JetBlue Brings Mint To Newark, Adds Leisure Routes

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JetBlue has just announced some route additions for the coming months, including some exciting new markets that will feature JetBlue’s Mint service.

JetBlue is adding 30 new domestic routes, specifically to serve customers in markets where leisure and VFR (visiting friends and relatives) travel is showing signs of strength. This is because business travel is facing a less certain recovery timeline, so this will give JetBlue the opportunity to generate revenue and bring aircraft back into service that would otherwise sit idle.

So, what’s changing?

JetBlue will bring Mint service to Newark

Mint is the name of JetBlue’s phenomenal business class product, available on select Airbus A321 aircraft. This is available on select transcon routes, and it’s probably most well known for being offered on flights from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Well, travelers between the NYC-area and California will soon have a new option to fly Mint. JetBlue Mint will be expanded to Newark, with new Mint-configured aircraft operating flights from Newark to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

These new routes will launch as of July 23, 2020:

  • Newark to Los Angeles will operate up to 3x daily
  • Newark to San Francisco will operate up to 2x daily

JetBlue will bring Mint service to Newark

JetBlue launching point-to-point leisure routes

In addition to the above Mint additions, JetBlue will be launching several more point-to-point routes, which should be popular with leisure travelers. These will all be operated with Airbus A320 aircraft, so won’t feature a Mint cabin.

As of July 23, 2020, JetBlue will launch the following new routes:

  • Newark to Charleston up to 1x daily
  • Newark to Jacksonville up to 1x daily
  • New York to Dallas up to 2x daily
  • New York JFK to Detroit up to 2x daily

As of August 6, 2020, JetBlue will launch the following new routes:

  • Newark to Austin up to 2x daily
  • Newark to Las Vegas up to 2x daily
  • Newark to Phoenix up to 2x daily
  • Newark to San Diego up to 1x daily
  • Newark to Sarasota up to 1x daily
  • New York JFK to Minneapolis up to 2x daily
  • New York LaGuardia to Fort Myers up to 1x daily
  • New York LaGuardia to Tampa up to 2x daily
  • Philadelphia to Fort Myers up to 1x daily
  • Philadelphia to Orlando up to 2x daily
  • Philadelphia to Palm Beach up to 2x daily
  • Philadelphia to San Juan up to 1x daily
  • Philadelphia to Tampa up to 1x daily

As of October 1, 2020, JetBlue will launch the following new routes:

  • Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburgh up to 1x daily
  • Fort Lauderdale to Portland up to 2x weekly
  • Fort Lauderdale to Seattle up to up to 3x weekly
  • Fort Myers to Cleveland up to 1x daily
  • Fort Myers to Providence up to 1x daily
  • New York JFK to St. Thomas up to 2x weekly
  • Orlando to San Francisco up to 1x daily
  • Palm Beach to Chicago up to 1x daily
  • Palm Beach to Washington National up to 1x daily
  • Tampa to Providence up to 1x daily
  • Tampa to Washington National up to 1x daily

JetBlue is adding dozens of leisure routes

JetBlue is going on the offense against United

There are lots of cool new routes here, though what I find most intriguing is JetBlue’s focus on Newark, especially in the premium transcon market. It sure seems to me like JetBlue is intending to give United a run for their money here, given that the airline previously consolidated Mint flying at New York JFK.

I’ll be curious to see if United responds, between the Mint addition and the other leisure routes.

JetBlue will be competing directly with United on more routes

Bottom line

It’s cool to see JetBlue trying some new routes during these uncertain times, in order to bring planes back into service. In particular, I’m excited to see JetBlue going head-to-head against United in the Newark to California market. JetBlue’s Mint is phenomenal, and a very nice alternative to United’s inconsistent product in the market.

What do you make of JetBlue’s route additions?

  1. Oh goodie I am going to pay all that money to fly Mint so that they can throw me a box lunch and bottle of water! Just make ALL US flights coach only for the time being!!!!

  2. Given the United had behaved during the pandemic (change/cancelation policies, employee relations, and the greatest market/frequency reductions*), they deserve someone challenging them.

    And, it is outrageous that JetBlue is funding this expansion with taxpayer money from the CARES Act. After 31st Oct, go for it. Before, this is commercial risk business decision which will weaken other equally taxpayer funded airlines, all financially made possible as a result of the CARES Act.

    Finally, isn’t an equal target of the transcontinental EWR service Alaska? Their transcontinental product sucks but is low cost. United will fight back. I imagine Alaska will withdraw from EWR-LAX&SFO

  3. * United’s appalling product during the shutdown:

    It has been well documented that United has cut the most service during the shutdown.

    Even in markets where it maintained service, markets where it should have been strong, it retreated with it’s tail between its legs…

    I had to travel from SFO to LA for essential medical reasons in May.

    This is a market that UA should own under any circumstances: it has a hub at both ends..

    Nevertheless, it only offered 2 Emb-170 frequencies at crap times in May.
    Delta offered 3 A319 frequencies at great times.

    Despite being a UA MileagePlus member, I went DL at times I wanted.

    Icing on the cake? DL first class was priced below UA Economy.

    United’s business strategy has been all wrong and it has little brand capital. It is vulnerable.

    Next time I want to go somewhere Delta flies, I’ll choose them first!

  4. @ Ben — UA should acquire B6. That would eliminate such pesky competition and regain UA the JFK slots they foolishly sold off under Smisek.

  5. Mint aside its really nice to see the extra routes out of EWR! Nice alternative for those of us pretty much stuck with UA most of the time.

  6. This is so confusing. I don’t understand Jetblue’s logic in growing so much from Newark during this time. Almost all of the routes above are served from Jetblue.

    Aside from the routes to SFO and LAX, what is Jetblue doing with the other Newark Routes????

    Some of the other routes are more justified such as to Dallas, Minneapolis and Orlando to Phl.

  7. @Steven Horner
    United’s corporate team is one big fraternity from Embry-Riddle. Don’t expect anything good out of them. Maybe Santa will bring them brains for Christmas.

  8. United will retreat from the premium transcon market out of Newark (EWR). You will see a return on 737 recliner seats, perhaps with increased capacity. Domestic F levels of service, thin paper blankets ( on request) , no pillows, no sundae, however all this at the same price point. People at United’s HQ in Chicago don’t understand “transcon” much less “premium”

  9. @fungi fish – corporate contracts will not allow them to do so. There’s just too much business at stake for premium seats (read: premium earning) for them to change to anything else in the long run.

  10. Hoping they have early morning DTW-JFK and late evening JFK-DTW flights making connections to and from the Caribbean possible. Would be great to have a cheaper way to get down there instead of being price gouged by Delta.

  11. @David

    That’s hilarious to me…
    I’m a graduate of F.I.T., a competitor to E.R… I imagine I could do a better job part-time/retired than UA’s slick team!

  12. Hopefully this will help with UA fares out of EWR to LAS, LAX and SFO. Competition can’t be bad for UA which has been doing what they want out of EWR for way too long.

  13. This is JetBlue working to bolster it’s market share in the New York area and it makes sense. This is an airline that’s huge in 2 markets, which has some presence in Florida, and which is unnoticeable anywhere else. But those 2 markets (New York and Boston) are important ones, and NY is the crown jewel of their network. However, JFK is not convenient for those who live in NJ, so attacking UA at EWR makes sense. If UA returns to anything approaching their previous presence at EWR, I’d still say that this is too little to worry about. But given the way that UA has basically retreated everywhere, I am not so sure. I am more certain that JetBlue smells weakness and is thus going after some of that business. Not a bad move. But it’s a local market move. Overall, JetBlue is no threat to any of the Big 3 – look at how they’ve withered at LGB.

  14. Finally some penetration into the Philadelphia market. Although I don’t think they’ll make any money and will pull out within months

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