Lufthansa First Class Award Availability To New York

Historically Lufthansa only releases first class award space to partner airlines 15 days out, though over the past few months there have been a few exceptions where they released space much further out than that:

Anyway, it appears as if they’re once again releasing some space more than 15 days. Not much further out, but certainly more than 15 days. For example, take a look at award availability between Frankfurt and New York through the end of May — there’s availability almost every day:





Interestingly all the availability is from Frankfurt to New York — I’m not seeing anything from New York to Frankfurt.

One of the New York JFK and one of the Newark serves are operated by 747-400s, which should feature Lufthansa’s new first class product, consisting of both a seat and a bed.

Lufthansa 747-400 first class

Of course nowadays there’s almost no economical way to book these awards:

  • United MileagePlus devalued their award chart so that it costs 110,000 miles one-way for a first class redemption between the US and Europe
  • US Airways has left the Star Alliance (though they were blocking Lufthansa first class before leaving already)
  • Aeorplan has for a couple of years imposed fuel surcharges on Lufthansa redemptions

So that leaves Avianca LifeMiles as one of the few programs through which to economically book Lufthansa first class. Per their award chart, they charge 72,500 miles one-way for first class between the US and Europe. And since you can regularly purchase those miles for 1.5 cents each through promotions, I’d say that’s a great deal given that they don’t impose fuel surcharges.

Anyway, while I don’t think it will be like the Toronto to Munich flight where we book 53% of the entire first class cabin through the end of the schedule, hopefully some people are able to take advantage of this.

(Tip of the hat to Sahib)

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  1. Yesterday morning, I may say I was lucky enough to change existing reservations for my wife and parents. They were about to fly from FRA to JFK in business class but now will lay down if not sit on the upper deck on my birthday. Now I just need to cross my fingers to get a fourth seat upgraded/changed for myself šŸ™‚

  2. Was already writing a post on this when I saw yours! You have to be pretty quick to beat OMAAT! šŸ˜‰

  3. How do you suggest people get to Frankfurt? Also note that Lifemiles are only good if you want to go to just FRA, no connections in Europe as that would be a mixed cabin itinerary.

  4. @ greg — Well any other way you’d use miles, all depends where you want to go. Not suggesting anyone book this just to fly the product, but if you’re looking to go to Europe, can always book a one way with another carrier.

  5. An alternative perhaps is using ANA miles? Since FRA-JFK is only 3855 miles, as per ANA partner award chart that would cost 70,000 miles.

  6. Hypothetically, if F space opened up JFK-FRA, would I be able to change an award ticket booked through United, pre-devaluation, from ATL-FRA-FCO on LH C to JFK-FRA-FCO in LH F? That would be a route and fare class change, so I think that would get repriced at the higher levels. It’s a long shot, but I really don’t want to fly old C from ATL-FRA, and there are no routes with C availability on June 1.

  7. @ Michael — It should price at the new levels, though the website does seem to be honoring old rates sometimes. So if you can do it online it may just charge you the old first class cost.

  8. @ Michael/lucky, in my experience, awards booked prior to the devaluation always reprice at the old rates. I have experimented both on the site and online. good luck

  9. ok first is great — but– what about biz class starting in Sept onward– not one seat on a none stop FRA- OR MUC OVER THE ATLANTIC

    up until recently LH would release biz seats over the Atlantic 6 months out -now they have stopped

  10. Do all 747-400s have the new LH F? If not, if all things else were equal, would you take the old LH F (747-400) or the new LH C (747-8i)?

  11. @ DBest — All but one or two do, I believe. I’d definitely still do old Lufthansa first class over new business class. Hands down.

  12. My boss has a Lufthansa business class paid ticket coming up soon. Can he still get Us Airways miles credited on LH flights? Or is United a better option now?

  13. IINM they didn’t have any promotions recently ;( hope they will come back soon. Any predictions? Also, long life Avianca.. I thought it’s a good idea that the bloggers shouldn’t talk about Avianca, one day they’ll wake up and start charging YQ…

  14. Noticed this totally by mistake the other day to my delight. I can confirm that pre devaluation awards rebook at the old points amount! Yay! May be a change fee if within 21 days.

  15. Ben –

    Have you written about the rules and procedures to use a paper United GPU (SWU) to upgrade to F on a Lufthansa flight?



  16. Lucky, I was wondering, if I have a ticket on Thai Airways first class landing in Frankfurt on the Oct 22 and leaving on Lufthansa on Business to Munich on the 22nd, and Leaving Munich on Lufthansa First class on the 22nd do I get access to the First class lounge in Frankfurt and Munich.

  17. usually they release one seat at a time so book for one person then the next day another seat will appear and book that one as well

  18. Funny enough the guy responsible for the first floodgate e.g MUC-YYZ got so furious that he smashed his laptop to pieces, when he discovered his mistake.

  19. Thanks for the post, I was looking for a ticket back to NYC in May, was most likely going to pay, but LH F is quite handy, even for 110K UA miles. Might as well burn my UA miles.

  20. Thanks for the tip! Booked LH 388 space for my return from Russia with Aeroplan… Hefty fuel surcharges but I’ll splurge for LH F!

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