INSANITY: Pastor Wants Fourth Private Jet, Worth $50 Million

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Every time I see a video of a preacher buying a private jet in the name of “the Lord” my stomach turns and I figure it can’t possibly get more ridiculous, but then it does. This week prosperity gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis is back to ask for a new $50 million jet. This is the fourth private jet that he’ll have used over the years.

In this five minute video he asks people to donate, and I just can’t actually believe this isn’t a parody. Here are some of my favorite quotes from him:

  • “You know I’ve owned three different jets in my life and I’m just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • “This is the very first plane I purchased for the Lord.” (pointing to a picture of his first plane)
  • “One of the greatest statements that Jesus ever told Jesse is ‘you want to come up where I’m at? I want you to believe me for a Falcon 7X'”
  • “If Jesus were alive today he’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel”

On top of all that, he’s claiming he not only wants the new jet so he can travel anywhere in the world in one stop, but also to save money. The Falcon 7X can go anywhere in the world in one stop, and with other jets you have to “stop and pay those exorbitant prices for jet fuel all over the world.”

Here’s the video, for anyone who is interested:

Of course Jesse isn’t the first guy to “believe the Lord” for a private jet. Jesse’s good friend Kenneth Copeland took delivery of a debt free Gulfstream V earlier this year, and was grinning ear to ear.

In the past Jesse and Kenneth have even made a video explaining that they need to fly private because there are demons on airlines, and also because fans come up to them and “agitate [their] spirits.”


(Tip of the hat to Mike, featured image courtesy of Anna Zvereva)

  1. Yes the LORD WANTS THE PPOOR TO GIVE TO THE WEALTHY!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!! IT IS IN THHE BIBBLE!!!!!!!!!


  2. I don’t hold any of this against him. It’s the stupid people who donate for this cause that I laugh at.

  3. So wait- he said “get on a metal tube filled with demons”

    He just called anybody who flys commercial a demon. Wouldn’t that include his parish?

  4. I think its a good thing. The more money people donate here, the less money goes to political candidates people like this tend to support.

  5. ya gotta listen to his video… Praise the Lord!
    The Kings provided Ships to Spanish Missionaries to spread salvation to your pagean ancestors.
    Donkeys an Horses carried Father Kino and others up the CA missionary routes,
    Praise the Lord!
    Your wealth is only by the Grace of God,,, never forget it.
    Enjoy God’s bounty and help this poor preacher bring others into the flock and prosperity!

  6. @Jon @Brodie drop dead. Yes, there are demons on airlines…but they’re “here primarily for your safety”

  7. Don’t be jealous guys. I would be glad if someone would fund my expenses, whether lambs, employer, parents or anyone else. Nothing wrong with this guy who made it happen!

  8. That’s what happens when you have a country full of religious morons…

    The fact you can have your president (not just Trump, same goes to Obama) stand up and say he’s being guided in his decisions by an invisible sky fairy is precisely why this isn’t remotely surprising.

  9. just observe:
    Godless = ugly (just look at them! … they are physically ugly!)
    God loving = pretty, content faces, beautiful people … warm, graceful

    That is what sold me at an early age (and I am very handsome)

  10. That’s almost as crazy as a Kickstarter to fund a trip in the Etihad Residence. Oh wait… 🙂

  11. should watch John Oliver’s segment on churches, he may not be perfect on his reporting, but that part really made me see how disgusting televangelists are. The part that a cancer patient used her treatment money to pay for someone else’s mansion made me sick.
    Sure they are innocent and even ignorant people, but nobody gave you the right to abuse their ignorant nature, especially not your lord.

  12. Jesus would clearly have a fleet of two of each aircraft currently in production today, the Noah’s ark of the sky. From tiny little Embraer Phenom 100s to the Mighty A380s and pairs of everything in between. His soul would never be agitated by those pesky demons in long metal tubes asking him to pray with them. Now seriously if someone stood up on a commercial flight and started saying they were talking to God that plane would be diverted and it would be all over the news. So ya’ll keep your mouths shut and don’t talk to Brother Roberts unless he talks to you first or else you might agitate his soul.

  13. The false equivalence people are bringing up about lucky is the same sh*t that put Trump in office instead of Hillary. There’s a huge world of difference between a pastor asking brainwashed sheep for money to send them to heaven and lucky asking for money to fly the residence and if you can’t see the difference , you’re trying too hard to feel smug.

    That being said, I believe in no gods or kings, only lucky.

  14. Organised religions become parasites. Which is their right. People are allowed to be stupid. ANd give to them. What is not right is that they get the money tax free, which is, in effect a tax on everyone else. Kill their tax free status (of all religions) and you will see different behavior.

  15. No difference between Christians and wahhabis. Both are dogmatic, close minded and love young kids in more ways than one.

    It could easily have been other way round. Saudi Arabia sending troops to kill uneducated christian terrorists that will do anything for some shit written in a stupid book. Maybe in a parallel universe that’s what is happening.

  16. What a greedy hypocritical jerk. He use god and jesus to mask his greed. Disgusting. And blind people do not see it.

  17. Haha…you dumb liberal elitists that think only morons like this (and his followers) are the reason Trump won. You’ll never get it. Please please please have Warren or Ellison run in 2020.

  18. This doesn’t happen “only in America”

    TV evangelists in Philippines are asking for money and they are flying in jets. Monks in SE Asia are asking for money and they are flying in jets. It happens all across the globe. Get real.

  19. @Colin, we liberal elitists, i.e those who are much smarter than you, obviously know that this is not the only reason Trump won. It is one of the reasons. Other one being racist and sexist assholes like you. It is also a scientific fact that we liberals have bigger penises than Trump supporters.

  20. I’m a born again Christian . Surely there are two sides to this story.
    Next Wednesday vote John Cox for governor of California. He will stop immigration , build the wall , and put an end to the sanctuary state.

  21. Only in America, where believers are gullible enough to make „religions“ (they really aren‘t, they‘re for profit businesses disguised as Non-profits) a business.

  22. @D3KingAmerican….the California governor has the power to “stop immigration”? Who knew?

  23. @Matthew Polenzani – Please keep up your insanity and stupidity.

    In a weird backwards way, you’re doing us all a favor and giving us hope!

  24. For those who want to contribute to an evangelical Christian organization, a good filter is accreditation from the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is a charter member of ECFA, for example.

    @Debit, if you truly don’t know between Christians and wahhabis, you’re the one who’s full of stupid shit. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of (false) Christians in name only, but in terms of core doctrines and beliefs, and purported means and aims of salvation, they couldn’t be further apart.

  25. @Colin, I realize that your fragile ego gets triggered every time you are reminded of the moral superiority of elitist liberals and wants you to have the last word, but for Allah’s sake, please stop commenting. You are embarrassing yourself and your fellow Trump disciples.

  26. @Luke

    Educate us or shut up. There are nice Christians that live with humility and use their as support for their own life and there are a vast majority that have a need to proselytize and push their way of life on to others. The latter seem to be everywhere currently.

    If seculars tried to do what Christians try to get away with we would already be having a civil war. Eff Christians.

  27. Wow, there is so much hate and blame being spewed here. First, let’s be clear that these “pastors” that take advantage of people are abhorrent human beings. They are the scum of the earth. They use God as a way to scare people into giving them money. That being said, you cannot place all religions or religious people into that category, like some here have done. I am Christian, but I have the ability to see through scams like this. I make it a point to treat people with kindness. I do tithe my church, and the money is used to maintain the property, pay the pastor and janitor (not big salaries) and to help the needy. There’s nothing wrong with people doing that. My pastor doesn’t siphon money from the congregation for a luxury lifestyle. My next point is for the people who are making this political. It’s not only Trump supporters that follow these guys. People from all walks of life and political persuasions participate. Some of you imply that anyone who supports Trump are ignorant knuckle-draggers. That’s simply not the case. Both parties have dogmatic, uninformed and unintelligent supporters. I voted for Trump. I also am well-educated and well-travelled. Too many people buy the biased garbage in the media about Trump, even though it is obvious that they are doing anything to discredit him. Take my advice and look at the issues and the realities without being influenced by the media. Is Trump perfect? Nope. We’re Obama, Bush or Bill Clinton perfect? Nope. I like Trump’s America first attitude, and his belief in American industry. I like his view that people should work for what they get and not have it given to them by the government. He is right to restrict immigration from places that pose a threat or places that can send mainly unskilled labor that will only cost the US taxpayer tons of money in public benefits. It’s not racism, as some claim. It’s common sense. In summary, the pastors that take advantage of people are the scum of the earth and it’s not only Trump supporters that fund these guys.

  28. The media tends to be non-Christian so they like these stories to criticize Christianity. In fact, most Christians are not like this any more than pilots are not rapists and drunks despite bad press.

    Those that buy these jets should be able to justify them in terms of needing to be at underserved airports a lot and need for time savings. For example, does he need to be in Erie, PA on Monday during the day, Dayton, OH on Monday evening, San Marcos, TX on Tuesday during the day, Pueblo, CO on Tuesday night, Lebanon, NH on Wednesday, Macon, GA on Wednesday night and none of these can be re-scheduled or scheduled farther apart. I don’t think so.

    Furthermore, the above doesn’t need a Falcon 7X but a smaller Citation will do. A Falcon 7X is for Leeds/Bradford, England on Monday, Portland, ME on Tuesday, Manaus, Brazil on Wednesday, Rapid City, SD on Thursday.

  29. I know a lot of Christians and every single one of them would recognise this scumbag for what he is. Why are parts of the US so nutty that these charlatans seem to thrive, even after scandal after scandal?

  30. I agree its ridiculous but this doesn’t have anything to do with the purpose of your site. Please don’t start digressing into the latest travel story on Kim Kardashian…

  31. Benyamin,

    I am with you on this one, these con artists are disgusting. Ma Grand Pappy who was a Sorbonne educated attorney use to say;
    as long as there are donkeys, there will be people who ride them gladly.

  32. In the beginning man created god. He created him in his image and he was good.

    In other news, charlatans abound trying to steal money from poor souls (aka trump supporters or poor souls like Jesse).

    You crackheads who actually believe that garbage actually do some research about religion instead of tithing so your pastor lives the east life. It’s a man made farce.

  33. No, Its not ‘only in america’. Various religions generate huge amount of cash to religious leaders – all over the world. Been that way since before Christ.
    Im a proud atheist and been all over the world, living in 3 continents. Religion is power and wealth.

  34. Damn. Makes the Roman Catholic Church look awesome by comparison. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the Vatican doesn’t own any aircraft and the pope flies commercial planes that the Vatican charters.

  35. @ Jesse -‘ Donald Trump is a pathological liar, and his ONLY policy is to do what is best for him. He cares about nothing else.

  36. @ Gene- Typical liberal, I see. Let me “trigger” you so you can run to your safe space and cry: I’m a proud gun-toting, pick-up driving, college-educated, conservative, Trump supporting, wealthy, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant male. I also am a member of the NRA, and I’m from the South. I’m what SJW liberals despise. I am now just waiting to be incorrectly labeled a “racist” based on my demographic 😉

  37. I’m not what Trump has to do with a charliton asking for a free jet. God has a sense of humor and will judge the world at the end. There are niave people out there. No slam on Lucky or other bloggers but most do it for profit via affiliate links etc. But many believe they just do it for fun and fall for those giving bad advice. Most Christians aren’t in it for profit but there are wolves in sheep’s clothing in addition to those that just sin. Many teach a prosperity gospel and fall into that trap. Giving them money just enables them. Many folks that have so much hate for opposing political views have the religion of politics in place of God in my opinion. One thing is certain is that this guy doesn’t “need” a private jet to witness for Jesus. He “wants” a private jet just like many of us would. His scam is to get fools to pay for it but it doesn’t make all Christians fools.

  38. @Gene-I was talking about you, based on your Trump-hating comment. Do you not speak English? Could you seriously not understand that the comment was directed at you? Wow, Ron White was correct when he said “You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever.”

  39. Come on Lucky. Don’t get the hornet’s nest. How about a post on redeeming ANA miles instead?

  40. @Gene- You’re proving my point. You automatically assume that I hate Mexicans because I support Trump, though you know nothing about me. By the way, you obviously speak English, so your attempt at sarcasm was an epic fail. Anyway, I believe that anyone in the US should be there legally, and our laws enforced. That is what Trump is trying to achieve. It’s not racist to enforce immigration laws. For the record, I work outside of the US in a country with very restrictive immigration laws. I follow the law and work here with the appropriate visa. I went through the lengthy and costly visa procedure. I also bring a professional skill that is scarce. I pay local taxes and am not a burden on their government. I learned their language and societal norms. I was raised in extreme poverty in rural Alabama, worked my a** off to get out, got an education and an excellent job, so don’t bring up anything about “privilege.” If people want to immigrate to America, I welcome them with open arms, provided they support themselves and pay taxes.

  41. Ditto @Jesse
    Obviously smartest guy on this thread

    Well, besides Lucky, brilliant blogger that knows how to generate a following.

    praise the Lord!
    (And pass the collection plate)

  42. @Debit To an extent, I agree with you. These multi-million dollar religious organizations that rake in cash and whose leaders live exorbitant lifestyles on the backs of their members should be reigned in. However, in the US, there are countless small churches whose pastors get paid little: many work a regular job in addition to their church duties. These churches often help the local needy and struggle to stay afloat financially. Being religious doesn’t mean that a person is a scumbag, and I would argue that most of them are in it because of their faithfulness, not for money. I say that there should be a cap on religious tax exemptions. If a religious entity makes over X amount of dollars, then the income over that amount should be taxed. That would protect the religious freedoms of a majority of people who truly are not in it for the money. The biggest issue with taxing them is that most churches get their income through tithes and offerings of their members, mainly in cash, so it would be impossible for the government to get an accurate income tally. It’s a delicate balance of protecting the truly faithful and weeding out those who use religion to scam others.

  43. If Billy Graham never needed a free jet, these morons can certainly get by without them. I’m just amazed that there are that many people who fall for this “prosperity” gimmick. Jesus never owned anything!

  44. OK, serious comment for those with doubt.

    I feel that I am semi qualified to comment here because (and spooks can verify)…

    1. Some years ago, when my body was closing down on me one night in hospital, when I had a blood infection, I went into a fever spike. Prior to that my body really did feel like it was closing down bit by bit and I knew that my time had come. In that fever spike I had a hallucination that I was about to step over the threshold when I was “asked to return”.

    A free will choice, and I so desperately wanted to take that final step. (Funnily enough when I knew that my time had come before slipping off, my sole concern was ‘had I done enough’, which being a family man is a little shocking, but it is what it is) But I decided to put my trust in God.

    Moments later I woke to a light in my eye from the nurse and I felt really good, and my recovery was so speedy I avoided planned surgery.

    Hallucination in a fever spike or God’s will? Who knows.


    2. A young soldier was off to war and he was scared. So out running with him I stopped to offer him some “words of wisdom”. He got through a dreadful situation and found God. When he joined his church (of England) he spoke about me and how those words helped him find his faith. I felt a bit sorry for the vicar when some of his congregation suggested I should preach.

    3. On an Internet forum I was either liked or disliked. I had enough around 2009. A man is another country emailed me in essence to say “don’t let them get your down”. Why? Because somehow through my words I had helped him refind his faith and return to the Roman Catholic Church.

    It may be relevant that I am not religious. Spiritual yes, religious no. I value all religions (deeply as it happens) but they are not for me.

    Now my comment…

    I struggle to earn a decent living far less God wanting me to have a private jet (but a Global 7500 would be very nice thank you).

    Given that you could present the argument that I am only here today because of Gods will (don’t ask me why your guess is as good as mine), do you not think that every nation should fund a glorious lifestyle for me? 😉

    Oh wait I do tease for half a billion pounds sterling, have published on how to find submarines and am working on how to predict terrorist attacks, amongst other things….

    Perhaps I should set up the Church of Big Fat Stu!

  45. I meant half a trillion not billion. If you are going to fantasise, fantasise big 🙂

  46. TV Evangelists and Preachers shearing the sheep for fancy cars, gold Rolexes, and private jets. No vows of poverty for them…..

  47. I think that there’s some confusion about the demons. I think that the demons are not so much inside the plane as running the legacy airlines. When the CEO of American installs a horrible new product that causes massive suffering while avoiding that same product himself, well, that sounds pretty demonic to me. In fact, demonic intervention would explain so much about the domestic flying experience in general. Duplantis and his ilk should spend their time doing god’s work by raging against the horrors of the Big Three domestic airlines instead of hunting up yet another private jet.

  48. Isn’t this blog supposed to be about points and miles. Not sure why you posted this. Plus there is a lot of hate being thrown around now on this site that was mainly positive until this.

  49. Trump/GOP/Evangelicals voters will buy it for him. Why do people believe these types of con-men (i.e. Trump, Rush, Hannity etc.) who are only lining their own pockets? Brainwashed from childhood and/or they don’t any better?
    Carl Rove once, during Bush Jr election, said ” these nut-jobs” to the evangelicals GOP supporters!

  50. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with commercial travel. I felt this was just a SLAM by you because it has something to do with religion. What this man and those who believe or follow his work do with their money, is simply THEIR business. I do not subscribe to the site to hear your opinion on private matters. We all have the news networks to interpret what others says. Please avoid delving into expressing your opinion about a ministry or private matter like this.

    I subscribe to this blog because I value your comments about your experiences. When you’ve flown on the jet or given money to help little children in the ministry and then learn he spent your money on a jet, THEN, you may have a right to publicly slam the matter. If this is an announcement that you’re veering into the political and religious commentary, I’ll unsubscribe and move to another professional blog.

    As one of your followers, YOU have offended me that you would provide commentary aimed at being hateful, just because you disagree. That is beneath you, Ben!

    I brag and boast on your blog often, but this time, you failed, miserably! Keep it on the high road in the future. You’re much more credible when you talk about commercial travel for which your followers MIGHT have opportunity to experience and desire your opinion in the choice they make.

  51. Anyone who believes in a magical sky ferry is a moron and same goes for anyone who buys into this asshats preaching.. If your dumb enough to follow people like this.. You get what you don’t need a church or a pastor to believe in your imaginary sky ferry.. So you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  52. Lucky,

    I find your posts very interesting and enjoy reading them, but I need to say that all of this political crap is getting tiresome. I don’t care what anyone here thinks of Trump or Hillary or anyone else. I am interested in learning and hearing about traveling, points, and the other things that Lucky talks about. Let’s try to keep things civil and ON subject.

  53. I find reading the comment section of OMAT for the past 6 months has become rather exhausting to say the least.
    It has attracted more than a few people that lack focus. Regardless of the subject of the article, the comments instantly turn to a political nature and name calling. It becomes tedious.
    To those who complain about Lucky’s adding a bit of variety and bemoaning the fact that the article is not about travel or points. Explain to us WHY did you open it in the first place? This is his site, he is free to choose the content.
    So, for all of you can take your righteous indignation and take a hike!
    P.S. we also do not need to be preached to about how talented or fantastic you might feel you are! If you feel offended, that is your problem and not ours!
    Quit whining! Act like adults please.

  54. I knew by clicking on that video I’ll support those charlatans, on the other hand curiosity is a very bad thing. Anyway I had no idea I’ll get such a Brain freeze from it. My eyes are still wide open as in “what the heck did I just listened to…” Oh my gosh! I don’t drink alcohol, not do I think to start, but I certainly need to get some kind of therapy after this (**quickly searches for some AvGeeks videos).

    And yes, I fully agree – all churches, religions or whatever they call themselves should be taxed!

  55. These clown preacher are no worse than the Catholic Church.

    Have you ever walked through the Vatican Art Gallery? It takes hours just to walk through let alone view the art.

    This was funded by the Tithe forced on the poor of the earth for centuries.

    None of these shameful accumulations of wealth can possibly be excused.

  56. As of this writing, the video is no longer available. It was on a couple of national news programs yesterday, which noted that members of Mr. Duplantis’s “flock” were ticked off about this, so it’s likely that had something to do with the removal. Keep your eyes peeled for a new video that asks for the same thing but with a different spin on the message.


  57. This dude is a freaking fanatic nutjob. Anyone who donates is a moron. Nothing but a scam artist. Absolutely idiotic.

  58. Once again another pearl of wisdom from Debit. ” I am being sarcastic by the way” please don’t lump all Christian’s into these two morons category. Also please keep your filthy comments regarding the bible to yourself.

  59. Jesse, I’m a Christian and I supported you for several years. I even came out to see you preach. You say that you don’t want to fly regular air planes because there are Demons on them!

    What about Dr. Myles Monroe who was a famous pastor like yourself. He was a televangelist and owned a private jet and was a millionaire like you! But he died in a terrible plane crash in his private jet! Did the Demons bring his jet down?

    You don’t want to stop and refuel is the reason why you want a 54 million dollar jet? An inconvenience? Lord Jesus, just help me understand is all I ask. I refuse to attack the man of God, it’s just I don’t understand!

  60. Trump supporters and /Evangelical/Conservative/Rightwing extremists are mainly the ones that are the followers of these con-men..

  61. you NEED 6 PLANES!!! 1 for every day of the week (save for the day of rest). YOUR PREACHING SAVES NOT ONLY LIVES, BUT SOULS!!!! So, I hope the lord blesses you with 6 new planes and the means to fly them!!!

  62. It’s the greed and gluttony which is so disgusting. From anyone, not just church people. I think there should be a limit on the amount of wealth a person can aquire, a limit onthe size of a house according to number of people, the number of cars and no single individual should ever be allowed to own his own jet.

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