Wow: Lufthansa Reveals New Business Class, Debuting On The 777X

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Between 2020 and 2025, Lufthansa will take delivery of 20 Boeing 777X aircraft (also known as the 777-9), which is the next generation 777. They’re the launch customer for the aircraft.

Lufthansa 777-9

Even though the 777-9 is a huge plane, Lufthansa has already indicated that they won’t be installing a first class product on the plane. While Lufthansa isn’t one of the airlines completely eliminating first class, they’re certainly scaling it back significantly, as they’ve removed it from all 747-400s, as well as many A330s and A340s.

The good news, however, is that Lufthansa plans on debuting their new business class product on this plane, as well as a new premium economy cabin. Well, Lufthansa has just publicly revealed the first renderings of their new business class seats, which look fantastic.

Lufthansa’s new business class

Lufthansa’s new business class

As you can see, each seat features direct aisle access, and the cabin alternates between being in a 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 layout. As of now they haven’t shared many details about the features of the seat, though I think pictures are worth a thousand words.

In many ways this looks similar to the business class products found on United and EL AL, though in terms of design this seems like a step up. While United and EL AL have a consistent 1-2-1 configuration, every other row Lufthansa only has three rows per seat. I imagine this decision comes at the expense of some seats, as there’s no way this configuration can be as dense. This might also be the first time ever that I’d voluntarily select a non-window seat on a plane with direct aisle access from all seats.

EL AL’s new 787 business class

However, I do think it’s worth acknowledging that a lot of airlines have upped their game lately. So while this represents a massive improvement over Lufthansa’s current product, it’s unlikely to be the best product out there. Delta has introduced fully enclosed suites in business class, Singapore has introduced double beds in business class, and Qatar has introduced both fully enclosed suites and double beds in business class.

Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites

Regardless, really well done, Lufthansa! It’s just a shame that we won’t see the first plane with these new seats for nearly another three years, and I imagine it will easily be a decade before all longhaul Lufthansa planes feature this new business class product. In the meantime, we’re all stuck with Lufthansa’s current sub-par business class seat.

Lufthansa’s current business class

What do you make of Lufthansa’s new business class product?

  1. Wonder if we’ll see the 777-9 running routes that are currently operated by 747-8i or the A380? It’s too bad that we won’t see them install the Recaro CL6710 until 2020-2025 on other aeroplanes currently in their fleet though.

  2. Wow, Lufthansa joins the 21st century! This makes their exposed and dated first class look even more outdated, tbh.

  3. Hi Ben,

    that does look quite good indeed.
    Do you have some links to the sources of your information ?
    Will spend the next 12h in the current C seat of a LH A380.



  4. Edit: Delta has introduced a sliding door that you have pay an additional surcharge for.

    Not an improvement in my book.

  5. So the middle seat looks like a total boss position. Will they charge more for that? Othwerwise it’s a little unfair no?

    Like Singapore’s double bed and the front of business, they’ll surely have to charge more?

  6. To Bobby T:
    SWISS charges more for the “throne” seat in their biz section and they reserve the more private single window seats for HON/Senator so I guess LH would do it too.

  7. “@Armond the 777-9 replaces the 747-400 and a340-600, so probably not”

    Depends what you mean by “replace”. The new 777 is bigger and can carry 400 people. But that is still less than a new 747, and a lot less than a A-380. So I suspect the new 777 won’t replace the larger planes on high-density routes, but be used where a A-330 or A-340 might have been used.

    With 747 production winding down, Boeing is hoping the new 777 is big enough, because they have ceded the market for larger planes to Airbus.

  8. It is great now, but I wonder if by 2020 we will think the same thing…
    They should have come up with this seat 4/5 years ago, don’t you guys think?

  9. I assume there’s some sort of table you can put across your lap there? I’m not sure my spine could cope with twisting to use my laptop as they show it in the example picture.

  10. I don’t think Lucky’s assumption about lower density (due to the “throne” seat) is likely correct. It appears the rows are spaced closer together because of this design – notice to the sides of the front “throne” seat, how the foot well of the two seats behind extend even beyond the front edge of the “throne” seat, suggesting the rows are closer together than typical fully flat/direct aisle access J products. I would also find it shocking if Lufthansa decided to sacrifice density for privacy – this is the airline that has long preferred to do just enough for their business class to be barely competitive, rather than lead the market with anything truly trendsetting in terms of passenger comfort. To be fair the new seat looks to be a very good product, but as others have pointed out, by the time this is rolled out across the fleet (probably around 2023, if past experience is any guide) other carriers will be even farther ahead in terms of J product.

  11. @George:

    That’s a great point, and I totally agree. We’re already seeing better business class products than this, which will be a few years old before LH even begins installation. So by 2020 we’ll probably see renderings for the next generation Q-Suites and LH will be in the initial stages of installation, then wrapping up by the time the next (r)evolutionary product is rolled out. Day late and a dollar/euro short.

  12. LH upcoming new slogan for their Business Class: “Full Exposure!” , “For people who have nothing to hide”. 🙂

  13. Well, well… It seems I will continue to avoid flying LH business class until 2020 at least. It’s really embarrassing to see how slow they are in improving their current product

  14. It continues to amaze me how the U.S. carriers get criticized for their business class products while carriers like Lufthansa seemingly get a pass from the public. LH’s current business class isn’t even mediocre—it’s bad by almost any standard. The only business class seats on an American airline that are worse are United’s 8-across seats, which I honestly might even take over LH just to avoid awkward games of footsie.

  15. I dont know why I feel severely annoyed every time I read Lucky calling LH`s hard product sub-park or anything of the likes.

    Four out of the six seats per row have direct isle access and whenever I fly this I see more than enough families and couples to justify such a setup. Not everyone is a sociopathic loner that hates to be talked to on a plane and wants nothing more than to hide away somewhere.

    There are more than enough reasons to criticize LH if one wanted to, e.g. for their hilarious frequent flyer program and there´s likely more if I would think about it. But the setup of the seats in business class I find isnt one of them.

  16. @ Flieger — Having a preference for not sleeping next to a total stranger makes one a “sociopath loner?” LOL!

  17. 2020 – 2025: Slowly the wheels of progress turn at LH. By then, who knows what the standard will be? They had a chance to achieve parity with their a380 and 747-800 with the leading airlines, but instead settled for sub-standard. Now they’re setting their 2025 goals on today’s standard; which no doubt will be superseded most likely by the M.E. or East Asian carriers. And the likes of Lufthansa, British Airways and Turkish Airlines will still be playing catch up.

  18. @Lucky “This might also be the first time ever that I’d voluntarily select a non-window seat on a plane with direct aisle access from all seats.” Why Lucky? I don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

  19. @Flieger — I like how you conveniently neglected to mention that 2/6 seats per row with direct aisle access are next to seats without it. If you’re in one of the former seats, you’ll still have to move whenever the other person needs to get up. That’s very inconvenient if you’re trying to sleep. There’s also the incredibly awkward and illogical footwell, which makes the LH seats even worse than a typical 2-2-2.

  20. Odd that the window seats next to the double middle seats are closest to the aisle, would have thought those seats would have been closer to the window to give the middle seats a little more space between people.

  21. The LH group announced earlier that they’ll retrofit these as well on LX and OS fleets. But definitely at the expense of a lot of seats in the case of LX and OS because they have high-density Thompson Vantage seats. This will mean less award availability.

  22. Umm… Idk why you all think this layout will be old in 5 years. It just rolled out, and is a combo of very high density, comfort and direct aisle access, so it will probably stay here for a while. Is the zodiac Cirrus old?

  23. I’ll be dead by the time United retrofits Polaris in all their aircraft.
    You expect me to wait for this?
    Loss of first class #SAD

  24. Flieger, 0 seats, of LH’s business class, or even any airline, have direct “isle” access. An isle is a small island, not an aisle in an aeroplane.

    Just because someone doesn’t want to sit next to a stranger, and have foot wars with them, or even have them stepping over you to go to the toilet every 20 minutes doesn’t make that person a sociopathic loner.

    In regards to the new business seats, by the time it’ll get introduced, it’ll be way behind the times, but I guess that’s wht LH is good at. The seats look ok, but have zero privacy though.

  25. I don’t know what people are doing while flying that they need to be in a box, but this is plenty of privacy for me.

  26. Cedric, I don’t like being visible to other people on transport, hate it. And I don’t want to see other people, or their screens, or their fugly bare feet

  27. I wonder if this will finally Force BA to up their game…. from what we’ve seen of their “new” seat being introduced for the A350, it doesn’t look that competitive with this product…

  28. Excited to fly on the 777X! However, such a drab cabin would even put a child with ADHD to sleep. Can the colour choice have a more lacklustre appearance…

  29. Although I disagree with the tone of Flieger’s post, I do agree with the sentiment.

    I just flew my first Long haul business class flight (yay me!) from Vancouver to Shanghai to Bangkok round trip. China Eastern (which is fine enough for me, no smoke,)

    2 flights were a330-33H planes.
    1-2-1 reverse herringbone

    1 flight was a330-33E
    1-2-1 forward facing, staggered lie flat

    1 was recliner (but it was 4hr daytime so no biggie)

    I much preferred the 33E with forward facing staggered seats over the reverse herringbone

    The footwell was 100x better. Easier (for me) to sleep
    It was possible for me to talk with my honey bunny.

    I’m not one that needs to cuddle with my SO… in fact we often select aisle and window in 3-3 coach configuration

    But to not be able to see each other at all unless contorting our bodies was less nice than the forward facing staggered.

    But the footwell was the major factor for me.

    Thus, although I disagree with fliegers tone, I do find a strong bias on this site towards planes with walls and being alone, to detriment of almost anything else.

  30. @Kerry

    Why on earth did you feel it necessary to attack BA? Your irrational need to crow-bar your comment in here suggests you were frightened by BA as a small child and have never recovered.

    And why did you put “new” into quote marks? Their A350 seat *is* new. Or was that just another attempt to attack BA for having the impertinence to exist?

    The fact is, LH has announced a mediocre J product which we now know they’ve only done to provide a fig leaf of cover for their crazy Skytrax rating.

    Shall we wait until BA actually announces the details of their new J product before we decide whether or not to attack it?

  31. RE: “every other row Lufthansa only has three rows per seat.”

    I think you meant “three seats per row.”

    In any case, this new seat seems pretty much like true United Polaris except with a throne seat option, as you point out.

    Not as slick as what ANA or BA are debuting soon or what Delta, Qatar, and Singapore are already offering.

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