Japan Airlines Introduces Porsche Amenity Kits & Pajamas

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Japan Airlines offers one of my favorite first class products in the world. I find that JAL first class is incredibly well rounded — the service is exceptional, the food is good, they have reasonably priced wifi, there’s great bedding, and there are so many nice “touches” to the experience.


Up until now JAL has offered great amenity kits and pajamas in first class, though it looks like they’re changing them up (it remains to be seen whether it’s for better or worse).

JAL’s old pajamas were high quality, and both comfortable and stylish.


Meanwhile their amenity kit was provided by Loewe, and they also offered separate Shiseido skincare products.


JAL will be changing this up as of March 28, 2017. JAL is now offering Porsche Design amenity kits and pajamas in first class. Per JAL’s press release:

JAL developed new amenity kits in collaboration with PORSCHE DESIGN which is the German premium lifestyle brand.

Two different colors of amenity kit cases will be introduced separately on flights to and from Japan, featuring the design with uniqueness.

The amenity kit will include a toothbrush set, mouthwash, earplugs, eye mask, hand & body cream, facial spray, lip balm, brush, moisture mask, and pocket tissue. The amenity kit will only replace the Loewe kit, and the Shiseido toiletries will continue to be offered.


On top of that there are also new pajamas, which will apparently be available for a period of around three months (I’m not sure if it goes back to the previous product after that, or what).


While I liked JAL’s old pajamas, I do think the new ones are stylish.

As a reminder, Japan Airlines just has first class on their 777-300ER aircraft, which operate select flights to Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

The two best programs for booking awards in Japan Airlines first class are American AAdvantage and Alaska Mileage Plan. Alaska Mileage Plan is really the best value, since you can fly JAL first class one-way from the US to Southeast Asia for just 75,000 miles one-way, and can have a free stopover in Tokyo.

What do you make of the new Porsche amenity kits and pajamas for Japan Airlines first class?

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  1. The Shiseido kit remains along side the new Porche Design kit. It is mentioned in the English press release. Though not in the Japanese version.

  2. Just an update- I flew JAL first last week from Tokyo to LAX and they now offer first class passengers a voucher for free wifi for the flight.

    Overall it was an excellent experience, though the seats were a little tired and the ife was not as good as in Singapore.

  3. Pity, I find this actually a downgrade from the current amenities including the PJ’s. I believe this is cost cutting from JAL side.
    For a period these Porsche set was available too from Turkish Airline (in J) and Lufthansa (in F).
    The Loewe and Shiseido products are good quality and the PJ’s are very comfortable and elegant (maybe not so the pants – which I never use anyway).

    @Matt – The wifi voucher was already there for a long time – only problem I had the last few times I tried to use it, never managed to log on – not a biggie to me since I don’t use my laptop on flights anyways.

  4. downgrade indeed.

    porche design vs loewe?! loewe is top quality my friend, and very expensive and luxurious… porche the car is expensive, but not porche design the “lifestyle brand”… is like saying ferrari is great… but will you think a ferrari watch is better than a rolex / patek / lange / vc / ap?!

  5. Aww santastico that’s cute isn’t it? Porsche design PJs have been available for a long time. It’s good that more importantly than anything you were able to show off to strangers on a blog about your car. Must make you feel fuzzy inside. Very happy for you.

  6. Malaysia Airlines have been giving out Porsche Design “hard case” kits for the past two years and it’s really not that fantastic, I have a few and they can be dented rather easily, definitely not as sturdy as the Rimowa ones – which JAL should have gone for. Personally, I think the Zero Haliburton cases JAL currently hands out in its J Class may be even better than these Porsche ones…

  7. @D74: Dude you should chill out. You cannot even make a joke. Seriously, people nowadays are too sensitive. I don’t own a Porsche and don’t even plan to fly JAL. My post was generic as saying people could say that. Maybe I forgot the ” ” between the phrase. The internet is really getting boring because of people like you.

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