Whoa, Some Hyatt Places Have Suites!?!?!

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Hyatt Places don’t seem to get a lot of love around here at OMAAT. Ben, Tiffany, and myself have all been Diamonds — er, I mean Globalists — for a long time and love to talk about their flagship properties around the world.

But the truth is, maintaining Globalist status involves a lot of stays, which for many of us will be at lowly Hyatt Places, the chain’s limited service option. That’s because there are simply a lot more of these than any other brand.

In my opinion, the best thing that can be said about most Hyatt Places is that you’ll know what to expect. A majority of the hotels in the Hyatt Place portfolio are converted AmeriSuites properties and have a consistent look and feel to them.

They all have a very distinctive — some would say tired — look from the outside and consist of roughly six floors with very similar layouts. You walk into a modest lobby and are greeted by the associate. There’s a breakfast area to your right, and the elevators are in the corridor directly behind the lobby.

The rooms are more or less all the same, varying mostly with regards to whether they have a king bed, or two doubles, or are handicap accessible. So really the only option for an upgraded room is to be on a higher floor or be further from the elevator.

Notably, these properties have nothing even remotely resembling a suite, despite having once been called AmeriSuites.

This FlyerTalk thread has a list of the former AmeriSuites Hyatt Places.

Some new Hyatt Places have suites

Over the last few years, however, Hyatt has been opening more and more purpose-built Hyatt Place properties. That is, these hotels were built with the express purpose of being a Hyatt Place and look nothing like the converted AmeriSuites hotels.

The best part is that I’m discovering that many of these new Hyatt Places have suites. Like real, honest-to-goodness nothing-junior-about-this suites. They have a separate bedroom (including door), living area, and dining area. 

I’ve new encountered these suites at the Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown, the Hyatt Place Park City (Utah), and, most recently, the Hyatt Place Champaign (Illinois).

Here are a few pictures of the one-bedroom suite at the Hyatt Place Champaign.

Hyatt Place one-bedroom suite living space

Hyatt Place one-bedroom suite kitchen area

Hyatt Place one-bedroom suite bedroom

Bottom line

I’ve stayed at more than my share of Hyatt Places over the years and have a love/hate relationship with them. I love that they exist because otherwise I would never be able to maintain my status, but hate that they are mostly all the same. I also like suites and, ironically for a hotel that was once called AmeriSuites, the older Hyatt Places actually don’t have anything remotely resembling a suite.

So I was pleasantly surprised the first time that I discovered a Hyatt Place with a true suite. I think it’s a fantastic concept as I place a huge value on space when traveling with my family, which for me is most of the time.

Have you stayed in any of the new Hyatt Place suites?

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised to find myself upgraded to Hyatt Place suite at DTW/Novi.

  2. Suites, especially real two room suites, are a great option for staying with the family. Very few hotels these days have good options for a family of 5. Even properties that have a cot available often make it impossible to book online since the generic nature of the corporate booking website doesn’t allow for the option of 5 in a room. But a 2 room suite with 2 queens and a pull out couch is perfect for us. It also allows us to put younger kids to bed at a reasonable time and still enjoy our evening. And a suite is usually much cheaper than paying for 2 regular rooms.

  3. We’re building a brand new Hyatt Place here in Central Bangkok. It is a 34 story tower with 222 rooms and 7 suites, full fitness center, meeting rooms and a sky bar! The Hyatt Place Bangkok Sukhumvit will open for business in October 2017 and we would love to welcome you to experience a truly brand new Place if your travels ever bring you to Thailand. 🙂

  4. The Hyatt Place DFW has suites – with a separate bedroom, a full kitchen, a dining area and living room. It was a pretty good value for under $100 a night.

  5. My biggest issue at the Hyatt place properties is that they all lack noise insulation. Wall seem paperthin and on weekends typically these hotels are populated by traveling athletic teams of youngsters who are not known for maintaining a quiet atmosphere.

  6. Wow, never thought I would see my town on OMAAT. Hope you enjoyed Champaign!

    A colleague of mine rents one of those suites to host a party every New Year’s Eve since it’s right in the heart of downtown. The management is also a great civic partner. They help host Bike to Work Day, contribute to local charities, etc.

  7. I have stayed at the Hyatt Place in a suite on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. I highly recommend it plus no resort fees as well.

  8. The Hyatt Place in Portland Maine has suites- some with balconies! I found it annoying that you couldn’t use your suite upgrade awards at Hyatt Place.

  9. I’ve stayed at a few Hyatt places, and always enjoy the space of their suites. It’s a good option.

  10. Quick question and some personal views. My question is regarding the property with suites. I spent 10 years as Diamond. I am also a travEl agent. If memory is working, I remember Hyatt was working with some of the new build hotels being combination Hyatt Place/Hyatt House. Is it possible that was the case at any of the properties where you stayed?

    Now my personal opinion about the new “World of Hyatt” program. I believe the new policies put in place are EXTREMELY bold and alienating to client base considering the limited number of properties Hyatt has globally. Quick check, Hyatt offers fewer than 1,000 properties. Compared to Marriott which has more than 5,700, Starwood more than 1,300, Wyndham more than 8,000, etc. Point being while for years I chose Hyatt over other properties even if location wasn’t as convenient, and pricing a bit higher. With new World of Hyatt program that will be ending for me. Maybe it should be called “World of Hassle”, or “World of Worthless”. Very said because I really, really enjoy Hyatt. But I will get my top tier elite status with chains that have SO many more properties. My hope is Hyatt will come to their senses and revamp program.

  11. Because I travel on government money a lot, I’ve stayed at my share of Hyatt Places. I’ve always liked them for their consistency and the fact that they’re usually a shade under per diem, unlike any neighboring Sheraton which always seems to be $10 over, which in turn requires a boatload of paperwork. It’s good to know that some of them have proper suites.

  12. Brand new Hyatt Place going up here in St. George, UT. Open Oct 1, but no suites listed on the reservation page. So, just because it is new, unfortunately it doesn’t guarantee it will have suites.

  13. Hyatt Place St Paul (MN) Downtown has suites, although as an Explorist I did not get upgraded. In fact, it seems I got the “priceline” room: low floor, near the elevator. This was an award stay. Great points value though.

    It would be interesting to find out what category the new Hyatt Place in Bangkok is.

  14. Heather — We were at the HP Park City in May of the year they opened. I seem to remember being able to book the 1BR suite for just bit more than a regular room, probably cause it was the off-season.

  15. KenP — Agree, being new and purpose-built does not guarantee that it will have suites. But being old and an AmeriSuite property will guarantee that it does NOT have suites.

  16. Jeff Cochran — These are definitely standalone Hyatt Place properties, no Hyatt House nearby.

    And I’ve written extensively of my opinion of the new program. Hint: it’s not good.

  17. +1 for Hyatt Place Raleigh West having a huge legitimate suite on the top floor. Was quite surprised one night to get upgraded and walk in…was almost uncomfortably large for one person.

  18. I cant help but wonder if some of the “suites” are built before the hotel commits to being a “place” or a “house”. The pics you show definitely look like some of the 1-bedroom suites at new Hyatt House properties… The Hyatt House New Orleans comes to mind.

    Possibly related, over the past 5 years most of the new Hyatt Places have shared a near-identical floorplan (community properties 6 stories or more). Perhaps Hyatt is developing new floorplans that can flex to either Hyatt House, Hyatt Place, or a combination as Jeff Cochran commented above.

    Regardless, IMO, many new Hyatt House and Hyatt Place properties rival other Hyatt Regency and similar properties. Personally, I think it is simply a marketing play in select markets. For example, the Hyatt Place in Panama City Beach (downtown) is as nice or better than some old Hyatt Regency properties. But in that market, a Hyatt Place and its price point will be more competitive.

  19. There are two Hyatt Place that were my regular go-to locations, one is in Shenzhen, China (highly recommended). All my other Hyatt stays have been great too. That being said, I dropped Hyatt 6 months ago as I highly dislike their new elite plan. I’m now a happy Starwood SPG Platinum member.

  20. I have gotten lucky and booked suites at two Hyatt Places for the same cost as a traditional room. It just showed as being allowed to book it for the standard 5,000 points or the C&P. Unfortunately after a year, they caught on and I could never find any more suites at that same rate. That’s how I earned my Globalist for this year!

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