Kuwait Airways’ New 777-300ER Is Flying To London

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Kuwait Airways is in the process of radically refreshing their longhaul fleet. Their existing 777-200s have to be the most poorly configured 777s in the world, with a first class product that looks more like a terrible business class product, and a business class product that looks like premium economy.

That’s why it’s pretty exciting that the airline is in the process of taking delivery of 10 new 777-300ERs, which represents an exciting new era for them. On this plane they have fully enclosed suites in first class, and fully flat beds in business class.

Kuwait Airways has been on my list of airlines to try, though I decided to wait until they put their new 777-300ERs into service, since I figured that review would be more useful.

Well, just a few weeks ago Kuwait Airways took delivery of their first 777-300. So far the plane has flown to Dubai, London, New York, etc., though there hasn’t been much consistency.

Well, it looks like Kuwait Airways will consistently be flying the 777-300ER between Kuwait City and London in 2017. Per @airlineroute, starting January 10, 2017, the 777-300ER will fly between Kuwait City and London on a daily basis. Then starting January 18, 2017, the 777-300ER will operate the flight 10x weekly, and starting February 19, 2017, the plane will operate all 11 frequencies between the two cities.

I was hoping the plane’s first consistent route would be to New York, though I guess it makes sense that it’s to London, since the plane can operate more rotations that way. I suspect within a few months the New York route will be operated by the new plane as well.

The real reason it’s a shame they don’t operate the plane to New York yet is because of how damn cheap the fares in the market are. You can fly from Cairo to New York for under $600 in business class:


Meanwhile first class is under $1,200:


To London the best option I see in business class is under $1,000 out of Mumbai:


However, I’m not seeing anything great in first class. If anyone sees a deal in first class to London I’d of course love to hear about it, as I’ll be taking that flight in no time.

Regardless, it’s great to see Kuwait Airways consistently schedule the 777-300ER on some route, given what a huge leap forward it represents for the airline.

  1. Ben, I had a quick glance and CMB-LHR via KWI costs 840€ (USD880), which is a bit cheaper than out of BOM

  2. Hmm, excited to fly an airline that pulled their JFK-LHR flight rather than allow Israelis on the plane, but you don’t want to fly el-al. Comfort before principles I guess.

  3. I’ve been to Kuwait 8 or 10 times for business but not in the past few years. IIRC, getting a visa without a local partner to assist would have been difficult and time consuming. Certainly, I wouldn’t want to spend 16-18 hours at that dumpy airport, as contemplated in those itineraries.
    Maybe things are easier now in respect of a transit visa. A few reasonable SPG properties in Kuwait City, including a decent Four Points.
    I would do that trip in a flash if the visa works.

  4. I have a healthy oasis points balance. Maybe I will upgrade myself on Kwi-Fra as soon as they Change to suites in F. Can send you pics then if interested

  5. Hey Lucky,

    Weren’t you wondering how you would get back from Dubai (you were considering EL AL)? You should try Kuwait Airways instead….

  6. With all these non-ME3 middle-east airlines you should mention whether they are “dry” or not.

    Being dry puts an airline on my no-fly list.

  7. Umm… inventory does show that 5/FEB, 12/FEB, and 15/FEB onward KU 117 KWI-JFK will be operated by B777-300ER. However, there is only one booking class available for First and is “R”, which only exists on 77Ws (the same goes to LHR). Somehow it cannot be combined with CAI-KWI First which offers booking class “F” and “A” only. Either it’s a technical thing or the airline is really differentiating the class altogether, because one way “R” fare is significantly (about 1.5X) higher than the cheapest one way “A” fare out of KWI. I found this using Amadeus GDS. It cannot be booked on KU website at the moment because when you choose First nothing shows up. May be it’s KU version of “The Residence”, that’s why 🙂

  8. Just to follow up – the fare basis for the suites is R777EOW or R777ERT. As far as my research goes following routes were available for these.


    The fare is exorbitantly priced around KWD 1,500 one way to KWI to Europe & JFK (and the fare to JFK is slightly cheaper than flying to LHR). Around KWD 250 one-way to DXB/BOM. The other way round would work around the same price, but no through fares for transit in KWI available yet.

  9. I plan to travel kwi-jfk on 15 sept and return on 4th Oct.Can anyone find out if the new b777-300er will be operational on that dates or not?Amadeus shows as b777-200/300…

  10. Beachfan, KAC decided to to drop all 5th freedom flights even flights between Muslim countries months before the Israeli passenger case as part of KAC restructuring plan, Jew passengers fly KAC all the time only Israeli passport is an issue.

  11. Hi Jessy, and others,

    Maybe the same question, but I’m planning a trip between KWI and JFK in April, is there a way to know whether the new business class will be available on that flight. I tried looking at the seat map, but it’s 6 across on both aircrafts so unable to know.

    Many thanks.

  12. @ Lucky.
    Appreciate your quick response, and your website and reports have been very helpful in deciding which airline and product to fly. Keep up the good work.

    I did check other routes also, and in Amadeus it gives me all 6 across in Business class (The old and new business class aircrafts). The only thing I have found out is that their new first class is 4 across (R class as @ Hiro mentioned before). That is available on the KWI-JFK flights.
    1 more question that I have;
    – The stop in Shannon, does that include Pre Clearance? Although the last flight with a transit through Shannon is on the 25th of March.

    Many thanks in advance for your response.

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