Montreal Airport Gets Two Priority Pass Restaurants

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Over the past couple of years we’ve seen Priority Pass increasingly add restaurants to their global network of 1,300+ airport lounges.

The concept is that at some airports Priority Pass has a tough time striking a deal with a major lounge due to crowding issues, so when that’s not possible, they instead work with a restaurant.

Ordinarily lounges are reimbursed a fixed amount for each Priority Pass visitor, so in this case they’re instead reimbursing restaurants at a fixed amount.

Priority Pass restaurants at Montreal Airport

As of tomorrow (Wednesday, February 12, 2020) Priority Pass is adding two restaurants at Montreal Trudeau International Airport, which will also be the first Priority Pass restaurants in Canada (at least as far as I know).

In the case of both of these locations, members will be entitled to 37CAD worth of food and drinks. Priority Pass members can guest up to one person into the restaurant to double that credit (to 74CAD).

As a reminder, those who have a Priority Pass membership through American Express don’t receive credits at restaurants.

Here are the details of the two restaurants:

Pork & Pickle Montreal Priority Pass restaurant

Pork & Pickle at YUL is joining Priority Pass, and is located post-security in the domestic departures area, near gate 3. As the restaurant is described:

Pork & Pickle’s menu emphasizes high-quality barbecue and is one of the rare restaurants in an airport that smokes meats on-site to give guests an authentic wood-smoked barbecue experience. Montréal-Trudeau travellers can choose from locally inspired favourites with a BBQ spin, such as the Plate Smoked Brisket Poutine with housemade smoked brisket, cheese curds and gravy.

Here’s the menu for the restaurant:

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill Montreal Priority Pass restaurant

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill at YUL is also joining Priority Pass, and is located post-security in the transborder (US departures) area, near gate 77. As the restaurant is described:

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill offers travelers an all-day menu starting with breakfast favorites and then a selection of appetizers, salads and tacos, to heartier entrees including burgers, steaks, and salmon.

Here’s the menu for the restaurant:

Bottom line

These are awesome additions for Montreal Airport, as they currently don’t have any lounges in the domestic or transborder area. Prior to these additions, the only Priority Pass location was the National Bank Lounge in the non-US international departures area.

Anyone excited to check out these new Priority Pass restaurants in Montreal?

  1. I was just at Houston last fall. On a Sunday evening the US transborder pier was packed and there aren’t a lot of sit down dining options, so Houston was also packed. I can’t imagine what a s*show it’s going to be once they start taking PP.

  2. Great additions but YUL is already quite overcrowded. YUL could use another lounge though like Centurion or Plaza Premium. Beats the AC lounges by a mile.

  3. Don’t worry. All the priority pass parasites will stuff the wait staff and the restaurants will be gone soon enough. I use priority pass but tip well and don’t understand all the cheap skates that think it is “free” so why tip. SMH

  4. just a general question about Priority Pass restaurants…..can they be used after arrival? Or must they only be used when you are about to depart?

  5. Several Canadian visa and mastercard cards have ~6 priority pass entries per year. Will these likely get restaurant access? Could be a good supplement to Amex cards for those in YUL.

  6. @Lucky … Question! When you say that “those who have a Priority Pass membership through American Express don’t receive credits at restaurants”, is that true for any Priority Pass from Amex anywhere in the world? I’ve got mine from Korea. I’m going to Montreal this summer, so I won’t be able to use my PP card because it’s from Amex?

  7. @Clive Cussler
    As far as I know, it applies to all American Express cards worldwide. I have an Amex Platinum card with a Priority Pass from Sweden, and I can’t get in to the restaurants anymore. I just had a layover in Lima, Peru where I asked the manager of a PP restaurant about it and he told me that this applies for all Amex issued PP cards worldwide (strangely enough, he also showed me an email from PP explaining the issue). Too bad since the PP lounges are usually crap.

  8. @John
    “Several Canadian visa and mastercard cards have ~6 priority pass entries per year. Will these likely get restaurant access?”
    I have the same question as @John. Does anyone know if a Canadian visa card with a complementary PP card and 6 entries per year, can get access to these 2 PP restaurants in YUL?

  9. @john, @dragonfly
    my priority pass from CIBC canada works for PP restaurants (used it in cleveland). I believe the restriction is only for Amex. any Canadian bank thats visa or mastercard should work. If you are unsure you can always be sure to pay first before they make your food to ensure PP works.

  10. @staradmiral Thanks for the quick response. Good to know, I’ll be sure to try it next time I arrive In YUL and can let you know how it goes if you like. Just let me know.

  11. I’m at the Pork & Pickle right now. I have priority pass through my Platinum American Express (Valid until October 29, 2022) and their machine is saying I don’t have access to the restaurant. Unfortunately the staff are ill equipped to trouble shoot the problem and after a call to Priority Pass, it is also not registered on their end. Had I known, I would’ve chosen a different restaurant or chosen not to spend the money at all. Bit of a fail for Priority Pass, Amex and the Pork and Pickle to be honest.

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