I’m Confused: Did A Plane Nearly Collide With A UFO?

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I actually just have no clue what’s going on here…

Does this video show a UFO?

A video has been uploaded that allegedly shows a commercial aircraft avoiding a UFO. The claim is that this video was filmed on Singapore Airlines’ January 17 flight from Singapore to Zurich (SQ346), which was operated by an Airbus A350-900. The video captures the plane minutes before landing, as it’s on approach to Zurich Airport.

What does the video show?

  • At first it seems like any landing or takeoff video that an aviation geek might take
  • At the 30 second mark there’s a loud announcement telling people to be seated and to take the brace position
  • At the 50 second mark you can hear the engines powering up considerably, at which point the plane makes a sharp turn and you can hear people screaming
  • At the 67 second mark you can see a white object passing closely underneath the aircraft, which is believed to be a UFO

You can watch the video for yourself here:

It’s claimed that we know this wasn’t a drone or bird because it was invisible on the radar, and also because the pilots could clearly see this from so far away.

I’m seeing mentions of this video in the mainstream media, so I wanted to cover the story because this video is either totally fake, or I’ve just totally lost it (both of which are real possibilities).

Why this video appears to be fake

Something about this video doesn’t add up, if you ask me:

  • It’s claimed that this is a Singapore Airlines A350, but it looks to me like this is actually an A320 wing, and Singapore Airlines’ A350 winglets are also painted differently; so was this actually on another airline, and the Singapore Airlines logo was doctored?
  • What’s with the announcement to brace? That’s definitely not a Singaporean accent, and at this point Singapore Airlines has very few expat pilots remaining, so something is a bit suspicious there; typically a pilot would give the order to brace, but then the flight attendants would be the ones to instruct passengers
  • The noise when the engines spool up almost sounds to me like a fake noise added after the fact, because it’s so ridiculously loud
  • Was the person taking the video just ignoring the request to get into the brace position, or how did the person keep taking the video?
  • Why does the video quality get so much worse when the UFO suddenly appeared?
  • Why would the pilots bank in the direction of the UFO?
  • I certainly could be wrong, but it looks more to me like the plane is on departure, rather than on approach
  • The landscape looks suspiciously green for Zurich in mid-January

I can’t stop watching this video because I’m determined to make sense of this video, but just can’t. My best theory here is that:

  • This was originally a video of another airline/flight that just shows a sudden maneuver
  • The rest of this is doctored, including the UFO, the engine noises, the announcements, etc.
  • I don’t get why this is being attributed to this specific flight, or how Singapore Airlines somehow got dragged into this, though

Am I missing something obvious? The irony is that I absolutely believe in life on other planets and UFOs in some form. But videos like this that appear fake sure don’t help our cause. 😉

Bottom line

A video has been uploaded that allegedly shows a Singapore Airlines A350 nearly colliding with a UFO. Personally I’m skeptical, because there are so many things about the video that don’t add up.

I’ve watched this video so many times now, and can’t wrap my head around it, so someone please enlighten me! And I’m not just looking for confirmation that this is fake, but can we actually find the original video, and/or figure out what was doctored here? Collectively you guys know everything, and I know this is no exception!

What do you make of this alleged UFO video?

(Tip of the hat to Your Mileage May Vary)

  1. It is so fake that it makes my girlfriend look real.
    It was very clearly climbing(not descending), SQ has only very recently acquired narrow body aircraft, which this clearly is. And did they mention how many stops it made between SIN and ZRH? The winglet SQ logo should be backwards as it makes no sense, also SQ always just paint their winglets a block of blue. and oh, no engine spools up this loudly this quickly, and sorry, it does not pull enough G’s to make a camera that is relatively fixated to the fuselage lose focus on EVERYTHING.

  2. Ehhh… totally fake. That is not an A350. That sounds is not SQ. It seems it is not a landing, but take-off. Fake.

  3. i can assure you, Zurich experienced the heaviest snowfalls for more than a decade and was covered in snow on the 17th and still is. There are so many mistakes on the video, it’s hardly worth to comment – you’d best delete it.

  4. To paraphrase Neil deGrasse Tyson, the “U” in UFO stands for “Unidentified”. That’s where your conversation should stop. If you don’t know what it is, you don’t then say it must be anything. You don’t then say, “oh look, a UFO. It must be aliens visiting from outer space!”. Nothing to see here. Back to work.

  5. It’s a signal. Connect the dots. Do your own research. JFK Jr. 1999. Coincidence? I think not. The truth is out there.

  6. Prediction: Based on the title, this blog will be featured in your “most viewed of 2020” published on 12/30/21

  7. Ben, do your blog a favor, remove the video. I know that times are tough to find anything worthy arline-related, but this is belong ridiculous.

  8. Seems like you just made sense of it to me. Not sure there are really any questions left to answer…?

  9. Agreed with others: this video is fake, and you should delete the article.
    I waited until I watched to read the comments, and all the same clues others are pointing out are the same cues I took… namely the sounds.

    “It’s claimed that we know this wasn’t a drone or bird because it was invisible on the radar”… this is probably the greatest red flag to me. WHO is claiming that this was invisible on the radar??? If it’s the guy who published the video, then shame on you for even considering it. How does some random passenger know what can/cannot be seen on Radar?

    As an ATCS, I can tell you that drones do not typically show up on Radar to begin with. Would be surprised if onboard radar was any better.

  10. Wtf. There’s no question about it being fake. Clickbait title and unnecessarily giving views and credence to this poor attempt at a fake

  11. I think lack of flying is affecting judgement…that is why this is a story on the blog

    A). 5 seconds into the video you realize that it is NOT landing, its taking off.
    B). The voice is clearly superimposed on the view. sounds like an instructor or may be even military guy explaining how to take ‘brace’ position.
    C). The pilot must be nuts to do a tight banking turn right into the path of that white object.
    D). Pilot must be a superman to be able to spot that small white object against whitish background (clouds) from miles away to be able to make that announcement ~20 seconds before taking any action.

  12. watched again on you tube – full screen and 0.25 playback speed…. look at 1:19 when the object is going under the leading edge of the wing.
    The wing now develops a transparent leading edge showing separation between the boundaries instead of blending perfectly if this was a real object and not superimposed video.

  13. “wasn’t a drone or bird because it was invisible on the radar” – sorry to say but our radars don’t warn us about impending birds or drone strikes

  14. @JB

    The winglet or sharklet on the 320 family is very different from what is on the 737 and again from what’s on an A350

  15. I realize that you question the video. But why? Why would you even bother to post this? Because It’s completely and obviously fake. The brace announcement is hilarious. If you want I can send you a fake video of snakes on a plane that you can post and question for clicks? Seriously. This is not helping your credibility, lol.

  16. I thought it was a pretty cool post. As someone who likes to read about aviation related news but am not an AV geek myself, all of the things you (and the commenters) mentioned sounds logical but I would never spot them on my own. If I saw this on the news I’d be fooled so I appreciate the detailed teardown of the hoax.

    Better than reporting on another fight on Allegiant/Spirit.

  17. As if there hadn’t been abundant evidence before, the landscape shown in this video suggests an approach to runway 10 in ZRH.

    Runway 10 in ZRH is not used for commercial airliner approaches. Not ever.

    Posting this feels suspiciously like clickbait… you got me alright.

  18. Ben, Of course UFO’s and ET’s don’t exist (?) We have been told, taught in our schools, in our religions, and from our Govt’s that they don’t. And if anyone says yes, they are declared as exotic, mentally impaired or dilusional.

    Maybe now we will begin to have clarity. Recently from retired Israel defense chief Haim Eshed stepped forward. And broadly from Nick Pope who have first hand experience while working for their governments. Ie; the cats out of the bag.

    Everybody Relax.

    Haim Eshed https://www.nbcnews.com/news/weird-news/former-israeli-space-security-chief-says-extraterrestrials-exist-trump-knows-n1250333

  19. Can we only wonder how many Americans know that it was from Switzerland the money has been made available to attack us with hydrogen bombs riding in on the tips of some of the thousands of nuclear missiles that were built to shut us up once and for all?

    Might that flying saucer have been trying to point out some of the nuclear warfighting hobbyists that were on board that flight there? The large number of comments that try to throw the people off of the conspiracy plan of our nuclear warfighting sportspeople to exterminate the human race that has brought the flying saucers to spare us from the industrial-strength investment grade nuclear warfighting hobbyists who tried to hydrogen bomb blast us

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