Leaders Club Makes Earning Free Nights Easier

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Back in April I wrote about Leading Hotels Of The World, which has 400+ unique boutique and luxury properties around the globe.


While it’s not for everyone, they do have an interesting loyalty program, consisting of two status levels — Leaders Club and Unlimited.


One thing that makes status with Leading Hotels Of The World so unique is that the only way to earn status with them is to pay for it, which costs $150 and $1,200 for Leaders Club and Unlimited, respectively.


The perks are pretty compelling, so signing up for Leaders Club is a no brainer if you have at least a couple of stays planned with them. Unlimited can be worth it as well, as it offers some perks you won’t get with other hotel chains, like complimentary airport transfers at many properties.

That being said, their system for earning free nights has been somewhat frustrating up until now:

  • You earn one free night after every five stays as a Leaders Club member, and one free night after every four stays as an Unlimited member
  • You have one year from the date of issue to redeem your free night
  • Your credits towards a free night reset at the beginning of each calendar year, so you really have to time your stays well in relation to calendar years to maximize your return — making four stays in a calendar year as a Leaders Club member wouldn’t get you any reward

This policy has finally been changed, and now credits towards free nights no longer expire, as long as membership remains active:

We have very exciting news to share about Leaders Club. The stay credits that members earn toward free nights will no longer expire, as long as their membership remains active. Members simply renew their Leaders Club membership before its expiration date and the stay credits earned during the current membership year will carry over to the next year of membership. It’s as easy as that!


Here’s the fine print:

Beginning November 4, 2014, stay credits will remain valid as long as the Leaders Club membership has not expired or been cancelled. If a membership is renewed within 60 days of expiration, stay credits earned during the previous one-year earning period will carry forward into the new membership period. If a renewal is not made during the 60-day grace period, no validity extension will be granted to any previously earned stay credits.

This does substantially increase the value of the program, in my opinion. If you’re a Leaders Club member for two years and make two stays one year and three stays the next year, you’d now earn a free night, while previously you would have earned nothing.

Keep in mind Leading Hotels Of The World has hotels that go for under $200 per night, and also hotels that go for over $1,000 per night. So there’s potentially a lot of value to be had out of the program if you approach it correctly.


Is anyone a Leaders Club member, and if so, are you excited about this change?

  1. Am a Leaders Club Member. Like the change for reasons you state. Tend to stay at their properties 2 – 4 times per year. Also have found that hotels will frequently offer more than stated benefits, but it does vary by hotel and is hard to predict.

  2. Your best post ever………..my best meal of my life was at the Bristol in Paris………..to get a free night I will gladly join this club and change my travel habits to get that free night…….and I thought I would never stay there……..

  3. Hello Lucky, greeting from [email protected] As a loyal reader of ur blog, glad that u finally mentioned LHW.
    I’m currently a RA of IHG, Diamond of Hyatt and Unlimited member of LHW and I’ve decided to stick with LHW in the following year, targeting around 40 stays(nights) so that I can earn around 10 redemptions. So far I’ve gathered 9 stays with them( 2 from promotions) in less than 2 months so I wouldn’t think 40 stays would be mission impossible. The reason why I’m more favor of LHW than other hotel chain is coz for me, each hotel stay is an experience, life is all about new experience so from an experience point of view, each stay with LHW is unique, that’s the best value for me!
    As an unlimited member, I’ve tried their airport pick-up service, very good;
    Room upgrade and free breakfast and other welcome gift: very good;
    Huge bonus is that they’d offer tailor-made experience to unlimited member, like I got free afternoon tea in Puli and $100 spending in Puyu(the hotel itself was only $150).

    I’ve decided to redeem the free night in their most attempting hotels and I’m glad that I can redeem 3 nights per stay(that was the reason why I wanted to be unlimited in the first place).

    So I really think it’s one of the best program in the market and I’m curious why so few people leverage it.

    A personal suggestion: You should seriously think about this one, it’s gonna be really awarding experiences to you and it’s not neccessarily expensive. Don’t hesitate to contact me if u wanner know more details about this program or my thoughts, finally there’s something i bet i’m better than u,haha.

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