Washington Dulles to be Lufthansa’s first 747-8 destination

Via FlightGlobal, Lufthansa has announced that Washington Dulles will be their first Boeing 747-8 destination. Lufthansa will be taking delivery of the 747-8 on April 23, though I doubt they’ll immediately start transatlantic service, but rather first fly it on short-hauls for a while to work out the kinks (though I may be wrong?).

Anyway, this is exciting on a couple of levels. First, Lufthansa is the launch customer of the 747-800, so this will be the first time it enters passenger service. While it’s not quite as big as the Airbus 380, it’s certainly sexier (and longer), so I’m quite looking forward to seeing how the onboard experience compares. I certainly enjoyed my Lufthansa Airbus 380 flights from a few months ago, so I doubt it can top that.

Beyond that, though, the 747-8 will be the first aircraft to feature Lufthansa’s (not-so-awesome) new business class, so it will be interesting to finally get firsthand reviews of that.

Anyone else going to try and get on the 747-8 within the first few weeks of service? Anyone currently have an award booked on Lufthansa between Washington and Frankfurt anytime starting in late April?

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  1. I booked Z tickets from SFO to BCN yesterday for June because of the awesome fare they (still mostly) have and I got one leg each way between LAX and FRA on the 747-400. Here’s to hoping they also swap it by then…

  2. JD – I wound count on seing the bird there, since it can’t do a straight 24h rotation to the west coast. LH said it will run the 748 on east coast and india route initially.

  3. I’m on an award booking in Biz for 09/26/12 IAD-FRA-MAD. It’s currently on an A333. Wonder if it’ll get upgraded, or if the 744 flight will be upgraded?

  4. @ Sean — Lufthansa loves optimizing their schedules as departure date approaches, so if advance bookings aren’t looking good there’s a chance they’ll just consolidate the two flights.

  5. when we toured Boeing on the Megado, the 747-800 was by far the greatest plane in terms of coolest seats in both biz and front. Of course, each airline configures their own, but it was salavatingly great.

  6. Ben, I have a flight on April 13, IAD-FRA (assuming no 747-8) and a flight on may 4, hope i can get on it then…

  7. @ lucky — well hopefully I get lucky. Still looking for 1 more biz award on LH that date to become available. If it does get moved to a B748, I will look for first awards and gladly pay the difference in miles.

  8. Ben, should clarify, flying the a380 back on the 27th (hoping to upgrade into 1st) and then a separate trip leaving may 4, hopefully united figures out how to reprint paper certs again, soon.

  9. I have award bookings in August for IAD-FRA for a number of my family members. Fingers crossed for them!

  10. Tough decisions – the date I am looking at has the IAH-FRA C class in A380 and IAD-FRA C class on 787 – both available!

    I can connect to either of the two from SFO … so which one should I be going for… well, let me look at the other variables šŸ™‚

    Sweet – to have options like these!

  11. They will replace the 747-400 used for Flight 418 (FRA 13:00 to IAD 15:45) and Flight 419 (IAD 17:55 to FRA 08:05) but they don’t say exactly what day the equipment swap will take place.

    By the way, you know that GE jet engine commercial with the factory workers by the runway watching the new 747 take off, admiring their work? That’s the exact plane. I also saw it in a video from LH showing it on a test flight. It’s all white with the blue tail but no lettering or other identifying LH markings yet. It is probably having all of that done now along with the interior being installed.

  12. I will definitely consider it as part of my RTW between EU and US. Having flown th A380 more than a dozen times now, it has been becoming so routine! šŸ˜‰

  13. We have four of us in F IAD-MUC RT, but their schedule has changed since booking, and we were looking at the FRA-IAD on the return anyways…

  14. I have an international award ticket in business. The first leg is IAD-FRA with LH on November 5. The plane was listed as a 747-400 on my ticket, but I’m guessing there is a good chance it will switch to the 747-8 for my flight.

  15. Booked FRA-IAD on 11/21. A long ways off, but currently scheduled for 747-400. Hopefully, it will be a 747-8. Of course…I’m also hoping F availability opens up, and if it does I will swap from C to F.

  16. @RandyH who said “They will replace the 747-400 used for Flight 418 (FRA 13:00 to IAD 15:45) and Flight 419 (IAD 17:55 to FRA 08:05) but they donā€™t say exactly what day the equipment swap will take place.”

    I have an award booking in economy šŸ™ on 6/21 on that LH 419 flight @5:55pm. While the itinerary still lists 747-400, I just got a notification from Usairways (using their miles) that “Your flights have changed. Your reservation containing flight number 419 departing from Washington, DC (Dulles) on June 21, 2012 has been changed.
    Please contact us as soon as possible to book new flights.” Me thinks it is due to a swap.

  17. Just booked an award ticket this week for my wife and I in December (in economy for now, considering upgrading if space opens up).

    We’re on the 17:55 departure from IAD to FRA (arriving 8:00+1), but right now it shows a 747-400. Would love for it to end up being the -8.

    Also returning BKK-FRA-IAH, which as of right now is schedule to be TG’s first A380 and an LH A380. Hoping it sicks.

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