Hilarious: James Corden Works At The Savoy Hotel London

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James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, is known for being a jokester. He’s a bit much, though he almost always makes me laugh. Earlier this week he did a segment that’s even travel related.

Specifically, James paid a visit to The Savoy Hotel in London, and took over a few roles for the day, including being a bellmen, butler, and working in the restaurant. It’s a pretty hilarious segment (the head butler, in particular, made me laugh), and is well worth watching if you have the time and want a laugh.

I’d say it’s the best thing I’ve seen from him in a while, but he did do his Carpool Karaoke feature with Shawn Mendes just a couple of weeks ago, so it’s definitely only the (distant) second best thing.

(Tip of the hat to kneemuh)

  1. It’s hilarious because they can do things that others would normally lose their jobs over.

    To make it more realistic they should also have to face the same consequences as the normal folks after they lose their jobs. High stress, high alcoholism.

    Comedy is just narcissism with a different name.

  2. God I hope Debit is single, with no kids, and no plans to ever have any. That’ll keep all the bad DNA in Debit’s cells with no chance of spreading to the next generation.

    I just made up a new holiday today for you Debit: National Myocardial Infarction Day! Please, have one and by all means don’t recover from it.

  3. I don’t know one person in the U.K. that finds James Corden funny. In fact, everyone I know is surprised at how well he is received in America and thinks he is quite narcissistic and irritating.

  4. Ben, you should watch the whole #LateLateShawn series! You’d definitely enjoy!

    (or something tells me you already did haha)

  5. Jay,

    If the world worked on wishes most of the males in your family would be dead and most of the females would be ISIS sex slaves. But the world doesn’t work on what you, I or ISIS wants to happen.

  6. I thought this was alright, but not hilarious. The part at the end where the hotel manager seemed legitimately ticked off to the point of ending the bit was uncomfortable.

  7. It’s plain disrespectful. Making jokes while performing the jobs is acceptable but to actually make fun and mock the staffs while they’re on duty with real customers is crossing the line. He thinks it’s funny to be obnoxious while the staffs just have to bear with it because the management agreed to it. Also, the people poking fun at the ‘posh people’, it’s how they live let them be. Just because you can’t afford to live like they do doesn’t mean they’re being superficial. No, I’m not a posh person myself, I travel on U/LCC and stay at hostels but I know nobody like having their job being made fun of.

  8. Tom Green was doing this schtick 20 years ago. And was actually funny at it.

    I don’t understand why, in a population of 330 million people, our media overlords select an obese plumpster from Blighty to “humour” us. I guess thats why I have owned a tv in 8+ years.

    And as if his ample ass hasn’t been inside a Royal Suite before. He’s just a regular bloke like the resta us. Inn’it so?

  9. If Corden did his bit at a truly classy hotel like Claridge’s or the Ritz, the video would be amusing. But the Savoy? Who cares.

  10. @Andrew – Same, I have no idea why this annoying two is so successful :/ @Ash – Most British people, it’s partly why we think American humour is low-brow, obvious and un-intelligent…

  11. @Andrew +1million.

    Just lets thank our lucky starts that he’s buggered off somewhere else.

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