Awesome New Amex Offer For Luxury Marriott Stays

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We somewhat frequently see Amex Offers for discounts on hotel stays, in particular with Hilton and Marriott, given that Amex issues co-brand credit cards for both of those companies.

We’re now seeing an awesome new offer for stays at select luxury Marriott brands.

$100 Back With Marriott Luxury Hotel Stay

At the moment there’s a new targeted Amex Offer for $100 back when you spend $500+ at select luxury Marriott Bonvoy properties:

  • This is valid for stays in the US, US territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • This is valid for stays through December 31, 2019
  • Qualifying brands include EDITION, JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Luxury Collection, St. Regis, and W

Do be aware of the following terms:

  • You have to book directly with Marriott (by phone, through Marriott’s website, or mobile app)
  • Excludes gift card purchases
  • You just have to spend $500+ cumulatively, so you could spend that across multiple stays; taxes and fees should even count towards that total.

As you’d expect, you can earn Marriott Bonvoy points for these bookings as well, and you can even take advantage of Marriott’s global promotion on hotel stays, as well as some valuable targeted promotions they’re offering.

Bottom Line

This is a great opportunity to save 20% off the cost of an upcoming stay at a luxury Marriott property. I love just how many luxury brands it’s valid at, and that it’s not even limited exclusively to the US.

Ideally, you’ll see this offer on a co-branded Marriott card so that you can earn 6x points on your stay while also getting $100 back on $500+ of hotel spending.

Was your account targeted for this Amex Offer, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?

  1. Damn! You guys in the US are so lucky with all these credit card offers.
    Any advice on how EU citizens could benefit from these amazing card offers?


  2. This is the first amex deal of this quality in a while that I wasn’t targeted for. Shame, I have a few more W stays planned this year. Maybe that’s why.

  3. Have a 3 night stay at Ritz Carlton Oahu in October

    2 nights with points , 1 night with cash. This is fantastic!

  4. Ben, I know the fine print says that you have to book directly with Marriott to receive this credit, but that is not the case at all. The only determining factor is that the merchant charging your credit card is one of the listed Marriott properties. How you make your reservation makes no difference. So you can book a hotel through Expedia and as long as it’s not a prepaid rate and you pay at the hotel at check out, you’ll be fine.

  5. Question- if I spend $500 at a luxury collection on my Bonvoy Brilliant Card, but still have my $300 Bonvoy annual credit, will I also receive this offer? Or would I need to spend $800 on the card to receive?

  6. If you aren’t targeted, you may just have too many offers currently that you haven’t added to your card. I had 100 offers on my cards so I added 5 or so that I may use then logged out then logged back in and the offer appeared for me.

  7. I could be wrong, but it looks like you don’t have to stay between those days, just use the offer between those days – i.e. there’s nothing stating that prepaid rates don’t count. Correct me if I”m wrong, though.

  8. Annoying to me that AMEX Marriott promotions tend to be US/Americas specific whereas my CSR hotel promos tend to be global. A luxury brand promotion should really be global.

  9. I have a stay at a Ritz on Dec31st. Any ideas on how to get this to post to the Amex in 2019 and not in 2020 on checkout? Can you call the hotel and have them pre-charge you a deposit or something?

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