My first stay at an Andaz hotel (and my first stay as a Hyatt Diamond)….

….and sheesh, I’m not sure much more could go wrong, and my brother and I checked in only 30 minutes ago. First of all, on the plus side, I love, love, love the room. It’s beautifully designed.


  • The front desk agent seemed totally spaced out and not particularly welcoming.
  • We were checked in quickly and I asked whether I’d receive free breakfast as a Diamond member. This is something the agent should have proactively explained. You’d think he would at least know the rules, but he responded by asking the other agent “hmmm, do we do breakfast for Diamonds?” This was followed by “yeah, I guess you can have breakfast in your room or the restaurant.” Seriously?
  • Not offered any sort of food and beverage amenity as guaranteed, so they should at least mention I’d get 1,000 points as an “amenity.”
  • No mention of the “ANDAZ5” rate I booked, whereby we get a $50 hotel credit.
  • We get up to our room and it has one king bed as opposed to the double bedded room we reserved. We go back down to the front desk and ask for a room with two double beds, but amazingly enough they don’t have any! They then proceed to upgrade us to a “deluxe room” with a king bed. Umm, why weren’t we upgraded to that to begin with? Still stuck with one king bed, and my understanding is that I’m guaranteed my preferred bed type as a Hyatt Diamond. More importantly, how the f&*$ does a hotel on Wall Street not have a double bedded room available on a Saturday night?
  • Part of the room being “modern” is that the shower room has a glass window facing the rest of the room. That’s fine and dandy, but there’s no kind of blind or anything. Hell, even if I were staying with someone I wanted to share a bed with, I’m not sure I’d necessarily want to watch them shower.

Anyway, very disappointed thus far. This hotel really needs to retrain their employees, at least those working after midnight. Not a good start for a brand new hotel. I’ll certainly share my thoughts with the GM when I finish up my stay (after all, they can’t improve without some constructive criticism.

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  1. Hey Lucky, thanks for the pointers. We’re thinking of staying there later in the year. Be sure to jack up the GM for it =)

  2. I would definitely follow up with an e-mail to GoldPassport Customer Service. They are EXTREMELY proactive in helping to resolve any issues when staying at a property.

  3. Personally, I would have asked to speak to the duty manager. One of the benefits of Diamond (and Plat.) membership is guaranteed bed type.

  4. It’s not an excuse (as Brian pointed out above, bedding type is supposed to be guaranteed for Ds and Ps), but one explanation might be that, given the business-oriented location and the likely guest breakdown during the business week, they probably have a small number of two-bedded rooms (at that price point, most companies do not expect two unrelated business travelers to share a room (thank goodness)).

    Be that as it may, I think that one solution would have been to give you and your guest two separate rooms. As suggested above, be sure to follow up with GP Customer Service (GP’s CS is really one of the best things about the entire GP program).

  5. re: glass shower: The new Standard Hotel in NYC has the same glass wall. And floor to ceiling windows on the other side of the room! What Tom alludes to, getting two rooms, might be their secret strategy.

  6. By the way- My biggest client, RockwellGroup, designed the bar and restaurant. Love to hear your opinion of it.

  7. Lucky, the hotel should give you your booked room and bed type or make amends for it by giving you a great upgrade and or a roll away bed. I doubt the hotel is at full occupancy from what you have reported.

  8. If u don’t get he desired bed type as a Diamond, then ur supposed 2 get 2,500pts/more. Check the T&C’s.

  9. This is ridiculous. That said, i just had a terrific stay at this hotel with excellent service throughout the stay. So I can report the service is highly variable rather than uniformly awful, at least.

  10. I have, perhaps, a couple of thoughts. As you are a new Diamond, if you made your reservation before your Diamond status actually kicked-in, it is possible that your new Diamond elite status didn’t carryover to this Andaz reservation. That is to say, your record wasn’t updated/flagged. I had the same thing happen to me at ameican airlines some years ago when I first became an Exec Plat. They explained that the status field gets fixed at time of reservation and doesn’t change even if your status changes.
    So far as ammenity, I’ve stayed at Andaz W Hollywood many many nights and I am also a Diamond. Andaz seems to follow the amenity policy followed by Park Hyatt properties, not domestically run Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt properties. That is to say, there is no ammenity/extra points option presented at check-in. Room amendities are hit and miss. They leave a small dired fruit bag for diamonds on occassion. Frankly, I feel it is a waste of their money — they do enough already. There are snack type amendities in the room — a free mini-bar — wine and coffee and snacks in the lobby area. One of the reasons I like Andaz is that absoltuely everyone is treated like a Damond. So far as bed type, I have never had a situation with any Hyatt property (especially Andaz) where my requested bed type (albiet, I request King) was not honored. Again, I don’t think this is a Diamond issue. Certainly, they should have made a greater effort. It seems to me that your receptionist was new and not yet fully trained. That’s partly the luck of the draw – but mostly Hyatt shouldn’t be putting people up-front before they are ready. Again, sensing that there were issues with your check in, I have found that there are always a number of really well trained hospitality-centric receptionists around — someone should have jumped in. One of the problems I feel that Andaz has is that front desk managers, many having come from So California Hyatt domestic properties, are not yet in synch with the Andaz philosophy — the regulars get-it, but as they are not managers, so they tend to not overstep. Too bad, becasue the regulars like Walter, Dean and Laura, are fantasttic and are genuiinely hospitality oriented. So far as your andaz5 rate credit. You are probably right – not handled well. this could also be a new clerk issue. When you checked in all of the specifics, room type, rate, extra-credit stuff, your elite status, etc. should have been verified so that you could make changes. Hyatt has a new system called Opera — it isn’t as friendly for front desk people as it should be – but that’s not an excuse. So far as breakfast, again, I have found that Andaz operates like Park Hyatt properties, which is really wonderful. I usually only have a cup of coffee, but when I do have breakfast, there is never a payment issue. You do need to sign the bill and, other then the tip (this is different property to property) breakfast is on the house. There may be a limit at Andaz, however, as to the maximum $ amount allowed – not sure. Many Hyatt properties, given the economy, have been penny pinching here. All in all, I’m surprised that you didn’t have a great first Diamond experience, nor does it seem that you had a great stay at Andaz.. You’ve obviously stayed 50+ nights this year aleady to have earned Diamond, so you understand thay all can’t be great, even though they should be. I’ve been a Diamond for 6 plus years and can honestly tell you, that when Hyatt gets it right, they do it better than anyone. On occassion they don’t get it completely right — I found that to be rare. I hope you try Andaz W Hollywood again, it was my home away from home this time last year – I guess you sense how much I love the property.

  11. I’m Hyatt Diamond, Hilton Diamond, Marriott Lifetime Platinum and Starwood Platinum and I have generally found most midnights shift employees to be the least knowledgeable at all these chains. As stated by others the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond customer service line to be the most helpful and the best at “making things right” via extra points, room credits and basically anything you ask for (within reason).

  12. I don’t know but I’d definitely be calling mom and dad and telling them to get their money back.

  13. Lucky,

    I might have bumped into you. I stayed at Andaz Wall Street last night (checked out today), and had the EXACT same experience:

    – The hosts didn’t have any clue about free breakfast for Diamond. We ordered in room service, and spent 90-something dollars. At check-out, we were told that “we gave you half off on the breakfast,” which was corrected a few seconds later with “we gave you $60 off”. The host at check-in told us “your breakfast will be taken care of,” so I denied the charge.
    – Booked two double beds, but only got one king bed (deluxe). Mind you I checked in at 3:30pm, which is 30 minute past check-in time. Called, and they said they didn’t have any room available! The best part, we were given standard double bed room. I was too tired to call back so I let it slip.

    I’m totally emailing GP.

  14. Well I would expect a nice 10k+ deposit for this incident with a well worded letter to GP. Definitely unacceptable and very surprising to hear about this. I’ve avoided the Andaz brand and also avoid the W brand hotels because I just don’t like the style that they go for. It’s something that I think reflects very obviously in the attitude of their employees.

    The only time I ever had a problem at a Hyatt was when they gave my confirmed upgraded suite to another guest that had someone listed on their room with the same name as me. They were more than apologetic and voluntarily said I would be credited 10k points for the inconvenience which soon followed. An honest mistake and it was handled with nothing but class and honesty.

    I hope you got some names Ben because this treatment is unacceptable for any type of customer, status or none. When you pay for a hotel like the Andaz you deserve nothing but top tier service.

  15. i love the Andaz in west hollywood. free minibar. free snacks. full-sized bottles of liquor in the room at reasonable prices. turn-down service includes a bucket of ice. complimentary wine. amazing view of the city. rooftop pool…

  16. Did you make the reservation before you became a Diamond? If so, did you call and have Hyatt take your GP number out of the record and then input it back? It seems strange for this day and age, but its what has to be done with Hyatt.

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