Is now the time to status match?

With mergers potentially on the horizon (or in the case of DL/NW, very likely), I started asking myself if now is the right time to request a status match. Airlines typically match status, often only upto the middle tier, once in a lifetime, meant mostly for people that switch loyalty. Since I’m still young I haven’t used a match yet, mainly because I’ve been very happy with United and have a hard time flying anyone else, but the potential mergers really got me thinking today.

Let’s theoretically say that the Delta/Northwest merger happens soon. Let’s say that I request a status match with Northwest today and they grant me Gold status based on being a 1K with United. Obviously my status will be good with the “new” airline, whatever fancy title it may get in the transition. The question I’m asking myself, though, is whether or not this would count as my once in a lifetime status match with the “new” Delta if it was done before the merger? Similarly, what happens if I get a status match with Delta before they become the “new” Delta? Wouldn’t the new airline have a slightly modified program and therefore they would give me another chance in the future?

My guess is yes, you could match now and again later on with a potentially merged airline. Of course it’s just total speculation, but for those that have been considering a match for a while, I think now’s the perfect time.

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  1. With a job opportunity in ATL now, I have been giving heavy thought to switching out of UA, as sad as that would make me and my 500,000 miles, 6 SWU, 9 CR and 35 e-500 🙁

  2. Thinking about status matching from UA to either AS or CO… thinking it might be a good time, but not sure the best time of year to do a status match. Any advice you can give is appreciated.

  3. Brendan,

    Generally now is a good time to match. If you match in the second half of the year your status is good for the following year and until the beginning of the year after that, so matching now would get you status through Feb. 2010. If you waited till next July to match your status would be good through Feb. 2011.

    Both of those airlines are excellent choices. CO has a great domestic product and as long as you avoid transcons you should have a good upgrade percentage. AS also has a great program and upgrades should be pretty good as well. The number of partners they have for redeeming miles makes it a pretty exciting program.

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