Luxembourg Airport Offers Free COVID-19 Testing

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It would appear that Keflavik Airport in Iceland isn’t the only airport offering free COVID-19 testing for a limited time.

Luxembourg Airport offers free COVID-19 testing

Luxembourg Airport has reopened to regularly scheduled passenger flights as of this past Friday, May 29, 2020.

Not only that, but as reported by, the country has a rather impressive testing strategy for arriving passengers:

  • This is a pilot project that’s initially expected to be valid for a month
  • All passengers arriving in Luxembourg by air will receive a voucher valid for seven days to be tested at a medical lab of their choice
  • Alternatively, there will be a COVID-19 testing center set up in the airport, for those who want a test right away
  • Test results will be received electronically, and in the event of a positive result, the standard self-quarantining policy will apply

Up until now, Luxembourg has only been open to select European visitors, returning residents, etc. The country is expected to open up to non-European visitors as of June 15.

Luxembourg Airport is the first major airport I know of to offer the choice of free testing at the airport, or free testing at a testing location in the country.

In early May Vienna Airport introduced COVID-19 testing, but at the steep cost of 190EUR.

Easy COVID-19 testing could change our travels

I’m planning to go to Iceland in June once the country reopens, thanks to the country’s plan to test all arriving visitors. As I’ve stated in other posts, I think there’s something to be said for trying to be a responsible tourist, and that involves frequent testing, social distancing, additional precautions, and going to countries that have handled the pandemic well and are welcoming tourists.

When it comes to places I’d consider traveling to, easy testing is one of the things I care about. Furthermore, I think in order for it to be responsible, it needs to be in places where testing is readily available, and where you’re not taking away a test from someone who needs it more (fortunately testing isn’t as limited as it used to be).

My point is that while I’m not sure I want to go to Luxembourg after visiting Iceland, I’d potentially be open to going somewhere else that’s offering easy testing, easy social distancing opportunities, that has handled the current pandemic well, etc.

That’s why I think it’s worth at least keeping tabs on what countries are offering testing opportunities to visitors.

Bottom line

For a period of at least a month, Luxembourg Airport will offer free COVID-19 testing to arriving passengers, either in the airport, or at a variety of testing facilities in the country.

Presumably this is no cheap initiative, but rather it’s an investment in being able to welcome back visitors and prevent an outbreak. Widespread and (at least somewhat) affordable testing sure will make a difference when it comes to tourism.

(Tip of the hat to manu)

  1. So you’ve decided to go to Iceland in June then? That previous post made it sound like you were only contemplating. I’m considering a trip to Iceland, too, but am going to wait until fall to see how things go, and whether an add-on trip to the Faroe Islands would be feasible.

  2. @ DENDAVE — That’s my general plan, though I haven’t made any final decision. Countries seem to constantly be changing their policies, so I’m waiting to see what Iceland’s final plan is.

  3. “The country is expected to open up to non-European visitors as of June 15”, I am from Luxembourg, our country isn’t closed for visitors. The airport was never closed as well, passenger airlines stopped flying because of Covid-19 but the country was never closed…

  4. This is an interesting proposal. As an EU citizen, I’d like to spend the summer in Europe, but I want to be responsible and make sure I don’t reinfect with the EU as someone traveling from the U.S. — a country with a raging epidemic that’s obviously not contained anywhere. This makes me think it could be a good idea to arrive in Luxembourg, take advantage of the free testing, and then proceed to Paris or somewhere else.

  5. SJU has been doing rapid testing since the crisis stated in mid March. Today I flew from FLL to SJU, the government offers voluntary free COVID testing upon arrival. It took only ten minutes and you can bypass the line for non tested passengers who are required to give some personal information and their temperature is taken.

  6. @Pit: since 30 March non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union is restricted. Thus, while Luxembourg as a country may not have closed its borders, non-essential travel from outside the European Union to Luxembourg would not have been possible.

    @Ben: where did you get the information that “The country is expected to open up to non-European visitors as of June 15.”? To this day the restriction on non-essential travel into the European Union is still in place. There are even restrictions for travel within the European Union. I cannot imagine that on June 15 this restriction to third countries (i.e. outside the European Union) will be lifted. The Member States may very well decide on re-establishing free travel within the EU, but to third countries? I don’t think so.

  7. Lucky; I think you would enjoy Luxembourg; when flying resumes you might even sample Luxair business-class from Cape-Verde to Luxembourg
    A few years ago i enjoyed a beautiful visit to Luxembourg; highly recommend.

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