It’s a good Saturday to fly (and I’m not even flying)!

I’m pretty sure this is a first. While I’m not flying out of Tampa this weekend, I was looking at the flight options, and noticed something — there’s no Ted in the schedule for Saturday ex-TPA!

That’s right, the schedule breaks down like this:
TPA-IAD — 2x A319 and 1x B757
TPA-ORD — 2x 757 and 1x 319
TPA-DEN — 1x 320

You know, with my limited flying at the moment, there’s a chance I may never fly with Ted again. And I didn’t even get to formally bid him farewell…. ­čÖü

Either way, I won’t miss you all that much,┬ámy all coach 156-seat friend!

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  1. @ imm2b — Shoot, it looks to me like there are plenty of Ted planes flying into/out of TPA around Thanksgiving, probably because they want the extra capacity which Ted provides.

  2. It seems you sent your damn Ted-craft our way. Get this, we’re scheduled for DEN-OMA-ORD-CLE in a couple weeks. All 3 segments are on 32S, despite none of those stations ever being a real ‘home’ for Ted.

    Of course, we just booked this routing cause it was cheap, and will probably standby for something else — but still.

  3. @ hobo13 — It seems like United is quite literally substituting Ted through the whole domestic network without any rhyme or reason (although I’m sure there’s more to it). *Why* they would do that is beyond me….

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