Lufthansa 748 flights now bookable!

Back in March Lufthansa announced that Washington Dulles would be their first 748 destination.

This plane being added to Lufthansa’s fleet is pretty exciting news on a few levels. First of all, this is the launch aircraft for Lufthansa’s new business class product. But second, and more importantly, it’s an all around new and awesome plane, and an evolution of what is undeniably the most beautiful plane in the skies.

Anyway, they’ve just announced that June 1 will be the launch date for the 748 on the Frankfurt to Washington Dulles route, and the flights are now loaded into the system for 6x weekly service (every day except Tuesdays). They’ve also announced that Chicago, Los Angeles, Delhi, and Banglore will be the next routes to get the 748.

For anyone that’s interested, here’s what the seatmap looks like:

First class:

Business class:

Economy class:

I’d give just about anything to be on the inaugural, though unfortunately my brother is getting married the day after, so I’m thinking that’s probably not a good idea? Maybe?

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  1. Does the -8 have the new F product? Also, it looks like more C seats on the UD than UA has (20). I don’t think the UD is stretched on the -8.

  2. Booked mine for June 4 coming back from the 747 Unveiling ceremony and opening of BER. Going to be a GRRRRREAT Weekend……

  3. @ wxguy — And just to clarify based on what LufthansaFlyer said above, it has the new product found on the A330/340/747, and not the same product as the 747-400, which has a bed and a separate seat. I do believe the upper deck is stretched, though.

  4. Is this a specific flight number? Or tricks to figure out how to get that plane.

    I’m looking at the schedule on Nov 17th and only see Boeing 777-200/300 aircraft for both flights?

  5. Lucky, for us noobs can you explain the difference (if any) between the “new 747” you posted about earlier today, and the 748 (which I take it is a new version of the 747)?

  6. @ JL — Sure! The 747 I flew today was the 747-400. It’s an old plane with a new, reconfigured first class (you can see the pictures in the previous post).

    The plane I’m talking about here is the 747-800, a completely new aircraft type from Boeing for which Lufthansa is the launch customer. It’s basically a bigger version of the 747-400 meant to compete (somewhat) with the Airbus 380, with better fuel efficiency.

    This plane will feature the new business class (which no other planes have as of now) as well as the new first class. Though the new first class version is the same as what they have on the A330/340/380 (see my previous trip report between Frankfurt and Tokyo), and not the same as what they have on the 747-400.

    Hope that makes sense and let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. At your brother’s wedding, will you be a groomsman or a bridesmaid? I am sure you have been asked to be a groomsman, but the chance to primp up and wear a dress may prove irresistible to you.

  8. This is awesome, and I live in DC, so it’s especially exciting news. However, I really don’t like LH’s “Economy Basic” fares that reduce mileage accrual.

  9. @Dan I challenge you to find one of @Frank’s comments that isn’t odd. Since Ben has finished his trip report, Frank can’t whine about why he hasn’t finished it yet. I imagine he’ll soon start whining about why Ben hasn’t started the next one, however.

  10. I don’t understand why they would put in a less desirable F in the new 747 vs. the old.

    Seems like it will be very confusing for the market they are courting.

  11. Have a C award in October FRA-IAD that magically changed to a 74H 🙂

    Any thoughts on the best C seats? Not really knowing I picked the window bulkhead up top.

    Looking at the new seats I hope I get a cute seat mate. Might get a little friendly for the trip to the loo.

  12. They are trying to keep the old 747 product still viable so the extra beds. I think it is a waste They should have made it a suite.

    The new flights are the LH 416/417 from FRA-IAD on the 1st of June and ?the 418 on the 2nd onwards (as 416 becomes a 333 per ANA tool data).
    It looks like Lucky is getting route maps from expertflyer though.
    I am coming back on May 30th so will miss this by a couple of days.

    The OLD LH 747 F had 16 seats in F on the upper deck, so having 32 seats in Biz on upper deck is just fine. There are 54 seats in the lower deck anyway.

  13. @ YoYo — Since the plane is new, I suspect it’s just in case the plane needs any maintenance.

    @ Marc — If he is then I’m not in on the joke!

    @ beachfan — Having just flown the A380 and new 747 first class within the past 24 hours, I’m not entirely convinced that the first class product on the 747-8 is less desirable.

    @ Mark Trickey — I’m sure we’ll have a better idea once we have some firsthand reports, though each new business class seat has a set console including ottoman, so I doubt it makes much of a difference. I’d probably go for the upper deck just for the novelty, given that it’s a new, larger upper deck.

    @ ffi — It looks to me like it operates as LH416 from FRA-IAD on the 1st, and then LH419 from IAD-FRA on the 1st as well.

  14. I have a question for Lucky or anyone who understands the new business class… is it worth it for me to fly LGA-IAD-FRA-VIE just to take this flight on Lufthansa B748 or should I just stick to JFK-FRA-VIE on Lufthansa A388? Both business rewards are available on my preferred day… but this also adds about 4 hours to the itinerary.
    Do you guys think it’s worth it? Is the business class on these 2 planes that much different?

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