Man Claims To Have Found MH370 Wreckage On Google Earth

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It has now been over four years since MH370 went missing. The Malaysia Airlines 777 was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it mysteriously disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff. While small amounts of wreckage have been found, the main parts of the plane haven’t been found, which has to be one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

There are lots of theories as to what happened, ranging from a catastrophic technical failure, to a horrible murder plot from the captain. The more thought I put into this, the more I feel like there has to be some sort of a cover-up. I’m not saying all the parties that were involved in the search are in on it, but at a minimum not every party is sharing all the information they have. I just refuse to believe that in this day-and-age all parties can be working together as well as possible and not find a 777.

The primary search for MH370 was called off in early 2017, after 120,000 square kilometers were searched. At the beginning of this year we learned that the search for MH370 was being resumed in a different way. US seabed exploration firm Ocean Infinity was given the task of finding MH370 wreckage within 90 days on a “no-cure, no-fee” basis. If they find nothing, they get nothing. If they do find something, they’ll get paid as much as $70 million. I haven’t heard anything about that search yet, so I’m guessing they haven’t found the plane.

This brings us to another interesting claim. I’ll leave it to you guys to decide where this falls on the scale of “alien invasion conspiracy theory” to “oh, there might actually be something to this.”

A 64 year old Australian man who is a mechanical engineer and also an “amateur crash investigator” for more than 25 years claims to have found MH370, after spending months searching Google Earth.

He believes the plane is (or at least was) 10 miles south of Round Island, which is near Mauritius. Interestingly the part of a wing that was confirmed to be that of MH370 was found near Mauritius a couple of years back, and a flaperon that was confirmed to be part of the plane was found near Reunion Island. So the location as such would make sense.

Here are some of the Google Earth pictures that the guy is using as the basis for his claim:

MH370 Google Maps

MH370 Google Maps

As you can see, the first picture is from April 2014, which is just a month after the accident.

The man has sent his findings to the Australian Transport and Safety Board, though they haven’t taken any action based on this.

Even in the unlikely event that the above was in fact wreckage from MH370, that might not be useful anymore in locating the plane (or what is left of it). Four years later, much of the wreckage could be hundreds or thousands of miles away due to the current of the ocean.

Personally I think this is more of a borderline conspiracy theory finding. If he spent months searching Google Earth he’s bound to find some waves breaking in the shape of a plane, and best I can tell that’s the extent of his evidence here.

What do you think?

  1. If he’s so convinced, then he should put his money where his mouth is, rent a boat, find the wreckage, and take home the reward

  2. Completely O/T
    There are a handful SPG properties that were supposed to drop in categories on 03/06, but never did. They kept their higher categories. Namely Sheraton Salzburg Fuschlsee, a few hotels in Seoul and Le Meridien Rome. Quite dishonest and leaves a bitter aftertaste.

    Lucky, maybe you could reach SPG for a comment?

  3. I’m still of the opinion that the thing was diverted to Diego Garcia by the military for whatever nefarious reason and most of the innocent passengers murdered to secure targets on-board (people, cargo, or both).
    I also believe that the Russians are the sole power on earth that engages in state-sponsored, covert, political interference.

  4. During law school I have to admit that’s I watched some conspiracy theory videos in YouTube to numb the pain of exams. Don’t judge!

    I saw this a couple of years back and was immediately struck by how close to the shore it was. Surely someone would have noticed a massive plane landing? Why no survivors?

  5. DeePeePDX,

    I flew in and out of Diego Garcia a number of times, on DC-8-63 military-contract flights. There are a lot of people stationed there. Killing the Malaysian Airlines passengers and crew would have necessitated murdering everyone else on the island as well, in order to keep a secret that horrifying from getting out.

    Something went terribly wrong and MH 370 crashed. Was it a tragedy? Yes. But was it a “nefarious” military plot that involved mass murder? No.

  6. The shape in the water does resemble an airliner, but I don’t see an indication of its size. Is it the right size, or way smaller or larger?

  7. Has an airplane that crashed into the ocean ever been recognizable as an airplane afterwards? My theory for why they haven’t found it yet is that is crashed into the ocean at a high rate of speed and shattered into many many small pieces. The debris then sank and the technology we have been using to search the ocean floor is not sophisticated enough to see such tiny and dispersed debris. Look at high speed crashes like United 93 and Eurowings 9525. They are not recognizable as aircraft after the fact. Only chance of finding it is if the suicidal pilot was still alive when the engines flamed out and coasted it to a water landing. If that happened, you probably would have had survivors in rafts.

  8. There was no MH370 flight. It never even took of. It was all an elaborate scam to grab insurance money.

    I am sure trump had a hand in it.

  9. Don’t be so utterly ridiculous. Do you have no idea how huge and how deep the oceans are? You could easily lose a few dozen jets in there and not be able to find them…

  10. When airplane crashes high-speed over water, the aircraft is conoletely destroyed. The debris are shattered and mostly unrecognizable. *But* then most of the debris will float on water. (Think of AF447.) It would have been very easy to find because the area would be covered by debris and be recognisable by satellite, especially if it crashed not far away from takeoff location.
    This is definitely not a normal accident. The planned flight path would not pass through ocean.

  11. People see what they want to see; a bit like the image of Jesus on the grilled cheese sandwich, a few years back ( sold on eBay for $40000).
    This search was always far more complicated than the one for AF ex Brazil…and they didn’t find that wreckage for 2 years.
    It’s going to end up like the Marie Celeste…we’ll likely never know ( and that’s so awful for the affected families).

  12. @DeePeePDX
    Speaking of state-sponsored, covert, political interference, have you ever heard of a country called United States?

  13. I’m heading to Mauritius in October. Maybe I should get my dive gear out and have a look for him … haha.

  14. Yup! It’s a conspiracy. Should we all wear our tin foil hats? Such a lovely way to discredit everyone who slogged for years to attempt to find the plane. Bravo Lucky! Bravo.

  15. There’s also not a single current in the ocean. There are many currents. If there was a single current, you would simply have to follow it. You’re a smart guy Lucky. Please use your smarts to learn something about the world beyond points and pointy end travel.

  16. Next we will probably hear about how Lucky saw his plane spit out chemtrails, and we will be encouraged not to vaccinate.

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