LAN And TAM (LATAM) Reveal Boeing 787-9 And Airbus A350 Cabins

The merger between LAN and TAM has been going on for years now, and will be taken one step further early next week when TAM joins the OneWorld alliance. TAM presently belongs to the Star Alliance, and as of March 31 will be transitioning to OneWorld, which is the alliance LAN belongs to (coincidentally this is the same day that US Airways is also joining OneWorld).

As the carriers try to align their services somewhat, they’ve announced a common interior which they’ll be using for their Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350 aircraft. Starting in 2015, the carriers will be taking delivery of 10 Boeing 787-9s and 27 Airbus A350s.

Anyway, they’ve finally revealed some cabin pictures of the new planes. Here’s what their Premium Business Class cabin will look like on their Boeing 787-9 aircraft:



Then here’s what the Airbus A350 Premium Business Class cabin will look like:





It’s interesting that the products are almost identical, though there are some really subtle differences between the A350 and 787 cabins. I do have to give LATAM credit on the colors they used in the cabin. I think it’s a gorgeous design, though the seats themselves aren’t cutting edge. They’re simply forward facing fully flat business class seats, which are nice, though already kind of outdated. Most airlines are going for direct aisle access at every seat in business class nowadays, be it a staggered or reverse herringbone configuration. Then again, the South American aviation market isn’t quite as competitive in terms of product as other markets, like Asia or Europe.

It’s also interesting to note that even though Qatar Airways is the launch customer of the Airbus A350, I believe these are actually the first cabin mock up pictures we’re seeing of the aircraft from any airline.

Then here’s a picture of the economy class cabin on the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350, as they’ll have the same interior on both planes:


As you can see, it’s sadly nine across seating, which seems to be the trend nowadays for the 787.

As a point of reference, here’s what LAN’s current 767 business class product looks like:

LAN’s current business class is also fully flat, so the new product is only marginally better.

That being said, the new product is a huge improvement over TAM’s current angled business class seats on the 777:


After flying TAM’s first class product earlier in the week I sure do wish they’d install it on either of these planes (assuming they continue to release tons of award space, of course!).


So, what do you guys think of the new LATAM interiors?

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  1. 787 looks like the TK biz seats. I actually love them due to the length as well as not having your feet “trapped” like some of the seats do.

  2. Beautiful pictures but how does one get out from the window seat to the aisle? It looks like you’re kind of blocked 🙂

  3. I think they look pretty awesome. I like the twin color they did. Okay, the business class isn’t that spectacular, but I’d be in coach anyway 😉

  4. With beautiful outfittings such as these, perhaps consider skipping the hotels during the upcoming year and just move between planes and airport lounges. (“Umm yes, I know I am two days early for my flight but I just plan to hang out at this lovely American Express Centurion lounge until boarding.”) 😉

  5. Ben –

    On this web page, about halfway down, there is a link to an excel:

    “To download the complete excel files with latest orders and deliveries figures, click here ”

    Interesting stuff, in terms or total orders and deliveries. Look at the ‘Worldwide’ tab, scroll up and down to see all the airlines / leasing companies orders.

    824 total A350 (800, 900, 1000) on order.

    TAM: 27 on order

    AA (US Air): 22
    UA: 35

    I would like to see delivery dates on the spreadsheet…

    Doesn’t DL still run a number of 747’s? What will they be replacing their 747’s with? (Or will they just buy UA’s old ones after they are retired, and run them for another 15 years?)

    124 A380’s in operation. Wow!

  6. @Lark, DL has just recently suggested that it will start the RFP for replacements of their 747s and some older 777s. There is a discussion on about it that is worth a read if you’re interested in the different options that might be considered by DL–and by other airlines looking to replace aging wide bodies.

    The general industry trend has been toward split orders between Boeing and Airbus for a couple reasons: 1) To diversify things and keep both manufacturers offering the best prices 2) The airframes each have their own sweet spot, and a major airline like DL/AA/UA has a really diverse set of routes that they want to maximize in different ways.

  7. @hkairlinenews – in fact, that picture is the new cabin for the A320 (no PTV). That was in the same press release.

  8. Like the design/color scheme but would definitely prefer to be in the middle section.

    P.S. So what’s the verdict on PTV in Economy on these planes – yay or nay?

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