How To Request A Metal Platinum Card® from American Express

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Update: Some readers aren’t seeing the option to request a metal card online. If that’s the case for you, you should still be able to request a metal card by phone or through online chat.

Earlier I wrote about how The Platinum Card® from American Express has been refreshed, and one of the changes happening is that it now has a metal design. This is a new craze with premium credit cards, and it’s something I know many like. No, it won’t substantially change the value you’re getting out of the card, but it is a cool new gimmick.

If you’re an existing cardmember, there are two ways you can get the new metal card:

  • You can automatically receive it around 60 days before your current card expires
  • Or you can specifically request to have it sent to you

To request the new card, you can pick up the phone and call Amex, but that seems more complicated than it needs to be, so instead, I recommend doing so online. This is a super easy process.

Simply log into your American Express account, and choose your Platinum Card in the “My Accounts” section. After you do, click on “Account Services,” then “Card Management,” and then “Order Replacement Card.”


On the next page you’ll have the option of specifying why you want a replacement card. Select the “Request Metal Card or Replace Damaged Card” option.


Then you’ll be given the option of how you want it shipped to you. You can choose US Mail or UPS Next Day, and both options are free.


Moments after completing the request you should receive an email confirming the expected date you’ll receive the card.


While this is advertised as a next day service, I imagine American Express is about to be overwhelmed with requests, so it’s possible it may take them a bit longer to process than expected.

If you’re interested in getting the new card design, you might as well put in the request, as you should have the card pretty quickly. However, I know some people prefer a non-metal card, since it weighs down the wallet less, in which case you’ll just want to wait until your card expires. At that point, you’ll automatically be sent the metal card.

Do you plan on requesting the new metal version of the Platinum Card® from American Express?

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  1. I don’t have that option.
    Why do you need to replace your Card?

    Lost Card

    Damaged Card

    Never Received my Card

    Stolen Card

    I changed my name

    The name printed on my Card is incorrect

  2. Just signed onto my Platinum account to order new metal card. The drop down option only says, “Damaged Card” and nothing about “Request Metal Card or Damaged Card”. Is your example for a personal or business Amex Plat card? Guess I need to call.

  3. Also, delivery option only says US MAIL. UPS Next Day is not a provided delivery choice. Hmmmm.

  4. I’m assuming this is only an option with the personal Platinum card, as it doesn’t show up as an option on for business Platinum cards – at least not for me.

  5. @ David W — Hah, technically yes. You’ve gotta love Amex and their old policy of backdating cards when you’re added as an authorized user.

  6. @ AlisonW — It looks like they may have just removed this option, presumably due to high demand. Drats.

  7. I know there are differing opinions on this, but there’s nothing worse than being behind someone in line at the register who clanks a metal card down on the counter in the hope of impressing. And I hate the extra weight in my pocket. When my card expires if AMEX doesn’t let me keep a plastic version, I’ll cancel the account

  8. How can you be a member since 1988?
    I thought you where 26, and even if you where older you had to be
    a toddler when you got this. Can anyone explain that to me?

  9. Everyone in the comments section – I had the same issue with no options showing for replace with metal card. I started an online chat with a representative while logged in to my account and was asked to enter a couple of information and she processed the metal card replacement. Took less than 2 minutes. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Lucky,

    Is the Platinum card & Centurion card are both the same titanium finishing material design?



  11. @ Tim — My dad added me as an authorized user on one of his cards when I was younger. Amex used to backdate your “Member Since” date to whenever the first account you had was opened, even if you were only an authorized user on the account. Since my dad got his first American Express card in 1988, that also shows as my “Member Since” date.

  12. @Lucky – That’s awesome!

    I dont see the “Request Metal Card” option either but I assume I can select Damaged Card and be sent the metal card. I dont carry the card around so I’ll have to do this when I get home since they require the security codes on the card.

  13. If you are using a phone to view AMEX mobile site, switch to the full site. NOT the mobile version. The option to request the metal card then magically appeared using this method. However, I was only given the option to receive it by standard US mail.

  14. @Tim, it’s probably Lucky’s parent who are members since 1988. The date was grandfathered in when he was added as a supplement. Like he said, old policy, this obviously won’t apply today.

  15. Appears folks are having mixed experiences. I was able to request my metal card replacement (personal) without issue.

  16. How does anyone here still give a shit about a metal card? The novelty was worn out for me after about 1 week with CSP. Now to me its just more weight I have to carry around that is pulling my pants down, and a big pain in the ass come cancellation time.

  17. I am curious why folks care about a metal card. Not be judgements just really want to know everyone’s reasons for getting one

  18. On the weight of the metal card – how is that seriously an issue? It’s not like it weighs 2 pounds or anything. Based on internet sleuthing, it appears that the CSP weighs in at about 12 grams, compared to 4 grams for the typical plastic card. OMG! It’s 3 times heavier! If the equivalent of 3 jolly rancher candies is enough to pull down your pants, you may need to think about better fitting pants and a belt.

  19. Just requested mine online. Same options that Lucky posted above were available (request a metal card)for my personal card including guaranteed UPS Next Day delivery for free.

  20. I had the same experience as @Supropal. It was easy to do via chat. Chat is always my go-to for anything AMEX. I didn’t even think to poke around menues; it’s just quicker to ask for what I want.

  21. Here’s a fun question: Can you request a PLASTIC card? and does the metal Plat card look like a regular ISO-style credit card or more like the Chase metal cards? I ask because some merchants will only accept the standard-looking ISO type plastic cards and refuse to accept the metal ones fearing they’re fake. I carry my plastic CSR card when traveling abroad and just use the metal one domestically.

    @jmd001: I’ve not seen an Amex Plat metal card in-person yet, but I do have a few friends at the TSA and we did a little experiment one evening when the lines quieted down:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred: Didn’t alarm the metal detector
    Chase Sapphire Reserve: Didn’t alarm the metal detector
    Ritz-Calton VISA: DID set off the metal detector. Beware.

  22. Has anyone seen the card yet? Is the name/number etched like the Ritz Carlton card, or raised like the CSP/CSR

  23. Despite all the comments about not caring about the card being metal, there is a distinct disadvantage – it set off the metal detectors in every airport one goes through. A number of years ago I attained SPG Lifetime Platinum and they sent me a cool metal card. I put it in my wallet and didn’t think about it until my next air trip and couldn’t determine why the detector kept going off. A large percentage of the holders of premium metal cards [credit or hotel] are people that travel a lot and having one is just a nuisance!!

  24. @Englishder: Don’t think it is a big deal. Personally I never travelled without some sort of laptop bag or backpack even for a same day trip. Before going through the metal detector I make sure my wallet and cell phone is inside my bag (and locked) and all goes through the X-ray so I have nothing on me when I go through the metal detector. That saves me a lot of time and potential headaches in setting of alarms. I can tell you that not all metal detectors are set the same. I had day trips where I was wearing the same clothes, shoes, belts, watch and on the way out of an airport it never set any alarms. When flying back on the same day with the same stuff it set off the alarm on the other airport. I specifically asked the TSA guy why it did not on the other airports and he said that the settings are not the same everywhere. Go figure!!!

  25. Your dad put you as authorized user when you were a child? Seriously? Hahaha I can picture it: “Kiddo, remember to always treat people with respect, never go above the speed limit, and collect membership rewards points”!!! Lol

  26. Can some tell me a benefit of having a card such in Lucky case that states he is a member since the 80’s?
    Charge cards don’t show up on credit reports showing a Long History open account.
    If so where is mine. Since mine reads member since 1993.

  27. Grigor I also don’t get the uber credits. For $100 more I don’t mind the credits the non business cards holder get. At least give me the option. Feeling unfair

  28. Amex probably got bombarded with requests. Got an email from UPS stating the card would be delivered today – then another email this morning stating the card won’t be delivered today. When tracking the package, the order is processed and ready for UPS.

    Does it matter, having a metal card? Not really. I have the Ritz Carlton card and it’s mostly annoying when people constantly make comments about it. As for the Amex card, I don’t use it very often and just want to check out something new.

  29. Per AmEx’s online chat rep, the metal card is not available for Platinum Business account holders.

  30. travel4b and everyone: I just got word from Amex that a metal version WILL be available for the Business plt. members in the future. 🙂

  31. Hey everyone. Adam here. I just received the Metal card. It’s a nice card, and heavier than the Sapphire Pref card. they did a great job as far as the design on the card. The numbers like most metal cards are on the back. the cid is on the front (4 numbers) . I hope you all enjoy it and get it soon!

  32. Nice. I just got my tracking numbers. Are the numbers raised like the CSP or etched like the RC?

  33. I didn’t get an option to request a metal card, but I just requested a replacement and was sent one. It was supposed to arrive last Friday, but I got it today via UPS. It’s engraved with some kind of black enamel (it’s not enamel but it’s shiny) sort of filled in. It’s so stiff it’s kind of hard to get out of my wallet. Fun times.

  34. I stumbled upon this email thread and I cannot find the option for requesting a metal card. How is best to do so? I have a personal card, not a business one.

  35. I haven’t thru an airport yet, but my metal Platinum card set off the same type of metal detector as used for most TSA pre-check lines. I’m not thrilled at the prospect of having to pull out my wallet and stash it in my carry-on every time I go thru security.

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