JetBlue Mint Continues To Be Incomparable

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I’ve flown JetBlue Mint several times now, though prior to this week it has been over a year since I’ve flown the product. For those of you not familiar, Mint is the name of JetBlue’s revolutionary premium cabin on some of their A321s, which they operate in select markets (mostly transcon flights).

Given that I’ve flown it several times, you’d think my excitement would wear off. Nope, JetBlue Mint continues to delight me, and I can’t wrap my head around how good of a job they do with this product. I’m not sure whether to be impressed by how good Mint is, or just disappointed by how much the premium offerings of all other US airlines lag.

What I won’t even talk about…

I won’t even talk about how JetBlue has been disruptive with their premium cabin pricing…

Or about how they actually serve food that tastes good, and serve it on flights that depart after 8PM, while other airlines only serve snacks…

Or about the fact that they’re the first US airline to have doors at seats…

And the first US airline to serve cappuccinos in business class…

Okay, I mean I guess I did briefly talk about all of those things, but my point is that this isn’t even the focus of this post.

Service in JetBlue Mint destroys the competition

Service on most US airlines is hit-or-miss. On American I’ve had some phenomenal flight attendants, and I’ve had some awful flight attendants. The problem is the lack of consistency. Clearly the airline doesn’t have a customer-centered culture, or else this inconsistency wouldn’t be tolerated.

That’s why Mint is so refreshing. All five of my Mint flights have had spectacular service. Not just good service, but truly service that’s so good that Ed Bastian might suggest the airline is subsidized by a Middle Eastern country. Maybe that’s not representative of every single Mint experience ever, but I feel like five in a row is a pretty good showing.

What JetBlue has done so well is that they’ve hired people with big personalities, they’ve provided a product that employees are proud of, and they’ve created a service procedure that’s followed every single time.

Upon boarding there’s a card at your seat with the name of the flight attendants working the cabin, which is a nice personalized touch.

Moments after settling in, Grecia came by my seat — “hi Mr. Ben, welcome aboard. Have you flown Mint before?”

“Thank you! Yes, I have.”

“Well great, welcome back. Let me just remind you of a couple of things about the seat…”

This is such a simple thing that more airlines should do. You’ll find this on airlines like Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, etc.

Of course JetBlue offers pre-departure drinks of choice every single time.

But really what just amazes me is the positive attitudes of the crew. Grecia remembered each passenger’s name, she was always smiling, and she provided service that couldn’t help but make me smile as well.

I slept for most of the flight and when we were descending I asked if I could have a cappuccino. On other US airlines I imagine the answer would have been “no, we’re preparing the cabin for landing.”

Instead I got an “of course you can.”

Then before landing they distribute cookies to all Mint passengers, and they use that as an opportunity to have another positive service interaction. “Mr. Ben, sorry to disturb you. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for flying Mint today. It was a pleasure to have you onboard. Here’s a sweet treat you can enjoy now or later. I hope to see you again soon.”

All of this might sound minor, but it really makes a huge difference. For me it comes down to the fact that I don’t want to feel like I’m inconveniencing the crew by being on their plane. If they feel that way, they should find a different job (though unfortunately many of them seem to stick around).

JetBlue Mint flight attendants consistently seem like they enjoy their jobs and like they want to be there and create special flight experiences. And it’s so damn refreshing.

I would love to see Doug Parker, Ed Bastian, and/or Oscar Munoz fly JetBlue Mint, just to see how good flying in the US can be (and ideally to fly it five times, so that they can see that it can really be that good every single time).

  1. “For me it comes down to the fact that I don’t want to feel like I’m inconveniencing the crew by being on their plane.”

    You hit the nail on the head. On DL, UA & AA, passengers are the enemy to a good number of FAs. By existing, you are ruining the FAs day.

    On JetBlue, it is the opposite.

  2. @Lucky, does this “disruptive pricing” ever extend to their JFK-LAX route? I have a trip to LA coming up in a couple months, have been monitoring prices for a while, and JetBlue Mint has consistently been vastly more expensive than their competitors for all times/dates in my traveling window.

  3. I am 15 minutes from EWR (aka United) but I’ll make the 1 hour+ trek to JFK just for JetBlue. Flew mint 2 weeks ago JFK-SFO and return, and yes the service was great as always. Mostly I fly economy, and they just blow everyone away with free wifi, snacks, better seats, sensible boarding, etc.

  4. i flew SEA-JFK two weeks ago and it was fantastic. The refreshmint was one of the most tasty drinks i’ve had, and the food is awesome.

    However, I did not get a greeting card signed by FAs nor did I get a cookie, maybe b/c it was already 1am.

  5. It is even harder for me to wrap my head around the Mint service when I consider that I can usually get a Mint RT transcon ticket for ~$1,110 to $1,200 with advance purchase, and I get everything you described, and even ten years ago I was paying a similar price for a seat on AA or DL in domestic first with 37 inch seat pitch, free drinks and a gross lasagna for dinner.

    One of the best aspects of ditching loyalty and going free agent has been the ability to go by Mint whenever it is available for my itinerary.

  6. “And the first US airline to serve cappuccinos in business class…”

    US Airways was first I believe, they had them on newly delivered A330-200s, which Started delivery in the late 2000s, I believe.

  7. I have to say I am really impressed with what I have seen here of Mint. I would even consider connecting in the US now because of this! Although I was disappointed this hadn’t been rolled out to the PDX to JFK route… Can’t wait for jetBlue to start TATL flights with this though!

  8. I’m finding LAX-HFK to be constantly $959 each way. Is this what folks are considering great? I was expecting to find some at $499 each way. Am I not looking hard enough.

  9. @vlcnc I certainly wouldn’t mind too. Does JetBlue actually plan to fly to Europe? Do they have LR or Neo orders?

  10. Of course JetBlue is a fantastic airline, but because Mint can’t really be gamed, a lot of airline bloggers/reviewers don’t give them that much attention, which is a real shame.

  11. @James K They have 85 A321neo’s on order with options to convert to LR version… but they’ve said they won’t fly TATL unless it can be as profitable as their current N. & C. American routes

  12. @James K: From what I understand, they have an option to convert some orders to LR’s. They are still mulling over whether they believe it is the right time or not. Also remember there will also be an XLR version on the way and all new A320 family have the new cabin-flex design meaning jetBlue can have a more premium heavy configuration as they no longer limited by where doors have to be situated. I think this would be a real game changer – never mind the ULCC carriers! Watch this space…

  13. If only they put money into improving the ground experience and improved the presentation of the meals. On balance, I continue to think that AA three class transcon F is superior to Mint.

  14. @Jason
    They’re disruptive because they’re the ones who set the bar at $599 (or so) each way. The legacies all had higher prices for their flat bed transcon product but they had to lower it when Mint arrived. So the “competitive” pricing you’re seeing is from the legacies trying to match or undercut Mint pricing.

  15. Well if it were subsidized you would also get a limo ride, massage, 100,000 sf catered lounge, shower in the air, separate bedroom, a gallon of champagne and a pound of caviar on a brand new plane. But maybe Jetblue could hire away the superior management from the mid east carriers to sprinkle their magic and make that happen. Just make sure to sell your JBLU stock before they join the team just in case superior management skill wasn’t the secret sauce. 🙂

  16. I just did JFK-SFO last week in Mint for the first time. I might have been an anomaly but I didn’t get great service (flight attendants were extremely friendly and willing to go above and beyond). The meal service took almost two hours and between the starter and the main meal was about 30-40 minutes. I also asked for a cappuccino and it took about 30 minutes to get to me. The flight attendant did mention that there were would be a delay but still it should have not taken that long.

    Otherwise the food, entertainment, and wifi make me want to chose them over DL or UA transcons.

    To branch off @Davis, CO/UA & AA have serviced cappuccinos on B777 when they got them in the mid to late 2000s.

  17. I’ve only flown Mint once SFO-JFK redeye and it was wonderful. But since I don’t live on either coast, I don’t have a need for transcons. I wish they would do Mint from DFW to Carribeans

  18. A former New Yorker who lives in Orlando, I coordinated a trip back home to visit family two weeks ago with a romantic long weekend with my wife in Vegas, specifically so I could finally fly Mint, JFK-LAS.

    The flight was delayed by five hours, due to lightning storms, and we didn’t land at McCarran until close to dawn. It was a long, hard night for those FAs…and they couldn’t have been nicer, funnier, or more gracious.

    The food was everything you and others have said it is, the seat was a dream, and the IFE superb. They alone would have set Mint far above DL/AA/UA, but as you write Ben, it’s the little touches that make the experience extra memorable: the welcome aboard card, the amuse bouche, and OMG, that cookie!, and especially, especially, especially those FAs.

    I always feel good — respected, entertained, and sitting in a comfortable seat with enough leg room to feel human — in the standard jetBlue product, which is why I fly them almost exclusively now MCO-JFK/LGA/HPN. But now I know that Mint is the only premium domestic product worthy of the classification, and I will look for ways to fly it again in the future. (I’m hoping B6 bases Mint-equipped planes in Orlando, when the new terminal opens and they increase Caribbean and South America flying.)

    Thanks for the post, Ben. You put a smile on my face, reminding me of just what a wonderful time I had on that plane.

  19. This shows several things: That firstly it is possible for an American carrier to provide a genuinely compelling and memorable product and service, but crucially be profitable and commercially viable. I can see this really taking off on the world stage if B6 ever have a real go at international flights – this looks THAT good! I am even thinking they could really teach the likes of BA a thing or two about premium service and I thought I would never say that about a US airline!

  20. Lucky, you are spot on. I’ve flown Mint 10+ times and finally had a meh plate testerday – the bbq chicken. However, the beef plate and the salmon salad were excellent. Food is usually phenomenal. Then there’s the ice cream!

    I flew Mint yesterday afternoon LAX-BOS with family coming back from a trip to Maui. We had booked all the suites at $500 6 months ago. Outbound, we did the same thing BOS-SFO for $400. By the way, there are constant good deals BOS-SEA and BOS-LAS. LAX is really tough. If the price delta is reasonable over economy, it’s a no brainer. For instance, if economy is $325 and Mint is $600 then it’s a go since I usually buy an EMS seat (+$100) and checked bag ($25). Now it’s a $150 delta for a lie flat suite for a 5-6 hour flight.

    The only downside is when you stick your teenage kids in the 2A and 2F suites and watch everyone come on board. The glares and under breath comments from Mother to kids “ this is where the rich first class customers sit” gets a little old. In BOS, I finally pulled two mouthy jealous guys aside and told them about Mint deals and they were totally grateful for the tip.

    I kept expecting prices to rise from the initial $599 deals when Mint came out. Still wondering if B6 will retreat in markets where they struggle to raise prices.

  21. So many great points already made about how amazing the product and service is while ALSO being profitable. To take it a step further, it is even more incredible when you realize that they aren’t providing nearly as dense of a seat configuration of someone like AA or UA, whom would be 2-2 for the entire J cabin with narrower seats and shorter bed lengths. Throw in the “throne seats” for single travelers and Mint is an absolute no-brainer.

    And I know the market doesn’t make as much sense, but as a Miami-based AA captive I am dying for some FLL-LAX/SFO/SEA Mint routes to shake things up down here.

  22. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a poor household, but I really dislike being fawned over by staff. It almost feels like they’re my personal slave…

    That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy good service of course, but I think there’s a difficult to describe yet clear difference between the two. Maybe just me though!

  23. @Callum: Same and I know what you mean. I remember my first time flying business with QR and feeling such a fraud when being addressed by name formally – the way you’re brought up stays with you forever.

  24. Mint is amazing especially the throne seats. I would never fly other airline transcon if I can help it.

  25. I love Mint, don’t mind their FF program either. Just a couple Mint one ways and maybe another flight or two and you are Mosiac. The points may be pegged but you earn a ton of them and at least you know its always best to just earn em and burn em, especially when Mosaic and flying Mint.

  26. I’m flying the Mint suite on the new JFK-Costa Rica route, super excited to try the product. $275 one eay, what airline can possibly compete with that???

  27. @Callum
    FWIW: I’ve never felt fawned over, or like the FAs are my servants on jetBlue. They’ve always just felt like really smart, outgoing humans who treat me as their equal and enjoy having the opportunity — and being given the product/tools — to give great service. It’s the way I would be if I had that job.

    Also, @Lucky –
    I forgot about the three flavors of ice cream (surprising your tastebuds because they all look like vanilla) and the RefreshMint cocktail. I chose nonalcoholic, and it made me realize I’d rather have something like that, that tastes that good, than have the same drink with liquor. I’ve actually changed my drinking habits because of that flight.

  28. 1) I agree that Mint is the best transcontinental product available

    2) However, on my routes (JFK to SFO or LAX), Mint is often the same price or more expensive than AA or Delta

    3) JetBlue’s mileage program and route network aren’t as useful as AA is Delta – so foregoing 5,000 MQM/EQM each way to fly JetBlue is a big loss

    4) JetBlue penalizes corporate customers that book through their portal by reducing earnings by 50%

    5) JetBlue’s lounge offering (zero) is a detriment

    All in, Mint is hard to justify given these concerns

  29. Too bad Jetblue lost a huge amount of money last quarter while the industry/competitors are flush with cash. Not a good sign on their strategy.

  30. “What’s why Mint is so refreshing.” shouldn’t this be “That’s why Mint is so refreshing.”

  31. JetBlue does an amazing job with their Mint product. Once the FA is trained as a Mint FA, they are not even allowed to pick up flights that are non-Mint. Did you happen to notice when the pilots go on break there is an FA that goes in the cockpit, the drink cart is out and the other FA is actually in the cabin? They don’t want a Mint pax go without an FA, even when the pilot is on break.

    My best friend is a JBU Captain and I flew LAX-BOS with him. I positioned out to LAX in AA F on a 321 and then flew JBU Mint Suite the next day. Talk about night and day……..

  32. I love mint service from FLL to LAX. Started out at fantastic fares. $399, to 499, now consistently $899 one way. Hard to swallow with a 45 day advance purchase. $1800 transcontinental Trip not worth it.

  33. Omar-not a fair comment. They are in the process of getting rid of their inefficient E190s and took a $319 million write down on those assets. While last quarter wasn’t great on its own, they still made money and your implication is incorrect.

  34. Another writer I follow is right as he said, “as long as we tolerate crappy service we will get it”. I only flew jet blue once it was steerage and even then it was a better product than delta’s first class on short routes.

  35. Love Mint. Only downside I’ve had is for SFO-MIA I’ve taken departure was located in Intl terminal for some reason, so had to exit and redo security, which at that time in SFO, seemed like being in Bejing.
    LAX-BOS great. Certainly wish Mint was in SAN also.

  36. I live in LGB and travel 90% of the time for my job. I love jetBlue (I am Mosaic on B6), and since I live in Long Beach, I try to fly LGB for their short intra-west flights as much as I can, and I will even travel to LAX to catch Mint to BOS and JFK regularly, even though I am an AA EXP. Here is the scoop… often, you can get great jetBlue fares in Mint, but most of the time, its the same as AA. I prefer AA since I can almost always buy the J fare, and get upgraded to F easily (using an Business Extraa upgrade-cheap and easy). The LAX and JFK Flagship First lounge experience is AMAZING and jetBlue just doesnt have that. But, as Ben has described, I LOVE the jetBlue Mint service– I love the seat (the footwell is a bit too snug though) and I love the catering, but the people on jetBlue are outstanding– they are service oriented, but approachable and truly understand hospitality. jetBlue people do seem to care about passengers, and honestly I fly 200K miles a year on AA, and they do not consistently provide caring, approachable, hospitality. Even in AA Flagship First, I feel as if the FAs generally are indifferent to me as a passenger. Not on jetBlue…even in the main cabin, I feel welcomed and cared for. I am concerned about jetBlue though… they arent seemingly winning in the business sense– they are losing money, and they just dont have the competitive route structure (west and midwest routes) or international destinations and their Mosaic and FF plan is not competitive. Its sad– I really want them to be successful, but I have a feeling that they arent going to survive. Please, B6 merge with AS and be the “new jetBlue”.

  37. I can’t see any of the good prices people seem to mention. From either LAX or SFO to FLL, any time in Feb or March next year, I can’t see anything under $1050 one way… are there any tips on getting those allegedly low fares?

  38. “Too bad Jetblue lost a huge amount of money last quarter while the industry/competitors are flush with cash. Not a good sign on their strategy.”
    @Omar is exactly correct.

    “Omar-not a fair comment. They are in the process of getting rid of their inefficient E190s and took a $319 million write down on those assets. While last quarter wasn’t great on its own, they still made money and your implication is incorrect.”

    @Jud the market doesn’t punish 1 time write downs as you are implying. UAL is up 30% this year and JBLU is down almost 20% with the others being mostly positive. If your assertion is true, the market would not have punished JBLU stock as it has. The market is doubting their future profitability relative to its peers. Omar is correct.

  39. I love flying Mint. I’ve gone out of my way routing through Boston to fly them back to LA.
    But I always get a sugar cookie! I’d love getting that “Compost Cookie.” The name is disgusting but I bet it tastes great. 😉

  40. The plastic cup for the pre-flight beverage does diminish the impression, just a tad… given what otherwise seems to be an unusual attention to service detail.

  41. so true. The legacy carriers’ staff are not even friendly let a lone appreciative. Of course, it really is the management that sets the tone so they are to blame.

  42. the CEO’s of United, American and to a lesser extent Delta were all sleep at the switch when it came to lie flat transcontinental business, or first. I have been a frequent traveler to Europe and as a CEO of several comp anies and have not flown with them except a bad experience to London with American and same for Tokyo first class. fly Swiss, Lufthansa, Japan, ANA, BA first.

  43. Thank you everyone for the kind words for the Mint flight attendants. As a B6 “Minty” our training is outstanding, we are proud of our product, and our culture is what leads us to love our jobs. We all look forward to wowing you, our customers.

  44. The same sentiment is true of JetBlue’s Y service…i’m a UA elite but booked a more convenient DEN-BOS flight with B6 recently and forgot just how damn good they are! I wish they had nonstops to some of their other focus cities than just BOS and JFK from DEN☹️

  45. Being a regular reader here, first I thought there would be a blow back for “featuring sponsored content”, but reading the comments I gotta change my mind. Breaking it down, don’t hire “indifference” which is easy to manage like most airlines, hire bold and personable people that takes ownership of what they do.

  46. Mint is great, no doubt the best for domestic flights. But it comes with a price. First of all it tends to be much more expensive than AA and DL. With proper shopping I would much prefer an F one way to LAX at $500 with crap F product vs. $1000 I see on JetBlue (this is not emirates by any means and I will gladly give up a door and mid level airline food for a good hotel and a fab meal after). As well, being DC based, it involves connections and limited service. Great if you live in NYC or LA more BOS and travel between the two but for the rest of the 98% it’s not worth the aggravation.

    What is sad is that if they ever do expand and grow, not only the carrier but the product, it will be diminished and, I imagine, like the rest, a race to the bottom.

  47. Lucky: How does Mint stack up against QR’s A320 (intra-Gulf) business class? Which do you feel is better? From what your reviews tell, QR is the only airline capable of giving as excellent a business class experience on an A320 as on a Qsuite 777-300ER (which is undeniably the best on this planet).

  48. I haven’t flown Mint yet, but my I booked my sister on Mint a few weeks ago and her experience sounded amazing. She was on a fairly complicated itinerary and her Mint segment was a red eye. She indicated to the FAs that she wanted maximum sleep but she probably should have breakfast since given her itinerary she wouldn’t be able to have lunch as she had to go straight to work. The FAs offered to pack up a dinner option that would keep for her lunch and a breakfast option for her and told her they would wake her up as close to landing as possible. When they did she was 15 minutes out of JFK and they had packaged up a to go bag for her of the dinner (now lunch) and breakfast. I’ve never heard of such good service on a flight before.

  49. Who can’t love Mint ? Its the best value premium product out there in the US as good or better than most First Class in the Domestic US. I fly it once or twice a year
    As a professional travel writer wrote years ago Jet Blues FF program cant get off the runway Meaning in plain English it sucks.For that reason I rarely fly them
    Alaska may not be as good but my one way transcon cost me 200 bucks and I upgrade it to First
    with a free conformable upgrade and I survive just fine to the West Coast 800 to 1000 dollars richer thank you

  50. @Rob and others who think B6 is failing due to a poor relative performance of the stock:

    Jetblue has an Enterprise Value (value of equity + value of debt) to Revenue ratio of 0.87 vs. United’s 0.81, American’s 0.88, Alaska’s 1.08, Delta’s 1.12 and Southwest 1.6.

    So, while the market has downgraded their valuation from the former “sexy growth” stock to in-line with the legacies (while those have improved their valuations), B6 is nowhere near dangerous levels.

    Angry shareholders may demand some changes, but cutting corners on service won’t help much. Profitability (and valuation) seems to be largely determined by the percentage of capacity in competitive vs. monopoly markets. Think Delta, that practically owns ATL and MSP and the surrounding area.

  51. B6 Mint inflight is great however that will not help me when I have to deal with JetBlue’s generally useless ground staff after B6’s operation falls apart. Major B6 IROPS happen almost every day after 2PM.

    After I am stuck at JFK or BOS for 48 hours, the AA or DL flight that is actually operating looks pretty good, even with the surly FA’s.

  52. @Chris K
    Since when are stock valued on revenue? They are valued on earnings. Try looking at Enterprise Value to EBITDA instead of Revenue. American 10.6x, United 10.0x, Delta 8.8x, Southwest 8.1x, Jet Blue 6.5x.

    The last time I saw serious people value stocks on revenue was during the internet bubble when it was all about “land grab.” With the exception of Amazon, this approach was a complete bust, and investors know that.

  53. So wish JetBlue was an option out of Chicago to Palm Springs. More often than not, American Airlines service is abissmal, even in First Class. When American Airlines service makes you feel like they are doing you a favor, you know you are in trouble!

  54. Still waiting for Mint on the PDX-JFK routes, but not holding my breath. Only 1 flight daily so far (not different than Alaska surprisingly) on pretty beat up looking equipment. Am I (gasp) agreeing with Debit – yes, an Alaska-Jet Blue merger would be something; both with superior cultures, with routes and destinations that would complement each other nicely.

  55. I’ve found on Mint flights B6 handles IRROPS better than Delta (garbage) or AA on most routes (particularly to SFO from BOS or JFK.

    But Mint is consistently fantastic. You can argue the lack of lounges is a thing (especially with the nice though way overcrowded Flagship lounge and Sky Club) but jetBlue makes up for it with a far nicer terminal at JFK and Boston than AA/DL/UA

  56. @Rob
    For valuation purposes, you are generally right. But I was looking for a figure that shows financial stress. Your profit figure won’t correlate well with financial stress as the profit will go down in those situations, maybe quicker than market valuation.

    When we compare your EBITDA and my revenue multiple (both with EV) – and I assume you have adjusted JBLU EBITDA for the writedown – we can deduct that Jetblue has actually a higher EBITDA margin i.e. is more profitable than the other airlines (even more so if you haven’t adjusted). Market may expect this to go down or other airlines catching up (more room for improvement for UAL for example). But no reason to get worried about Jetblue financially. Short term share price movements can have many reasons. Maybe management just did not play the expectations game well enough.

  57. I flew Mint Blue this year SFO-JFK. Watched for the flight to come up for months to get a good price – scored $509 – amazing for a first class flight that was well, first class!! The only disappointment for me (first world problem alert) was that I couldn’t have their signature cocktail as it was a breakfast flight. The mimosa they served as an alternative was fantastic. I’m from AUS and don’t know when/if I’ll have the chance to fly them again, but recommend anyone take the opportunity if they have it.

  58. As many wonderful things written about them when my options are AA MIA-SFO in a lie flat seat for $600 OW or B6 FLL-SFO in a lie flat seat for $1100 OW the decision is easy. Maybe if I win Powerball I will spend double for Mint but not today.

  59. i mainly travel to the Bahamas, St.Maarten and Aruba approximately 4 times a year. I have flown
    the Mint seats twice so far-I would fly more often except the Mint service is limited to the season
    of the year and only on Saturdays. Because of the limited Mint service I usually fly another airline
    in the first class area when the Mint service is not available.
    The Mint seating and service is far superior to first class offered on other airlines to the same locations that I frequent.
    What are the chances in the future that the Mint service will be offered all year round to the Islands that I travel to?

  60. Nice review. I am surprised she had to ask if you had used Mint before. With this level of service you’d think they could see from your profile if you have before.

  61. Very good review,
    Im a AA exec plat, service has dropped, seats are smaller, cant roll over any more, cushion is harder and food is not any better.
    Many of my london flights are as you said, sorry no breakfeast due that we need to get cabin ready and may have some turbulence, with connection and security takes 2 to 3 hours to get through,
    So is international now available to europe and asia?

  62. @Lucky —>. “I would love to see Doug Parker, Ed Bastian, and/or Oscar Munoz fly JetBlue Mint, just to see how good flying in the US can be (and ideally to fly it five times, so that they can see that it can really be that good every single time).”


  63. Okay, I just checked– Jetblue Mint from SEA to JFK, Oct 28 return Oct 31, the price is a whopping $1606 round trip. The same itinerary on American is $904 round trip.

    Are you saying that Jetblue Mint is that much better than American’s first class product? While AA first class domestic pales in comparison to most International business class, I don’t think Mint is worth that much more. Even when traveling on someone elses dime, I have to keep within the budget.

  64. Although I thought Jet blue mint service once we were on the plane, was very good, the fact that they have no lounge access at JFK or LAX would be a big deterrent in choosing Mint again. They need to have a lounge to compete with other airlines .

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