JetBlue Mint Now Bookable To Boston, Starting At $599

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JetBlue has always been good at the “core” of their business, by offering an exceptional domestic economy product.

JetBlue A320 economy

But in 2014 JetBlue expanded that with the introduction of Mint Class on select Airbus A321 aircraft. These are used primarily for flights between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco, and on them JetBlue offers a truly competitive product.

JetBlue A321 Mint

There are 12 Mint Class seats, spread across four rows — two rows have four seats per row, while two rows have just two seats per row, with fully enclosed “suites.” Arguably JetBlue offers a better product than what’s offered by the legacy airlines operating in the market.

But perhaps the best effect of JetBlue Mint wasn’t even the product as such, but what it has done to pricing in the market. JetBlue priced Mint Class starting at just $599 one way, which was cheaper than what the other carriers in the market previously charged. Other airlines were forced to compete, so JetBlue’s cheap Mint Class pricing drove down prices in the market across the board. United even exited the transcon market out of JFK, instead switching those flights to Newark.

Around the middle of last year JetBlue announced that as of 2016 they’re expanding Mint to transcon flights out of Boston as well. While no airline presently offers regularly scheduled flat beds on transcons out of Boston, JetBlue figured they might as well be the first, given what a high yield market it is.

As an update, JetBlue Mint Class is now bookable out of Boston. Via, JetBlue will launch Mint Class flights between Boston and San Francisco as of March 24, 2016, on the following frequency:

B6133 Boston to San Francisco departing 8:10AM arriving 11:43AM
B6534 San Francisco to Boston departing 12:55PM arriving 9:39PM

Then Mint Class service will be expanded to a second daily frequency as of April 20, 2016:

B61833 Boston to San Francisco departing 10:40AM arriving 2:10PM
B6834 San Francisco to Boston departing 9:20PM arriving 6:04AM

Then Mint Class service will be expanded to a third daily frequency as of September 20, 2016:

B6833 Boston to San Francisco departing 7:50PM arriving 11:24PM
B6434 San Francisco to Boston departing 7:24AM arriving 4:09PM

It’s interesting that JetBlue is introducing JetBlue’s Mint flights out of Boston will be to San Francisco before Los Angeles, as Boston to Los Angeles will see a plane with Mint Class start on October 20, 2016.

JetBlue’s Mint Class pricing out of Boston is similar to the pricing out of New York — it starts at just $599 one-way.


Bottom line

JetBlue’s Mint Class is one of the best things to happen to the premium transcontinental market, based on the degree to which it has driven down fares. JetBlue’s pricing is fantastic, and the product seems to be top notch. I’m hoping to give them a try soon, finally.

JetBlue A321 Mint

To those who travel to/from Boston, do you plan on giving JetBlue’s Mint a try?

  1. Absolutely. Only “cheap” FC paid options now are on United’s outdated and horrid 757’s. Virgin America is best option for hard and soft product, but can get ridiculously expensive when booked close in (whether by points or $$$). Have been anxiously awaiting JetBlue Mint – at $599/OW and lie flats, they’re going to blow everyone else out of the water. It’s a 6+ hour trip from East to West, which is longer than some trans-Atlantics. Doing that in an outdated FC seat on United without Wifi or personal entertainment option is literally torture.

  2. Seems like they should start with the redeye rather than a day flight? Seems like that is where mint would excel.

  3. I think they want to compete with UNITED out of SFO. UNITED currently offers 6 flights a day out of SFO.

  4. United offered P.S. flat-bed services from BOS to LAX last summer as a seasonal service — glad to see a superior product being offered at a cheaper price point year-round. A win-win across the board.

  5. I thought they had 16 seats in Mint Class, so are they creating a new A321 subfleet? Seems kind of ridiculous to have three different configurations… Or perhaps they’ll create a premium configuration A319/A320 instead?

  6. @Tennen; you are correct — Mint is 5 rows with a total of 16 seats.
    A great product I had the chance to try twice last fall.
    And jetBlue deserves tons of credit for setting an affordable price point for premium transcon traffic and forcing the big three to match.

  7. Recently had a trip from SFO-JFK where I flew Jet Blue Mint form SF and Virgin America FC on the return. Jet Blue was significantly better IMO.

  8. Those prices didn’t last long. Seems all Mint flights from SFO to BOS are now around $1,099.

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