day. And their families too.

  5. Sorry, but that’s no guarantee of anything except everyone noticing his luggage. You don’t want thieves taking notice of you and that’s exactly what that guy is encouraging.

  6. You can use every photo for this luggage, i.e. logo and website of your company, blog etc. I my eyes this can be a great way of advertising…

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