Membership Rewards offers up to 30% points back on Delta SkyMiles transfers

Through December 31, 2011, Membership Rewards is offering 30% points back for transfers made in increments of 50,000. The points back come in the form of a certificate of 15,000 Membership Rewards points which will be emailed to the account holder 6-8 weeks after registration.

If my math is right this translates to about a 43% bonus. Definitely not great, though at the same time it’s better than nothing given how uninteresting Membership Rewards is at the moment otherwise. Ultimately the frustrating thing is that you have to “front” the points, as opposed to the other similar promos where there was an outright bonus of SkyMiles.

Registration is required.

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  1. Wow, DL really is printing out Skymiles like they’re Zimbabwean Dollars! I lost count of how many AMEX DL promos there have been this year. It’s really not a bad way to fly AF business — decent (hard) product and great availability.

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