I Received My Metal Amex Platinum Card

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Some changes were recently made to The Platinum Card® from American Express, including the addition of a $200 annual Uber credit, a new metal card design, and a $100 annual fee increase (Rates & Fees).

As I explained in a post a few days ago, you can request to have American Express send you a metal card, or otherwise, you’ll automatically be sent one when your card’s expiration date approaches. If you do request a new card, though, it may take several days for it to arrive, as the demand for these cards has been very high.

I had the choice between having the package shipped via UPS Next Day or US Mail and chose the former. While the expected delivery date was March 31, it took a few days longer than that, presumably due to the high demand for the card.


Sure enough, the card arrived in a UPS envelope.


Insider the UPS envelope was a smaller white envelope.


In that envelope was a promotional pamphlet about the changes that were made to the card, as well as an envelope for disposing of the card once it expires. Since the new card is metal, it’s not easy to destroy.


Then of course there was also the new metal Amex Platinum Card, which is gorgeous. Amex did a really great job with this new card, and it exceeded my expectations. I love that it’s not shiny, but rather is dull (in a good way). The numbers are on the back of the card and not raised, while only your name, how long you’ve been a member, and your four-digit card ID are on the front. It’s a stylish card. In terms of weight, I’d say the card is heavier than the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but not as heavy as the Ritz-Carlton Card.

Perhaps the bigger issue is that I don’t remember the last time I’ve used my Amex Platinum Card at a retailer, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The card offers 5x points on airfare, so I do use it all the time for airfare purchases, but those aren’t in-person transactions.

Instead, I’m putting most of my Amex spend on The Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American Express. When making 30 transactions on the card per billing cycle, I’m earning 4.5x points at U.S. supermarkets, 3x points at U.S. gas stations, and 1.5x points on other purchases. That’s a much better return.

Bottom line

The new metal Amex Platinum Card is gorgeous — Amex did a really good job with it. If you’re interested in the new card design but haven’t yet been sent the new card, you can easily request a new card online. It may just take a few days to arrive.

To those of you who have received the new metal Amex Platinum Card, what do you make of it?

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: The Platinum Card® from American Express (Rates & Fees).

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  1. Got mine yesterday through FedEx.
    It’s heavier than I thought it would be, but it’s not cumbersome.
    I do like the looks of it.

  2. Member Since 88. I thought the same thing! I was proud of my member since 05 (which is 18 for me). Shame on me for not getting on my parents account back in the day!

  3. Ben…you said

    “”Perhaps the bigger issue is that I don’t remember the last time I’ve used my Amex Platinum Card at a retailer, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. “”

    Why is this an issue???

  4. I love the fee of it though it makes the wallet a little more rigid and heavier. I use it for a lot of my transactions and want to now see the reaction of the folks who will charge to this card like in a restaurant etc.

  5. Doesn’t have the annoying metal clang of the Ritz card should you accidentally drop it but definitely more substantial than the Sapphire Reserve. Haven’t tested if this one will set off the metal detector like the palladium Ritz card.

  6. My Amex Platinum expired 03/17 and they send me a new card in March – Plastic, NOT metal. What’s up with that? Member since 85!!! 🙁

  7. @ Danny — Well it’s an issue because I’m not actually going to be using the card for in-person transactions, so the metal design won’t be getting much action outside of my wallet.

  8. Got mine and it is way sturdier than the Chase Sapphire Reserve. You can bend the Reserve card but not the Amex. BTW, you can request the contactless version which has the NFC symbol on the front and allows you to make payments by just touching the card reader with the card and not inserting it.

  9. @Santastico, are you talking about the Platinum Card? I didn’t know that there was this option, too bad I already received the new card.

  10. Received mine via FedEx yesterday. I love the giant font size they used for the account number on the back.

  11. @Elliot: Yes, the Amex Platinum has the option for contactless technology so no more swiping or inserting the card if the card machine has a NFC reader. The card will have the )))) symbol in the front. My Amex SPG Business card had this technology for a while. You can always call them and request a new metal card with this technology.

  12. Just got mine yesterday. Beautiful design and weight. Pity I never use it to swipe any more since the bonus categories are all online spend.

  13. Wow, with all the flying you do, how do you have time to go to your physical mailbox location to pick up your mail?

  14. Although it’s not a credit card, the SPG Lifetime PLAT card is metal, too. I still get looks of surprise sometimes when checking in.

  15. LOL. Amazing. We are discussing how a credit card “looks” now. That surely says something about who we are…scary.

  16. Just got mine. It is definitely more flexible and lighter than the Ritz Carlton, and doesn’t have the deep-etching that the RC card has, but it is also much thicker and heavier than the CSP and doesn’t have the CSP’s annoying raised lettering.

    The only odd thing about the new card is that the printing on the front has a sortof yellowish tint to it so it doesn’t have the clean black and silver look I was expecting.

  17. @santistico – really? I never knew Express Pay (contactless pay) was ever available on any Amex Platinum. That’s great to know, even though I never use this feature any more. I used to have the Express Pay key fob was served my contactless needs very well until they discontinued it almost 9 years ago.

    I am glad they refreshed the look of the Amex Platinum charge cards. Frankly it was hard to tell the difference between this an Amex Platinum Optima card.

  18. Got mine yesterday. It’s amazing. HUGE improvement. Great job Amex. It’s definitely more of a “statement” card when compared side by side to Sapphire Reserve! Much better than CSR, if you’re into that shallow sort of thing…

  19. The card doesnt make as big a clanging noise when it is dropped like the Ritz Carlton card does.

  20. That “Member Since 88” nonsense makes it very difficult to continue believing your whole “I swear I’m not a trust-fund kid” schtick.

  21. @Sheila E: Why, because his parents had a charge card before he was born? Even if they had a basic Green Card, it would still show up with the same date. If you don’t like the blog, or don’t like Ben, then leave.

  22. Curiously enough, you cannot request the metal card replacement online for additional members. Maybe too many requests.

  23. I called Amex Platinum today and ordered the new metal card. They said that my March expiration happened right before the new card was available. They said that it could only be delivered by USPS and would not arrive for 8 days (Thurs 13) as it was not a replacement for a ‘lost or stolen’ card. They said that there were in fact many requests.

  24. I went through TSA Pre today with it in my pocket and it did not set off the metal detector.

  25. The Uber credit means nothing for me, so I’m paying $100 a year extra for a metal card. Who cares! Why don’t they add some real benefits, like letting you use the $200 airline credit for any carrier, split up, instead of having to choose one airline? I barely use that either because I choose the airline I always fly, but I never fly coach, do what am I spending the $200 on? And why would I pick an airline I night not fly during the year? Who knows in January what they’re flying in August.
    I got my Global Entry 3 years ago…so in 2 more years I’ll get to use that perk….
    Talk about “changing the narrative.” When AMEX first announced the increase everyone was pissed and cancelling their card. But stamp one out in sheet metal and suddenly everything is forgiven.
    Well I’d rather have my $100 than this ridiculous metal card hysteria that’s all over the flight blogs. Just more weight to drag around.

  26. I just got mine today. (Thanks for the tip.) the design is beautiful but mine arrives with strange scuff marks on it. First world problem, I know.

  27. The Uber benefit I will definitely use. I received my new card via FedEx. It’s really cool as I expected. Amex includes the “request a metal card” option as part of the automatic replacement process when you call the Platinum customer service phone line. No need to wait for a human.

  28. With the Chase Sapphire Resever you can book your hotel and flight anyway you like and still enjoy 4.5%. You can still get the room up grades, free breakfast and hotel credit. You’ll get the same points for dining. This is my first platinum card (3/28) I want be renewing next year. I did receive a replacement card metal 4/4. Really thinking of canceling the card today and accepted the hard pull as a loss. My lowest credit score without the hit is 805.

  29. Received my card and tried to use it at a gas pump today and it’s too thick to slide in the card reader on the pump. One would think Amex would have tested this as it caused me to use another card.

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