New App Helps You Join Mile High Club… On The Ground?!

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As I’ve explained before, in general I’m a big fan of location based social networking applications. In many ways they sum up the worst of technology/the era we live in (minimizing someone to the point that they’re nothing more than a swipe left or right), but at the same time some apps can also be great ways to meet people.

In July I wrote about the new MileHi App, which is intended to “socialise and network with your fellow flyers.” Basically the app allowed you to enter your flight details, and then match with other people on the same flights or who are traveling around the same time.


It’s a decent concept in theory, though my main issues were twofold:

  • The app would have to be heavily used for it to actually be useful, because otherwise the odds of meeting up with someone from the same flight are very low
  • The mission of the app was very vague; it was called “MileHi,” but purported to also be for “uncovering business networking opportunities” — something tells me the people looking for “business networking opportunities” are the same headless people who are looking for “friends” on other apps

Well, it looks like that app already has some competition, called Lounger. The app has the following headline:

Join The Mile High Club, redefine the travel experience with Lounger

Okay, so it seems pretty clear what the goal of the app is… no?


But then here’s the description of what Lounger apparently is:

Lounger is an app that lets you meet and mingle or just do a favour to other passengers. Through lounger, you can gain access to lounges world-wide or give someone you meet through the app the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of premium transiting. How the App works? Step One: You register your account with us. Facebook integration makes this a speedy process and you can build your profile by choosing from your Facebook pictures. The service is entirely free. Step Two: You sign in at the airport. As a host, you pick your lounge. As a guest, you select the lounges you’d like to get in to. Step Three: You can approach a guest or a host and message them. You can check out the profiles of all available guests/hosts and contact them through the messaging system. It’s entirely up to you who to meet and not and if you’d like to socialize or simply show some kindness to a fellow traveler.

So they’re kind of going two completely different directions here, no? On one hand the headline of the app is to “join the mile high club,” on the other hand it sounds like an app for people to guest one another into lounges. Without any sexual implications, the latter actually sounds like a great idea. But I can’t help but feel like they’re going two very different directions with this app.

The founder claims the following, which perhaps shows how confused the creators are about their own app:

This new service makes the dream of Mile-high-membership possible – even before take-off

Yep, there’s nothing like joining the mile high club “before take-off.”

Here’s a short promotional video for the app:

Bottom line

Regardless of my personal interest in these kinds of apps (or lack thereof), I can’t help but feel like some of these are just so poorly thought out. I think there’s a market for an app which hooks up travelers for the purpose of sharing lounge access, etc. But this just seems downright creepy in the context of also being a hookup app, no?

Would you use the Lounger app?

(Tip of the hat to Pizza in motion)

  1. This kind of app should work out well!

    Previously available lounge space for legitimate members will now be clogged with anonymous “guests” looking to get “Lucky”.

    Pun intended…..

  2. Ohhh, I cannot wait to invite some stranger into the Delta lounge with me just because I am supposed to show some kindness to a fellow traveler. WTF!!!!! If I am travelling all I want is to be left alone because I am either ready to work on the plane or ready to relax and take a nap.

  3. Clearly it’s meant to find people who want to join the mile-high-club/hook up in the Lounge bathroom…yuck…

  4. Whoever wants lounge access can pay for it like everyone else. The only people I willingly guest into lounges are uniformed military or legitimate friends or family. Guesting strangers in without membership can only lead to lounges being overcrowded and clubs then penalizing legitimate paying members or cutting back on guesting privileges. Not to mention when you guest a stranger in you have no idea how they will behave once the find the free boos cache. I’m not going to be “that guy” who brought the unruly drunk into the lounge.

  5. It’s no accident that the video shows a woman guesting in a man. Marketing/Lying 101—take your biggest weakness, pretend it’s the opposite, and depict that. It’s the same fantasy Ashley Madison peddled: that most women want to participate in that. In reality, A.M. was, and Lounger will be, 99+ percent men. Which is why Grindr already works so well in airports 🙂

  6. I knew some people in college who did app development…a lot of their ideas were half-baked and they wanted to push them through as quickly as possible. There are some people who come up with clever app ideas and make a ton of money; a lot of people assume they can do the same. They generally can’t.
    I feel like all of these apps are hitting a specific market, but doing so in a less-than-logical way. The travel market definitely lends itself to meet-up-type apps. I’m just not sensing that anyone’s actually hit the solution yet.

  7. I think they are just using that phrase to get more publicity and/or as some sort of a pivot option, i.e. if guesting doesn’t work out, this will be an airport hookup app (or the other way around).

  8. @Mike.

    Paid airline lounges is a US thing, most airline lounges around the world will not let you in unless you are an elite member in the alliance that operates it or flying a premium cabin.

    Still think it’s silly app.

  9. Is this a free app? It would be good if you find a hot chick to invite in to the lounge then maybe if she is on the same flight there could be some action later on in the lav possibly.

  10. Hilariously rubbish advert – concept, poor name and video all remind me of an episode of The Apprentice where they’ve been asked to come up with an app! (the UK version at least, from what I’ve seen the US version is a bit different as a show!)

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